A Visit to Paris

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2013 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; F/f; D/s; show; stage; striptease; bond; chain; cuffs; sawhorse; chair; oral; sex; climax; voy; cons/reluct; X

After a long and hard start to the year, my wife and I finally were off to Paris for a week of vacation. We landed early in the morning, found our hotel, showered and took off to see the sights. The Eiffel Tower, several museums, a couple of sidewalk cafes, and miles of walking were just the ticket for our first day and we fell in bed and went to sleep immediately. We awoke rested and ready, and off we went for the second day of adventure.

In the late afternoon, we decided it was time for a little sex-tourist adventure and so off we went to the Moulin Rouge for some viewing pleasure. We saw a sign "Live Sex Acts" and soon found ourselves in a small theatre with only two other patrons, and a sexy French woman was on stage slowly stripping and gently playing with herself in sort of a desultory fashion.

After some time, another sexy woman came on stage and slowly danced around as she removed her top. She was also wearing some sort of button panties and when she went over and kissed the first woman a button came loose which exposed her quim to us all. She looked me directly in the eyes and asked me a question in French, which, of course, I didn't understand.

One of the gentlemen in the audience said, "she wants to know whether you would like her to eat the other girl's pussy".

"Of course," I replied.

The two French women immediately went into 69 mode and started to go to town on each others cunt. I could tell my wife was excited, as she likes to occassionally play with women, so I leaned over to the patron who had spoken to me and asked him "Is audience participation allowed"?

He looked startled, examined my wife's body very carefully with his eyes, and then said "Well, since I own this place, yes if you mean your woman there."

I then told my wife, "You are now in slave mode. Go backstage with this gentleman and join the show."

The French guy took my wife backstage and within about 5 minutes she sauntered out on stage in stripper clothes and began a slow sultry dance. Within a minute or two the two French women went over to her and gently tugged her to the floor and slowly took off her panties. They then began slowly and expertly inserting their tongues into her cunt and licking her sensually and repeatedly.

I noticed out of the corner of my eye that the proprietor was on his cell phone, and sure enough within minutes 4 or 5 more guys were in the audience. One of the French girls rolled over on her back and gently guided my wife's head toward her honey hole, and the next thing you know in a role reversal my wife was greedily licking and sucking the woman like a vacuum cleaner. This went back and forth for about 10 minutes until all three of the woman had exploded with loud orgasms.

By this time there were probably 20-25 guys in the audience, and they all loudly cheered as the women made their way to the dressing room. The owner of the club went into the dressing room, and I waited on my wife to come out. Suddenly, the proprietor came on stage and said, first in French and then in English, "and now, for the main show"!

He went back into the dressing room and immediately returned with a woman dressed all in black in a hijab and burka that covered her entire body. "Aha", I thought, "a Muslim theme." He had the woman stand with her face slanted downwards and, with a mighty flourish, he ripped off the head covering and the dress in a single move. Standing there, naked, in wrist and ankle restraints, and with a collar was my wife!

As I started to jump up two guys on either side of me placed my wrists in handcuffs and tied me to the theatre chair with rope. While I was struggling with them, a chain had descended from the ceiling and my wife's wrists had been linked together and her arms had been raised above her head high enough to where she basically had to stand on tip toes. There she stood, bound in all her naked glory, her pussy still dripping a little from her orgasm, in front of 25 strangers in a foreign country.

The proprietor came back on stage and had a hat in his hand, and said, "Okay men, there are 24 of you here today so I have slips of paper here numbered 1-24. First, we shall see how many of you get to "dance" with this beauty today, and then we will see who the lucky winners are."

With that, he held the hat out to the closest guy who reached in and pulled out the number "7". "Excellent", said the owner, "7 lucky gentlemen which of course includes number 7, so 6 more numbers will be pulled." With that, the two French women who had been the previous floor show came on stage and took turns pulling the numbers 3, 11, 15, 18, 21, and 23.

The two French women went backstage again and with a flourish brought out a few props for the act: an old-fashioned sawhorse, a table that was only about 3 feet high, and a very large chair. When that was done, the guy who was Lucky #7 jogged onto the stage like he was Rocky and told the owner "the sawhorse, Monsieur". The two French women took my wife down from the ceiling hook, bent her over the sawhorse, and expertly tied her wrists and ankles to the bottom legs of the prop.

With that, #7 yanked out his member and inserted it slowly into my wife's quim. Then, slowly and surely, he pounded away for 10 minutes until he came with a mighty roar. The audience cheered loudly and held up signs with numbers on them... apparently this was a judged competition!

Up next was #3 as they followed in numerical order. #3 told the owner, "the Table, s'il vous plait" and my wife was quickly lifted onto the table and again bound tightly with her pussy just on the edge of the table. Sure enough, so that was the reason for the strange height of the table-it was exactly at dick level for most guys. #3 was a pounder, and came rather quickly and received a few catcalls and poor scores from the audience.

Next to "dance" was #11 and, of course, he chose the last prop which was a large chair. He sat down in the chair, and had them tie up my wife facing him with her ankles tied to the chair legs and her wrists to the top of the chair. He then bounced her up and down on his pecker for about ten minutes as he playfully bit her nipples.

The next three guys all took their turns and had her in various positions, and all received loud applause and varying scores. Finally, the last man, #23, came forth and received a loud cheer from a small group of guys which were clearly his buddies. He whispered to the owner and the owner immediately told the two French women to go backstage and get something. They giggled and ran backstage and came out with a sex swing, which was then tied to the hook in the ceiling and lowered to the right height.

#23 took off his pants and the audience cheered loudly before he even approached my wife, as he had a monster tool of about 9 inches long and very thick. He slowly penetrated my wife's vagina, so as not to hurt her too badly even after all of the stretching that has already occurred in the last hour, and then proceeded to use the swing for at least 20 minutes as he would turn slowly in every direction so that everyone could see each penetration and "in and out" of his monster of a machine. When he finally came, the entire audience held up the number "10" and cheered loudly!

I saw the two French women let my wife down and they took her backstage to get cleaned up. A couple of guys untied me, and said, "Thanks for the great show, monsieur, that was awesome"!

I collected my wife and we exited the theatre and went out into the cool Paris evening, and she told me, "Wwell, we did want a live sex show, right"?

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