The Vampires' Slave

by MasochisticFreak

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© Copyright 2011 - MasochisticFreak - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; F/m; bar; bond; captive; vampire; blood; slave; bought; transported; cbt; cons/nc; X

Part One

Jake felt a presence enter the room, unable to see who through the black cloth covering his eyes, and shortly after he heard shuffling of feet moving towards him and suddenly felt fangs sink deep into his neck. He cried out in pain, but all sound was stopped dead by the underwear shoved in his mouth and held tightly in place by a strip of duct tape. He struggled in agony against the rope holding him spread eagle on the bed, but all it did was cause his somehow erect cock to bounce a little, much to the amusement of the rooms other occupant. Jake had been there for so long he had lost all track of time. As the fangs slid out from his skin, he heard a contented sigh escape the vampire's lips before she stepped quickly out of the room and shut the door. As the quiet began to smother him again, he started to think of the events leading to this point....


She seemed normal enough, sitting at the bar, drinking all the drinks the men bought her but she was not looking the slightest bit drunk. After much thought he decided to approach the red head woman, and as he did, she turned to face him, a smile playing across her lips. He smiled right back and sat confidently next to her. Jake's eyes ran her over. She was taller than most and the perfect weight for her size. She was not bone thin, nor was she overweight. Her small black dress- if it could even be called such, it was so short- flowed down her body like a black waterfall, ending just a few inches past her thigh. Her looks were almost addicting as his eyes kept looking to her full red lips, then to her seemingly glowing purple eyes, then pulled back to see her perfectly smooth- if a bit pale- face, and her red hair falling around it, every strand in place.

Good, this is how he should react, and he is the perfect fit, the vampires thought as the man walked over to her and drank in her looks.. Herself looked him over a few times before turning to her drink with a wink. He was about average height and a muscular build, probably from playing sports or having a demanding job. His black hair was neatly trimmed and his green eyes had a confident look. She couldn't wait to rip off his clothes and get her fangs into his beautiful pulsing neck. "What brings you here?" she asked without even glancing back to him.


His thoughts were interrupted there when he heard voices outside the door. He though he heard money talk but was not able to make it out. Suddenly the door opened, and he felt sharp nails run up his thigh, causing his cock to twitch a bit as the nails ran all the way up to his chest.

"Yes, he'll do nicely. Very wonderful tasting blood, well worth the price." he heard a woman's voice say and soon after felt a tongue slide up his neck, licking up the little bit of blood that was still trickling out of his neck wound. He felt a metal band click around his neck and another, smaller one around his swelling genitals. A leash was lead through what he assumed to be collars and pulled tight, causing a small bit of pain in his balls.

He was untied and the tape ripped off, and he immediately spat the underwear into his hand. Jake's hand was roughly grabbed, and shoved behind his back, followed by the other one and bound with rope. He wet his mouth and spoke softly, "Where am I?" he was instantly met with a sharp tug on the leash, pain shooting from his balls like lightning.

Jake decided it best not to speak, and when he felt a slight tug on his leash, followed by a sharp "Come." he got up and followed the tug of the leash. Jake was led down twisting hallways, stumbling blind because of the un-removed blindfold. He saw light seep through as he was led outside and fear overtook him as he felt his cheeks get hot with embarrassment realizing he was naked, but he was quickly pushed into a waiting car. He sighed with relief.

But the relief did not last long, for few seconds later the blind fold was ripped off and after blinking several times to adjust to the dim lighting, he noticed a beautiful woman in the back of the stretch limo with him. The second thing he noticed was her fangs. She smiled at him and opened her perfect lips to speak. "You better be good, I paid a lot of money for you." she stated simply before speaking to the driver. "Home now, I'd like to show my new little human slave his house." she laughed evilly at Jake's shocked face and sunk her fangs into his neck once more as the car took off down the road, leaving his cries for help behind. He belonged to her now...

Part Two

A little later down the road, the woman in the car spoke for the first time, instructing Jake to put on a skimpy pair of short shorts she threw at him. Jake stared blankly at her for a second and the spoke, "Um, c-can you untie my ha-hands?" he asked stuttering from confusion and fear. He hoped he would not get in trouble for speaking, and his nuts were still sore from the last tug.

The woman laughed and reached behind Jake, slicing the ropes with her fingernail. "There slave, now put them on." She paused for a moment, the excitement of finally having her very own slave overwhelming her for a moment. Just the thought of all they were going to do, and she was going to do to him made her wet. She grinned and spoke to Jake while she watched him pull on the very short shorts on over his now purple balls. "My name... Well my name doesn't matter; you will address me as Mistress R. And you will be addressed as slave, clear?" Her tongue tingled with authority, with a smile creeping onto her face. She loved the feeling of being in control and it was quite clear.

Jake managed to pull the shorts on, but they squeezed him so tight, you could see the ring around his swollen balls very clearly. "Y-yes Mistress R. But w-why am I here?" He asked carefully, fearing another pull. Taking this time to look at her, he got his first real look at who this woman was. She had long black hair, down to the middle of her back, with a red streak down one side, and she looked about 20- something. Her nails were long and painted black, matching her hair and her red and black corset dress. The dress was short, and from Jake's angle on the floorboard, he could see the lacy black underwear. Just as his cock was beginning to come alive at the sight, he felt a slap to his right cheek.

"You do not look at me without my consent slave!" She yelled, her piercing purple eyes almost slicing through him. She then crossed her legs and regained her composure, before answering his question. "You're not the brightest of the bunch are you? I suppose you're still confused. Remember the red head at the bar?" She asked him with a sarcastic chuckle. "She was a scout of sorts. She goes to bars and finds a fit and handsome young man such as you, seduces them, takes them to her car and then kidnaps them to sell on the slave market after eliminating all traces of their existence. I decided I wanted a human slave and you caught my fancy. Oh we're going to have so much fun!" she said, almost wiggling in excitement.

Jake couldn't believe it. He thought the slave trade was abolished! And on the other hand, she was vampire, a creature of myths and legends, but now he was owned by one. "So... What are you going to do to me?" He asked, gaining confidence.

"I'm so glad you asked!" She giggled, "Mostly you're just going to be my play toy, and just do whatever I tell you. Usually it will include pleasing your mistress or any of my friends, and tying you up in pretty ways and the like. I sure hope you like bondage!" She said happily, her underwear dampening at the thought. "I just can't wait to get that cock inside me!" she exclaimed to herself.

The look on Jake's face said it all. He was in shock, there was no way he'd be her play toy! He admitted to himself, she was very hot. She was just like one of the many girls he took home from bars all the time, and he defiantly wouldn't mind doing all sorts of dirty things with her, but he had never done anything kinky. "And what makes you think I'll let you do any of that?" He spoke confidently.

Mistress R just laughed and caressed his cheek. "Because sweetie, you're mine." She said softly in his ear before grabbing his leash and lightly tugging. "Come slave, we're home." She giggled with excitement and walked him out of the car. In all the confusion, Jake hadn't even realized they stopped. When he stepped out of the car, he gasped. The house they were at wasn't huge or even normal sized. It was almost a cabin! It was two stories, and was in the middle of the woods, trees in all directions, with only the small dirt road to show them where they came from.

Mistress R happily skipped inside the house, her skirt coming up each time revealing her lacy black underwear, with Jake struggling to keep up so his balls were not jerked painfully again. Once they got inside, she immediately took him into one of the two bedrooms in the house. She stood him next the bed and looked him over one more time before chuckling to herself and pushing him roughly down onto the bed and climbing on top of him, straddling his waist. Even in his position, Jake couldn't help but get a boner, and he knew she felt it between her ass cheeks, because she smiled at him and wiggled her ass, arousing him even more.

Mistress R leaned in close to Jakes neck, like she was going to bite him, causing Jake to tense up and prepare for the jolt of pain. But it never came. He opened his eyes which had been squeezed shut and sighed in relief. "I'm not going to bite you again slave, you're going to need your energy for tonight." She winked at him and got up, heading toward the bathroom. "Prepare yourself slave, you have some kinky nights ahead of you." She smirked and closed the door behind her. Jake waited about five seconds before he realized she was gone and immediately stood up to leave, only to be pulled back to the bed with a searing pain between his legs. She had tied the leash to a bedpost and locked it with a small padlock. Through tears of pain he sighed and lowered his head, and noticed he had a complete hard-on.

Jake had always thought about maybe trying something kinky and even bought a pair of handcuffs once, but never went through with anything. But Jake was not left much time alone with his thoughts, for just a couple minutes later, the bathroom door opened. Out stepped a leather clad leg, followed by his Mistress, dressed in Black leather boots, and leather corset top and a very short black leather skirt. Walking towards Jake with a purpose, the click clack of her heels clicked rhythmically, as she stepped up to him and shoved him onto the bed, straddling him and using her weight to keep him down, grinding her ass against his raging cock. She leaned in close, and reached her hand over the bedside table for her first toy...