Trapped by Your Own Fantasy

by RazorBackSub

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Storycodes: F/m; hotel; fantasies; bond; cuffs; strip; shave; gag; bfold; contacts; breastforms; glue; wig; cd; fem; corset; stockings; heels; forced; stuck; cons; X

There comes a time in a kinky man’s life when you realize that you have shared too many of your wild fantasies with your wife. Over the last 20 years or so I have shared various kinky desires with my wife, only to be met with lack luster effort or disgust at the ideas. That leads to the situation that I currently find myself in.

Sara’s is employed in the medical field; however, she is an accomplished artist and her relaxation includes a vacation each year to indulge in her talent. She typically travels by herself during these times so she can focus and refine her skills. This year she invites me to go with her to Denver for a week of art. I politely decline her offer, but she insists and assures me that it will be worth my time. I should have known something was up when she insisted that she could make all the travel arrangements. This task routinely falls in my list of things to do.

Sara was super excited about our upcoming trip and packed multiple suitcases of her “art supplies” for the trip. The plan was for her to draw and paint during the day and for us to go to dinner and do couple things at night.

We arrive in Denver and take the rental car to the hotel. I begin to unload all the luggage but she instructs me to leave the bulk of her items in the car, telling me that it is all her art supplies, and she will need those at the workshop location across town. Sara is really excited about our time together and slips off to the bathroom to change into something sexy and asks me to undress on the bed. Her curvy body is poured into an extremely tight corset that strains to contain her 36E breasts. All in pink latex, stocking and all. She immediately begins to kiss and tease me until I become really horny.

This week is going to be great! I hope she is this aggressive all week. I could get used to this every night.

“You have always wanted me to shave your legs and your chest.” She says. “I thought this week would be a good week to play a few of your games!”

Wow!!! I am really intrigued at this point. She digs into her suitcase and hands me a bag that has 4 short lengths of chain in it. “You don’t mind if I tie you to the bed do you?” she asks.

“Mind?? Of course not.” My heart is racing. I get to relax and play some bondage games this week! I’m in.

She tells me to fix the chains to the four corners of the bed so that I can be spread-eagle. She has also packed my WIFI enabled bondage release. This device is an electro mechanical device used to pin lock a sliding door. It has been modified to accept a flat tongue key with a hole in it. When the tongue is engaged in the slot the device automatically locks. It is attached to a WIFI wall outlet that can be controlled by an iPhone. She asks me to install this device on one of the arm chains.

Sara pulls my medical restraints from the bag and orders me to lock myself spread-eagle on the bed and to make sure I am tight. If she has to tighten the restraints I will not like it. I proceed to lock both my ankles and one of my wrists to the bed with her supplied padlocks. I padlock the tongue to the last wrist and slide the tongue into the slot. Little did I know that I would regret this movement for the next 6 days!

Sara returns to her bag and removes a ball gag that I have never seen. “I don’t want you complaining about all the nice things I am going to do to you. You have begged me for years to do some nasty things to you. One of those has been to gag you. I am not a fan of gags, we will find out if you are.”

She proceeds to strap the gag harness on me. This gag has straps everywhere. One around the forehead, one around my mouth, one down each side of the face and one under the chin. This gag cannot be worked out without your hands, of which are locked out of the way at this time. To be sure of not escaping, she proceed to add padlocks to all of the locking buckles on the harness. The ball on the gag is huge. Must be 2” in diameter and before I can get over the shock of the gag she begins to take my contacts out of my eyes. I can’t see clearly what she is doing but that is soon to change. She returns to the bed with new contact and places them on my eyes. I am immediately thrown into darkness.

“How do you like those blinding contacts? They are completely blacked out and we get the blindfold without the blindfold being in the way” she informs me.

Mistress Sara returns to the bathroom to retrieve a couple of towels and her shaving supplies. Every hair from my body except my eyebrows are meticulously removed from my body. I am having an out of body experience at this point! She has always wanted me to shave my head, but I have never had the courage to do it. I guess now is as good a time as any!

After the shaving is complete, she covers me in a very feminine smelling scented oil. All of this attention make my pecker stand at attention. As she notices this development, she states: “This will never work for my plans.” She hops off the bed to get something from her bag again. I am wondering how many of my toys did she pack in this bag?

Sara returns to the bed with an ice bag and places it on my erection. As soon as the erection subsides, she locks me in my Carrara Chastity Belt. This belt is heavy, tight and impossible to remove without the key. Once she has my erection under her control she straddles me on the bed and begins to pluck my eyebrows. I can’t understand why she would want to pluck my eyebrows. This is not at all like her. What are we doing???

“You have shared so many fantasies with me over the years and while you don’t think I listened, I have been mentally taking notes. I have also viewed your browsing history over the years and noted the type of stories you like to read. You really stories about being out of control. You have always been supportive of my hobbies and I think it is about time I give back to this marriage. You should be careful what you wish for, those dreams are going to come true tonight. I have known about your stash of women’s clothes for years. That suitcase you brought to the room is full of your women’s clothes and I am going to dress you up tonight and have some fun.”

“Look, for this next stage, I am going to have to unhook your arms and legs one at a time to get you dressed. In order to assure cooperation from you, I am going to lock this shock collar around your balls. This collar is extremely painful on 5 and to ensure compliance I have set it on level 10. Do not try anything or you will regret it. Would you like me to show you how powerful it is?” she asks.

I shake my head violently no.

Sara returns to the bed with one of my bras. This bra is huge. I am wondering if she found my breast forms as well. She unlocks one arm at a time and hooks the bra around my back.

“You really have a stash of items in your secret locker. I didn’t know they made such large breast forms” she says. “Let’s get theses suckers in your bra. You look so cute!”

Crap, she has found my forms and they are inserted into my bra. These forms are F cup size and as they are added I feel a moist wetness between the forms and my chest. For some reason that I can’t fathom, she wraps an ace bandage over the forms. The next sensation wracking my body comes from my feet as she slides silky seamed stockings up my newly shaven legs. If it wasn’t for the bloody chastity belt I would have shot my load at that exact moment. She works both stockings high up on my thighs. I again feel a moist wetness around the top of the hose.

“Wow! My manly man is not looking so manly any more. Time for the corset. So many great things hidden in your secret stash. This corset has a non-stretching waist band and seems quite small. I can assure you we will get it closed before the end of the night!”

She unlocks one arm and one leg and rolls me over to install the corset. I am naturally a 38” waist and this corset is no bigger than a 28” fully closed. There is no way she will be this closed. She relocks me to the bed face down, wraps the corset around my waist and proceed to crush my body under the corset. Working the laces in small increments she manages to get the corset completely closed from top to bottom. This is TIGHT! I cannot take full breaths and must concentrate to keep from passing out. She unlocks one foot and hand at a time as she rolls me back over on my back. She pulls a 1.5 inch solid steel hoop out of the bag and locks it around my 28” waist with a special shrouded padlock. Impossible to cut with a bolt cutter. I am trapped in this corset until the belt is removed.

From the bottomless bag of goodies she produces these 5” black heels with no platform. These are cage style heels and are laced onto my stocking clad feet. I feel her wrapping some type of restraint around the shoes and hear a series of clicks that have to be padlocks.

“How do you feel my captive sissy? Are you excited about all this attention?” she asks.

I shake my head Yes. I have always fantasied about being dressed by the wife. I have dressed on private occasions but I would never go out in public. I know this is the new age with new thoughts on gender and identifying; however, public dressing is not for me. I can’t wait for my wife to tease me, take off this chastity belt and fuck me into next week. Little did I know that I was being fucked into next week.

“Now what should your makeup look like? Sensible business woman or full blown hooker?” She laughs. “Why am I asking you? I am the one in charge. Don’t you agree?”

I just lay there and groan.

She again asks, “Don’t you agree? Or do you think you are still in charge? Too many times you have topped from the bottom. I can assure you that you are no longer in control. We are going to take five minutes to see if you can get free. If after five minutes you can’t get free, I will finish your makeup and give you the rules of our game. It would be in your best interest to get free. It only gets more complicated from this point forward. The timer starts now.”

At this point this night hasn’t gone as planned. I have been extremely happy, excited, disappointed and now I am somewhat fearful. Her attitude has moved from loving wife to transactional mistress. I must get free! I am not sure where this night is going. As I blindly struggle to get free, she counts down the minutes until there is no time left!

Shit! What does she have planned! She is just playing the role of good mistress. I know she will release me and we will go to dinner later I convince myself.

“Oh good, you failed to get out. I have been planning this trip for some time and now I have you exactly where I want you and I am going to make all your fantasies come true. Time for that makeup. I am going to remove the gag harness and if you say one word I will shock you with the collar on your balls until you pass out.” For the next 20 minutes she straddles me and paints my face as a woman. Not sure it is a hooker, a professional or somewhere in between. She then goes back to the bag again and emerges with a shoulder length dark colored wig.

“Just let me go to the bathroom and brush this a little. Don’t go anywhere, OK!”

She returns to her spread-eagle victim on the bed and places the wig on my cleanly shaven head. It too feels kind of wet as it is applied. She grabs the gag harness off the bed and locks it back on tighter than it was before. She takes a few minutes to redo my lipstick as my lips surround the massive ball. Again I find myself unable to beg for mercy.

“Ok I am almost finished here. Let’s get that ace bandage off of your chest.” Note that my wife is a member of the medical profession and has access to some really neat medical supplies. “Did those forms feel wet when I place them in your bra?”

I nod yes.

“I added a very strong and durable medical adhesive to those forms before I placed them in the bra. That is the reason I wrapped them with the ace bandage. Typically it takes two to three weeks for that adhesive to loosen on the skin without the remover. I also used the adhesive on the stocking. I completely covered the top half of the stocking and not sure the remover will work to get those off. May be stuck in those for a while. Nothing socks and slacks will not cover. And that wig just placed on your head, that too has been glued on. I shake my head side to side to try to shake it off and I immediately feel this crushing pain and lightning bolt surge through my balls. I am shaking and not sure where I am for a few moments.

“I warned you about being disruptive. Now that is enough of your poor behavior! I have a few things to prepare for as our game begins. I will be back in a while to check on you, but before I go I am going to put a diaper on you in case you need to go pee. See you later”.

With that I hear the hotel room door close with a thud. How did I end up here? This is not exactly how this fantasy was designed in my head. I was supposed to be having sex right now. Not still tied to the bed in a chastity belt with boobs glued to my chest.

Time ever so slowly passed and I must have fallen asleep as I was awakened by the closing of the room door. Still unable to see due to the blinding contacts I can only assume it is Sara. I can feel the person in the room but can’t quite be assured it is her.

The person comes to the right side of the bed and gently sits down and rubs their hand on my restrained, corseted, man dressed as a woman body.

“Ok honey, let me tell you the rules. First, I do have an art workshop this week; however, it is not in Denver. It is in Santa Fe. I am going to drive to Colorado Springs tonight and finish my drive to Aspen tomorrow. You are booked in this hotel for the next 5 nights and then you are booked to fly home on Friday. One of the busiest travel days of the week. You will remain dressed in the forms, stockings, heels and corset for the entire week. The keys to all of your locked clothes are at home. You are stuck and I couldn’t get you out at this point if I wanted to. I have left you that short little black dress that you have in your collection. You know, that one that barely covers your ass. I have changed the code on your iPhone and you can only answer incoming calls or call 911 in an emergency. I have taken all your normal credit cards and I have given you a loadable card. I will load funds onto the card as you need them this week. The hotel serves breakfast in the mornings and I have given you a subway gift card that will keep you fed all week.”

“You will not be allowed to stay in the hotel room all week. I will call and give you directions each day and places to visit. You will have to walk there and be available when I facetime you. Failing to be there on time will be severely punished and will lead to greater embarrassment on your part. I may also extend your days as a female if you don’t follow directions. Since you have no money, you will have to walk everywhere you go in those 5” heels. I guess you will finally know what it feels like to be a woman.”

“Each night you will return to the hotel, place a diaper on and relock yourself to the bed. I will facetime you nightly and to ensure you are bound properly. I will use my phone to release you each day for your daily activities. The keys to the other locks for your arm, leg and gag restraints are tied to your corset. You will be able to reach them when the WIFI device releases you right arm. Releases will not be guaranteed for each day. We will just have to see how I feel that day. I do suggest you keep the do not disturb sign on your door.”

“Your makeup is a semi-permanent type that doesn’t come off easily. It should last all week. Hopefully it will wear off before you return to work. Your brows will just have to stay the shape they are. Sorry.”

“Are you okay with this arrangement?”

I shake my whole body no! Has she gone crazy? What is she thinking???? I am really screwed!!!

“Now try to get loose. If you can in the next few minutes you may have a chance. You know you will have to go through TSA in a chastity belt dressed as a woman. Let me know how that goes. Should be an entertaining story to say the least.”

I give it my all but the chains and the restraints are inescapable. I have trained her too well over the years. I guess I have begged for this exact scenario. Just never dreamed she would do it!

“Bye Honey, hope you have fun this week. I know I will!!!”

BANG - the door closes with a finality I have never experienced before. My heart is racing madly as I begin my force feminism journey.

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