Time Flies

by Bound Dave

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Storycodes: M/f; bdsm; captive; cell; basement; dungeon; naked; chain; collar; cuffs; gag; sendep; mc; tricked; oral; denial; cons; X

Ed: We'd been into bondage for a long time, since the start of our relationship. And it wasn't long before bondage was more than just part of sex play. The evenings and weekends would see Sue restrained one way or another - sometimes simply a pair of handcuffs, other times a full hogtie and harness gag.

Sue: Finding someone to share my fantasies with was as much a relief as it was excitement. Years of secret thoughts and clumsy, awkward scenes fell away when we met. Not that is happened right away, it took time to build trust and experience for both of us, but we understood each other.

Ever since I was young I had fantasized about being held captive, languishing in a dungeon away from the world forever like in some dark fairytale. Obviously I didn't want that reality but I yearned for a taste of it. Spending my 'free' time restrained helped but was to ephemeral to really get close to the fantasy.

Ed: She'd shared this fantasy with me early on but there wasn't much I could do to help her to fulfil it. For my part the idea of keeping my own prisoner locked away, solely for my use was quite a turn on.

So for an anniversary present I set about creating a small cell in the basement. Solid concrete, no windows, no noise - this could be her dungeon.

Sue: He surprised me with it on our anniversary. I took my breath away. He'd walled off a small area to create a cell with a strong metal door, prison style metal basin and toilet, a very basic bed and enough chains and anchor-points to satisfy any bondage rigger. But what exited me most was that it was so quiet and dark - a void in the world.

Ed: I could see in her eyes that she had to try it out right there and then, so she spent that night chained and locked in her cell. By the weekend she'd persuaded me that she was ready to do a full 48hrs from Friday night to Sunday night. In between playing she was left alone still restrained waiting for my return.

Sue: The first 48hr session was intense! Being left after he'd used me was such a turn on, if I hadn't been restrained I would have made myself cum again and again. Time ran very slowly with no way to measure its passage. Sometimes he'd leave the light on, other times I'd be in darkness. Other than the occasional banging door there were no sounds. I was relieved when it ended but also sad, I had to return to reality.

Ed: We played the weekend prisoner routine as often as we could. If there was an empty weekend we'd know what to do.

Sue: I always looked forward to those weekends, to losing myself our private dungeon. But even then it wasn't quite enough. They say that it's not bondage until you want out. That's what I wanted. I wanted to get to the point where I actually wanted out but couldn't leave. Two days just wasn't enough to reach that. Even 60hrs (until the Monday morning) was within my comfort zone.

Ed: That's when she came to me with a plan. She'd take two weeks off work, that would give her 15 days from Friday evening until Saturday evening the following week. A couple of nights and a day to recover and she'd be ready to go back to work.

I was skeptical. It was a very long time, but it was the fact that she wanted me to go to work that worried me the most. Even with fairly minimal restraints the risk of leaving someone completely unable to get help if needed is always there.

Sue: He was worried. But the likelihood of me having a problem that couldn't wait until he got home was tiny. And we'd have a backup in case something happened to him in the form of two unsuspecting friends.

Ed: I could see she really wanted this but I couldn't take that kind of a risk with someone I love so much. I had to find a way to make it safe (as it could be) without destroying the fantasy.

Sue: With a lot of persuasion he agreed. I was so excited! We began making preparations at once. I booked two weeks 'holiday' off work and he modified the cell to contain an area where I could wash (or rather, be hosed down). I was counting down the days, knowing that soon I'd be counting them up.

Eventually the day came. I drove home as early as possible from work, washed and cleaned myself up knowing it would be a while before I could do so properly again. He got home an hour later and took me down to the cell. Stripped naked he chained my hands behind my back, ankles together and joined them with a chain around my waist. He used a collar to chain me to an anchor point on the far wall. Then at 7pm he slammed the door shut and turned out the light.

I'd been in exactly this position numerous times before but this time it was different, this time it was long-haul. I could hear my heart pounding in my chest, it seemed to echo around the tiny cell.

Ed: This is when time was going to change for her. I couldn't leave here all day for two weeks, so unbeknownst to her I'd also taken holiday. But more than that, I was going to speed up time. Rather than the usual 24 hours, each of her days would only have 16. I was relying on the fact that her perception of time would be so warped by the isolation that she wouldn't notice.

If I could speed up her time then the 15 days she was expecting would seem like 22 days. She would think she'd spent an extra week locked away, missing from work and her social commitments.

I'd made a list of all the events for the duration and had them in real-and prison-time. These were mealtimes, when I was supposed to be at work or home, 'play' time, wash time etc. I would put on an act; wear work clothes, be in a rush to go to work, be tired coming home etc.

To make it more convincing I had also decided to seed certain sounds or light to help complete the illusion. No light or sound could get into the cell but if I left the basement door open she would be able to hear sounds from upstairs and see shadows from a bright light when I opened the cell door. I was careful not to make the sounds too obvious, no news reports with dates and times, instead TV shows with regular weekly slots, the sound of the neighbors mowing the lawn etc.

Sue: After five days I was beginning to wonder if I was keeping count correctly. I could clearly remember the first morning he'd gone to work. Being alone locked in my cell in the empty house kept me anxious and aroused all day. I'd been counting the meals (two a day) but things started to merge together and I began to doubt my count. But when he bought me my meal that evening I could just hear the jingle of a soap opera on the TV and I knew it was Wednesday.

Truthfully, I was pissed. I was just getting lost in my own world when suddenly the certainty of the real world returned. But with ten day still left I realized that there was a long way still to go.

Spending the night and the day alone I looked forward to the evenings when the monotony would be broken by some play. The human interaction, sexual satisfaction and simply changing how I was restrained was fun. But then at the end of the first week something changed. He didn't play with me on the Friday, he just gave me my dinner and left. For the first time I actually felt ignored, almost forgotten, my heart raced and I hardly slept that night.

The next morning we did play but it felt more distant. This continued into the second week and I tried to talk to him, but he just gagged me. Toward the end of the second week there was no real play at all, just a quick blow job when he delivered dinner. Nothing more than a service. I was beginning to looking forward to my release and becoming human again.

Ed: We were getting to the exciting part. It was Saturday prison-time and she would expect to be released that evening. In the morning I made sure that a recognizable TV show sound was being played so she would be sure it was the right day. That evening I repeated the procedure when I delivered dinner. Expectantly she came as close as her chain would allow. I put her dinner down, turned around and slammed the door and clomped loudly up the stairs. I immediately snuck back down to hear for any sounds from the cell - nothing.

Sue: I knew it was time to be released. I'd kept track of the days and from the sound of the TV, he was actually a couple of hours late to release me. But he didn't. He didn't even say a word! I sat down in silence, shocked. This must be a game, a trick. After all it's only Saturday evening, he could leave me here until Sunday night or even Monday morning before releasing me. I ate my dinner, sure I'd be released very soon, but there was just a sliver of doubt.

Ed: It was actually 10 days since we'd begun, five to go. Now the experience would really start for her. It was harder than I thought to do that to the woman I love, but I knew this was going to give her an experience she had fantasized about. The next two meal times I remained silent as she demanded to know why I hadn't released her. She even yelled for a short while as I slammed the door. Then next meal was the key though, she thought it would be Monday morning, surely I must let her go now. I went in and she was cross, more than that furious. She was saying how she would have a terrible day at work without being rested and recovered from her incarceration. I turned to leave and she stopped, suddenly quiet, then begged me to release her. As I reached for the door she said; "mercy!" It was our safe word from the early days of the relationship. We hadn't used it in years, preferring the RACK approach. As I closed the door I felt a thrill combined with concern for what she was feeling. Would she ever forgive me?

Sue: I was pissed! How could I go to work without a decent night's sleep. I'd fumed all night and hardly got a wink. But then he started to leave and I was suddenly scared. Wasn't he going to let me go? What would happen when I didn't show up to work? Suddenly I was begging, getting as close as my chains would allow, saying anything I could think to get him to let me out. For the first time I really pulled at my restraints but nothing shifted. Then the door slammed. More confused than anything I burst into tears and lay on the bed sleeping fitfully.

Ed: For the next couple of days she oscillated between shouting, crying and begging. By the time she thought it was Wednesday I overpowered her, put in a ring-gag before using her mouth roughly. When I returned next she was quiet, broken almost.

Sue: I started thinking of the excuses I could use at work for my absence. But soon it wasn't just work I was missing, drinks with friends went by. Did he think he could keep me here forever. Surely someone was looking for me. As the third week drew to a close I began to think of stories of women locked in basements for decades before being found.

Ed: As real-time and prison-time both converged on Saturday (but with a week's difference between them) I prepared for the reveal. She'd stopped fighting me, arguing and begging. Even accepting the ring gag without a fuss. She'd given-up, given-in. I put the keys to the cell and her restraints under her food, then delivered it and left as normal.

Sue: When I saw the keys I was confused. Was he letting me go? Was this a trick? I grabbed them and fumbled, trying to get them into the locks on my wrists. My fingers were stiff having not really done anything for three...

Ed: Two.

Sue: What?

Ed: Two weeks, not three.

Sue: Whatever. With difficulty I managed to release myself and headed wearily up the stairs. I had no idea what would happen next, should I run for it? I was blinded by bright sunshine. As my eyes adjusted I heard the TV was on in the background, a news channel. I listened, half expecting to hear about the search for a missing woman. The reporter stated the date and time. It took a while to sink in but it seemed wrong. I looked closely and the date on the screen confirmed what I'd heard. I was confused but that wasn't my main concern. Where was Ed?

He came around the corner and I recoiled, flinched, ready to run. But then he smiled, not like my jailer of the past weeks but a loving, tender smile that I'd known for years. I relaxed a bit.

Ed: I came over, wrapped her in my arms and whispered into her ear what the date really was and that I'd tricked her into thinking it was much later. She collapsed into me sobbing with relief.

Sue: It took a long time to process the experience.

Ed: For us both.

Sue: But it was an incredible gift. Those days in the phantom third week were terrifying and exhilarating in equal measure. I actually got to live out my fantasy, raw and complete. It's a memory I return to often. Now that I know how devious he is it wouldn't be possible to do it again, and I wouldn't want to, once was enough. You know what they say; be careful what you wish for!


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