Unplanned Evening

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2013 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M+/f; D/s; naked; cuffs; collar; bond; hogtie; transport; bar; dance; sex; climax; cons/reluct; X

Last night started innocently enough. Honest. My brother came over for the first half of a football game. We had some dinner. My wife served us drinks. The conversation was good. At halftime my brother had to run to the airport to pick up some relatives to take to his house, so he left. So I told my wife/slave that I was horny and that she was officially in slave mode. She seemed a little pouty as we moved upstairs to our play space. I put on the big screen and told her to get naked. It was then, to my utter and complete surprise, that she said, "I don't want to be a slave tonight".

"What", I said, "you made eye contact with me, spoke without being spoken to, and act like you have a choice." I was truly incredulous. She quickly undressed as she could see my anger, but the damage was done.

I quickly put cuffs on her ankles and wrists, and a collar on her neck and strung her up with her arms tied wide and above her head with a spreader bar, and her legs also spread wide with a spreader bar. Then, because I was angry, I called my buddies and told them to come watch the 2nd half of the game, and to just come on upstairs when they arrived. One by one my 3 friends arrived, and each one gasped and laughed as they entered the upstairs room. "Oh, it's going to be one of those nights" was all they could say. We watched the game but they were all ogling my slave/wife about half the time.

When the game was over, I went over to my pet and asked, "Do you want to fuck these guys tonight?"

Now all she had to do was answer "whatever Master wants" and I was going to let her off the hook, so to speak, because I was feeling charitable. Instead, she slowly shook her head "no". Big mistake. Big big mistake. "Well guys" I said, "there she is. The slowest learner on the planet. What shall we do with her?"

Instantly my buddies pulled her down from her strung up position and laid her down on the floor. However, they did not remove either of the spreader bars as they slid a pillow under her ass. One guy held onto the arm spreader-bar, one lifted up the leg spreader bar to an upright position, and the last one removed his pants and wiggled in underneath the leg-spreader bar, inserted his cock into the slave's lovely quim, and started pounding away. They rotated positions and each took a turn fucking her, and when they finished they looked up at me and said, "Let's take her over to Charlie's"!

Now Charlie's is a bit of a run-down bar with a pool table in back and a mixed clientele. We took off the spreader bars, hog-tied my slave still naked, and threw her into the back of the Tahoe and drove to Charlie's. Now it was late and a weekday, so there were only 8 guys in the bar. We untied my slave from the hog tie, but left the collar and cuffs on her, and frog-marched her into the bar. "Holy Shit" I heard someone exclaim, "she's naked."

"Yep" I replied, "she's tonight's entertainment and she is going to dance for everyone." With that I bent over and whispered in my slave's ear, "better be the best damn entertainment ever or I am going to let every guy in this bar have you tonight." With that, my buddies and I hoisted her up on the bar.

My slave spent the next hour dancing along the bar, alternating sultry with nasty, and the bartender decided that each and every drink would be served on the bar between her legs such that every guy got an extreme close-up of her shaven poon. I didn't have to buy a single drink that evening as strangers kept buying me drinks and pressing them into my hands. After an hour, I told my buddies "Alright guys, let's go home." A collective groan went around the room and I heard a guy say, "man we are sure enjoying the show." Another man said, "hell, we are all horny as hell now, can't at least one of us get lucky"?

I laughed and said, "tell you what, I will let my buddies vote on that" as I turned to my friends. They looked at each other a minute and then unanimously said "why not!"

I decided that a game of chance was in order as my buddies tied the slaves arms to the top bar railing, spread her legs, and tied them to the bottom railing thus exposing her beautiful ass and shaven pussy to all the guys in the room. The bartender threw out a pack of playing cards, shuffled them up good, and spread them on top of the bar. All of the 8 guys each took a card and turned it over as my wife watched warily from the corner of her eyes.A well-dressed professional type guy had the Queen of Hearts and looked like the sure winner, but the very last guy, who had long hair, a beard, weighed about 260 and was clearly a biker, turned up the Ace of Clubs.

He slowly, ever so slowly, reached into his wallet and pulled out a condom, let down his pants around his ankles, and pulled out a large 8 inch dick that was already hard. He put on the condom and slowly, ever so slowly, penetrated my slave's vagina. Now since she had already been served several times that night, and was also a little sweaty from dancing, you would think it would slide in there pretty easily. However, the biker's dick was big enough that I heard my wife gasp as he got it all the way in. He was actually quite slow and gentle with the slave, but his dick and his body were so big that she was rocking back and forth like a leaf in the wind as her tits bounced forwards and backwards over the bar. After about 10 minutes he came with a mighty grunt, and then pulled out a minute later.

I quickly untied my slave as I could see that the other guys wanted a turn, and that it could get a little dicey quickly. As we turned to go, two of the guys made a grab for her and one said, "we all get a turn, buddy" to me. As quickly as that, I saw the guy who said that get punched in the face and hit the ground. I looked more closely and saw it was the biker who hit him, and the biker said "go on" to my buddies and me. With that, we went back to the Tahoe, loaded the slave into the back, and drove home.

When we arrived home, I asked the slave, "How about round 2 with these 3 guys?"

She looked down at the floor, and responded "whatever Master wants".

And with that, I let her go to bed. Alone.

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