Unexpected Twist

by James B

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© Copyright 2014 - James B - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF/fm; D/s; drug; captive; bond; latex; armbinder; catsuits; collar; gag; enslave; force; toys; insert; oral; climax; reluct/cons; X

I thought it was an odd to receive a text from a girl I had been rejected by a year ago, but hey I was a social guy why not go talk to her.

Let’s get a picture of who I am before I start this story. I’m a 19 year old male, 5’ 11”, with an average body. Not exactly toned, but not a lot of chub.

This crush of mine that I asked out a year ago invited me over for a movie, and I said yes. Lilly was her name. I arrived at her house and knocked on the door. I was greeted by Lilly, she had straight brunette hair, a slender body with a nice bulbous ass and decent breasts. Being a softball player she was fit. She was wearing a nice tight white tanktop, and sports shorts. She grabbed by hand and lead me inside.

“I’m so glad you came!” Lilly Giggled.

“Yeah… This is all very unexpected…”

She seemed to ignore me as she pulled me into her living room. I was surprised to find someone else already sitting on the couch. It was a blonde girl, also with straight hair, with slightly larger breasts and a rounder ass. She was wearing a tanktop and sports short too.

“This is my roommate Mallory, I hope you don’t mind that she joins us tonight”

“Ummm yeah, of course” I timidly said as I sat on the couch

I was between Lilly and Mallory on the couch as we watched the movie. I couldn’t help but think naughty thoughts. I mean I get invited over out of nowhere by this girl I talked to over a year ago, and now I’m with her friend on a rather small couch squished between them. Taking a glance at Mallory’s legs I could feel myself starting to get turned on. I turned my gaze upward traveling along the nice curves of Mallory’s body. From her exquisite thighs I traveled upward onto her nice perky breasts. Absorbed by how she looked I didn’t notice how obvious I was being. Mallory let out a cough, and I looked up into her brown eyes. She gave me a smile and a wink. While I was distracted by Mallory I didn’t notice Lilly grab something from the table next to the couch. Next thing I knew Lilly had a cloth against my face, and I was out.

As I slowly regained consciousness I could tell I was no longer on the couch. As I remembered being knocked out I panicked. I discovered I couldn’t move my arms as they were behind, my back elbows touching. Taking in my situation, I was kneeling on the floor of the living room, the couch now gone. I had latex gloves that went up my entire arm on, and ballet-heeled boots that went up my entire leg. There were leather straps keeping my calves pinned to my thighs. I struggled against the straps trying to get free, I didn’t want to yell incase the girls were around.

“I see our new pet is awake” Cooed a voice behind me.

I felt a pair of hands caress my latex clad arms, the feeling through the latex caused me to become fully erect.

“Look how excited he is!” Giggled the voice.

I was frozen. I didn’t know what to do. The only thing I could grasp to say was “why?!?”

I was immediately silenced by a latex covered hand, “Mmmmpph!!” I exclaimed.

“Now now, good little slave boys don’t make sounds.” Lilly said as she put her head on my shoulder, her hair falling on my back and chest. She laid into me further, I could feel her breasts pressing into my arms, she was wearing some kind of latex. With her hand still on my mouth keeping me quiet she ran her other hand around my neck and down my chest, stopping right before my penis.

“Look how big it is, it's so happy to be a nice little pet isn’t it!” Lilly said playfully as if talking to a dog. I whimpered as she grabbed it, breathing in deeply through my nose, her aroma was intoxicating.

“Now will you be a good little slave and be quiet so I can let go of your mouth? If you’re really good maybe I’ll even let you orgasm.” Lilly offered.

I nodded yes, and she let go of my penis and released her hand from my mouth. My heart was racing! What was happening! I was restrained in latex, and had just agreed to be a good little slave! I didn’t want to make the situation any worse so I stayed quiet. Lilly entered my view. She looked amazing! She now had on an elegant purple latex dress with a leg slit that exposed her right thigh. She had matching purple heels, and arm length latex gloves.

“I am your mistress now and you will call me that,” Lilly said forcefully.

“Yes mistress,” I said surprising myself. Why did I do that?! I didn’t even think! Lilly smiled and caressed my cheek gently.

“Good, and as my slave you will do whatever I ask. You will be in permanent bondage.” She said gleefully. I didn’t want to be a slave. I had never worn latex or been in bondage before this! But I was so turned on by being dressed up and restrained like this, and Lilly was just so beautiful in that latex dress. She lifted up my chin, making me look into her blue eyes. My mouth betrayed me again, “Yes mistress”. I had sealed myself into this! My mind was racing, I couldn’t think of anything to say! I was trapped.

“Good, now let’s put on the rest of your attire” she said.

Now Mallory entered view. She was wearing a black catsuit with heeled boots with laces all the way up her thigh. She had a black corset on making her already alluring breasts larger. In her hands she had a leather collar with a plate on the front that read Mistress Lilly’s Pet, and a penis gag. She knelt in front of and laid the gag down. “That’s for later!” Mallory winked as she leaned in close to put the collar on me. I heard a click as she locked it on me. Before she backed away she gave me a kiss.

“The collar looks perfect!” Lilly exclaimed. “Now before we put that gag in lets see how well you can please your mistress.” She advanced forward draping her dress over me and forced my face into her. I began licking her as she rocked against me, her hands on my head. For what seemed like an eternity I pleasured my mistress until she came, and I continued licking until she let go of my head and stepped back.

“Now for that gag”, She smiled picking it up. She knelt in and gave me a kiss. I opened my mouth and accepted the rubber penis. Another click as the gag was locked tightly, I couldn’t help but suck a little on the penis.

“Let’s see how well it works, Say ‘ I’m an obedient pet’ for me.”

“MMMm MMmmm MMmmmph” Was all I could muster with the gag in.

“Great!” Lilly giggled, “Now how about a little reward for my obedient little pet?”

She left and came back with a pink pocket vibrator, and a rather large inflatable black buttplug.

“Don’t worry I lubed it up already,” She grinned devilishly. Walking behind me she stroked my latex restrained arms. Pushing me forward my face was now leaning against the carpeted floor.

“MMMMmmmmmmppphhhh” I screamed as she pushed the buttplug in. My eyes teared up as she pumped it up. Now in front of me again she put me back into my kneeling position.

“Awww is it uncomfortable my little pet? Don’t worry you’ll get your treat soon.”

Taking the vibrator, she taped it onto the tip of my penis.

“Let’s see how long it’ll take for you to orgasm with both these set on high” Lilly giggled as both the vibrator and buttplug came to life. While I was lost in my orgasm, I heard Lilly yell, “Hey! What are you doing!” I opened my eyes to see Lilly on the ground her arms strapped behind her like mine, and Mallory on top of her.

“Let go me go!” She yelled again as Mallory attached leather straps on her ankles and above her knees, under the latex dress.

“What are you doing!?” Lilly yelled again, only to be silenced by penis gag larger than mine entering her mouth. “MMMMMMMPPPPHHH” She let out a muffled yell.

“Stop wriggling or you’ll get your hair caught in the buckle!” Mallory said forcefully. Lilly calmed down enough for Mallory to get Lilly’s hair out of the way and lock the gag onto her friend.

“I’m going to stand you up now”, Mallory said pulling Lilly up.

“MMMMMMPPPPHHH” Lilly exclaimed again as Mallory attached a collar around her neck. Lilly gave Mallory a questioning look as she locked in on. Mallory just smiled, “You stay put, you wouldn’t want to fall over now!” Mallory said leaving the room. She came back in with a duffle bag. Placing it onto the floor she grabbed a coil of rope, and proceeded to thread it through a metal ring attached to the ceiling. She grabbed an armbinder out of the bag and proceeded towards Lilly.

“Mmmph?” calmed down a little, Lilly let out questioningly.

“Shhhhh!” Mallory let out as she went behind Lilly, putting her arms into the armbinder. She laced it up tight, and grabbed one end of the hanging rope tying it the a metal ring at the end of the armbinder. Walking towards another metal ring on the wall opposite of Lilly she began pulling on the rope raising Lilly’s arms. “MMMPPH” Lilly let out, and Mallory stopped and tied the rope there. Now Lilly was standing in the middle of the room being forced to bend forward as her arms were being raised. I began to cum again, the vibrators doing their job.

“Oh I almost forgot, and that reminds me!” Mallory said as she took the vibrator off my penis and turned off the buttplug. She went back to her bag and took out a metal stand and placed it between Lilly and me. We made eye contact, I could see she had no idea what was going on as her worried blue eyes looked into mine. Mallory emerged from the bag again with two very large bags of thick white milky substance, and hung them from the metal stand. There were hoses coming out of each bag, she grabbed one and walked towards Lilly. Taking the end of the tube and attaching it to a hole on the front of Lilly’s gag. Mallory gave Lilly a pat on the head as Lilly’s eyes opened wide. Mallory walked over to me now and attached the second hose to my gag, I couldn’t help but suck. I discovered it was cum.

“Now you guys enjoy your snack, I’m going to make a call, you better have finished all of it by the time my guest gets here.” She grinned as she walked to the far side of the room and started making her call. Me and Lilly were left there to suck on our penis gags until this mystery person arrived. I looked at Lilly as I sucked on my gag, she had her eyes closed and was whimpering. I overheard Mallory talking about getting the gear for Lilly, but that’s all I caught of her conversation. It was almost an hour before I finished my bag of semen, as well as Lilly finished hers. Mallory came over and unhooked the hose and gave me a pat on the head, “Good boy, you seemed to enjoy it. That’ll be your main source of food from now on, it’s high in protein”. As she was packing up the stand and bags the doorbell rang. I heard some talking and footsteps as Mallory lead her guest to us. I heard a gasp from Lilly as this new person entered.

“This is Maddie, slaves” Mallory introduced the newcomer. Maddie had a much more filled out body than Lilly and Mallory. Her breasts were perfect, and he butt was absolutely phenomenal. She was wearing Yoga pants and a sports bra, apparently coming from working out. She had average length curly brown hair and green eyes.

“What do we have here,” She said as she approached me. The sound of her voice and her aroma as she knelt down in front of me gave me an instant erection.

“My you are an excitable one, looks like you’ll need a new collar.” She said as she tapped the plaque. She stood up and approached Lilly now, twirling her fingers in Lilly’s hair.

“So you decided to try and enslave your own pet now did you?” Maddie grabbed one of Lilly’s breasts and stuck her other hand under her dress causing Lilly to moan.

“Unfortunately for you, me and Mallory here were planning on making you a slave, Mallory even got your measurements in your sleep so we could buy you some outfits.” Lilly must have been experiencing the same things I was earlier because she didn’t say a word, not that she could.

“Now we have two slaves to play with, but you don’t look like a slave. We are going to have to change your outfit.” She said as Mallory entered the room again with another bag. They began to removed Lilly’s restraints.

“Did you bring the dye Maddie?” Mallory asked as they started taking off Lilly’s dress. Lilly let out a whimper as they peeled off her dress and gloves.

“Shoes too, and yes I brought it.” Maddie ordered Lilly and responded to Mallory. Lilly took off her shoes. Now completely naked except for the collar and gag she had Mallory and Maddie led Lilly into the bathroom. I sat there stunned, my mistress… I mean Lilly had just been turned into a slave like me, and now I had two new mistresses! I tried to struggle free of my restraints, but was only greeted with the squeaking of latex rubbing together.

“Now doesn’t she look pretty, purple always was a good color on her.” I stopped struggling and looked up to see Lilly looking defeated, her hair now a vibrant shade of purple.

“Let’s get our new slave into her uniform” Maddie said, as she grabbed a purple catsuit from the bag.

“It has a little surprise in there too for you!” Maddie said excitedly. Lilly slipped the catsuit on to find that there was a dildo and buttplug built into the suit. Mallory took the armbinder from before and slipped it over Lilly’s arms. Lacing it up she smiled as Lilly let out a whimper as she tightened it.

“MMmmmmm!!” Lilly let out as Maddie clicked a remote.

“They vibrate too!” Maddie said giving Lilly a kiss on the forehead, as Lilly whimpered. Mallory finished strapping on the armbinder, and retrieved a pair of hoof shaped thigh high boots from the bag. Lilly let out a moan as she saw what they now had plan for her as a slave, she was to be a pony girl. Maddie and Mallory wrestled the very tight boots onto Lilly’s well toned legs.

“That gag isn’t very appropriate for a pony is it?” Maddie toyed. “Are you going to be a good slave like our toy over there and be quiet?” Lilly nodded. Mallory unlocked the gag and pulled the penis out of Lilly’s mouth, strands of drool dripped from it.

“Hmmm” Mallory looked at the gag and looked at me. “This one is bigger than yours isn't it? how bout an upgrade?” she giggled as she unlocked my gag. I opened my mouth, this gag was decently bigger, and it was covered in Lilly’s drool.

“That turns you on doesn’t it slave? You like a big penis is your mouth, especially a wet one.” Mallory kidded. Returning their attention to Lilly, they untangled a bit gag harness. Placing it over Lilly’s now purple beautiful hair, after they put it into a ponytail. They placed the bit into her mouth and tightened the straps.

“Lets see how well it works, say ‘ I’m a little pony slut’” Mallory ordered

“Mmmmm mmm mmmuummm” Lilly said. Maddie and Mallory laughed.

“Now for your tail” Maddie said as she spun Lilly around and screwed a purple horse tail into her buttplug. Spinning her back around they inspected their work. Lilly was now a pony girl, complete with tail, and hooves.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Maddie exclaimed as she pulled two collars out of bag. Maddie put the new collar on Lilly, and Mallory did mine. Lilly’s said Slave #1, mine said Slave #2, property of Mistress Mallory, and Mistress Maddie.

“Perfect! Now I’m going to take Slave one home with me for some training, and you can train Slave two here. That is unless you want #1 I’m fine with taking #2.” Maddie said to Mallory.

“No it’s fine you can take Lil- I mean #1 home”

Maddie grabbed Lilly’s reins and led her out, leaving me all alone with Mallory.

“Wow, that was fun! how about we get you into your new outfit, and we’ll go to bed. And don’t worry about #1 we are going to trade you guys next week!” Mallory said excitedly. I prepared for my new life as Slave #2…

To be continued

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