Tied at Work

by Jan Wright

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© Copyright 2002 - Jan Wright - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bondage; reluct; wrap; X

Tied at work
by Jan Wright

I have a very important job at a very large firm, I am 28 year old my figure is 38-24-36. I had been friendly with a man called Dave at work and he had talked to me about bondage. It had just crept into the conversation one day and I found my self-fascinated by it. He had explained all the ideas he had on bondage and I must say the ideas turned me on. We work at a large site in its own ground set in beautiful country. It was a summer's day and very hot when he suggested lunch to which I agreed. We decided to go for a walk in the woods, as it was such a nice day, he said he new a secret spot near the lake.

As it was a hot day I only had on my blouse, skirt and shoes, I had left my jacket in the car. He had brought a lunch box with him. We entered the woods and he took me off the path deep into the woods and we then came to a clearing near the lake. It was clear that few people ever came this far into the woods.

We stopped near the lake and he opened his lunch hamper to get the lunch out. Before I realised what was happening he had taken a pair of handcuffs out of the bag and had them on my wrists. It was only then that I noticed a rope hanging from the tree, but by then it was too late as he attached the handcuffs to the rope and pulled my hands high in the air.

”Don't worry he said you said you wanted to try bondage so here we are.” The next thing I knew was there a big ball being pushed into my mouth and secured with duct tape, he had to force the ball into my mouth and it filled it totally. Not satisfied with this he produced some 6-inch wide cling film and wound it around and around my mouth sealing it tight. I tried to speak but nothing came out. Just then my mobile phone rang and he answered it he came out with the corny line, “She’s tied up at the moment, and then he said she would be busy all afternoon please cancel her meetings.”

Now I was getting excited partly due to the fact that we were out of doors and anyone could come along and find me in this position. He undid a button on my blouse and then walked around me, He was purposely dragging it out. His hands roamed over my body at will, then he undid my skirt and it fell to the floor and I was stood there in a pair of sexy red undies, stockings and garter belt. He undid another button on the blouse as he admired my arse. Eventually he had undone all my buttons and exposed my tits in their red push up bra, due to the strain put on my body by my arms being held high I appeared to be all tits.

He wasted no time in fondling my tits and my nipples were like bullets, his hand were then between my legs and I was getting really turned on by this time. He suddenly stopped and sat down and smoked a cigarette as I cried out in frustration. He had talked to me about this and how he would keep a woman on the edge for hours.

Having finished his smoke he got up and walked over to the bushes and then he returned with a very whippy stick as I looked on in horror. I could see what was coming and sure enough he whipped my arse, I jumped from the shock. He walked around me and he used the whip several times more. All I could do was make silly sounds through the gag.

He then went back to his lunch box and then came over to me with something in his hand. He removed my bra and my tits burst free, which I found exciting. He played with my nipples sucking tweaking and getting them very erect. Suddenly the things he had in his hand were on my nipples, it was a sudden shock as he applied the nipple clamps. They were connected by a chain, which he tied a fishing line to and he threw this into the water after he applied some bait. The lake was only feet away and I watch the float appear on the lake, I had heard that there were a lot of fish in this lake.

By now my arms were killing me held high as they were. He had that under control he applied a belt around my waist and tied a rope to the front and then pulled it through my crotch and up my back. He released my hand but before I could do anything he had pulled them over my head and tied them to the rope pulling them down my back.

As I tried to ease the strain it pulled on my crotch and split my arse. Without any warning I felt a tug on my tits, I had caught a fish and as it fought it pulled my tits like crazy. It felt like a big fish and I walked towards the lake to easy the tension. He prevented me doing this by whipping my arse or my tits every time I moved to the lake. I was going crazy as the fish was pulling my tits like mad and my arse was on fire from the whip.

In the end I collapsed on the floor in one big orgasm. He released the fish as I lay there recovering. Before I realized he undid my crotch rope and inserted a vibrator in me, which he could operate by remote control. He tested it several times to make sure it worked. He then started ripping my skirt almost up to the waist down both seams.

He then took out some wide clear tape, which he wound round the base of each tit several times making my tits swell up and hard and they seemed twice their normal size. He released my hands and made me get dressed. My skirt now with the two splits up each side revealed everything when I walked. My blouse was see-through and my bra was struggling to keep my swollen tits in place and I felt sure they would pop out at any moment. 

I had a belt around my skirt which he tied my thumbs to with electrical ties, they were invisible but very effective. We will now go on an adventure he said, I couldn't believe he expected me to walk like this in public and told him so. He replied with a flick of the cane to my tits and I decide to walk as he told me. We walked back through the woods and along the path to the car park. I was petrified as anyone looking could see my tits bellowing out and my knickers and stocking as I walked.

As we entered the car park he told me to go to his car, which was on the far side of the park. As I walked a group of people approached us and as they got near the bastard started the vibrator. It came as a surprise and I could barely walk and act normally. They didn't actually seem to notice though one man did get a good look at my arse.

I stopped by his car unable to get in tied as I was. He unlocked the car and took his time opening the door for me. I sat in the car with some difficulty and he put on my seat belt and he then put the ball back into my mouth and sealed it in place with flesh coloured tape and then put on some dark glasses which didn't allow me to see anything. I had to sit there as we drove through the countryside not being able to speak with my aching tits and the vibrator which he kept turning on for short times.

We stopped and he got me out of the car and led me forward as I couldn't see I had to be guided by Dave. We eventual stopped and I felt cuffs being put round my wrist and ankles, he the removed my skirt and blouse leaving me stood in my bra stocking and panties. I felt my arms pulled out to my sides by ropes attached to my wrist cuffs and then my legs were pulled out wide as well.

He removed the dark glasses so I could see, I had no idea were we were except that it was in the country as I was tied between two trees. Get your tits out he ordered, he must be joking I thought how does he expect me to do that tied as I am. I sudden whip on my arse told me he wasn't joking. The only thing I could do was bounce my tits to try and make them pop out of the bra. After several my strokes of the cane they did bounce free much to my relief. I say relief here I was again somewhere in the country with my tits out and in my panties and stocking with this man. 

He spent some time teasing me by sucking on my tits and then starting the vibrator, never allowing me to get over excited. I was getting very frustrated and hot, my arse was sore as he gave it the occasional whip and he whips my tits as well.

He finally got fed up doing this and he undid my legs and started wrapping them tightly together with cling film. He stopped short of my arse and went off behind the trees and came back with gloves on clutching some leaves, which he stuffed down my knickers. He continued up my body with the cling film. He released my arms from the trees and tied them by my side as he continued up my body with the cling film.

He didn't just put a single layer but just kept wrapping more layers, reaching my tits he left them exposed by going under, between and around them. By now I had realised that the plants were nettles as my arse was feeling the stings. Now I was fully covered in cling film all the way up to my neck and I could hardly move and being a hot day I was sweating like mad. He removed my gag and gave me a drink and then poured the rest of the bottle inside my cocoon. 

He re gagged me with a harness gag, which had a ring sticking out of the gag. He applied some more nipple clamps to my poor tits and pulled the connecting chain through the ring in the gag forcing me to put my head right down.

He now lay me on my back between the trees as I tried to plead with him. All that came out were grunts. “I am going now,” he said, “I will wait for you at the bottom of the path!” Pointing where he was going to go. “All you have to do is get yourself down there before everyone from work clocks off and walks down this way.” I was mortified here I was nearly nude with my tits swelling out like organ stops in the middle of a wood that my staff may use on their way home very soon.

He walked off into the distance as I tried to wiggle my way to follow him. Movement was nearly imposable cling filmed as I was and every movement meant I pulled on my own tits. A couple of times the vibrator started and I guessed the bastard must be near laughing at me. It took a long time to travel even a short distance and I had several orgasms. 

I was really worked up knowing that at any moment someone I knew could come round the corner and find me. I eventual got to the end of the path and to my surprise I found I wasn't in the country but in Dave's back garden, I had been safe all the time without knowing it. He pulled me down his lawn and sat me down and cut the cling film off me. He attached a collar around my neck and chained me to a tree; he took my gag out and undid my arms. I was bathed in sweat so he got out the hosepipe and hosed me down with cold water, which was heaven.

He gave me a drink and we talked about the experience. I had never had so much excitement in my life and I yeaned for more I told him. He told me to rest for a while and then we would see. I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I knew Dave was back with Sue one of my secretaries from the office. She was a young woman about 25 years and always wore a short skirt and low top showing off her large tits. I suddenly realised I was still sitting chained to the tree in my panties and stocking with this women looking at me.

”Sue is one of my slaves,” he said bringing me back to reality, “she thought you would be up for it, that’s how I knew about you!” I was a bit shocked by this but I didn't know what to say. “Sue is going to join you in bondage.” Dave said and he then told her to get her top and skirt off. She did it without question and I had to admire her body and her very sexy shiny black underwear which was like a second skin on her arse and her tits struggled to stay in the skimpy bra and they burst free as she removed the bra. She too wore stocking and suspenders, which showed off her legs beautifully. 

She open her mouth obediently as he placed a huge ball gag in her mouth he had to really push it into he mouth as it was so big and it had a stick inside the ball which was attached to a second ball. After he had strapped her in good and proper he got me to my feet and pushed the other ball in my mouth, I panicked as I thought it was to large but it did go in and filled my mouth. He strapped me up as well and the straps were very tight, we couldn't move very much attached by these ball gags all we could do is stare at each other.

He tied our arms to our thighs and then hobbled our legs with chains so we could only move a few inches. Using duct tape he taped our arms tight to our sides above and bellow our tits which made our tits stick out like mad. He showed us some vicious nipple clamps with fine teeth on them and I jumped as he put them on. They had only a light spring so they weren't too bad once they were on.

He then tipped some sticky Honey all over us and rubbed it into our tits and arses. It felt quit nice to start with. By now we were both drooling all down are chins and every were, it was strange being this close to a women and not being able to get away.

The reason for the honey became apparent as bees and wasp started settling on us they tickled and worried us and we both struggled to get out of their way. The clamps, which didn’t hurt much at, first suddenly hurt like hell as we squashed each other’s tits trying to get away from the insects. We tried to move away but being hobbled together it was very slow and painful; the only place to make for was the garden sprinkler, which may wash off the sticky stuff.

It took us ages to get to it and we just stood over it getting soaking wet, the water was cold and as it moved it penetrated all the right spots and was very sensual. We spent the next few hours bound in the garden in all sorts of positions from the swing to the wheelbarrow. Eventual we were released and I got to go home but work would never be the same again. 


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