Vicki Does a Runner

by Rupes

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© Copyright 2014 - Rupes - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; boots; leather; clothing; police; handcuffs; legirons; public; arrest; cage; cell; cons; X

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in autumn; Vicki had walked to the local shops to grab some bits and bobs for lunch. As normal for a Sunday we had been playing beforehand so she had decided as she often does to simply wear what she was wearing around the house. Vicki liked to get the curtains twitching in our little village, today she was wearing suede thigh boots, leather mini skirt, with a simple cropped denim Gillet. She had a whole bunch of bangles on each arm, mostly because she liked the jingle when she moved, but they also help to cover up the handcuff marks on her wrists!

There was a loud thumping at the door, I thought to myself who the hell was that on a Sunday, as you can guess, nothing much happens in our village generally, Sundays doubly so. I quickly ran around shoving our toys in to anywhere they would fit to hide them in case it was someone we knew popping in for coffee.

“Coming, hold your horses!” I shouted, more frantic banging at the door, as I got close I could hear Vicki shouting, “Hurry up, they're coming!”

I unlocked and opened the door, Vicki flew past me, “Quickly Shut it” she demanded.

I shut the door with a bang, “Hun are you alright, what’s happened?” I asked.

“Police” was all she could get out, she then turned around and I could now see that she had been handcuffed in Hiatt Speedcuff’s, they were on tightly and double locked. Once she calmed down a bit she told me how she had ended up like this.

“I was going into the shop, when two policewomen walked up to me, one of them told me I was under arrest for soliciting, she roughly searched me, then handcuffed me. They then left me up against the wall of the shop while they talked on their radio’s, I panicked and ran home zig-zagging through the allotments and alleyways, I managed to lose them on the way.” She blurted out, I assumed this was simply due to how she was dressed.

At this point there was another knock at the door. A slow but definitely hard knock. I opened the door and was greeted by two police women in their mid 20’s, both blond. “May we come in sir?” said the prettier one of the two.

I cautiously looked around and could see that Vicki had hidden in the utility room just out of sight behind the open front door. “Sure” I said, trying to act calmly. They both came in and started to glance around as they did so, trying to act calmly I said, “Sorry I was expecting my wife back any moment.” The kettle was whistling away in the kitchen so I added, “Tea officers?”

They looked at each other, “May as well, thank you no sugar.” The other one who I could now see was a sergeant said.

“Go and take a seat in the living room and I will be there in a couple of seconds as the kettle has just boiled.”

I placed the tray with the tea on the coffee table. “It’s about your wife sir,” the pretty one said.

“Oh god, is she ok?” I tried to act surprised but my drama has never been very good despite being married to drama teacher!

She continued, “We arrested her outside the local shop as we had mistaken her for a prostitute that has been spotted in the town, she fitted the description exactly.”

The other one now took over, “However once we had searched her, she fled on foot and we lost her in the back alleyways, we assumed she would be heading here”.

“So she is not in any trouble despite running away?” I asked.

“None”, said the sergeant and continued, “People react in very strange ways when they are arrested, if you are just going about your daily business and have done nothing wrong it can be quite frightening”.

“Come out Vicki”, I shouted, she appeared at the door quite sheepishly, “sorry” she said very subdued.

The sergeant looked at her and said softly, “It’s ok, we are police not ogres, but in future try and not run off, we would have de-arrested you within five minutes as once we radioed in we were told that the person we were looking for was arrested shortly before you.” She thought for a second and added, “Now could you turn around so that I can retrieve my handcuffs?”

Vicki did as she was asked and the sergeant walked towards her, “I must say you're bloody quick despite being handcuffed!” She then placed the handcuffs back in her utility belt, all the time looking at Vicki’s wrists, “they have marked your arms quite badly” she stated.

Vicki looked at her wrists, removed her bracelets, there were marks all over the place. “Actually”, Vicki said, “sorry but I can’t let you think you did that to me, we were erm…. Playing before I popped out.” She said now looking at the floor.

“Explains why you are so nimble when handcuffed!” the pretty policewoman stated.

The sergeant now looked at both of us stood together our arms around each other, “So you both play do you?”

“Yes, not that it is really any of your business” I said.

“Sorry sir, no, you’re right, but I was wondering if you would be in a position to help us?” she said.

We were now completely off guard, “We would normally always try to help the police, today I just panicked.” Vicki stated.

“Let me explain,” said the Sergeant, “we run a training academy in this county, where officers from all over the country come to train. The one thing we can’t get is people to volunteer to be arrested in busy parts of the town centres.”

“Go on”, Vicki was obviously now quite interested.

“We need people who are experienced enough to be able to do unpredictable things like you did today, despite being handcuffed and wearing an outfit clearly not designed for running you managed to lose two experienced officers, we only knew where to find you because the local shop keeper knew you.” she said

“So exactly what do you need us to do?” Vicki said.

“Well me and PC Bennett here, sorry Claire, would pick you up and take you to a shopping centre or other busy public place, where our trainees are, we then circulate your description over the radio to them as if it is a real job, and they try to arrest you. The more unpredictable you are the better”, she was now looking for Vicki’s reaction, which was swift, as Vicki has always had a public exhibitionist side to her.

“We're in, I have a great wardrobe for a prostitute!” she looked at me and winked.

Over the next few weekends we were at the local police headquarters for training, they told us exactly what they were looking for in the officers and gave us a list to memorise of things that they should do, and things that they should not, such as, read your rights, and they must be read in this way… If they place you in handcuffs the policy in this region is always to the back, palms out, locks up and double locked, they must call you sir or madam at all times, unless you tell them to call you by your first name. They also warned us that the officers would not be aware this was training and that they would believe this was a real job. We were on our own until we got back to the station where the duty sergeant who we now know as Emma would inform the officers to let us go, as this was a training exercise. Emma knew that we would not harm the officers but would do everything we could to evade, deflect and avoid capture, in fact that is exactly what she wanted from us.

Vicki was the first one to be given a task. Emma told me that I could go and watch but to keep my distance. We dropped Vicki off, the shopping centres we were working at were over 50 miles from our home so the odds of meeting anyone we knew were very slim. Today Vicki was dressed as again as a prostitute, long leather boots, fishnet tights, leather micro skirt, leather top, lots of silver bangles, and a studded leather choker, her hair was straitened and shiny, and she had on just slightly too much makeup. I thought she looked amazing, she wandered in to the shopping centre obviously causing people to check her out, guys were looking and girls were giving her evil stares.

Emma clicked the button on her radio “3 5 to control, please circulate, suspected solicitation, suspect is a white female, 5’6” tall, black boots, leather skirt, leather top, silver bangles, studded leather collar, straight deep purple hair tied in a ponytail last seen heading towards HMV. Over”

We heard the same description come back over the radio about 1 minute later. Emma signalled for me to follow Vicki, which I did keeping a good distance between us. I was amazed at just how many guys were looking at her, I was getting quite protective. Two police officers ran past me, a man and a woman. They were heading directly for Vicki, ‘Games up here’ I thought.

They stopped her and I moved in so I could see what was going on. There was a bit of a crowd around them so I pushed to the front, the male officer was pushing the crowd back, whilst the female was searching through Vicki’s bag, which was empty. “Business not good love? Going to do a spot of shoplifting were we” she said.

“No” said Vicki.

“Yeah, Yeah,” and she read Vicki her rights, she managed to get the first handcuff on Vicki’s wrist and then Vicki made a break for it, she was quick, she made it four shops down when another female officer stepped out in front of her from a side walkway. She tackled Vicki to the floor, and quickly had her handcuffed behind her back, palms out, double locked. She left her on the floor when the others approached. “Yours I believe” she said the other female office whom had first tried to arrest Vicki.

The original officer, pulled out some leg irons from a pouch on her Hi-Viz vest and quickly locked them around Vicki’s boots. The pair of original officers then dragged her to her feet. I heard the male officer say to Vicki, “Who’s a stupid little slut then, we will get you for that you worthless bitch”. They then marched her out of the centre to the waiting van. The chains on her feet clanking all the way.

At the van the male officer, opened up the van, undid one of the leg irons and one of the handcuffs, “Lay down, you worthless whore!”

Vicki, obviously thought this would be more interesting and productive than trying again to escape, so she laid on her back on the floor of the van inside the cage. The officer then fed the open leg iron through the cage at about waist height, and locked it around her free boot. This meant that she was now laying on her back with her feet up in the air held by the chains, he then took the handcuffs that were still attached to her right wrist and attached it to the left hand side of the cage, “Cuffs” he said to the female officer, without saying a word she handed her handcuffs to him, he locked these around Vicki’s left wrist and then to the right side of the cage. Vicki was now laying there effectively in a straitjacket position with her feet chained to the bars of the cage. She was certainly going nowhere.

The male officer, groped her breasts and legs under the pretence of a search, and then slammed the cage door. Emma was still with me, in plain clothes we ran back to Emma’s police car and we followed the van back to the station. The two officers got out of the van and were about to open the back doors. Emma shouted at them, “Step away from the van”. “Yesmaam” they replied. “Get to my office now.” She bellowed, “and get the duty sergeant out here now”.

The duty sergeant came out and they opened the van and then the cage, “Oh my god!” said the duty sergeant, “What the hell have they done to you!”

Vicki was laying there still chained in the same way. “Oh it’s not that bad,” Vicki said, “I quite enjoyed it actually” she added winking at the duty sergeant.

“Well both of those officers will be suspended immediately, they did not follow any procedure, and this is exactly what we were afraid of,” Emma said.

“So does that mean we have to do it again?” Vicki said.

“Without question if this has not been an awful ordeal for you and you're happy to do it again? I suspect there are many more like those two in the force and we have to weed them out, now let’s get you out and you can make a statement,” Emma said.

“Could I ask a favour?” Vicki inquired as the duty sergeant wandered back inside.

“Yes of course” said Emma.

“When you unlock me could you redo the handcuffs behind my back and the leg irons and give me the full experience for a couple of hours?”

“You are a odd one aren’t you,” whispered Emma.

Emma took her out the cage, and then pushed her up against the van, the cuffs all went back on, but this time slightly tighter, she then marched Vicki inside, right past the duty sergeant, I followed a few paces behind, she pushed her into one of the vacant cells leaving the all the cuffs on her, she slammed the door and made sure it was locked. She grabbed me and we walked out back to the duty sergeant.

“What’s going on Emma?” the duty sergeant said to her.

“I am going to interview those two appalling officers first, for this disgraceful incident. I don’t want anyone to go in that cell until I am done, the restraints stay on her at all times, clear?” Emma said.

“Crystal” said the duty sergeant.

“I will phone you to bring her up to the interview room once I am done with the other two, leave the restraints on when you bring her up”.

“Emma that could be hours,” said the duty sergeant.

“She is a tough and experienced woman she will be just fine”. Emma turned to me and told me that she would make sure Vicki would be under lock and key for at least four hours, then the interview would take another hour or so, and to pop back then to pick her up.

I went home and all I could think about was Vicki, dressed in leather, handcuffed, leg ironed, and locked in a cell. I was horny as hell. The five hours passed quite slowly, and I could imagine how much slower they would be passing for Vicki. I pulled up at the police station just after Emma had phoned me to let me know that Vicki would be let out soon. They were both stood there in the car park, Emma holding on to Vicki’s arm. As I got closer I could see clearly the chains around Vicki’s boots and that she was still handcuffed. As I got out Emma threw me a couple of keys, and helped Vicki into the front seat, still handcuffed, “We left her like this as she is an obvious escape risk,” Emma said with a wink, “She’s all yours again, have fun!” and another wink.

Vicki was as horny as I had ever known her to be, I guess knowing that there was nothing she could do was a big turn on. She said the biggest turn on was being dressed like a hooker, handcuffed and shackled in the middle of a shopping centre with all the people looking at her and there being nothing she could do about it.

That night I turned to her in bed, “So, are we going to help Emma again?” ……

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