The Visitor 2

by Anne Woolsey

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© Copyright 2011 - Anne Woolsey - Used by permission

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Chapter Two Part 3: The Club

Maegen showed up that evening at around 7:00 in full dominatrix regalia, stiletto knee length boots, leather bustier over a spandex cat suit, leather gloves, all black. On her lean and spare frame, her outfit looked sinister and sexy. Her hair was now also all black and pulled into a severe ponytail. She wore heavy mascara and black lipstick. She struck a pose in the doorway that was one part self-conscious and one part arrogant.

Anne just stared at her.

Maegan finally blushed and flopped down on the sagging couch, saying somewhat defensively “What?”

“That’s what I say! What! Like what kind of club are we going to? What are you supposed to be? What are you thinking?”

Maegan recovered her usual airy and dismissive style. “You ah so negative, Anne! Ya know what I’m supposed to be and what’s more, ya love how I look! Don’t cha!”

It was Anne’s turn to blush!

“See? Ya can’t wait for me ta tie you up! Well I brought somethin’ for you ta wear too!”

Maegan upended the shopping bag she was holding on the couch. Out tumbled boots and other odd pieces of clothing and accessories. Anne knelt and picked up a pair of striped tights, purple and black. She glared at Maegan and tossed them aside. She held up a boot and cast a sidelong glance at the now smiling Maegan. The boots were twins of the ones Maegan was wearing. It was tall and had laces with a side zipper. Anne continued to sort through the pile on the couch offering no comment other than her disbelieving expression finding a leather collar, leather wrist bands, a short, short spandex mini skirt, a long sleeve purple velveteen top and miscellaneous chains and accessories.

She sat back on her heels and glared at Maegan. “You expect me to wear this stuff out in public? I wouldn’t even wear it in the house at night with the lights out! Are you out of your mind?”

Maegan was unfazed. “I knew ya would react like that! You are so, so uptight! Just try it. You’ll look so hot!”

“Yeah, I’ll be hot alright. I’ll be burning up with embarrassment! This stuff is too young for me! I’ll look like an idiot!”

They went back and forth until Anne, actually intrigued by the clothing, finally relented and agreed to put the stuff on. She gathered up everything and headed upstairs to change. Maegan settled back on the couch with a beer, a smug look on her face.

Fifteen minutes later a clumping on the stairs signaled Anne’s entrance. She stumbled a bit as she stepped off the last step and cursed. “These goddamn boots are going to kill me!”

Maegan stood up and walked over to Anne, circling around her and adjusting this and that. “You ah spectaculah! The girls are gonna love ya!”

In fact she did look good, better than good really. The skirt was tight and low slung on her hips and reached only to mid thigh. A bit of her stomach showed between the top of the skirt and the top which hung loose at her waist. The scoop neck of the top showed just the top of her cleavage and was set off by the wide collar around her neck. They reached to just below her knees and made her taller and thinner looking and set off the garish tights stretched over her thighs.

“Girls? What girls? Maegan, where are we going?”

“I’ll tell ya latah. I got ta fix your face and hair!”

“Wait! Wait! Wait! Fix my face and hair?”

“Yeah, you know. A little makeup and, boy, I don’t know what ta do with ya hair!”

“You’re not doing anything with my hair, Maegan!”

Twenty minutes later Anne was staring at her image in the hazy wall mirror in the living room. Maegan had put some gunk into her hair, which had darkened it and gelled it. She had then combed it into some kind of a ducktail/mullet style swept back from her forehead and over her ears that had set as hard as a helmet. That, with the same heavy mascara and black lipstick Maegan had on had transformed Anne into a goth girl. An aging goth girl to be sure, but she had a definite heavy metal weirdo look.

Anne was fascinated at the change in her image and felt a tingle of excitement. Maegan had told her they were going to a lesbian bar in Portland that was kind of a bondage hangout. Anne had never been into the bar scene and certainly had never been to a bondage theme place. So, on the one hand, she was excited to be getting out into a world that she knew nothing about, but she also was very nervous about the same thing. Anne was a person that liked routine and familiarity. Stepping outside her zone of comfort was causing some angst, but only god knew why, she trusted Maegan and wanted to be with her.

The two clumped down the porch stairs just at dusk. They climbed into Maegan’s dilapidated Honda Civic and backed out of the driveway for the drive to Portland. Anne immediately shut off the pounding metal sound from the add-on cd player, which earned her a scowl from Maegan, but they rode in companionable silence down the beach road and towards the turnpike. Neither spoke much during the ride, each occupied with her own thoughts.

It was dark when the left the interstate at the South Portland exit. Maegan seemed to known her way around the city. They made there way down streets and alleyways to what appeared to be an industrial area. Maegan pulled up to a nondescript building with no signs or windows or obvious occupants. There did appear to be thirty or so cars parked in and around the building.

“Well, we’re heah!”

“We’re here? It looks like nowhere to me!” Anne rolled down her window and was treated to the roar of a jet leaving the airport. After it passed and her buzz in her hearing settled down there was nothing but silence.

Maegan shifted sideways in her seat. “Now when we go in theyah, just follow me and do what I do, OK?”

“What kind of place is this, Maegan? Is it safe?”

“Yeah, it’s safe! Did ya think I’d bring you to a dive where we could both get hurt?”

“I don’t really know what you’d do! I hardly even now you!” Anne was beginning to have second thoughts about this excursion. Maegan did nothing to dispel those concerns as she began to explain.

“OK! See? This is how it works! I gotta cuff ya and gag ya before we go in. Any gal that is new theyah and comes in without bein’ tied up is assumed to be fayah game for anybody and you don’t want that, trust me. You’ll be with me as my toy so nobody will touch ya! See?”


“Jeez! Calm down will ya?”

“Calm down? Calm down? How about if we just forget about this and get out of here? I can’t believe this! You brought me here to put me on a leash and display me?”

“Oh, right! Yeah! I forgot about the leash!” grabbed her arm.

“I wouldn’t do that? There have been several assaults down here recently. Still haven’t caught the guy! Or gal! It’s a pretty dangerous place!”

Anne sank back into her seat, shaking her head. “I must be nuts! Here I am all dressed up as some adolescent metal head slut with an almost stranger who is dressed like a dominatrix and she wants to tie me up and take me into a lesbian bar where I might be assaulted if I am not tied up! Did I get that right?”

‘Yeah, pretty much! Ya left out the part about if ya try to leave by yaself you might get assaulted!”

“Right! Right! I did forget that part!”

They fell silent. Anne stared out the window and Maegan just sat quietly letting Anne think.

Anne broke the silence. “I just wish you had leveled with me about this. I know you think I am an uptight control freak and I am, but I do have a little bit of adventure left in me! Just next time? Clue me in before? OK?” She held out her hands to Maegan. “Behind or in front?”

Maegan broke into a huge smile and grabbed Anne and kissed her. “You ah the best! You’re gonna knock these queers dead!”

They got out of the car and Maegan cuffed Anne’s hands in front of her and stuffed a big sponge gag into her mouth and buckled it tightly in place. She clipped a leash to the ring on Anne’s collar, gave her a quick kiss on the cheek and led her towards the building. Anne’s stomach was up in her throat and her heart was pounding. She fought the urge to call the whole thing off. This was crazy! She quelled her fears as best she could, trusting Maegan to have been telling the truth.

They headed for a door in the center of the building. As they neared the door, Anne could hear the muffled pounding of the beat of some rock song. At the door Maegan punched in a code on a keypad and the pad blinked green. Maegan gave her a squeeze on the shoulder and pushed the door open. They were met with a wave of sound pouring out of the room. Melissa Etheridge, she thought! That fits!

They were in a small entryway that was a coatroom apparently. At the end of the hallway was a door, open, that apparently led to the main room. Maegan turned to face her and leaned in close to Anne. “Thanks for doin’ this, sweetie! It’ll be fun! You’ll love it!”

Anne just shook her head and let Maegan lead her to and through the door.

The music was many decibels louder in the room. Their entry was uneventful until one woman looked over at the new arrivals and poked her friend to get her attention. Soon all eyes were on Maegan and Anne. Anne felt ridiculous and incredibly turned on. All her previous bondage experiences had been private affairs (well, except for the pictures and videos posted on the net) and, now, here she was tied and gagged in amongst strangers! The experience was enervating and despite herself, she stood taller and exaggerated her hip sway as she followed Maegan across the floor.

Maegan led her over to a booth halfway down the side of the room. She helped Anne into the booth, tied the leash to the coat rack at the end of the settee and sauntered off to the bar. Anne watched her as she stopped and hugged several women along the way.

Meanwhile, Anne was attracting attention. The word had spread and most eyes were on her. The sound in the room was still loud, but consisted of just the music from a cd player somewhere. It seemed like all talking had stopped! No one approached and Anne kept her head down and her cuffed hands folded on the table. She tried to take in the scene around her without making any eye contact with anyone. Maegan was out of sight and would be of no help if someone should drop in for a visit.

The bar was like any bar she’d ever been in with maybe a bit more class. The walls were paneled in a dark wood and ceiling was painted black. The lighting was recessed and dimmed to give an intimate feel to the place. There were booths and tables and a bar along one wall. In one corner was a raised stage lighted form above with several spotlights. The stage was empty except for a chair and some other structures Anne couldn’t identify. The place was about half full, maybe 50 people, all women as far as she could tell. The style of dress ranged from business suits to full weirdo getup like she was wearing. The ages of the guests ranged from just barely legal to maybe into the 50ies. Gradually the din of noise increased back to its earlier level as the patrons, having seen all they could of the newbie, returned to their activities.

Maegan returned; her face was flushed and she was smiling. She set down two beers and two glasses and then slid into the booth next to Anne. She reached up and undid the strap holding the gag and pried it out. As she did that, she whispered to Anne, excitement in her voice. “Everybody loves ya, sweetie! Thay ah all wonderin wayah I got ya!” Anne noticed Maegan’s weird down Maine accent had increased in intensity.

Anne whispered back, “Why are you talking so strangely?” Maegan looked at her quizzically. “Your down home accent! I can hardly understand you!”

“Oh, sorry! You know how it is when similar types get together; our common traits such as language are exaggerated!” Maegan had said that in perfect mid-western American without a trace of accent or inflection. Anne was again surprised.

Maegan said, “What? You think I’m just some local yokel without a brain?”

Anne shook her head in surprise at the changes and different behavior she saw every time she was with her new friend. “Just forget it! So, what did they say about us?”

“Oh, ya know! How sexy you ah! And attractive! How we met. Whetha you were available. The usual stuff.” Anne noticed her regular accent was back. She vowed again to try and get more information out of Maegan on who she was and what her background was. Maegan had been remarkably reticent about sharing any personal information whenever Anne had asked.

“Available? As in rented or something?”


“And you said?”

“Ah told ‘em you weren’t for sale!”

“Well thanks for that!”

“Not yet, anyway!”

Anne tried to search Maegan’s expression to see if see was joking or not, but Maegan’s attention and face had been diverted by a commotion in the corner of the room near the stage. Anne could hear raised voices and screaming above the music. Several women jumped onto the stage. One was very obviously not there voluntarily! The other women restrained this woman in their grasps as a hard looking gal in jeans and work shirt spoke into a wireless mic.

“We got a new gal here tonight! Well, we have two, but the other one’s spoken for!” The woman set her greedy eyes directly on Anne. Anne shivered and leaned into Maegan. Maegan squeezed Anne’s leg and whispered, “See?”

Anne understood Maegan’s insistence on cuffing her now. She had no desire to be up on that stage like the poor woman there now. The woman was obviously terrified. The mc turned her attention back to this woman.

“So since she came in without a sponsor and on her own, we are going to auction her off to the highest bidder! The rules of the place are pretty clear about unescorted guests and ignorance of the rules is no defense!” She laughed harshly and nodded at the women holding their twisting prisoner.

These women adjusted their hold on the panicked woman and forced her to remove her skirt and blouse. Her undergarments followed and she now stood naked in front of the howling crowd.

“Maegan! You’ve got to stop this!” Anne hissed into Maegan’s ear. Maegan seemed equally disturbed by the treatment afforded this woman.

She whispered back. “This is sumthin new! And that gal with the mike is new too!” She was quiet for a moment then said “How can we stop it? I know these dykes. They’ll tear us apaht, if we get in the way!”

“Are you just going to sit here then? This is assault at best and who knows where it will go?” Anne was agitated now.

On stage, the woman’s hands had been bound and her arms had been raised up over her head until she was on tiptoes. The women on stage turned her round and around, displaying her to the crowd. As they turned her they grabbed and groped at her. The woman was hysterical which just seemed to fuel the crowd’s lust. One of the women forced a spandex hood over the woman’s head and cut off the view of her tortured expression. They wound tape around the victim’s mouth forcing it open and cutting off intelligible speech. The woman continued to shriek in terror as she was displayed more and more rudely. Two women grabbed the captive’s leg and lifted them off the stage. Her legs were pulled to the side and the lips of her sex were spread exposing her to the crowd. The mc couldn’t be heard over the shouts of the crowd, but she continued to egg them on.

Anne and Maegan were appalled and at the same time didn’t know what to do. They were pretty sure if they tried to stop this they would be shouted down at best and probably end up on stage with the unfortunate woman at worst. They leaned close and shouted various plans into each other’s ears and finally decided the only way out was to outbid everyone for the woman.

The mc had waved down the noise. The only sound was the captive’s plaintive wailing and pleading. The gang in charge of the captive had bound her ankles and hoisted her up off the stage. She hung now by her wrists and still continued to struggle. Anne’s nerves were stretched to the breaking point and she was on the verge of charging the stage to free the woman. The mc explained the rules and the bidding began. They had agreed that Maegan would bid and go as high as necessary to win.

The bidding started with a flurry of bids and then settled down into a four-person competition. Eventually it was down to two people and about five hundred dollars. Just when it seemed that the bidding was over, Maegan entered her bid. All eyes turned to stare at Maegan and Anne. Maegan was cool and aloof and concentrated her gaze on the woman on the stage. Anne playing her part, looked at the floor. Maegan finally out bid her rival and won the woman for seven hundred dollars. The crowd parted as she made her way up to the stage. She fished around in her cleavage and brought out a roll of money, another surprise for Anne. How did a waitress have that much walking around money?

Maegan counted out the cash and handed them to the mc and then turned to the women holding the captive. She told them to let her down, untie her ankles and remove the gag and hood. This was done and the woman stood sobbing quietly. One of the women gathered up the discarded clothing and handed the pile to Maegan. Maegan took the lead of the rope binding her purchases’ wrists and led her naked and barefooted off the stage, back through the crowd to the table were Anne still stood leashed to the coat rack. She told the woman to dress, which she did and fashioned a harness and bound the two together and led them to the exit. The new addition stared at Anne with a naked hunger that disturbed her. What had they done?

The woman in the crowd smiled and yelled and patted Maegan on the back as she made her way out. The woman Maegan outbid congratulated her, even while her eyes coveted the missed opportunity on Maegan’s leash. They passed through the coatroom and out into the night. Anne noticed that the lot was now full of cars and understood why the place had become so noisy and crowded. She was amazed that a place like this could exist apparently anywhere.

The woman was silent until they reached Maegan’s car. Maegan then untied her hands and, looking around to make sure they were alone, asked if she were all right.

“Yes, I’m fine! Where are you taking me?” She looked hungrily again at Anne.

Anne, now ungagged, said, “We’ll take you wherever you want to go. Do you have a car here? Do you want to go to an emergency clinic?”

The woman looked confused. “You mean… aren’t you going to… what’s going on? You just bought me for the night, aren’t you going to… you know, use me?”

Maegan looked at Anne who looked back with the same confused expression.

“Um, we just bid for you so that we could get you out of there?”

“Out of there? What the fuck! You aren’t going to tie me up? You aren’t going to fuck me? God damn it! Who gave you the right to “rescue me”! I don’t want to be fucking rescued! Jesus Christ, you’re just a couple of do-gooders!”

Anne and Maegan were dumfounded and stood with open mouths as the woman snatched the rope from Maegan’s hands and spun around and marched back towards the door of the club. “Assholes!” she shouted over her shoulder.

Maegan recovered first and unlocked the car door. “We bettah get outa here, don’t ya think?”

They got in and Maegan spun her tires on the way out of the parking lot. They sped along the same roads they took getting to the club, Maegan checking the mirror for anyone following them.

Neither spoke again until they were on the turnpike when Maegan looked over at Anne.

“Well, I guess I can never go back theyah! And by the way? Ya owe me seven hundred bucks! I’m thinkin I’ll take it out in trade!”

Both women dissolved into laughter and Anne snuggled over next to Maegan.

Part 4: The end for now

They didn’t talk much the rest of the way to the cottage. When they arrived Maegan, pleading an early morning, washed her face, brushed her teeth, did some quick, but serious groping with Anne and went to bed. Anne took a shower, washing her hair several times to get the gunk and smoky smell out. She scrubbed her face until it was red and glowing and all traces of the garish makeup were gone. She slipped on a robe and sat with a beer out on the porch. The night was warm and clear with a half moon lighting the tops of the breaking waves. The noise and briny smell of the surf carried to the porch on the onshore breeze.

Seeing that woman bound and abused at the club brought out the ambiguity she sometimes felt about her bondage obsession. Seeing it done to that woman had actually enraged her. Experiencing being tied up was one thing, but seeing it done to others put the objectifying and degrading nature of it right out front. That the woman wanted and liked the treatment was irrelevant. But was it? If the person being used was OK with it, why should she, Anne, have a problem?

And hadn’t she just suffered a similar experience when Maegan found her self- tied and took advantage of her? She had been angry, but her anger was personal rather than a universal statement about people treating people badly. Why had she reacted so differently at the club?

Anne sighed. As usual, she was unable to think clearly about bondage. Maybe she should take Maegan’s advice and for once, just let it happen. And what about that relationship?

She sighed again. Describing Maegan and her as being in a relationship was a stretch. They had quickly moved from their initial meeting to co-habitating, at least for the weekend, but hadn’t talked about anything serious or what they may or may not feel for each other. All they’d done was make love and play bondage games. She loved Maegan’s energy and approach to life, but did she love Maegan? Did it matter?

Anne was doing her best to go with Maegan’s philosophy of living in the moment. A lifetime of conditioning to do otherwise made that difficult, but she was trying. Yeah, right! Here I sit wondering about what is going on with Maegan and me! Nothing really ever changes!

So many questions and no easy answers!

Anne finished the beer and locked up. She went up the stairs and into the bedroom. Maegan was asleep and snoring softly, her head turned to the side on the pillow. Anne was mesmerized by how strikingly attractive Maegan was. Anne didn’t really know Maegan’s age; so closed mouth was Maegan about herself. When she was asleep she looked about 18 years old. Anne realized she felt great warmth for this mysterious girl/woman. Anne’s eyes filled with tears and she bent to kiss Maegan on the cheek, but Maegan stirred and moved and the moment passed. Anne shrugged off her robe and crawled naked into the bed, cuddling close to Maegan. Soon she was asleep and the questions and anxieties roiling in Anne’s mind slipped away.

The next morning, Anne rose first and made coffee. She was out on the porch drinking her first cup and enjoying the early morning quiet, when Maegan finally appeared. She was sleepy-eyed and nude as she slumped down in a rocking chair next to Anne.

“Aren’t you going to get dressed today? What if somebody comes by?”

“OK, Mom! Jeez, you ah really uptight, ya know it?” She took Anne’s hand. “That was somethin’ last night, huh? You shoulda seen your face when she said she wanted ta go back in. Priceless!”

“My face? I thought I would have to help you close your mouth! God, your jaw was down to your pointy little boots!”

Maegan pushed Anne’s hand away. “Whatever! Hey, wanna do somethin’ cool taday? I mean really cool?”

Anne gave Maegan her serious face. “You mean as cool as the lesbian weirdo bar we were at last night?”

Maegan made a face. “Up yours, ya uptight old woman! No! This is right up your alley! I can take ya somewhere where I can tie ya up outside and make love to ya all day long, right out in the open for the world to see!”

Anne blushed at Maegan’s openness at the same time a flicker of desire flared in her belly. Tied up? All day? Outside? Make love? What’s not to like?

“You have said the magic words! Tell me more!” Anne listened intently as Maegan explained her plan.

Later that morning, Anne and Maegan set off down the beach that fronted on the reserve. Both wore bathing suits under shorts and t-shirts. Both wore sneakers and carried a pack. Maegan’s pack was filled with drinks and munchies. Anne’s pack was loaded with rope and gags and other toys.

This part of the beach was about a mile long and ended at an inlet/outlet of a huge estuarine bay on the sheltered backside of the beach. Maegan had told Anne that this outlet had been there forever and a river that rose inland passed through the outlet to the sea. The tide moved in and out of the breach and the bay behind was a rich breeding ground for sea life. On the beach on the other side of the opening the dune rose up sharply and the high point of the sand dune was topped with a copse of mature trees, which was very unusual. Several years ago and several hundred feet along the barrier beach from the original opening a storm had created a second breach making the section of beach with the trees into an island. On the other side of this second breach, the barrier beach extended for another mile or so and was largely inaccessible. So, as Maegan had pointed out, once they were on the island no one else was apt to come along and interrupt them. As Maegan explained this to Anne during their walk up the beach, she had stopped and pinned Anne’s hands together behind her back, pulling her close. Anne shivered, her legs weak with desire, as Maegan whispered to her, “I can do anythin’ I want to ya, sweetie, and no one… no one can stop me!”

Maegan headed off up the beach, leaving Anne standing still staring after her, shaken, but in a good way. In the short time she had known Maegan she had fallen under her spell. The girl could tie her as well as anyone Anne had yet met and was such an inventive and passionate lover that Anne could barely keep her hands off Maegan. To be tied up and alone with her on an island was almost too much for Anne to contemplate. She shook herself out of that particular daydream and hurried to catch up with Maegan, grabbing Maegan’s hand in hers when she did. Hand-in-hand, the women headed down the beach.

Maegan had explained that there was a boat on this side of the outlet on the backside of the beach. If the boat were there, they could be sure no one was on the island. The boat, a small beat up dinghy, belonged to the reserve, but the locals knew they could use it if they replaced it and didn’t mess with it or the reserve. On a Sunday in June it was sure to be there and it was.

They loaded themselves on and set about crossing the hundred yards of open water. The current could be a problem, but they had hit it just as the tide was turning so they made it across in good time. They dragged the boat up onto the back beach and looked around. Anne’s heart was pounding, although she was trying to look laid back and calm.

“This is beautiful, Maegan!”

Maegan agreed. “Yah, there is no uthah place like it around.”

“Are you sure we’re alone here? What if someone else is on the island?”

“No one’s around, sweetie! Now take off your clothes!” Anne whirled and stared at Maegan.


Maegan’s was smiling. “I think ya heard me!”

“I’m not going to take off my clothes! There could be someone here or someone could come or… or someone could be watching from over there!” Anne pointed off to the west and the mainland, which was a part of the reserve. At the same time she knew she would do it, for herself and for Maegan. That thought thrilled and scared her at the same time.

Maegan stood on the beach; her hip cocked and a big smile on her face saying nothing. Anne, after several seconds of hesitation, “Oh, alright! We better not get caught, though! I’ll be really mad!” Anne dropped her shorts and stepped out of them. As she pulled the t-shirt over her head, she heard Maegan say “The bathing suit, too!”

Anne stopped, the t-shirt still over her head. “What the hell, Maegan! What if someone comes?”

Maegan stuck her face up close to Anne’s, leering as she did it, “Oh, someone’s gonna cum alright!”

Anne blushed bright scarlet and removed her bikini bra and bottom and dropped then on the sand. “You are so bad!” She now wore only her sneakers and she was OK with that!

Maegan pulled a piece of rope from one of the bags. “Turn around.”

“Are you nuts? You’re going to tie me up? Right here?”

“Yup, I am!” Maegan advanced on Anne who began to back away.

“Oh no, you’re not! Naked is one thing! But tied up and naked? I don’t think so! Uh, uh!”

Anne started to turn and run, but had reacted too slowly and a laughing Maegan lunged and caught her. Both women thrashed around in the soft sand, laughing. The wrestling match ended when Maegan finally got Anne’s arms twisted behind her and bound her wrists with the rope.

Maegan sat back as Anne righted herself. Both were covered in sand and Anne was spitting out a fair amount that had lodged in her mouth. “Jeez, give me some water!” Maegan helped Anne rinse her mouth and brushed both of them off. “When are ya gonna learn, sweetie? Ya can’t win with me!”

“Oh, you’re so tough, Maegan. Maybe some day I’ll tie you up! Sweetie!”

Maegan laughed, “That’ll be the day!” She looped another length of rope around Anne’s elbows, pulling them together. She cinched them and threaded the remaining rope end under Anne’s right arm, behind her neck, under the other arm and back through the cinch. Maegan pulled the whole thing tight by tying the end tightly to the point where the rope passed behind Anne’s neck. She surprised Anne by lifting Anne’s hands into the small of her back and securing them there with a tight wrapping around her waist. Anne’s elbows jutted out from her body like chicken wings. Maegan turned Anne around and kissed her on the lips, a long slow kiss. Anne returned her kiss and pulled back smiling.

“No, really! Someday I’m going to tie you up and take advantage of you! I’m pretty good at it!”

Maegan just laughed and arranged a rope around Anne’s neck as a leash.

“Come on, sweetie, let’s explore, but first let me spray this sun block on ya. Don’t want ya burnin’ up on me.” She sprayed Anne with the block and spread it around, her hand lingering here and there. Anne said, “I thought you didn’t have to spread that!” Maegan laughed, “Ya don’t!” She sprayed herself, gathered Anne’s clothes and stuffed them in a pack and then after stowing the packs under the boat, led Anne off down the back beach toward the side of the outlet channel.

Anne was sooo excited as Maegan led her along the sand. She thought she would be scared and self-conscious, but she loved it. Loved being on display, loved being outside naked, loved being tied and loved being with Maegan! She trailed 10 feet behind Maegan on her rope leash as they made a circuit of the island. They saw no one and Anne had to admit she was a little disappointed. She had always had that exhibitionist streak that was so evident when she posed for that bondage web site. But this was so different and…real! She truly felt like a captive and found herself slipping into a wide-awake dream/fantasy.

Every so often she would stop or pull back like a reluctant captive might causing Maegan to pull on the rope and drag her along. It heightened Anne’s feeling of captivity and also annoyed Maegan, which made it all the more enjoyable.

They circled the island and then climbed the dune to the grove of trees. There was a breeze there and the view was wonderful. Even though they were only 50 feet or so above the ocean, they could see quite a distance in all directions, although the trees and brush actually blocked the view from the landward side for which Anne was grateful. Her biggest fear was that someone was on the reserve watching Maegan and her with a scope or binoculars! Maegan tied the leash to a tree and went to back to the boat to retrieve the packs. Anne tested the leash knot and found that she couldn’t reach it or free herself so she sat and absorbed the view. She has never felt so enervated and relaxed at the same time in bondage. Maegan was pushing just the right buttons! Anne was eagerly looking forward to whatever Maegan planned for her without fear or reservation.

She didn’t have long to wait as Maegan was back in several minutes with all their stuff.

“Do ya want somethin’ to eat or drink before I tie ya up?”

Anne asked for some water and Maegan held the bottle to her lips while she drank. She was too excited to eat anything!

Maegan helped Anne to her feet. She untied Anne’s wrists and elbows and retied her hands in front of her. Anne was silent as Maegan worked, absorbed in her own world. Maegan backed her against one of the trees and placed a folded towel between Anne’s spine and the tree. She then began to wind rope under Anne’s upper chest under her arms and just below her shoulders, circling the tree. She cinched it off and did the same with loops around Anne’s waist. Maegan tied Anne’s elbows close together. There were some branches overhead and Maegan flipped a rope over one and hoisted Anne’s arms above her head. She had to squeeze Anne’s head by the tight elbow rope and found she couldn’t do it. She untied her elbows, raised Anne’s arms and retied her elbows very tightly. When Anne’s arms were hoisted they pushed Anne’s head forward a bit. Maegan pulled the hoisting rope stretching Anne slightly and secured it to the shoulder rope.

She stepped up close to Anne and squeezed her cheeks, “Here’s where the fun begins, sweetie!” She kissed Anne and worked in her tongue into Anne’s willing mouth. They kissed for several minutes. Maegan caressed Anne’s breasts and ran her fingers over the curves of Anne’s body.

Anne was already in a place where whatever Maegan did was fine with her. She was aroused and ready and moaned with eager passion as Maegan touched and kissed her. Anne had never been a loud or demonstrative person during sex, but Maegan brought out something in her that had turned her into a vocal and more passionate lover.

Maegan backed away and picked up a long strand of rope. “This may be uncomfortable at first, sweetie, but ah’ll adjust it!” She knelt and tied the rope around Anne’s right ankle after removed her sneaker. She flipped the end of the rope over a branch on a tree next to the one to which Anne was tied and pulled Anne’s leg off the sand. Anne stood on one leg with her right leg extended out at a 45 degree angle. She sucked in a sharp breath, as she understood exactly what Maegan was going to do. Maegan, with a mischievous smile playing on her face, tied Anne’s left ankle in a similar fashion and then pulled it out from under her. She stretched this leg out to the side and tied it off to another tree. Anne sagged a bit in the ropes, her weight supported by the chest and waist ropes as well as by her hands. Maegan checked all the ropes and asked Anne if she was feeling any discomfit. Anne was feeling nothing but a raging fire in her belly. She shook her head, her eyes fixed to Maegan’s.

Maegan knelt between Anne’s legs and began to kiss and run her tongue along the inside of Anne’s thighs. Anne sighed and pushed her butt out from the tree, presenting herself to Maegan. Maegan slid her tongue over Anne’s outer labia tracing the groove between the lips. She licked Anne’s shaven pubic mound. Anne was wet and she was whispering more to herself than Maegan.

“Please, please, please!”

Maegan slipped her tongue in and sucked gently on Anne’s inner labia, her tongue in gentle and constant motion. Anne’s cries became more intense and unintelligible. Maegan zeroed in on Anne’s clitoris, running her tongue gently over it. She used her fingers to expose it and sucked on it. Anne was squirming and moaning and swinging her legs in her bonds. Maegan cupped Anne’s buttocks and concentrated on Anne’s clit, driving Anne closer and closer to the edge. She ran a finger over Anne’s anus pressing on it as she continued her attention to Anne’s clit. Anne stiffened and tried to squeeze her legs together. And she screamed, oh how she screamed, as Maegan brought her to an orgasm. Maegan knew Anne had a sensitive clitoris and she continued her attentions to it, but in a more gentle way. Anne climaxed again, grunting and panting her way through it and then came a third time. She began to beg Maegan to stop, sobbing hysterically. But Maegan didn’t stop just yet. She worked a finger into Anne’s anus and continued to suck on Anne’s clit until Anne shuddered in response, wailing loudly. She began to curse Maegan, trying to force her to stop with profanity and insult.

Maegan was tired and did stop after this fourth orgasm. Anne’s eyes were closed and she hung loosely in her bonds, sweaty and weak. Maegan stood and stretched her back. She moved close to Anne and lifted her head and kissed her deeply. Anne couldn’t yet speak intelligently. Maegan teased her with her lips licking at them. Anne would open her mouth and wait for the kiss and Maegan would dart her tongue away. On the third feint with her tongue, Maegan inserted a ball gag into Anne’s mouth and bending her head forward pulled the strap tight. Anne squawked at this change in mood and snapped back a little from her reverie.

Maegan released Anne’s legs from their spread position and lowered them to the ground. Anne sighed in relief, but Maegan didn’t give her much of it. She forced Anne to bend first one then the other leg at the knee. Maegan dragged Anne’s legs up behind her and tied her crossed ankles on the backside of the tree, thrusting her pelvis forward. Maegan pulled Anne’s legs further up behind her with a connector rope to a branch higher up on the tree.

Now Anne was uncomfortable! She was in a hanging hogtie and the change in position was very noticeable. Maegan responded by wrapping more rope around Anne above and below her breasts and around her thighs, pinning her more tightly to the tree. That did bring some relief, but Anne was absolutely limited in her ability to move. Maegan walked around to the front of the tree and pressed her hand into Anne’s crotch. Anne, totally spent, pleaded with her not to stimulate her further. Maegan smiled her enigmatic smile and stepped away to rummage in the pack.

She emerged with a vibrator, which she waved in front of Anne. Anne issued muffled please for her not to use it, but Maegan ignored her gagged entreaties as she tied it to Anne’s thigh. Anne shifted and squirmed trying to dislodge the thing, but to avail. She cursed and screamed at Maegan to leave her alone. Maegan went about her business of adjusting the vibrator to hit just the right spot.

She picked up a long piece of rope and began wrapping it around Anne’s upper arms and the tree. Several wraps pinned Anne’s head to the tree and served as an effective blindfold.

She switched on the vibrator. Anne jerked at the stimulation. Maegan adjusted the head gauging Anne’s reaction to the position until she had it where it would do the most good. Anne began to moan and twitch and Maegan smiled.

She sat down with her back to a tree and watched her friend work through another quickie orgasm. Excited by the sight of the bound and tormented woman, Maegan began to touch herself and quickly came, stimulated by her view of Anne.

Eventually, after a quick power nap (and what a treat to wake up and see Anne on that tree), Maegan began to untie Anne. Anne was not very responsive and sort of hung there as the ropes came off. When she was totally free, Maegan helped her to lie down on a towel. Anne’s body was crisscrossed with angry red welts from the ropes. Maegan lay beside her and took her in her arms as Anne dropped off to sleep. Anne napped for 20 minutes or so then woke, angry with Maegan.

At first she wouldn’t talk, then she raged at her about her treatment, again that dichotomy in her feelings about bondage. Finally settling down, she allowed as to how that was the most erotic bondage she had ever experienced. Maegan wisely stayed silent throughout Anne’s rant. Anne finally relented and hugged Maegan tightly.

Maegan didn’t respond at first. The she said, “Well, ah’m goin’ away tomorrah for the rest of the summah! I won’t be able to see ya for weeks and then… maybe you’ll have someone else! I didn’t want to get close to ya, but I couldn’t help it!”

Anne was stunned, but tried to hide it. “Where are you going?”

“To Europe. With my family. I won’t be back until school stahts in the fall!” Maegan looked miserable, staring off at the sea.

Anne joined her in staring at the horizon. Her euphoria gone, she struggled to come up with something to say that would help Maegan and herself feel better.

Maegan spoke first. “When I get back, I’m goin’ to school in the city! At BU! I’m in the mastah’s of art program”. She turned to look at Anne. “I have an apartment theyah… off campus!”

Anne held Maegan’s gaze. “Really?” she deadpanned, not wanting to give away her feelings.

“Jeez! Don’t get all giddy about it!”

Actually, Anne was experiencing a renaissance of hope. She knew that September was a long time away and that a lot could happen in that time. She also knew that this… yes, this relationship was something that she should really try to make work, but true to her nature she couldn’t bring herself to show it.

“OK! Good! Well, give me a call once you’re settled.”

Maegan smiled her little smile. “God, you ah a piece or work!”