Vengeful Spirits

by Ranger

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© Copyright 2001 - Ranger - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; revenge; bond; magic; leather; wrap; chain; nc; X

The powerful private women club simply called Harmony Association had its usual monthly meeting at their leader's posh apartment.  The order of business was to kick out one of their own.  Cassandra Chambers has been accused of embarrassing the group with ranting of witchcraft and revenge when treated unfairly in a job dispute.  The leader of the group, Alexandra Burke, led the crusade to expel Cassandra, taking the embarrassment personally and a bad reflection on the group's professional image.

Ms. Burke called the meeting to order and the meeting went as usual until the last item on the agenda.  Ms. Burke called for a special vote to expel Ms. Chambers for unprofessional conduct unbecoming of a Harmony Association member.  Ms. Chamber was shocked.  She had given more than five years to the group, made large contributions to the group and gave the group her personnel business connections that had made the group the powerhouse that it is today.

"You all know me and what I have done for the group. Don't let Alexandra kick me out because of an image problem.  Over the years I have used my special talents secretly to help make the Association what it is today!" says Ms. Chambers in her defence.

"That's a lie!  We made it on hard work and good leadership.  We do not believe in witchcraft and magic.  It's bad for our image to have a "witch" in our group.  I move to expel her.  Let the vote reflect our decision," says Ms. Burke.

The vote is by a show of hands, three of the five voted to remove Cassandra Chambers from the group.  Shocked and betrayed by the outcome.  Ms. Chambers yells, "The three of you are my friends.  How can you betray me like that?  I made you who you are today.  So you three don't believe in witchcraft, you will when I'm through with you." Cassandra Chambers storms out.

Later that day, Cassandra sneaks back to Alexandra Burke's apartment.  She uses the key hidden in the planter to gain access.  The Harmony Association members usually adjourn the meetings early and go out to lunch together and then come back to the apartment to wrap up any unfinished business.  Cassandra goes over to a corner of the living room and makes a protective circle around herself with a magic powder.  She brings out an ancient looking black book of magic handed down by the Chambers women.  She scans the book for what she wants.  Vengeful spirits for revenge.  It warns that the user must protect themselves for once released; these spirits are uncontrollable and mischievous.  Cassandra had prepared herself and had already prepared the circle of protection.  The book warns that the circle is the only thing that protects the user from the spirits unleashed and should she leave the circle, the spirit would have access to the user as well.  Only the chant of removal will send the spirit back from where it was summoned.   Cassandra starts to chant.  A spirits starts to form.  It takes on the form of a man dressed all in black.  It has no face.  It announces, "You have summoned Drakor, the vengeful spirit.  What is your bidding?"

Cassandra was surprised that she had summoned one of the most powerful of the vengeful spirits.  She replies, "You are to punish the women of this house for the injustices done me."  With a nod, the spirit disappears and Cassandra could only wait and peer into her crystal ball.

Alexandra Burke's roommate, Chloe was fast asleep in her bed.  She had slept through Cassandra's break-in having pulled an all nighter for last two nights.  The spirit laughs.  His first victim lay before him.  With magic, he slowly pulls down the covers to reveal a beautiful blonde with long tan legs wearing a white chemise and matching thong.  Still asleep, the spirit waves his hands and ropes slowly move toward the unsuspecting beauty.  The ropes slowly wrap around her ankles and wrists.  Gently pulling her limbs to the four corners of the bed.  She was now laid spread eagled on the bed.  Still asleep until the first member of the group opens and accidentally slams the front door, she awakens to find herself tied to the bed.  She starts to struggle and scream but the spirit will have none of that and waves his hand and the poor beauty is gagged tightly.

Mei Li had left the lunch early and came back to the apartment to make an important phone call to Hong Kong to close a deal.  She had just closed the door when she heard the struggle and muffled scream from the bedroom.  She took a step forward and sees Cassandra in the corner of the living room.  "What are you doing here?  We voted you out.”

Cassandra replied, "You will believe in witchcraft before long. Oh Drakor."  The spirit appeared before Mei.  Mei screamed and ran for the front door.  But as she is reaching for the doorhandle, ropes snake toward her from all directions.  She tries to stomp and kick them away.  The ropes wrap around her ankles, then above and below her knees and up her thighs. 

"Oh no, how can this be happening?"  Mei reaches down to try to untie her legs but suddenly her wrists are bound together.  Drakor only laughs.  With a wave of his hand, Mei's wrists are pulled and tied high above her head.  Mei can only struggle.  With another wave of his hand, Mei's summer dress starts to unbutton by itself - one button at a time.  Mei can only stare.  When the last button is undone, the dress opens to reveal her firm petite body, black lingerie and garter belt.  Mei can only scream in her embarrassment.  But even that is cut short by a tape gag that suddenly appears with a wave of the spirits hands.  Cassandra can only grin that her revenge is going so well.  With Mei done, there was only two more of the three that betrayed her.

Evelyn Ellis was the next to walk in.  Alexandra was parking her car.  Evelyn came through the door and sees Mei.  "Oh my god, what happened?"  She takes a step toward Mei when she steps on a pile of leather belts.  The belts just start to wrap around Evelyn Ellis's leg with a life of their own.  Feeling the tightness around her legs, Evelyn pulls up her long skirt to reveal her legs are bound tightly together with the belts around her ankles, above her knees and tightly around her mid thighs.  Evelyn is wondering how that happened when the spirit appears before her.  Evelyn tries to jump away and at the same time, reach down to loosen the belts but with a wave of the hand, her wrists are linked to the sides of her thighs with thigh cuffs connected to the straps around her thigh. 

Immobile, Evelyn can only watch as the spirit walks over to her and pops the button on the back of her skirt and it falls to the ground revealing her tightly bound legs and a crotch rope encompassing her white bikini cut panties.  Next her blouse is opened to reveal her full breasts in a white push up bra.  With a wave of his hand, leather straps appear above and below her breasts, which also pins her arms tightly to the sides of her body. The spirit lays her down and finishes his work by adding one last leather strap through her crotch rope and the ankle strap to put Evelyn Ellis into a loose hog-tie.  Eve struggled with all her might but nothing budged except her bra slipped down to reveal her breasts.  Cassandra can only grin as Evelyn can only give her a death stare.  Two done, only one to go-the leader who kicked her out.

Alexandra Burke walks in.  Her eyes catch Mei standing in her bondage then to Evelyn Ellis on the floor hog-tied then to Cassandra in the corner.  It only takes her a second to see who's responsible for this.  Alexandra takes a few steps toward the former member when Cassandra shouts for Drakor to appear.   Startled by the appearance of Drakor, Alexandra takes a step back.  Cassandra says, "You like being in charge.  I have something special in mind for you.  You're going to tie yourself up." 

"Are you Crazy!!!!" responds Alexandra.  But the spirit, hearing his master's words, waves his hands and Alexandra cannot move a muscle. 

"Since you don't like embarrassing situations, strip off your clothes" 

With a wave, Alexandra's hands start to move and unbutton her blouse.  Alexandra tries to fight it.  "You can't do this to me." 

Cassandra responds, "Oh this is only the beginning, you see once I get you and your fellow betrayers nice and cosy.  I'm going to call the press and expose you all to a very embarrassing scandal which will make you each step down from your positions of power." 

With renewed effort, Alexandra tries to resist.  The blouse falls to the ground, then the skirt and then the bra.  With the spirit guiding her hands, Alexandra picked up a big ball gag and put it in her mouth.  Stopping all her complaints.  Slowly she wrapped rope around her ankles, then her knees.  For the ultimate embarrassment, Cassandra instructed the spirit to make Alexandra tie on a tight crotch rope.  Then it was a chest rope that crisscrosses her full breasts.  Alexandra could not resist.  She watched her own hands do Cassandra's bidding.  The last thing was put the handcuffs through the back of the crotch rope and bind her wrists behind her back to be locked firmly between her buttocks.  Drakor released his hold over her and all she could do was pull, wiggle and struggle against her bonds - nothing budged.

Cassandra could only laugh.  She had gotten her revenge.  There lay the three that had betrayed her.  She reached for the book for the spell of removal to send Drakor back to where he came.  When Alexandra realized why Cassandra was staying in the circle, started to roll toward the circle.  Cassandra reading the spell did not see Alexandra until she was almost to the circle.  Cassandra not wanting Alexandra to reach the circle stuck out her foot to stop Alexandra from entering the circle.

With a grin, the spirit waved his hand, a rope appeared on Cassandra's ankle.  Cassandra shocked to see the rope on her ankle could not resist the unexpected pull and fell over.  Recovering from the fall, Cassandra realizes that her other leg had also left the protection of the circle and was now also tied.  Panicking, she started to read the spell of removal.  But as she was reading, Drakor pulled on the ropes inching Cassandra out of the circle.  As her knees passed the circle, ropes appeared binding her knees together.  Cassandra continued fighting the pull and trying to finish reading the chant, but could not stop her advance out of the circle.  Her skirt started to hike up as it passed the circle.  Her concentration broke momentarily as a tight crotch rope suddenly appeared entrapping her black silk panties.  The blouse started to unbutton and pull open as she inched out of the circle revealing her black bra and full breasts.  Cassandra was almost finished reading the chant. 

She reached down with one hand at the advancing ropes and Drakor now had a rope on her hand.  Cassandra started the chant but it was now too late, with one more pull, her head had passed the circle of protection and her chant was cut off by tight bishop gag that appeared on her lips.  She was now at the mercy of Drakor, a tightly bound captive with all her clothes in disarray.

Drakor delighted to have five captives at his mercy.  He finished undressing Cassandra to only her high cut silk panties and binding his once master tightly.  Cassandra's lips were sealed in a ace bandage that wrapped many times around her head, her arms trapped in a leather single sleeve, a leather body harness encircled her upper body with her bare breasts peeking out, her long legs bound tightly with leather, at her ankles, above and below her knees and tightly around her thighs and a collar chained to the stair rails to keep her immobile.   He now played with his other captives. 

He let Alexandra's roommate, Chloe, work her way out of the spread eagle only to see duct tape wrap magically around her ankles, knees, arms, elbows and wrists-leaving her to struggle and her chemise top fall off to reveal her full breasts and a flat tummy.  He retied the others at whims.  Mei was tied in ropes on the sofa in only her bra and panties.  She struggled with all her might, her petite body was covered in fine shiny layer of perspiration but eventually she worked herself free (with some help from Drakor).  She sneaked over to the front door and reaches for the doorknob.  Drakor laughs.  Mei feels a tightness around her legs and looks down to see her legs encased in a bright red spandex hobble skirt laced up the back for all to see the back of her legs and round buttocks, fusing tightly the entire length of her legs together as one, from her ankles to above her waist-her legs trapped. 

She turns her attention back to the doorknob and sees her hands encased in matching red spandex opera gloves that runs the whole length of her arms with straps at the end of each finger-less mitten.   She reaches for the door with her mittens but Drakor waves his hands and the straps pull and tighten behind Mei's back causing her arms to crisscross in front under her heaving breasts, her bra having disappeared magically.  Mei screams in frustration and that's cut off by a red ball gag that appears in her mouth and with another wave, a red spandex formfitting hood appears over head with only her long black hair peeking out of the back bottom of the hood.   Mei left standing and struggling in her colourful bondage looses her balance and falls over right in front of the front door, to be left rolling on the floor as Drakor magically adds black electrical tape around the hobble shirt, her ankles and knees to make a very secure red package tighter. 

Alexandra was tied laying on the floor with rubber straps and her panties, simply at first with her arms in back and her legs were bound backwards ankle to thigh-leaving all the see her panties as she struggled, her legs only able to spread open and close due to her bondage.  Alexandra struggled to reach the empty circle of protection by inching and rolling along the living room floor.  As she got closer, Drakor just keeps adding more and more rubber straps, above and below her breasts, stomach, pelvis, thighs, calves, until she was completely mummified into a tight ball from head to toe in black rubber just inches from the circle-unable to even twitch a muscle. 

Evelyn struggled in a canvas straight jacket in the bedroom, hopping around for a means of escape, her ankles and knees chained tightly together.  She hopped into the bathroom only to find Drakor waiting for her.  He waved his hand and Evelyn was free of all restraints except her gag but unable to move in only her bikini cut panties.  Drakor waved his hand, she was now standing in the bathtub and clear plastic wrap rolls appeared in his hands.  Drakor pointed his free hand at her legs and they were encircled with layers of plastic wrap.  He pointed at her waist, plastic wrap pinned her hands and wrist to the sides of her thighs.  Drakor moved his hand up her body, plastic wrap encircled her body to just below her chin further pinning her arms.  Her breasts left bare to peek out of the wrap.  Drakor pointed at the shower knob and cold water hit the mummified captive.   Water washed over and down the plastic.  Water worked its way between the plastic and down her breasts to soak the struggling female form underneath the plastic.  Her hair matted to her face, water droplets running down the entire length of her body, there was nothing she could do but struggle futilely.   On and on it went.  Drakor enjoyed toying with each of his captives.

While Drakor was busy playing with Evelyn, having laid her down in the bathtub and giving his captive a bubble bath.  The soapy water washing over her plastic cocoon.  The soapy water working its way through the plastic, soaking her near naked body - soaking her white panties.  Her legs squishing back and forth as she struggled - shiny and slippery under the plastic wrap.  Her breasts covered with suds and shiny from the soapy water.  Cassandra, now seeing her chance, worked off her gag by rubbing her ace bandage gag frantically against the wall until it pulled down enough for her to spit out the red ball in her mouth and chants the spell of removal quickly.  With a horrible scream, Drakor disappeared.  Leaving the ladies all tied up where they were. 

Evelyn was the first to free herself, working her hands until she rips through the plastic cocoon.  Her soapy wet body emerged from the cocoon.  Her body glistening with suds running down her body.  Her silk panties clinging to her wet buttocks.   She frees the others except for Cassandra.  The former captives retie Cassandra to the pole in nothing but her panties with every thing used on them and leave her to struggle.  Her body covered with ropes, rubber straps, electrical tape, duct tape, leather straps, chains - they weren't taking any chances. 

After two or three hours, Alexandra, having redressed, returns alone and taunts Cassandra.  "So your powers of witchcraft are real enough.  If you agree to use your powers to further my career, I'll let you go and reinstate your membership or we can do this the hard way?"  Alexandra yanks hard at Cassandra's crotch rope to prove a point and then slowly takes out the ball gag.   Cassandra's response is a quick chant that leaves Alexandra entangled in chains, first around her ankles, above her knees, around her thighs, above, below and crisscrossing her breasts, her arms chained at the elbows and wrist that make her jet out her breasts straining the button up blouse popping the top few buttons.  She loses her balance and falls over. 

She sees her chains are locked in place with small padlocks.  She struggles for the circle of protection.  Cassandra quickly chants again and is free of her bondage - everything falling to her feet.  She walks over to Alexandra before she can wiggle to the circle and admires her spell.  Alexandra is chained up and padlocked tightly, her clothes in total disarray, her skirt hiked up to reveal her panties which are encircled by a chain link crotch tie, her blouse buttons having popped from her struggles now reveal her bra and heaving breasts below.  Cassandra grins and waves her hands over Alexandra's body and her clothes all but disappear leaving only her bra and thong panties and of course her chains. 

Alexandra struggles frantically against her bonds.  She taunts Alexandra; "I'm going to call the press in an hour or two so they'll find you here with the door wide opened to see a very interesting sight.  To add to the embarrassment, the chains cannot be cut off so a locksmith will also have to be called in to undo those nice strong padlocks.  He gets to see you in all your glory." 

She gently pulls the lacy bra down just enough to expose her nipples.  Cassandra dresses herself and is about to leave.  One final touch, she winks and Alexandra's straps on her bra and thong panties magically rip, her bra straps slide down her naked back only to dangle loosely by her breasts, her thong panty straps slip down her hips and from between her buttocks and legs.  Very small pieces of lace barely held in place with her chain bondage separate Alexandra from total nudity.  Alexandra pulling at her bonds with all her strength and screaming into her gag, nothing budges except a slight shift of the lace. 

"What an inviting package you make.  I hope no one will take advantage of your situation.  There are quite a few men in your building," Cassandra smirks and turns to leave, "Never mess with a witch." She walks out the door and leaves it wide open framing the very vulnerable and nearly naked Alexandra in plain site.