by OkmrocksU

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Storycodes: M/f; drug; capture; bond; rope; gag; predicament; nc; X

Tiffany was the typical spoiled little rich bitch.  A senior in school and daughter of a big city stockbroker who owned his own firm, she got everything she ever wanted and had the ‘I’m entitled’ attitude down to a tee.  She hung out with the ‘popular’ kids and called them her friends but the others didn’t see her that way.  More that once she had backstabbed several of them in various ways and had put down many others in the school.  It was only because she was the ‘A # 1 popular’, head cheerleader and could network and socialize well, that the others would hang with her.  

Her boyfriend Brian was a more recent development.  A senior also, he was local kid that became quarterback of the football team.  Brian was a good kid and was always very respectful and polite, but he developed some negative changes in his demeanor since he became popular and had been hanging out with the ‘popular’ kids. 

He had dated a girl named Cindy for a couple of years.  She was also a local girl, very pretty but was not in the ‘popular’ crowd.  They broke up a short time after Brian started running with the ‘popular’ kids.  They started fighting more and more and Cindy became jealous because she heard that he had been cheating on her.  He hadn’t, but Tiffany had sowed those seeds to help break them up.  She wanted Brian for herself and would stop at nothing to get him.

They lived in a small town about 30 minutes outside of a big city.  It was set in a very picturesque area that’s close to some farming but most of the area is rolling hills and trees.  About 15 years ago a big city developer came in, bought a bunch of land and built huge houses for the affluent city dwellers, who wanted to get away from the crime and smog. 

Jim Bailey was the maintenance man at the local high school.  Part of his duties were janitorial, picking up and taking out the trash, sweeping the floors and cleaning up the locker rooms, but at least he didn’t have to scrub the sinks and toilets.  That was a job for the regular janitorial crew.  He was also in charge of security, not like they had much of a problem in that area, here at this small town school. 

One good thing about the big city folks moving in, they pumped a lot of money into the community and schools.  That allowed the school to afford a high tech video camera system.  It consisted of two portable mini cams that came with long life rechargeable batteries, clips and magnetic bases and powerful transmitters that could transmit up to 1500 feet or about a quarter mile.  Jim kept the base unit in the maintenance barn hooked up to his computer.  That way he could email a video of troubled students activities to their parents so they couldn’t deny that their child was causing trouble, which the more affluent parents frequently did!  “My child wouldn’t do that sort of thing!” was often heard from those particular parents.  He was however not allowed to put the cams in the bathrooms or locker rooms and would just move them around to various locations in the hallways. 

About four years ago, a stray dog showed up at the school.  It was still a bit of a puppy back then, female, part yellow lab and part u-take-a-guess, but the most loving and friendly dog you’d ever seen.  She loved everybody!  Well, Jim’s poor kindhearted soul took pity on the starving dog and started feeding it.  Of course it stayed at the school so the students took up a collection and got her spayed and all her shots and she became the school dog.  Some even referred to her as the school mascot.  She was always in front of the school in the morning greeting the students, many of which would give her a pat on the head as they passed by on their way to class.  She loved the attention.  At one assembly the students voted on a name for her.  They decided to call her Shasta! 

Jim always made sure Shasta was well fed and she followed him everywhere when he was at work.  The only stipulation was that the dog was not allowed in the main building when classes were in session.  So she stayed outside most of the time, though Jim did install a doggie door on the maintenance barn so she could get in out of the bad weather.

It was Friday evening and Jim had to stay late to lock up and clean the girl’s locker room.  There was going to be a big game Saturday afternoon and the opposing team was going to use it to change before and after the game.  Most of the games were played on Friday night but this team was coming from a long distance off so they made it for Saturday.

The football players and cheerleaders stayed late after school for practice which was over at about 6PM.  All the guys has showered, dressed and left by about 6:30 but the girls stayed much later.  They had all got ready to go but they just stayed and kept talking about all the things teenage girls are into.  Jim wrapped on the door and said, “Come-on girls, lets go!  I need to lock up!”  He heard one reply, “Alright! Whatever!” in a loud and annoyed tone.   Then he heard a quieter voice saying, “Don’t get your panties in a wad!” after which he heard them all giggle.

While waiting for the girls to leave he stepped outside and was greeted by Shasta.  Squatting down and petting her while looking around at the football field, Jim noticed Brian and Tiffany sitting on one of the benches talking or more like arguing.  They were still in their uniforms and he thought to himself, ‘I hope I don’t have to wait till they get changed too.’


At about 7:20 the girls finally started leaving so he went back inside and got the janitorial cart out of the closet in the hallway and pushed it into the girl’s locker room.  The guys were usually pretty good at picking up after themselves, putting the dirty towels in the hamper, because their coach could jump their ass and get away with it.  The girls however had to be treated with kid-gloves so their room was often a lot messier.  Most of the cheerleaders were the ‘popular students’ from the wealthier families and they thought it was someone else’s job to pick up after them.  Someone else just happened to be Jim!

After inspecting the room for what needed to be done, he pushed one of the towel hampers into the showers and picked up the all the dirty towels that the girls left on the floor.  Then after pushing the hamper back out into the locker room he grabbed the mop to give the floor a quick going over. 

About that time Tiffany came strolling in, all in a thither, because he was in the room.  Without politely addressing him or asking, she demanded that he leave the room because she just had to get ready and go to this certain party and didn’t want to show up late.

He stood there thinking ‘oh yeah, it’s more important for her rich little ass to go to a party than for me to earn a living.’ 

Impatiently waiting for an answer she blurted out, “Well?” 

He angrily replied, “Ah hell, alright!  I’ll just clean this up in the morning!”  He knew that it would have been more trouble than it was worth arguing with her and he didn’t want to wait around another hour for her to get her ass out of there. 

Pushing the cart back out in the hallway, he turned back and said, “I’m locking this outside door, so make sure you pull it shut when you leave.  It sticks slightly open sometimes!”

She sarcastically replied, “Whatever!”

That of course just pissed Jim off because she was just blowing him off, besides being totally disrespectful.  After locking the back door, he pushed the cart back into the closet and checked the boys’ locker room.  ‘Brian must have gone home’ he thought, as he shut off the lights and headed down the hall towards the front of the school and the offices. 

Still stewing over what Tiffany said, he was thinking of how he could get back at her and teach her a lesson.  He stopped dead in his tracks when a thought came to him and he turned back glancing down the hallway.  Remembering something that happened on a sit-com of how a girl got back at another girl, he wondered if he could pull it off.  He thought, ‘The schools deserted, she thinks I’ve gone home, nobody will be here until tomorrow, I’ve got all the supplies, I think I can get away with it!’

Instead of leaving, he quickly went into the offices and pulled Tiffany’s file out and checked her age.  ‘18, Perfect’ he thought to himself.  ‘At least I won’t get into trouble for molesting a minor.’

Jim hurriedly went back down the hall stopping in front of the locker room and listened for the shower to come on.  Hearing nothing he proceeded to the maintenance barn for supplies.  Grabbing some ¼ inch cotton clothesline and one of the mini cams, he also folded and doused a rag with chloroform then headed back to the locker room.  Shasta followed him from the barn back into the school.  Soon as she hit the door she was off running down the hall.  He let her go because all the doors were closed and she would be right back as soon as she was done investigating.

Listening at the door again he could hear the shower running and he thought it’s now or never so he proceeded into the locker room.  Quietly he placed the cam in a locker and then waited behind a short wall protrusion by the passageway out of the shower.  If he leaned over a bit he could see the upper part of Tiffany’s back reflected in a mirror that was over a sink opposite of the showers.  Hearing the water shut off, he leaned back so she would not see his reflection, and anxiously waited for her to come out.

There was always a stack of clean towels in the shower room and she grabbed one to dry off.  After she was finished, she dropped that one on the floor and wrapped a fresh one around her body, tucking it in to stay up.  The girls coach taught them to wrap a towel around themselves just in case a male faculty member were to walk in, although they were supposed to knock first.  Tiffany then proceeded out of the shower.

Soon as she stepped out, Jim grabbed her, one arm around her arms and body and the other quickly applying the chloroformed rag over her face.  Startled, she started to fight but he quickly started dragging her over towards the lockers, so instead of fighting him she was too busy trying to regain her footing.  That worked like a charm because she quickly succumbed to the effects of the chloroform and was out like a light.

Her towel had come loose during the struggle and it fell off as he was laying her down on the floor.  Tiffany had one hot little body, petite yet curvy and a nicely trimmed strip of pubic hair curving around her mound.  He stared at her for a few seconds and then knelt down beside her and groped her tight little body.  He thought, ‘I should take advantage of her now because I probably would never get another chance again.’

Regaining his composure, he stood up and got back to business.  In the room were lockers all around three walls and several locker islands that were five lockers wide and three lockers tall.  He cut two pieces of clothesline about five feet long and tied them to the upper locker handles on each side of one of the locker islands.  Then picking up Tiffany, he held her up against the lockers as he tied her wrists to each side.  Though it was difficult holding a limp body, it wasn’t too hard as light as she was.  After hanging her up, he then retied her wrists so it wouldn’t cut off her circulation but would make it inescapable.

Then he took the bundle of line and wrapped one end around one of her ankles, fed it around the locker island and after spreading her legs apart tied the other ankle, then cut the remainder free.  He took one last grope of her body thinking, ‘She’s not going anywhere now!’

Picking up the towel he rewrapped it around her body and tucked it in so it wouldn’t fall off but he left a little tail sticking out.  He then cut a fifteen-foot piece of cord and tied one end to the tail of the towel.  For a final touch, he took her panties and wadded them up into a ball, slid them down to the middle of one of her stockings, stuffed the balled up spot into her mouth and then wrapped the stocking around her head stretching it long enough to pull it around and cross it over her mouth and then bring it back around to tie it behind her head.  He thought, ‘She might gag talk but she’s not pushing that out of her mouth.’

Moving over to the lockers across from her, he proceeded to set up the cam.  He pried one of the louvers slightly open, attached the cam with the magnet to the locker door and then using the hand held monitor, he opened and shut the door, adjusting the cam for the best picture.  Then he put the monitor back in the locker, turned on the transmitter and locked the door.

After surveying the scene to make sure everything was ready, Jim went to the hall door and opened it to whistle for Shasta, but she was already sitting there staring up at him wagging her tail.  He said, “Come on girl’ and she bolted into the locker room and ran over to Tiffany.  She sat in front of her with the same desire for attention she greeted Jim with, but with no response.  Jim walked over and petted her and then tied the other end of that rope that was tied to Tiffany’s towel, to Shasta’s collar.  Everything was ready now!

Jim commanded Shasta to lie down and stay, placing her just in front of Tiffany.  Shasta was well trained by now and would obey that command until several hours passed or until she heard some loud noise or something dramatic happened that would get her riled up.  He patted her on the head again and said, Good girl!”  Then he turned and headed outside closing the locker room door, but as he was leaving the building, he left the outside door locked but a-jar.  Proceeding to the maintenance barn he set the computer to record the event and transfer the feed to his home computer, then locked up and went home.

After Jim got home, he turned on his computer and went to his school cam monitor site.  There, he saw Tiffany still tied hanging limp.  She had not woken up yet but he thought it would be anytime now.  He turned up his speakers to full so if he wasn’t watching he would hear her stir. 

About 15 minutes later, as he was fixing dinner he heard her moan and quickly went to the computer to watch.  She slowly started to come around, lifting her head and trying to look around in a daze.  As she woke up, shifting her weight, she stood on her own and tried to move but couldn’t.  Still a bit fuzzy and looking at her tied wrists it took a few seconds for it to sink in that she was tied up and helpless.   After realizing she was actually helpless her adrenaline kicked in and she went ballistic.  Fear took over and she pulled, tugged and struggled with all her might, screaming in her gag as she tried to get free.  She kept tugging and screaming between the huffing of her breath until Shasta sat up and started barking at her.

That stopped her from struggling and over her frantic breathing she surveyed her situation.  Looking at each wrist and ankle she thought there’s got to be a way out of this.  Then she noticed the rest of her peril, the rope tied to the towel and Shasta’s collar.  Biting down on her gag she screamed a long ‘NO!’

Shasta, wondering why she wasn’t being petted, started to investigate.  Sniffing up her leg she paused between her legs and Tiffany started giggling and squealing.  With her nose moving under the edge of the towel, Jim couldn’t tell if Shasta was just sniffing her or licking her, but she was tickling and driving Tiffany crazy.  Between the giggles and screams from the tickling, Tiffany was able to blurt out a “Moh!  Moh!  Ouwn!  Ouwn!”  The dog understood that as ‘No’ and ‘Down’ and she immediately stopped, turned and started to move away.

Seeing the slack in the rope to her towel being taken up, Tiffany panicked and tried to call Shasta back to her.  “Aasfa!  Aasfa!  Um eer!”  To her relief Shasta turned around, came back and sat in front of her looking up and wagging her tail.  In a child like tone Tiffany said, “Asfa!  Aay ouwn!  Aay ouwn!”   Shasta of course understood, obeyed and laid back down in front of her.  Tiffany looked up and sighed a big sigh of relief and thought it’s time to get back to getting loose.

Watching all this on the computer like a TV show, Jim finished his dinner, then shutting off his computer, he proceeded to finish up with other chores before going early to bed.  He needed to get to work early the next morning to take care of Tiffany before the students or their coaches showed up and besides he would be able to view and download the whole thing from the recording later.


Tiffany looked up at the clock over the door, ‘Almost 9:00.  Damn. The party’s already underway and I’m not there.’ she thought.  Refocusing her attention on trying to get loose, she struggled, tugged, pulled, rubbed, mmphed, grunted and groaned until she collapsed in tears.  After a bit she would regain her composure and try it all again, failing each time and again squealing and collapsing in tears.  She then tried the smart approach, or so she thought, by trying to rub the knots.  She could barely reach them with her fingertips, but what she was not aware of was that knots in the cotton rope that have been pulled tight are almost impossible to untie, even with the use of all your fingers on both hands.  That didn’t stop her from trying for a while, but after about 30 minutes, she totally gave up.

Exhausted, she hung there sobbing, glancing up again at the clock, which now read after 10 o’clock.  She thought about her argument with Brian and how he wanted to hang with his friends tonight but she talked him into meeting her at the party about 10:30, and now she wasn’t there.  ‘What’s he going to think?   Maybe he’ll think something’s wrong and come looking for me and save me.  I’d love for him to find me and save me or even better take advantage of me like this.’  These thoughts perked her up a bit, but what she didn’t know was that Brian was still mad at her and although he’d agreed to meet her, he never showed up at the party.  So she hung there for another hour, as she wondered just who could have done this to her.  All the sudden she heard a loud whine coming from outside.

The City sanitation department usually empties the commercial dumpsters late at night and they pulled up to the school to empty theirs.  That aroused Shasta’s attention too and staring at the door Shasta let out a few low barks.  Fearing she might move away, Tiffany tried to calm her, “Moh!  Moh!  Oood errl!  Oood errl!”  Then Shasta heard the loud banging of the dumpster lids, which caused her to jump up and run to the door.  That action of course stripped Tiffany of her towel and she screamed over her total nakedness.  

She now had a new reason to get loose and she fought like mad to get free.  Struggling, tugging, thrusting, jerking, squealing and mmphing for help, she could not free herself.  Had she known she was being recorded she would have been more reserve with the way she was thrusting her pussy outward when she was struggling.  It was like a begging invitation to come over and fuck this helpless little pussy and it was going to make a good video for whatever a devious person wanted to use it for.

She now got very angry as she was fighting hard to get loose.  She wanted to know who did this to her and when she found out, there would definitely be hell to pay.  She had been grabbed so fast with the cloth over her face and covering her eyes, that she had no idea who did it.  Trying to deduce whom the culprit was, she first thought about who she’d seen last.  ‘I don’t think it could be Brian’ she thought.  Though they had a fight, he was not a vengeful person.  ‘What about Mr. Bailey?  No, it can’t be him.  He always seemed to be really nice, at least to most of the other students.’

Thinking about being drug across the floor just before she passed out, she thought ‘Was it one, or could it have been two people who grabbed her?’  She couldn’t tell for sure but one of them had to be a lot bigger than she was, besides it would have probably taken at least two to tie her to the lockers like this.  ‘So who were they?’  She started to focus on Cindy.  Cindy was her worst enemy right now, especially since she had taken up with Brian.  More that once Cindy had stared daggers at her in the halls and classrooms.  She wasn’t big enough to do it herself but she had some larger friends that could have helped.

Though Cindy was the best suspect, she still wasn’t sure about it.  She thought about all the other people she’s been nasty to and wronged over this past semester and the list was long.  Anyone of them could have done it, including her so-called cheerleader friends.  She knew enough about them to know they ‘were’ vengeful enough and if they did they would have taken pics she feared.  There were also a lot of the unpopular students she’d snubbed, both boys and girls, but she couldn’t lay a finger on anyone specific.  She was starting to feel a little regret over the way she had treated some of the people. 

It was now after midnight and getting late and Tiffany had fought for some time to get loose but she finally collapsed to the uselessness of her struggles and began sobbing, thinking, ‘Brian didn’t come for me, so who’s going to find me now?’  Her parents knew that when she went to weekend parties she may drink and they told her to have someone drive her home, or for her to stay where she was and come home the next day when she was sober enough to drive.  That of course meant they wouldn’t be looking for her and none of her so-called friends would even bother either.  Sobbing more she thought, “No-one cares about me.  I’ll be here forever!’  Shasta came back over, dragging the towel, and sat in front of her looking up at her as if to say I wish I could help.   Tiffany then burst into tears and cried loudly for a while and Shasta finally laid down with her head between her paws and eyes looking up, upset too sensing Tiffany’s pain.

After getting that out of her system, Tiffany started thinking about who ‘would’ save her.  Tomorrow, which by the clock was already today, the Saturday game was on and who would be the first ones to come into the locker room.  She hoped it would be a coach.  At least he or she would free her without too much ridicule.  Suddenly frightened she thought, ‘God, I hope it’s not the other team!  No telling what they’d do to me.  They’d take pics with their cell phones, send them to everyone and I’d end up the laughing stock of the entire school.’  She then calmed down a bit when she thought about Mr. Bailey.  Though she hated the thought of him seeing her nude, she didn’t think he’d be mean to her, and since he was going to come in and clean up before the game it would probably be him. 

Resigning herself to the fact that Mr. Bailey would find her and there was nothing she could do about it, fully exhausted she slouched down hanging in her bonds and drifted off to sleep.

Tiffany was slightly jolted awake by the sound of barking.  She opened her eyes just enough to see a fuzzy image of Shasta running over to the door dragging the towel again.  She didn’t really start coming awake until she heard noises from outside in the hall and then she realized her nightmare was real after all.  After trying to wipe her eyes against her upper arms she looked over at the door and saw Shasta was wagging her tail or her whole butt for that matter, whining her greeting to whoever was on the other side.  Tiffany mmphed once for help but then stopped remembering how naked she was.  She wanted loose but didn’t want to be seen this way.

Jim was anxious to re-review his handiwork, especially with a more interactive subject.  Properly playing the part, he went to the closet to retrieve the supply cart and rolled it to the locker room door.  Opening the door he was enthusiastically greeted by Shasta.  In a surprised tone, he said, “Shasta!  What are you doing in here?”  Looking down at the rope tied to her collar and following it back to the towel while petting her, he added, “What have those damn kids been doing to you now?”  Taking his time, at Tiffany’s expense of course, he untied the rope that was attached to Shasta’s collar, patting her on the head and said, “There you go girl!”

It was only then he stood up and looked over Tiffany’s way.  She looked like hell with her hair matted down and her eye makeup smeared all over her face, looking like a raccoon, a very sexy raccoon.  He blurted out, “Oh my God!” and acting franticly he grabbed a towel that was left draped over a bench, immediately covering Tiffany’s body from the front.  Knowing better but having some fun with her anyway, he fumbled with the towel trying to tuck it together behind her to stay up on her.  Letting go, the towel fell back off of her and she squealed.

Reaching down, he picked up the towel and said, “That’s not gonna work!”   This time he wrapped the towel behind her and before closing it in front paused a couple of seconds looking at her body.  She blushed with embarrassment and anger at the violation, jerking against her bonds and squealing after which he closed the towel and tucked it in to stay up.

After Jim removed her gag, she wasted no time in demanding that he let her loose.  He thought for a couple of seconds, ‘What a bitch!  No proper greeting.  No I’m glad you’re here to save me!  Not even please help me!  Bitch!  Bitch!  Nuthin’ but a little bitch!’  Looking over at Shasta who was sitting close watching the drama, he reached down petting her and said, “That’s ok Shasta!  You’re a nice doggie!  She’s the bitch!” 
Infuriated, Tiffany jerked and yelled, “Get me out of this you jerk!”  She was too mad to realize that that’s not what you say to someone when you’re tied up at the mercy of that other person.

Jim had had enough and wasted no time in turning on her, grabbing her by the throat and slamming her head back against the lockers.  He got right in her face and with a low angry tone he said, “Listen little Missy!  I am damn sick and tired of your snotty little Rich’ Bitch’ attitude!”  Now scared and looking around for an out, she started to say something and Jim yelled, “Shut your God damn mouth and look at me!”  Neither she nor anyone else for that matter hardly ever heard Mr. Bailey cuss or even get angry.  She knew she was in trouble and she was now trembling and shaking with fear.

Jim continued, “I’ve watched your mouthy little ass for some time now and I’m disgusted with the way you treat everyone.  You treat your friends like crap and the people you don’t like even worse.  You show absolutely no respect toward me or any of the other adults around you.  You’re nothing but a disgusting little bitch and I have a mind to leave you here like this forever!” 

“Now, I’m gonna finish up moping the floor in the showers and until I’m through, I don’t want to hear a sound out of your fuckin’ mouth, UNDERSTAND?”  Tiffany, scared with eyes wide as saucers, nodded in the affirmative.  Then Jim said, “When I’m through in there, if you’ve figured out how to be polite I might talk to you.  If not I’ll just cram that gag back in your mouth and leave you here for the North Beach Tigers, when they get here.  I’m sure they can find some interesting things to do to you!”

Jim let go of her throat and after grabbing the mop from the cart headed into the showers.  Since he had already picked up the towels in there the previous day, he cussed out loud when he had to pick up the one Tiffany left in there.  He yelled, “God damn you little bitch!” as he poked his head out throwing the towel in the hamper.  Tiffany, scared as hell and pinning her head against the locker, held her face straight ahead while her frightened eyes looked to the side at the shower entry.
Jim could have mopped the floor in half the time but instead took his time, to make Tiffany think about her situation and suffer a little longer.  After he was through, he put the mop back on the cart and then grabbed the hamper, pulling it right past in front of Tiffany and ignoring her in the process.  As he started picking up the towels her heard her say in a wimpy tone, “Muh, muh, Mister Bailey?”

He stopped and turned to her and snapped, “What?”

With her eyes welling up with tears she said, “Wu, wu, would yuh, you pah, pah, please la, let muh, me go?”

With an angry tone he replied, “Why?  Why should I even bother with you at all?”

She sobbed for a few seconds as he continued to stare at her and after regaining her composure and her voice, she said, “Please, Mister Bailey!  I’m suh, suh, sorry for being rude to you.  Puh, Please let me go!  Please?”

Jim just stared at her a few more seconds and then Tiffany again said, “Please!  I’ll do anything you want.  Anything!  Just please let me go!”

He jumped right in with, “Anything?  Anything?  Are you sure you want to offer that?”

She was so tired and her arms and shoulders ached so bad that all she wanted was loose and at this point she’d agree to be gang banged at the local jail just to get free.  So she replied, “Yes Sir, anything!”

Jim moved over in front of her and said, “Ok Missy, Here’s what you’re gonna do!  I don’t give a damn about what you do to anyone else but from now on you ‘will’ show me respect!  Anytime you see me you will be nice and always address me as Mister Bailey!  You will never demand anything from me!  You will always ask with “please’ and respond to a response with ‘thank you’!  Do you understand?”

She nodded her head as he continued; “Now after I untie you, I’m taking Shasta out to the barn to feed her.  That should give you enough time to get dressed and when your done you will pick up all the towels the girls left laying all over the place and put them in the hamper.  Then you’ll get you ass out of here, cause I’m tired of looking at your ugly face.  And, NO!  Before you even think about it, you are NOT going to stay and clean up or fix you hair.  You’re going to leave!  Got it?  Hummm?”

She quietly squeaked out, “Ok!”

He loudly questioned, “What?”

She replied a little louder, “Ok, I will!” 

Then she gasped when Jim angrily said, “You know on second thought, I ‘am’ tired of seeing the way you treat everybody, so you’re also going to agree to treat everyone else a lot nicer that you do now.  No putting anyone down!  No meddling in their lives!  No nuthin’!  Just treat them with kindness and respect!  You do that and you might find you’ll make some real friends.  For somebody to do this to you, you obviously crossed a lot of people, so you must have a lot to make up for.”

Tiffany did another frustrated jerk against her bonds when Jim continued, “And another thing!  Don’t ever let me catch you mistreating anyone else or I might just haul your little ass in here and tie you up like this myself and leave you here at the mercy of the other students.  Do you understand?  You got it?  Is it sinking into that little pee brain of yours?”

She replied, “Yes!  Yes!  I do!  Now please let me GO!”

Without another word to her, Jim pulled out his pocketknife and cut her loose.  She went a little weak in the knees and he caught her and helped her over to a bench.  Then showing no further concern he whistled at Shasta and said, “Come-on girl, lets go!”   Shasta jumped up and went with him right out the door leaving Tiffany all alone.

Sitting on the bench she rubbed her wrists for a bit wondering what she would tell her parents and how she would hide the bruises and rope marks on her wrists.  Though she got a little sleep during the night, she was totally exhausted, both physically and emotionally.  After the shakiness settled a bit she stood up and went over to her locker to get dressed.  She stared down at the new outfit she bought for the party last night and tears filled her eyes as she thought of the missed opportunity to show it off and now it was just a waste!  Soon as she dressed in her dirty clothes she hung the new outfit back into her locker and thought ‘maybe next time.’ 

Since it was late fall and cool out she thought the long sleeves of her blouse would be enough to cover her wrists until after she got home then she could use some skin-tone makeup to cover the bruises.  Since Mr. Bailey wasn’t going to let her clean up she decided she would have to stop at the Quick Mart to wash her face, brush her hair and put on some fresh makeup.

Now, surveying the room, she was repulsed over the idea that she had to pick up all those dirty towels.  It was beneath her, ‘yuk!’  Then she thought, ‘Maybe if I get out of here fast I won’t have to pick them up!’  The noise of the outside door closing told her it was too late.  ‘Damn-it!’ she thought, ‘Now I have pick them all up.’  With her thumb and index finger she started picking up the towels like someone would pick up a soiled diaper and dropped them into the hamper.  She also had the ‘EEeeeeuuuu’ expression on her face as she was doing it.

Jim now watching her from the doorway, was chuckling on the inside but made no outward expressions of such.  When Tiffany finished he said, “Good enough!  Now get out of here!”  Without acknowledgment or response, she snatched up her purse and cheerleading uniform and promptly left.

Jim finished cleaning up, put everything away, took the video camera and transmitter out of the locker and went out to the maintenance barn.  There, he burned a copy of Tiffany’s ordeal on a CD and then made sure all traces of this episode were erased from the schools system.  He then locked up and left with time to spare before anyone arrived for the big game.

Tiffany, while driving home, felt so relieved that her ordeal was over, but her relief was tempered with uncertainty as she thought about who could have done this to her and did they take any pictures or anything that they could use against her.  ‘Would all this pop back up to haunt her?  Was she really free?’