The Twins

by Studbound

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Storycodes: M/mm; kidnap; bondage; reluct/nc; X

The Twins
by Studbound
The Twins

Jim came home from the university at the usual time, but something was wrong. His twin brother, Tim, who always got home a bit earlier, wasn't around. Tim always shot baskets or watched television, or sat in the kitchen eating something out of the refrigerator. But there was no sign of Tim. Jim was concerned.

Jim walked around the house, looking for his brother. The twins were close, all the time generally knowing what the other was doing. It was unlike Tim to go off somewhere and not tell Jim. At twenty, the Stalder twins were almost inseparable. They were a holy terror, driving their divorced mother and older sister to distraction with their antics, always into trouble, wrecking the car or annoying the neighbors. Good looking young men they were muscular, attractive, personable and always with a girl hanging around. And they were always having difficulty with the law or the people who lived around them. They were renegades.

Slowly, Jim climbed the stairs to the bedroom the boys shared on the second floor of the small house. Their mother and sister had bedrooms on the main floor, but Jim had found nothing there.

As Jim walked into the upstairs bedroom, he spotted his brother. Tim was laying on one of the two beds that sat against the bedroom wall. He was nude, his wrists were tied behind his back, his arms were tied to his body with two tightly secured wraps of rope. His legs were tied in three places, and drawn up behind him in a strict hog-tie. All of the man's lower face was covered with silver duct tape. The bound student tried to warn his brother, tried to squirm and alert him, but it was too late. Two sets of strong arms came out from behind the door, and quickly the second twin was pulled down, with a hand over his mouth, into the bedroom.

The strong arms started removing the man’s clothes as a voice said, "You can cooperate or we'll do it the hard way. Your choice."

Jim decided to cooperate. There was no sense getting hurt. The two figures, covered in black clothes and black hoods, were efficient as they stripped the young man, and bound him exactly like his brother including a rubber ball that they put in his mouth before wrapping his face with the tape.


Mrs. Stalder arrived home at her usual time that evening. She was tired after her day at work, but happy that she had a two-week-long vacation in front of her. She would enjoy it, she was sure of that.

Inside the house, she saw her daughter sitting watching television. "Did they do it?" she asked.

"Yes," smiled the daughter. "They left a few hours ago."

"How were the boys? Did they cause any trouble?"

"No problem," said the girl. The men had them slung over their shoulders as they went out. Both of them were bare-ass naked and all tied up, blindfolded and gagged."

"That's nice," said Mrs. Stalder. "So we can relax. But we still have to get there. The agreement is that we have to be there while the boys are there."

"I'm all packed," said the sister. "Let's go."

As the two drove together, the daughter listened to the radio while Mrs. Stalder thought back about the events that had brought them to this point. As kids her sons, Tim and Jim, had started playing tie-up games. First they tied up each other, but eventually they involved some of the other kids in the neighborhood. The games escalated, and there were problems when Mrs. Stalder would come home and find some neighbor boy or girl all trussed up in the living room. Some of the neighbors were quite angry at Jim and Tim, and wanted something done about their escapades.

That's about when Mrs. Stalder heard about the special resort in the mountains west of the city. She got a brochure, and read the details. She called and talked to the manager on the phone. She was especially interested in their special services. Her boys seemed to like being tied up – they had been tying each other up since they were little kids, so she concocted a plan to not only get them bound and gagged, but to give them the thrill of being kidnapped without any of the attendant dangers. The resort people seemed willing as long as the twins weren’t really being kidnapped or harmed. Mrs. Stalder assured them that her boys loved spending long hours in bondage, but the management was not entirely convinced. They decided to send out an employee to investigate, and the man arrived and talked to the sister, and to some of the neighbors. All confirmed that Tim and Jim were really into bondage, had been so for years, and that they would like to be tied up.

Finally the management agreed to Mrs. Stalder's plan. On the set date, they sent two men to abduct the boys, strip them, bind them, gag them, and take them to the resort and hold them there in a closed room for three days. They would be fed once a day, at different times, each bother would be allowed to exercise and go to the bathroom twice a day - not together. 
Otherwise, they would be hog-tied and gagged in a darkened room, not allowed to wander, or see anyone else. They would be led to believe that they had been kidnapped and that the kidnappers were waiting for Mrs. Stalder to come up with the ransom money.


As Mrs. Stalder sat in a reclining chair next to the swimming pool, her daughter, who had just completed a dive, climbed out onto the deck and walked over to her mother.

"This is a wonderful place," she gushed. "I love it here. There's swimming, horse back riding, tennis, trails to hike, neat movies in the evening, just everything. And it's so nice and peaceful. With my brothers somewhere bound and gagged, it’s so quiet and nothing to worry about what they’ll be doing next.  What could be better than that?"

"It is nice, isn't it?" Mrs. Stalder asked rhetorically. "I feel so rested."

"Today I went to the soccer game It was fun. No brothers annoying me. Mom, can't we stay longer?"

"Well, maybe a couple more days," said Mrs. Stalder.  "I'll talk to the management and see if that's possible.


In the dark room where the twins lay bound and gagged on their respective beds, it was very quiet. Then, slowly the door opened, and Mrs. Stalder slowly walked in, with a figure in black on either side of her. Seeing her, the two boys squirmed and made noise into their gags.

"Be brave, my darlings," said Mrs. Stalder in a sincere tone of voice. "I know it's difficult, but I'm having trouble raising the ransom money. A few more days. That's all."

"The men began moving Mrs. Stalder back toward the door. "They said I could only stay a minute," she said. "They brought me here blindfolded, so I don't know where you are. But don't worry, we haven't forgotten you."

Then the three people left the room. Even in the dim light, Mrs. Stalder was sure she saw fear in the eyes of both boys. They struggled with their ropes, and made animal noises in their gags. Thinking back on what she saw, she smiled a little.


"Well, did you see them?" asked the sister. 

Mrs. Stalder was back sitting by the swimming pool. She looked over at her daughter. "Yes, I saw them. They're having a wonderful time. They looked so happy. I'm sure they'll enjoy staying here a few days longer. Maybe even the rest of the week."