A Very Special Time

by Chas M

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© Copyright 2012 - Chas M - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; MF+/f; lingerie; bfold; strip; bond; scarves; tease; oral; sex; anal; group; climax; cons; X

I knew when he called that I could look forward to something out of the ordinary. He said "I'll take you out tonight." This to me meant "Wear something special." My classic black floor length skirt for the lower half and a long sleeved silk blouse that had only a modest neckline gave no hint that underneath was my crimson bustier and my matching crotch less pantyhose. To accessorize for the evening I twisted a red scarf into a choker, around which I wrapped a string of pearls that matched my earrings.

He spoke very little when he got home but quickly showered, shaved and redressed in his tuxedo. "Where are we going?" I pressed him, but all I got was a sly smile from his lips and a twinkle from his eyes. And with that we went down to the car and got ready to leave.

"Before we go, I'd like you to do two things for me." he said. "First agree to trust me that no harm will come to you if you go along with what we do tonight. Second, please reach into the glove box, take out your scarf and blindfold yourself."

As I slowly nodded in affirmation I opened the glove box and saw the Hermes scarf that he had bought for me on a business trip to the East was there already folded into a wide band. I picked it up and as I brought it to my face felt a shiver of excitement when the cool silky fabric touched my skin. The car was in motion as soon as I tightened the knot behind my head.

Our destination couldn’t have been too far from our home because within a few minutes I could tell that we had left the road and now seemed to be going up an inclined but long driveway. "I’ll come let you out." was all he said when we stopped. In a short time my door opened and his hand took mine. I got out of the car and he said, "Take my arm and stay close. We’ve just a few steps to climb". 'One, two, three'. I counted silently to myself as we walked up the stairs. I heard a large sounding door open and I could hear my shoes clicking on a marble floor and our journey continued. My thoughts tried to fathom what kind of house or mansion was this? Why were we here? The click of another door latch and the creak of a hinge let me know that we were going into another room.

This second room was much warmer feeling that the entrance hall. There was a slight scent of jasmine in the air mixed with the definite scent of lit candles. He stopped escorting me and stood close behind me. Two soft kisses on my neck and then he whispered in my ear. "Tonight is your special night of pleasures. You are the honored guest and the special feature. In this darkened room are some close friends who will get to watch as your sensuality is heightened and you provide pleasure to others."

With that being said he unbuttoned my cuffs and slowly unbuttoned my blouse. As he pulled it off of me I heard someone sigh softly, although I could not tell whether in was a man or woman. The zipper on the side of my skirt was undone and it dropped to the floor around my ankles. He took my right hand and led me forward a few steps and sat me down on some sort of table or bench. He kissed my neck in the way that he knew would fan the flames of my passion and then pushed me back flat on the table.

I heard footsteps. Was he going? Were others coming towards me?

Soon there were soft hands lightly caressing my face and shoulders. Other hands were on my legs. Was it him and a friend? Was there a woman too? I was helpless to tell, but by now it didn’t really matter. The pleasure that I was receiving was sensational.

Soon the hands freed my breasts from their garment and again I heard muffled expressions of wonderment and delight. Soft fabric was dragged across my neck and breasts and I knew that it was another scarf. Once while I was trying on my outfits and accessories I had had a similar experience accidentally with the very scarf that now covered my eyes. Lust and passion was now welling up from within me and I felt the presence of someone standing by my head. I reached out and came in contact with a firm large cock. It was as though it begged to be pleasured by me so pleasure it I did. As its owner moaned his delight and fondled my tits, a tongue found my cunt. As I was mouth fucked my pelvis was grinding away. In what seemed too short of a time, my suitors slacked off of their pace and swapped ends.

This time, though, as I tried to grab the cock, other hands firmly grabbed my arms. They moved them above my head off to each side and I could feel them being secured with the scarves that probably were just part of my arousal. Only when that was done did the new cock find my mouth. As he did that, his cohort raised my ankles up, exposing easy access to wherever he wanted to go. The head man took the ankles and drew them back nearly to my shoulders while the other fellow slowly slid himself into me. Soon the three of us were locked in a furious pace of fucking.

Wave after wave of orgasms overcame me as I used them and they used me. After I felt one of them shudder and fill my cunt and the other spend his load in my mouth, the activity waned, but only for a short time.

The scarves on my hands were removed and I heard my husband say, "You’re not done yet." Was it his turn now? I felt him guiding me in another direction...

As I moved backwards I could tell that someone with a firm erection was lying on his back, probably waiting for me... "Go for a ride now."

I felt that he probably was smiling since he knew that I loved to sit down on his member and give it a brisk humping. I got onto the table and slowly slid myself down onto a massive feeling cock, facing towards his feet. Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce. It felt so good, good, and good. After a few minutes I had to change positions and spun around so I would be face to face. When I did that, feminine hands grabbed me and pushed me down so my tits could be sucked on by my current lover. Suddenly I felt a knotted scarf pushed into my mouth and the gag was tightly tied. I don’t think I missed a beat though. The feelings were terrific.

My drifting mind was alert as I felt slippery liquid trickling on my bum. Someone was standing over me now. I could feel his cock slowly pushing against my bum. I still kept up my thrusting and he slid into my backside. I felt absolutely stuffed with pleasure. All three of us thrusting and writhing away. I panted and moaned into the gag as several hand played with me simultaneously. The pleasure was deafening. Tingles, thrills, desire, and lust. It felt like it would last forever.

Then I went blank.

Was it a dream? I was in my own bed. The first light of morning was coming through the window. He was next to me, asleep wearing his own version of a Mona Lisa smile. Then I looked over and there on the nightstand was my Hermes scarf, along with two others I had never had seen before and I knew yes, I had been a very special time!

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