Vicki's Big Mistake

by John Roper

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© Copyright 2009 - John Roper - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; mast; toys; M/f; bond; susp; gag; climax; outdoors; cons; X

Part One

It all started with a bondage video she'd downloaded off a pay site that had everything from soup to nuts in its archive. The deeper she got into it, the hornier she got, which rarely happened to the 30-year-old, jaded beauty when viewing adult flicks. Its effect was so profound and so riveting it literally knocked her sox off. The rest of her clothes soon followed before she reached for her vibrator and, within just a few minutes, exploded with uncommon, orgasmic delight and astonishment.

"Woah," was all she could say when the moment of truth arrived and she realized the depth and intensity of her response was more than her kinky curiosity could have imagined.

  The idea of being tied up had always fascinated her, but it also engendered a huge list of misgivings, given the risk factors involved. Regardless, Vicki Hart was determined to someday experience what the damsel in the video went through at the hands of her binder, no matter how long it took to find the perfect situation and/or lover.

What she'd failed to take into account, having very little knowledge of the network she was about to enter, was how inventive and motivated the sort of man she sought could be where the finding of novice types like her were concerned.

As the months wore on and the video's replayed and  memorized scenes of teasing stimulation took root in Vicki's libido, she became less and less preoccupied with contemplating the dangers involved and more and more resolute in her quest to connect with the perfect stranger

Being socially active did much to expose Vicki to a wide cross section of sexually active men, most of whom were clumsily and insensitively aggressive with five-foot-seven inch, 125 pound blonde when seeking to get her into their beds or onto their couches for some serious flesh flapping. As a consequence, Vicki had developed a keen eye and a tough skin when looking for the sort of man her very specific tastes and newly discovered kinkiness now demanded in a lover.

So when her boss invited her to a party at his home, though she knew turning him down would be a major political blunder, Vicki rolled her eyes, smirked with here-we-go-again reluctance, and accepted his invitation in the name of professional propriety. But as she hung up the phone and decided not to wear anything plain Jane to the party, a fun thought did cross her mind; something she hadn't done in ages.

 'A safe place to get drunk.'

So it was that on a warm, cloudless night in October of 2006, Vicki Hart arrived at her boss' fourteen room spread in the sexiest low cut dress and highest heels in her wardrobe, and immediately headed for the bar, where she ordered and ceremoniously downed the first of six Tequila neat shots in a row.

"Do you get drunk here often?" asked the bartender while pouring the sixth jigger.

Vicki shook some salt on the back of her hand, looked up at the handsome gent who'd remained silent up until then, and said, "Only when I'm at a party filled with real estate geeks."

Just then, a smiling knowingly, smartly dressed lady slid onto the stool to Vicki's left and said, "Ms. Hart: good to see you again."

After a second or two of pulling herself together, the now seriously inebriated Ms. Hart turned to face her boss' wife, put down her shot glass, offered her salt sprinkled hand  to her concerned hostess in a gesture of  appropriate behavior, and said, "Good evening, Mrs. Sturgis; wonderful party."

"I see you've met my brother."

Vicki's bewilderment was painfully apparent. "I have?"

Chuck moved out from behind the bar and asked as he sat to Vicki's right, "Will you be needing a designated driver?"

For the next several minutes the Tequila kicked in on Vicki's empty stomach and the two got happily acquainted, to the point where the uncharacteristically candid blonde felt she could tell Chuck Long everything and anything that her seriously deteriorating inhibitions allowed her to verbally detail.

"You are a major gentleman," complimented Vicki when she noticed that her bar mate had neither hit on nor tried to steer her in a salty, conversational direction. "Are you gay?"

Rather than answer the question directly, Chuck reached into his bag of pick-up tricks and asked, "And if I were?"

Vicki was immediately more comfortable with her newfound friend.

"I see. Tell me, Chucky. You don't mind if I call you Chucky, do you?"

 "I don't if we don't"

"Have you ever wanted to do something with someone that you never did before, but didn't know how to find anyone to do it…uh, didn't know how to find anyone with whom to do it?"

Chuck stood from the stool and offered his hand and an invitation.

"Shall we step out onto the veranda for some fresh air?"

A few minutes later, Vicki was telling Chuck about the video she'd downloaded and been enthralled with for the last four months, without actually telling him about the bondage aspects involved.

"Do you remember the title," asked Chuck Long. They sat, side-by-side on a comfy lounger overlooking the sprawling grounds of her boss' property.

"I am soooooo smashed." admitted Vicki before remembering the video title and spilling its potentially revealing beans. "Angela's Dream Come True." A curious aura of facially reflective, sensual abandon accompanied her disclosure.

"Never saw that one," recalled Chuck Long.  He then stood and excused himself. "Be back in a few minutes."

He was soon Googling the title on his lap top and scoping the videos sample pictures off the site that carried it.

"What have we here?" smiled Chuck Long before his devious playfulness quickly came up with a plan of action.

"How we doing?" he asked upon returning to the veranda.

Vicki looked up at the man to whom she'd unwittingly divulged her deepest, darkest secret, and smiled. "Still smashed and having a great time. You?"

Chuck extended his hand again and asked, "Shall we dance?"

"Sure," said the new damsel in his life as she smiled, took his hand, and rose to the occasion. "But you might have to carry me for a few rounds by the time the last of the Tequila has its way with me."

"Actually," smiled Chuck Long, "that's exactly what I was hoping to do."

As the two slow danced further and further away from the party and around the corned of the house, Vicki reached the pinnacle of her inebriation and fell into a kind of semi-conscious trance, something she knew would happen if she went past her four shot limit. She was, as planned, in la-la land, as she often referred to it, and feeling no pain, a condition she hadn't enjoyed in well over a year.

"Where are you taking me?" she half-heartedly asked with a mischievous smile while they approached the sliding glass doors to the room Chuck had been staying in for the weekend.

"Where would you like me to take you?" asked Chuck before putting one leg into the room and picking up a large leather bag parked just inside.

"…Uh, how about we blow this party and…and…oh, I don't care," forgot Vicki when she placed the full weight of her killer body into the hands of the new hunk in her life.

He immediately caught on and, in one easy motion, lowered himself, grabbed Vicki's upper thighs with his free arm, stood, and tossed the top-heavy bombshell over his right shoulder.

"WHEEEEEE!" she appreciated, with refreshed delight without noticing they were heading for the staircase that descended to the huge, meticulously manicured area in back of the house. "I LOVE it."

Vicki's arms dangled haphazardly in back of Chuck's confidently moving countenance until they reached the tree line to a fenced in, ten acre, wooded area Mr. and Mrs. Sturgis often referred to as 'Wonderland.'

Every so often, Vicki would open her eyes to see where she was, smile, and say something appropriate.

"Oooooo, I'm being kidnapped…I can't see the house anymore…Are you sure I can trust you?" Her laughter was giddy and not at all nervously induced.

"Never said you could," quipped Chuck Long when the narrow, foot worn path reached a small clearing about a hundred yards into the thickly wooded mini-forest. He then dropped the bag, lowered his latest plaything gently to the inch-and-a-half-thick lawn his sister and her husband kept mowed and ready for action at a moment's notice, and said as he looked down at Vicki's languishing loveliness, "Are you ready?"

Hart opened her eyes, gazed up at her hunk, while he removed his jacket, and asked, "Ready for what?"

"Vicki's Dream Come True."

A very profound second or two came and went, along with flashbacks to the conversation they had on the veranda a few minutes earlier.

But before she could ponder the significance of the moment, Chuck stretched out beside her, gently placed his right hand on her neck, and reached into his pants pocket for a small remote. The pressing of its button filled the clearing with a soft, but fully illuminating series of lights.

"Don't worry, sweet damsel, this is only a dream."

A part of Vicki's now very confused thinking believed it was, but another part made an effort to convince her otherwise. She was flat on her back with arms extended above her head and legs spread at about a thirty-degree angle. Little by little she started bringing her knees together while pondering the possible implications of what was slowly eclipsing the frivolity of the occasion.

"What are you say…" wondered Vicki while trying to sit up, only to be forced back down to the ground by the neck. She made two tight fists and did her best to sober up a bit before saying anything else.

"Guess," said Chuck after planting a teasing kiss on his playmate's half-opened mouth and placing his right leg over both of hers.

The moon was full, and could be seen between the branches of a tree above.

'Holy shit,' realized Vicki Hart, 'he's seen the video.'

She wanted to kiss Chucky back, but he wouldn't let her, which made his now, very concerned damsel's slowly moistening pussy twitch with unexpected excitation.

'Holy SHIT!' she thought when she tried and failed to move her legs, only to discover the full weight of her bartending opportunist was now on top of her and that he'd roughly pinned her wrists to the ground with his strong, tightly gripping hands.

She didn't know what to do or think about the two of them getting lost in their passionate kissing while gyrating their very aroused bones into a slowly escalating display of animal magnetism.

"You've seen the video?"


Vicki breathed an inner sigh of relief, but at the same time wished he had. A wave of diametric disappointment filled her Tequila clouded thinking when Chuck jumped up and walked to his few-feet-away, black-leather bag.

She then watched him pluck a skein of rope from it and say, "Stretch out your arms again and cross your wrists."

'Oh-my-God,' exclaimed Vicki to the side of her that was ready to do anything her fantasy man had in mind.

She'd never allowed anyone to tie her up before. The moment crackled with immediate and extreme trepidation. Chuck undid the skein and waited for his command to be obeyed. The argument going on inside of Vicki's vacillating sensibilities soon got the best of her now dripping-wet pussy. But before she could either obey or disobey the standing order, her short-circuiting brainwaves decided to shut down rather than deal with the unprecedented event, placing Vicki Hart into a state of mind that was both barely conscious of what was going on and totally indifferent to the possible consequences.

'I'm fainting…No, I'm not fainting...Then what AM I doing…He's tying my wrists together. Holy shit, he's tying my WRISTS together, and I'm letting him…Why am I LETTING him?!'

Chuck worked quickly and silently while Vicki's eyes opened halfway and closed between appreciating the feel of having her wrists tied tightly together for the first time and flashing back to scenes in the video that had brought her to the brink of the wildest fantasy she had ever dared contemplate.

A whirlwind of psychosexual trauma soon engulfed the blonde beauty, causing her long, muscle-toned legs to squirm sensually against the cool, green lawn in response to what she felt sure would be the most mind-bending experience of her up to then, conventional, lovemaking life.

The skill with which Chuck bound her wrists added yet another reason to conclude she was in the hands of a man who knew exactly what he was doing, which both comforted and scared the hell out of the 30-year-old in a way that caused all sorts of unique sensations to erupt between her legs.

'I've never been this horny dressed before in my LIFE!..Wow!'

One end of another, longer and thicker rope was tied to her crossed and bound wrists, the other end of which was tossed up and over a tree branch above, dangling just a few inches above her nose. Chuck grabbed and pulled on it until Vicki's arms were elevated 90-degrees above her paralyzed-with-shock physique.

"Stand up," said Chuck Long while sustaining the line tension and staring coldly at Vicki's half conscious bewilderment and unmistakably turned-on facial language.

"Uh?" was all she could say before he pulled hard on the rope and raised his plaything's upper body off the grass and into a sitting position.

"I said, stand up."

It was then that something autonomic and quite surprising to both of them happened. The playful side of Vicki's nature took control of her decision-making and blurted out a defiantly toned "No."

They made eye contact for about five seconds. Chuck smiled and put all of his strength into pulling out the slack remaining in the suspension rope.

"OH!" responded Vicki when her perfect little ass was raised off the ground and she was quickly lifted to a standing posture, then to the tips of her 6-inch heeled toes. Chuck then wound the remaining slack around her wrists and tied it off with a few tight knots.

He couldn't resist standing back to admire his damsel's astonishment and obviously, very-turned-on body language. She watched as he removed his tie and shirt to reveal the above-the-waist, muscular appointments of his well chiseled, six-foot-two-inch, hard body.


The feel of tight rope around her wrists made Vicki's wet spot twitch with uncontrollable stimulation, giving her amble reason to assume it wouldn't be long before Chucky would take full advantage of his hot-n-bothered damsel in a way she had never been taken advantage of before.

  It was then she decided to bend her knees a bit to see what it felt like to support the full weight of her body against the tangled web of rope around  her bound wrists.

"…Oh-my," said Vicki Hart to the moon as Chuck approached her and took both breasts in hand. "Oh-MY!"

"You are a rare beauty, my pet. Are they real?"

"As real as they come," assured Vicki when wave after wave of sexual juice flow and such bombarded her sensuality and she once again fell into a semi-conscious stupor of over-the-top arousal and frustration.

The next series of teasing kisses, fondling and groping did much to turn Vicki into a writhing bundle of uninhibited wantonness.

"…Are you married?"

Instead of answering, Chuck popped the bow under her heaving breasts, which secured the dress straps that ran around and up Vicki's, to-the-crack-in-her-ass, bare back and over her shoulders. He pulled on them until they hung from the front of the dress, the tiny pearl tips of which danced interestingly on the grass below.

He then stepped back and said, rather dryly, "Lose the dress."

Vicki's nipples had long since gotten rock hard, just begging for attention, so she didn't waste any time obeying her 'kidnapper's' command. He watched carefully, and with lecherous delight when, after a minute or two of sensually charged writhing, the dress slipped slowly off of his captive's deliciously distended, hourglass figure. It fell to the ground, revealing only black thong and pantyhose underneath.

"Magnificent," was all he said before stepping forward and exploring Vicki's neck with his lips while his fingers did all sorts of wonderful things to her nipples. "Is this the first time you have ever been tied up?"

"Yes," admitted the real estate intern as she got lost in the magic of the moment and felt the lump in Chuck's pants press up against her throbbing, thong bound clit.

His right hand gave her left ass cheek a hard whack, and then moved to Vicki's inner thighs, doing all sorts of teasing things to them before working its way up to the thong. More teasing kisses inundated his party doll's lips as his other hand continued to pinch and play with her right nipple.

"You've been a very careless wench, Damsel Vicki."

She didn't know what to say, so she said nothing. Within just a few seconds, the threshold of her first bondage orgasm approached redlining territory.

"You got drunk and revealed a side of yourself no one but you and your lover should ever know about."

"Oh, Chucky, you're making me crazy."

"Pay attention, Damsel Vicki, for I want you to know the reasons for why I am disciplining you."

With that, Chuck Long stopped toying with Vicki Hart's orgasm-to-be and pulled her pantyhose and thong down to her shoes, a move that purposely took all of a minute and a half, during which he said, "If you expect to play with discriminating, high end players, you're going to have to maintain a much higher level of security… Revealing the title of the video that got you here like this was a very big mistake... Have you revealed it to anyone else?"

Vicki was immediately overwhelmed with perilous concern.


"You're sure?"


A fiery rush of body blush raced through her as Chuck completely removed the thong, hose and shoes and stepped back to take in the full blown beauty of Vicki's bound and suspended nakedness. She stood on tiptoes, with head forward of her arms and a look on her face that made it clear she wanted to be taken as soon as possible.

"What are you going to do?"

Without telling her, Chuck removed and opened a small jar from his bag and applied a healthy portion of its initially cool and creamy contents to Vicki's shaved pussy. He did the same to each of her nipples. After closing the jar, which he replaced in his bag, he plucked from it a roll of 3-inch wide Ace bandage and a large ball of sponge.

As with what happened to the girl in the video, Vicki immediately knew what they were going to be used for. In less than two minutes her mouth was stuffed with sponge, held in with several tight turns of Ace bandage.


A thick-leather belt was then tightly secured to Vicki's waist, with buckle in back. Chuck then, while maintaining its tension, undid the second end of the suspension rope from Vicki's wrists, ran the slack down her back, between her legs and pussy lips, up under the front of the belt, and pulled out all the slack, and then some.


"Right?" agreed Chuck Long while tying off the line to the belt and retrieving another two lengths of rope from his bag, which he used to parallel bind Vicki's ankles and upper calves tightly together, pulling and knotting the cinches especially tight.

She was beside herself with sexy fear and unimaginable, erotic stimulation as the ointment on her vitals and nipples slowly turned from cool and creamy to hot and prickly.


Watching Chuck unemotionally clip a five ounce sinker to each of her rock hard nipples took Vicki's breath away, making it abundantly obvious she was in the hands of a man she'd never before imagined existed. He then removed his pants and briefs to reveal his rock hardness as well.

  Chuck didn't have to tell Vicki to struggle. She was well into aggressively discovering the impossibility of her predicament by tearing into her bondage with every last ounce of remaining strength left in her quivering, wildly writhing being.

"You are, indeed, a prize worth risking for," said Chuck Long, with 8-inch erection in hand.

Vicki was now teetering on the edge of an orgasm she didn't want to have just yet, but couldn't help enjoying or resist as the minutes wore on.

It began to implode against her will when the feel of Chuck's hot cum shot splattered all over her midsection, and kept on having its way with her without mercy, much to the surprise of the new bondage damsel in Long's life.

'I can't stop cumming…I can't stop cumming,' noticed Vicki while Chuck got dressed, zipped his bag closed and stowed it behind a few-yards- away tree stump.

When he was sure his appearance was party-acceptable, the new man in Vicki's life stood before her and made things perfectly clear.

"Think on why I'm leaving you like this, dear damsel, and remember, there are rules to obey; policies to adopt, and securities to maintain if you wish to hang with guys like me."

'…leaving me like this?..He can't be serious.'

With that, he turned and walked slowly back in the direction they had come from and disappeared into the forest.

"MMMMUUHUHUHUH!!!" screamed Vicki to no one within earshot except Chuck as she danced at the end of her suspension and first bondage orgasm and wondered how much longer she'd have to endure her impossibly pleasurable predicament.

'I can't stop fucking CUMMING!!!'

When Chuck got back behind the bar, his sister was waiting.

"Where's Vicki?"

He smiled and said, "She decided to hang out at another party," before placing his lap top on the bar and showing Mrs. Sturgis 'live,' full body shot video of what became of Vicki's big mistake.

Vanessa Sturgis smiled with understanding appreciation.


Chuck zoomed in for a close-up and smiled, "I can't wait to show her what's in the basement." Part Two

Vicki had lost count of the number of extraordinarily long and intense orgasms she'd had since who-knows-when, having slipped into a state of mind and body that had all but lost track of time, space and anything else that had nothing to do with having another orgasm. And if that wasn't enough, She was actually enjoying the preoccupation of telescoping outcomes of her situation into hitherto unexplored, fantasizing territory by thinking on the possibilities in ways she had never thought about them before.

'What if he decides not to come back until the party's over…or until MORNING…And what about wolves or wild boars or BEARS showing up before he gets back…Oh-my-God…I can't believe I'm having another ORGASM!...What if I have a heart attack or something from all these ORGASMS!?...This is IMPOSSIBLE!'

Thanks to the way she'd been suspended, whenever she lifted her toes off the ground, the rope pressure between her legs increased by from 15 to 65 pounds, a detail that not only pleased Vicki, but also added more evidence to the undeniable fact that she was in the hands of an expert. And with every struggling frenzy of self-stimulation, there came also the added wrinkle of having to deal with the nipple weights bouncing around at the ends of their tightly secured clips, an element that did much to heighten each explosion of sexual release in ways no lover had ever inspired.

'Holy SHIT! My whole BODY is having an orgasm.'


So it went for the first hour or so of Vicki Hart's first, real time experience in the fine art of bondage and discipline foreplay.

'Well, at least he's not gay. That would have REALLY blown my mind.'

Meanwhile, back at the party, Mrs. Sturgis was in the powder room, enjoying a friendly chat with her husband's most recent protégée, Jackie Carlyle.

"Thank you so much for inviting me. I love your house."

"You're very welcome, Ms. Carlyle."

Jackie almost said, 'Please, call me Jackie,' but something in her uncommonly acute sense of professional acumen decided against suggesting the familiarity.

'Better to let her lead the way on that,' decided the gorgeously built, 35-year-old, African American beauty as she powdered her recently reconstructed nose and smiled pleasantly at the new boss' wife in her life.

"My husband tells me your background includes a brief career in the entertainment industry."

Jackie didn't bat an eyelash. "It paid for my education, but I'd hardly call it a career- just a way of getting to where I am now."

"I do hope you decide not to think of your current career as just another stepping stone," smiled Pamela Sturgis when she snapped closed her purse and stepped back from the vanity mirror. "There. How do I look?"

Jackie knew the perfect opportunity had at last arrived to bond with the woman she'd feared meeting informally from the first day they'd been introduced in her boss' office almost two years earlier.

"I must say, Mrs. Sturgis, you are one of the most stunning women I have ever met."

"Please, Jackie," decided the 45-year-old, ex, high fashion model, "call me Pamela."

Both smiled with unanimous approval and headed for the door, which Carlyle opened.

As Pamela Sturgis left the room she said, "Come, I want you to meet my brother, Chuck." Several Minutes Later

The sweat was literally pouring down Vicki's thoroughly exhausted body.

'I feel like a side of beef,' she noticed as the remnants of her last orgasmic outcome tapered off into oblivion. 'Maybe this is the boss' way of saying I've been fired.'

The sound of raucous laughter broke the spell of Vicki's speculations, but she hadn't the strength or the will to do anything but hang by her wrists, with head bowed and fingers limp, and hope the cramps in her calves would soon go away.

"Oh, Chucky," laughed Jackie Carlyle, with Martini glass in hand, "You don't mind if I call you Chucky, do you?"

He smiled and subtly rocked his chin up and down. "I don't if we don't," he replayed as the two entered the clearing in which Vicki was 'hanging out.'

'Oh-shit,' thought Hart when another orgasmic aftershock raced to her groin and she looked up to see Jackie and Chucky approaching her very bound-and-bothered nakedness.

"I still don't understand why I had to be blindfolded," wondered the ex, adult film star in her tightest skirt, highest heels and bone-white-silk, too-big-collared and French cuffed top.

Chuck Long smiled at Vicki and downed the last of his Martini before saying, "Haven't you ever played 'Pin the tail on the donkey'?"

"I have, but not since I was a child," laughed Jackie Carlyle.

"Let me have your glass…Now don't go way, and, by all means, do not remove the blindfold."

After walking to and placing their glasses on the stump behind which he'd stashed his bag, Chuck open and removed from it a few items, which he stuffed in his jacket pockets, then returned and stood behind his latest conquest.

Jackie felt his strong hands on her upper elbows and his lips on her ear. She said nothing as a jolt of sexual juice flow raced to her groin and her head bent back in a closed-mouth, grinning swoon. Vicki watched, transfixed by the sudden turn of events, while a crazy quilt of flashbacks inundated her memory.

Jackie was her immediate superior, and a bitchy one at that. They had tangled on numerous occasions over everything from office procedure to whose responsibility it was to feed and water the boss' pet parrot.

'PLEASE-tie-her-up,' she wished. 'PLEEEEEASE!'

While Chuck worked Jackie's neck with his mouth, Vicki did her best to keep silent and deal with the beginnings of her next multiple, a pastime she'd long since mastered during the hour and a half of her first real time experience with being tied up and driven crazy by the '…dream come true' she'd so longed to endure.

Jackie tried to use her arms a few times to do whatever she could to add her two cents to the seduction at hand. But every time she did, Chuck tightened his grip on her elbows and brought them closer together behind her back. They were soon touching and held that way with his left arm. One by one his right hand slowly undid the difficult buttons on her blouse, all the way down to the belt around her 23-inch waist.

"I thought you said you were gay," remembered Jackie Carlyle when her new boyfriend grabbed a breast and squeezed.

"As I recall," corrected Charles Long, "that was your idea."

For the next few minutes, he humped Jackie's perfectly proportioned buns and toyed with her mounds and nipples.

"Are they yours?"

"Oh-yeah," assured Jackie, "and I have a receipt from my augmentation specialist to prove it."

'Figures,' thought Vicki as she watched Chuck let go of his latest date's left breast and reach into his jacket pocket for a 5-foot length of thick, nylon rope.

Vicki's approval was, to the say the least, enthusiastic. 'YES!'

"What are you doing?" asked Jackie, with mild, but genuine concern when the feel of hard line welding her elbows together jumped onto the front burner of her outer conscious awareness.

Chuck said nothing as he worked the cinch and knots that pinched the three turns of rope around Carlyle's elbows.



She smiled nervously and tried to remain cool, calm and collected. "Do I have any say in this?"


But before Jackie could voice any protests, her mouth was severely stuffed with natural sponge. Chuck then cupped it with one hand so she couldn't spit it out. The other lowered her to the ground and onto her stomach. While straddling Jackie's now feverishly struggling bones, he wrapped her lower face with several turns of tightly drawn, 4-inch-wide, self-adhering, medical bandage.


Vicki's next orgasm joined in the chorus of audio feedback.

When Jackie heard her, she said, "Muh?"

Chuck used the ten footer in his other jacket pocket to tightly, parallel bind Jackie's lower thighs together. He then stood and spilled some very embarrassing beans, "Loved you in 'Dominating Kandi'."

'Oh-shit,' realized Jackie Carlyle, who, in her other life, was formally and professionally known as Shakina Sykes.

Vicki watched gleefully and pleasurably as Chuck removed the blindfold and headed for his big, black bag.

Jackie struggled furiously to sit up and watch her formally 'gay' party date's intentions. When he returned, with bag in hand, Chuck turned her around to face Vicki before proceeding to parallel bind his very astonished captive's wrists together with another five-footer.

Jackie stared up at her fellow employee and twitched with amazement, while she wondered about what 'Chucky' had in mind for the remainder of the evening. Scenarios from the three or four dozen fetish video's she'd either starred in, or otherwise, flashed back at her as turn after turn of thick, tight rope welded her arms to her waist and upper body.

'Good grief, he's a master at this.'

The sight of Chuck binding her worst office enemy did much to fuel Vicki's current multiple. She also flushed with adversarial satisfaction over how brutally Jackie was being roped.

'Awesome,' relished Vicki when Chuck hogtied her wrists directly to her ankles, then pushed up her skirt to tightly secure a crotch rope from the wrist/ankle rope junction to the front of the three circles around her waistline.

"MMUHUH!" Screamed Jackie Carlyle when its punishing pressure dug deep into her naked crevice.

The empathetic satisfaction Vicki enjoyed when that happened locked her into the longest spasm she'd ever had, inspiring her to compound her satisfaction by thrashing and writhing violently while Chuck once again removed his clothing and started to stroke himself.

And Pamela Sturgis thought as she watched on her brother's lap top at the bar, 'That should teach the bitch to stop coming on to Frank.' Later

After dressing, Chuck undid Vicki's suspension, lowered her gently to the ground and said as he did, "Learn your lesson?"

She nodded a 'yes' and waited to be untied.

Instead, Chuck Long simply smiled, turned, and left his charge to her bewilderment and sore spots.

"MMMUHUHUHUH!!!" screamed Jackie Carlyle when she saw her Chucky disappear into the tree line. "MMMUHUHUHU!!!"

At first, Vicki's response was silent and motionless with shock, but when she heard Jackie scream, and watched her go ballistic with struggling consternation, she erupted with uncontrollable, autonomic laughter, and didn't stop until she'd managed to undo her gag, which took all of a minute, and forty-five seconds.

This, of course, only succeeded in goosing Jackie Carlyle's anger, causing her to thrash and roll about wildly in her wicked hogtie and rage.

Meanwhile, Vicki went to work on her wrist wrap knots with her teeth and decided to do something nastier with her department manager as soon as she was free.

"My-my, but you ARE livid now, aren't you, bitch…As soon as I'm free, and you're not (smiling gleefully), I'm going to make you regret every spiteful, mean spirited stunt you ever pulled off at the office, not only against me, but everyone else you've been squashing under your tyrannical thumb since the day you were hired."

Jackie was suddenly quiet and still with blushing concern, for she knew that, whatever her ambitious arch enemy had in mind, there would be no director to say 'Cut' during a scene she felt sure was going to demand all of her stamina and whatever else was necessary to pull her through whatever her eight-to-seven underling/protagonist had in mind.

After removing the nipple slips, which she placed down on the ground, just under Jackie's nose, and undoing her legs, Vicki used the towel and spray bottle of hygienic fluid Chuck had placed beside his bag to clean herself up as she continued to taunt their now very worried victim.

"What's the matter, bitch, aren't you getting off on this? (She wasn't.) Haven't you ever been tied up before? (She had, but only as an actress on film or tape.)"

Having never been topped before in real life, Jackie prepared herself for the worst and decided, then and there, that when an opportunity presented itself, she would do whatever was necessary to role reverse her unprecedented situation, no matter how long it took or how much it cost.

"How about we make things a bit more interesting," said Vicki after cleaning herself up and reaching for the suspension rope, one end of which she tied to Jackie's elbow cinch. Then, while collecting circle after circle of slack, she placed her right foot on the lawn, directly under the branch from which she'd been suspended, and said, "Get your nose over here."

Carlyle glared up at her no-choice Domme and remained motionless.

"I see," said Vicki, calmly, before closing the five-foot gap between them, grabbing a fistful of Jackie's shoulder-length hair and saying, "We can do this the hard way, if you wish."

The first few pounds of tug pressure inspired the 35-year-old beauty to immediately cooperate. While she did, Vicki tossed the collected rope over the tree limb and started to get dressed.

"He really is a darling, Chucky is, and so talented and eager to please. We cut a deal. If I let him tie me up the way you found me, he'd do his best to make all this happen."

Vicki pulled on the suspension rope to help move things along and give Jackie a taste of things to come.


"Right, bitch, and that's only the beginning of what I have in mind for you for the rest of the night"

When Jackie's nose reached the indicated spot, Vicki threaded the other end of the suspension line under the crotch rope that U-turned atop the wrist-to-ankle knot junction and started pulling out the slack until there wasn't anymore to pull out. This elevated Jackie's nipples a good eight-inches off the ground, producing yet another outburst of disapproval from the now very frazzled and humiliated damsel.


"Yeah-yeah, I know, how dare I, yada, yada, yada," fun poked Vicki.

She then lifted her nemesis' legs off the ground and shoved Chuck's bag under her upper thighs before pulling out the remaining slack and knotting things off.

For the next few minutes, Chuck and his sister watched as the cream used on Vicki's breasts and clit was applied to Jackie's, and the five-ounce nipple clips were secured.

"What are you two playing?" asked Frank Sturgis as he approached the bar.

Chuck quickly switched to a picture from a batch that had been taken at the Labor Day weekend barbeque.

"Oh, Frank, you look so cute in that funny chef's outfit of yours," said Pamela Sturgis to her husband as all three smiled at his antics in front of the grill.

Vicki was fully dressed and standing over her department head, with arms folded under her breasts and a determined look on her flawless features.

"You know, of course, what will happen if I pull the bag out from under your thighs, don't you?"

By now, Jackie's agreeability was in control of her formidable ego. She nodded a mousy 'yes.'

"Remember last week when we were on a conference call with a very doable client, and you pulled the rug out from under my ideas about how we should proceed?"

Jackie lowered her head, as if to say, 'I knew that move would come back to bite me sooner or later.'

With that said, Vicki adjusted the bow under her breasts that made sure her dress didn't blow its top, grabbed a hand hold on Chuck's bag, and pulled it out from under Jackie's thoroughly hogtied incredulity.


The crotch rope pressure increased considerably, just as the cream's prickly heat started to kick in on Carlyle's pussy and nipples. She made two tight fists, then flared her long, sexy fingers as if a jolt of paralyzing electricity had suddenly passed through her to-die-for figure, and screamed at the top of her lungs while she watched Vicki walk away and into the woods.


Only 50-pounds of her 135-pound weight was supported by her midsection. The rest was equally distributed between the crotch rope and elbow's cinch/ torso circles, bringing more pressure to bear on her ribcage and arms, making the punishing configuration more devastating than anything she'd suffered for money in her tenure as an underground video star.

As Vicki did her best to find her way back to the house, while at the same time deal with the Tequila's final few minutes of buzzing influence, a sobering thought invaded her conscience.

'I've never been this mean to anyone in my whole life.'

The further she walked, the hornier she got over how she'd left Jackie; so much so that she decided to double back to the clearing, hide behind some bushes and watch (while fingering herself to yet another climax)  what she secretly hoped would happen to her someday.

She'd never been seriously addicted to anything, but felt sure that, no matter how hard she tried, her libido would never allow her to completely let go of wanting to be thoroughly bound, gagged and pleasured for the rest of her natural life.

Watching Jackie deal with her predicament also assured Vicki Hart that the same would hold true with doing the same, or at the very least watching others do the same, to damsels with similarly addictive propensities.

Part Three

When Brandon Carlyle answered his cell phone, the readout told him the call was from his ex wife, which meant one of two things: it was either her, in need of a returned favor, or…

"Rubber band," code worded Chuck Long after his co-conspirator answer the call with, "To what do I owe the honor…"

"Really," smiled Brandon before closing the wireless and heading for his pc, where an email, containing a few pictures of Jackie's hogtied suspension, turned his smile to a teeth-filled grin. "YES!"

He was out the door and into his vintage, red Corvette in 58-seconds.

Meanwhile, back at the party, after having fingered herself to an umpteenth climax, and thanks to six shots of Tequila, Vicki Hart passed out behind a bush on the tree line of Wonderland's 30-foot-in-diameter, forest lawn.

"She hasn't moved around at all in more than ten minutes," reported Chuck Long to his sister when she rejoined him at the bar.

Pamela Sturgis thought for a second and came to a logical conclusion. "How many shots did you say she had before you too left the party?"

Chuck agreed with her determination, changed applications on his lap top and was able to a zero-in on Vicki's general location, thanks to a homing device he'd attached to her hair, just behind the nape of her neck. He then grabbed what looked like a blackberry and took off. The device, which functioned much like a directional Geiger counter, would lead him straight to Vicki's passed out pussy.

Meanwhile, like it or not, Jacqueline Carlyle was experiencing something quite foreign to her 23-years of sexual activity, something she neither expected nor fully appreciated, where the developing new wrinkles in her sensual awareness was concerned.

'Mutha-fuckuh,' was all she kept thinking as the fuse to her first bondage orgasm slowly closed in on the ex porn star's formidable realm of experience.

It was obvious that all that had kept her from discovering her newfound turn-on, in spite of the years of on-camera fetish fun she'd had, were the elements of real danger and total, no-choice helplessness that now surrounded Jackie's violently thrashing, but hopelessly unsuccessful attempts at escape.


She'd never had an orgasm without outside or her own intervention before. 'This is utterly unbelievable,' she decided when the edge of her first bondage-induced multiple compelled her into a state of sensual, you'll pardon the pun, suspended animation.

All she had to do now was stop struggling if she wished to sustain the edging satisfaction of maintaining the most unusual sensation she'd ever experienced as a sexually active adult. Yes, there was pain, of the most extraordinary kind, the kind very few women on the planet ever get to love and hate at the same time. That, too, added to the overwhelming combination of ingredients that had steadily escalated Jackie up to the erotic epiphany she now found herself both encouraging and trying to suppress in the minutes that followed Vicki's escape and departure.

'OH-my…Un-fucking real.'

All she had to do was straighten the bow in her back to achieve a full body weight effect on both her upper torso and the two turns of thick rope between her clit. She even experimented with swinging back and forth when she did, which added yet another inducement to the experience, one that brought back all sorts of childhood memories of her on a swing in the playground, where boys would watch and hope the wind would blow her skirt up enough to catch a glimpse of what was underneath.

Being the exhibitionist tease she was, even at the age of ten, Jackie would swing higher and higher to create her own windage, as it were, and glory in the knowledge her playmates might be doing just that.

That's when it happened; that's when Jackie Carlyle lost what was left of her self-control and plummeted into the cavernous depths of one of the most incredible multiples of her 23-year-old sex life.


"Having fun?" quipped Brandon Carlyle as he stood over his ex wife's first bondage orgasm, with 10-inch erection in hand and a very satisfied expression on his handsome, African American features.


Her ex had disguised his voice to sound like a raspy, whispering low life so as not to reveal his ski mask-hidden identity. This, of course, only added to the strange brew of sexual/emotional pyrotechnics erupting within his ex's totally consumed incredulity.

'Holy SHIIIIIIT!' was all she could think while staring up at her worst nightmare and imploding with an unholy litany of guttural feedback the likes of which neither of them had ever heard escaping her voice box before.

Given her preoccupation with it all, Jackie made no effort to recognize the erection of the man she now felt sure would soon rape her brains out until God-knows-when.


"Like to swing, do- yuh?" noticed the 205-Lb, six-foot-two hunk of well kept muscle as he grabbed his ex wife's head and pushed her away from himself for the first of five, very heartfelt assists. Jackie swung back and forth and did her best to keep her midsection from hitting the ground on the bottom of each swing. Of course, this did much to influence what the nipple weights could not help but add to the mix of her blissfully untenable preoccupations.

And, still, without mercy, her multiple continued to bombard Jackie's senses with one extraordinary long spasm after another for the next several, incredibly stunning seconds.

As he stood over Vicki's dead-looking body, Chuck Long watched the show from the bushes and waited for the inevitable while stroking his own hard-on with extreme, uninhibited satisfaction.

On the 14th, forward swing of his ex wife's coming out odyssey, Brandon Carlyle's first cum shot caught her square in the nose, forehead and hair, adding yet another reason to climax out of control in the ongoing saga of Jackie's unending, psychosexual closure.

Chuck aimed his ejaculation away from Vicki to keep from staining her dress, should she make another party appearance before the night was over.

The moment bristled with uncommon satisfaction, giving all concerned reason to wonder if its like would ever happen again within their newly created circle…

Both men then pulled up and secured their trousers as Brandon said to his still climaxing ex, "I'll be back."

With that said, he turned and walked away and into the forest just before Chuck Long threw Vicki over his shoulders and headed for the house.

Jackie continued swinging and forgetting who and where she was as the apex of her multiple reached the final stages of its meltdown and her back muscles refused to keep her midsection from hitting the ground any longer.

And Pamela Sturgis breathlessly said as she watched on her desktop, "Nice; very, very nice," and reached the ends of her masturbating satisfaction. Thirty-seven Minutes Later

At first, while regaining consciousness and taking note of the peculiar odors emanating from her new surroundings, Vicki didn't remember where she was or what had happened earlier. But as the awakening seconds passed, and she realized that she was tied up again, she smiled and swooned with rare satisfaction.

'I LOVE it!'

Her head hung over what she immediately knew was a table that stood about two feet off the cement floor of a room that was approximately 15 by 15 and  completely walled with mirrors. No matter where she looked, Vicki could see her situation, which was, to say the least, visually riveting.

Her elbows and wrists were parallel bound together behind her back; her ankles frog-tied, each to its own upper thigh, and she was completely naked, but not gagged. Her hair had been braided from the crown of her head, with a shiny, chromium hook affixed to its end.

Jackie Hart was also instantly horny and somewhat fearful of what she'd unwittingly succeeded in getting herself into.


She was, of course, being covertly videotaped from behind a few, one-way mirrors. Microphones were hidden everywhere.

A wall section directly in front of Vicki suddenly caught her attention when its images began to very slowly shift away from her line of sight. It didn't take long to realize its four-foot-wide mirror rested on a Lazy Susan type platform upon which Jackie's thoroughly bound, gagged and blindfolded nakedness eventually appeared.

'Oh- wow,' commented Vicki when she noticed how tightly her immediate superior had been tied up with quarter-inch-thick, seamless nylon line.

Her elbows and wrists had also been parallel bound together behind her back, with several turns of extra-tight rope around her waist, forearms, and chest, above and below her eye-popping breasts.

Her legs were not bound, but black, six-inch, patent leather pumps were on her feet. A crotch rope that dug deep into her pussy and tied to her wrists did much to further accelerate Vicki's juice flow.


When the one-hundred-eighty degree revelation ended, a female voice told Jackie to "Take five steps forward and wait."

She immediately did, after which the wall swiveled back and locked into its original position. That's when Vicki noticed Carlyle's nipple tether, a thin line that brought the black beauty's full, firm, fake breasts closer together by about a half inch. Tiny hangman's nooses, tightly secured to each nipple immediately made Hart jealous.

Since Jackie could not see where she was or what had happened, Vicki decided to tweak that handicap to her own, fun advantage.

"Turn around until I tell you to stop," commanded Hart in a very pissed off and threatening tone.

When Jackie heard her underling's obviously 'in-control'voice, she twitched a bit and assumed a more awkward posture. She also squirmed uncomfortably in her bondage and figured, by the direction Vicki's voice was coming from, that she was sitting in front of her.

"I said turn around, bitch, or would you like to feel the sting of a switch against that black ass of yours."

Jackie wasted no time doing as she was told.


The rope work around her elbows and wrists was brutally tight, as were the circles that held her arms to her torso, an erotic visual that did much to further tweak Vicki's escalating horniness.

"Make two fists…Very good. I see your hands haven't fallen asleep yet. Maybe we should tighten the ropes to make sure they do."

Jackie was suddenly overwhelmed with fear, which, of course, thanks to the newfound wrinkle in her synaptic mainframe, brought her to the edge of another multiple.

"Just do as you're told, and maybe we can come to some kind of understanding."

Just then, the revolving wall opened and two, ski masked figures entered the room. By the way they were dressed, one was obviously a white female and the other a tall, muscular male with dark skinned hands. The female immediately started spreading Vicki's legs and loosely binding the frog-tie, ankle-to-thigh cinches to the sides of the table with tether lines.

The other rigger grabbed Jackie roughly and steered her to a spot directly behind the table.

Vicki was, with considerable effort, then pulled forward on the table until her torso hung off its edge all the way to her bellybutton. The lines holding her spread legs to the three-by-six, red-leather covered and padded piece of custom made furniture made it impossible for her to move any further as they tightened and a line was tied around and to her waistline and knotted in front of it. The other end was threaded through a ring in the floor and all the slack pulled out before being tightly secured.

She was now tightly tied to the table, with breasts hanging off its front end, placing considerable demands on her gut muscles to remain completely horizontal to the table. She'd have to keep exerting them or hang her upper body upside down if or when she could no longer do so.


The female rigger currently in charge of her bondage was dressed in knee-length, tight-fitting, black-leather boots with 6-inch spiked heels. A skin-tight, black spandex, strapless teddy, cross-laced up its front, completed her desired effect.

She then started tethering Vicki's nipples together the same way Jackie's had been while a hangman's noose, made of thick hemp was placed around Carlyle's neck. It hung from the 7-foot ceiling and was tightened so that the base of the knot was directly under her left ear.

'Holy shit,' was all she could think when all its slack was pulled out, forcing the five-foot-seven-inch hottie to lock her knees and reposition her shoes to accommodate the new wrinkle in her thus far, outrageously developing evening.

'I am soooooo not sure about all this. And why the hell am I tied up and not her?'

"Make sure you tie her up as tight as possible," said Vicki, to make sure her bondage mate kept thinking in the same, very incorrect direction.

A thin chain was then clipped to the front of Jackie's crotch rope. Its other end was then secured to the chrome hook at the end of Vicki's braided hair after her head was forced back as far as it would go with all the slack taken out. This, of course, brought more pressure to bear on Carlyle's crotch rope and forced Hart to look straight ahead and into the mirror in front of them.

While the female rigger completed Vicki's nipple tether, the male bound Jackie's ankles and upper calves together with rough, eight-inch line.

'It's him,' she figured. 'I know it's him.'

A 2-inch wide, black-leather belt was then secured, with buckle in back, to Jackie's gut, about three-inches above her now, dripping wet pussy, so that it dug deep into her ass cheeks in back as well. A U-shaped cup had been affixed to the front of the belt to accommodate a pole handle at the end of which was attached a black, 10-inch, rock hard erection made of a rubbery material that gave some when bent in any direction. Lubricating ointment had been smeared all over its purposely rubber studded surface so that as it entered its target, the penetration would be a way bumpier ride than that of man's fully extended and smoothly hard erection.

'Oh-God,' said Vicki when it was inserted as far into her dripping wet pussy as it could go.

The pole was adjustable, so that any desired length could be easily achieved. The male rigger then forced Jackie to move as close to the table as her bondage would allow before he locked in the pole's desired length.

"Now move back as far as you can," instructed Brandon Carlyle in his own voice, thereby tipping off Jackie to his involvement. "Perfect."


She did as she was told and the hard-rubber, circumcised erection came as far out of Vicki as it could without falling out, inspiring her to voice her very surprised reaction.


"Perfect," also said the female voice, which tipped off both damsels to the fact that it belonged to Pamela Sturgis. She then tied a thin line to the middle of Vicki's nipple tether, ran the other end down and through a small pulley directly below it, under the table and all the way back between Jackie's shoes to another pulley attached to the base of an adjustable post anchored to the floor. The end of the line was then pulled through and up to another pulley at the top of the post, threaded through it and back to Jackie's pinkies, which Brandon had just finished tying together. The pulley line was then threaded under and over the cinch behind the knuckle nearest to Jackie's pinky nails.

"Move back as far as you can," smiled Pamela Sturgis as she pulled out the slack and waited on Jackie's obedience, knowing she could go back no further. After the last quarter inch of slack was pulled out, thereby both tugging a bit on Vicki's nipple tether and causing Jackie's pinkies to go parallel to the floor, the line was knotted in place.

"Pull your head forward as far as you can," said Pamela Sturgis to Victoria Hart.

She did, and immediately noticed that, in doing so, the no-nonsense hard-on in her pussy was also driven in as far as she was able to move her head, which also happened to be as far as it could go.


"Right," agreed Pamela as she stepped out in front of Vicki and continued her disciplinary dissertation.

"You two have been a thorn in my husband's side long enough. It is time for that undesirable and unproductive distraction to stop, and to make sure it does, we are going to give you both something to think back on the next time you decide to do something nasty to each other at work. And since Jackie is usually the one who foments the conflict, she's the one who will be getting the nastier end of things for the next few hours, while Ms. Hart both enjoys and suffers the consequences of her knee-jerk reactions."

'Holy crap,' thought Vicki as she brought her head back and took a deep breath.

Jackie, of course, stepped back when the braid hook, crotch rope connection slackened, in order to relieve the hangman noose's death grip around her neck, thereby pulling the bumpy cock out of Vicki's pussy in the process.

"And to make things a bit more ironic, Brandon will be adding his, you'll pardon the expression, input from time to time, in order to give him the satisfaction he deserves."

With that said, Pamela turned toward the revolving wall, which immediately swung open, stepped behind it before it closed, raised her right fist a bit and pumped a whispered, but passionate "Yesss!" into the festivities.

It was then that Brandon Carlyle removed Jackie's blindfold and stepped into both damsel's field of vision to almost completely undress. While he did, his ex adjusted her eyes to the brightness of the room and felt a strong tug on her crotch rope. As planned, the move caused Vicki's nipple tether pressure to increase considerably and made Jackie flare her sexy fingers in a pathetic attempt at lessening the pinky-stretching consequences.

"So you're Vicki Hart," said Brandon Carlyle as he tied one end of a thin line to her wrist cinch. "I've heard a lot about you. My apologies for my ex-wife's behavior, I'm sure mine might have contributed to and inspired many of your difficulties at work."

His ex was suddenly livid with surprise, now that she could see that Vicki was also tied up and at the mercy of her ex.

The other end of the line he'd tied to Vicki's wrists ran under and over Jackie's nipple tether line, with all the slack taken out.

"Pull your head as far forward as you can, and you, move forward as much as possible"

'Son of a BITCH!' realized Jackie Carlyle when the full impact of their predicament dawned on her thinking.

Both did as they were told, thereby enabling Brandon to lose all the remaining slack in the nipple tether-to-wrist line, which he knotted off before stepping in front of Vicki in nothing but his red Speedo.

"Open your eyes."

When Vicki did, she was confronted by the huge bulge in Brandon's only article of clothing.


Watching the action kept it huge while assuring all concerned that the wildest evening of all their lives was about to reach critical mass, not only before their eyes, but the eyes of those who'd planned it and were now videotaping it for the fortunate few.

Every time Vicki pulled her head forward, the line tied to Jackie's pinkies tugged on her nipples while driving the dildo deep into her gushing pussy, which brought more pressure to bear on Jackie's crotch rope. Of course, any direction in which she was forced to move tightened the noose around her neck as well. And, whether she liked it or not, when she backed up, thanks to the wrist line, her breast tether also pulled on her rock hard nipples.

"Almost forgot," remembered Brandon Carlyle before adding the finishing touch to a predicament he'd been contemplating and designing for over a month. The girls watched as he stepped around in back of the table, knelt at Jackie's feet, grabbed and lifted her of the floor in order to remove her heels. When her toes touched down again, its effect instantly inspired another, more powerful jolt of fearful excitement to race up and down the bitch's spine. For she knew that if she lowered the balls of her feet to the floor, she'd hang herself until she was on her toes again.

"There," noticed Brandon, "That ought to do it."

'He can't be serious,' wondered Jackie on tiptoes. 'OMG!'

Jackie and Vicki watched him remove his Speedo and step around and in front of the table. He stood with hands on hips, legs spread, and a very satisfied smile on his handsomely chiseled features.

"Any questions?"

Vicki could not take her eyes off of Brandon's rock hard response to the situation he, Chuck Long and Pamela Sturgis had been putting together ever since Frank made it clear to his wife that he was fed up with the way his two, crackerjack employees had been behaving.

"They're great at what they do," he praised, "but the bickering and infighting must stop if we are ever going to have any peace around the office,"

Brandon stepped forward until Vicki's nose was buried in his pubic hair. The smell of his manhood inspired all kinds of interesting fireworks to explode within her already redlining sensuality. Of course, this also stopped her from bringing her head and the fake cock forward, which both pissed her off and added and unusually delectable nuance to the mix.

  "Catch me if you can," dared Brandon while slowly turning his hips to the right and quickly back again, which gave Vicki her first cock slap in the face, an event that had a clearly profound influence over her because the orgasm that had up to now been waiting in the wings then decided to come forth. Only trouble was, if she didn't succeed at catching Brandon's cock with her mouth, she would not be able to continue pulling and releasing the fake one into and out of herself.

But just before the third slap in the face, Vicki figured a way to overcome that shortcoming by pulling her head forward between slaps, which accelerated the in and out process by a ratio of three to one over the rhythm she'd preferentially established.

It was then that Jackie also started love-hating her first spasm of the basement tapes, an outcome she'd reluctantly looked forward to since the last orgasm of the hogtie, tree suspension tapered off some 50-something-minutes earlier.

'This bondage play could prove to be very risky…intimidating...scary… dangerous...ADDICTIVE! Good grief. Why do I love the sounds of those words?'

Vicki finally managed to catch Brandon's erection after the seventh slap, whereupon she began to pump and suck it for all she was worth while, at the same time, settle into the perfect, poled cock, fucking speed.

'I'm in heaven.'

That's when Brandon decided to take full control of the situation by grabbing Vicki's head and slowing things down a bit so as not to prematurely squirt himself into the mix.

Meanwhile, back at the party, Frank Sturgis asked Chuck Long, as he rejoined him at the bar, "Where's Pamela?"

"She asked me to tell you she was in her room, watching TV."

"TV? You gotta' be kidding."

"She also wants you to join her as soon as possible."

Just then, Jackie decided to see what would happen if she gave her toes a rest by placing the balls of her feet down onto the rough cement floor. The result, though not unexpected, was astonishingly helpful, considerably enhancing her multiple by adding yet another dangerously precarious layer to its already multifaceted intensity.

'I'm toast,' realized Jackie Carlyle, for she knew that, from then on, predicament bondage would be her master, where making love was concerned. 'And he KNOWS it!'

And Pamela Sturgis thought as her husband knocked on her door and asked, "Pam? Are you decent?" 'Decent?  (smiling) '

"Come in, dear."

The huge plasma screen on the wall in front of the bed immediately caught Frank's attention, just as Brandon Carlyle ejaculated into Vicki Hart's throat and both she and Jackie achieved the apex of the most fantastic multiple of their lives.

"Happy Birthday, dear," wished Pamela Sturgis in her high-heeled boots and spandex teddy.

Her husband turned and focused on the bed, where his wife lay stretched out in a sexy, come-and-fuck-me pose, toying with the thin, bow thong that strictly secured Pamela's billowing, 36Ds under black-spandex.

"Care to join me?"

Frank smiled gleefully and thought. 'What'll she think of next?'