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Taped Up!
by Redfoote | Forum Feedback
© Copyright 2014 - Redfoote - Used by permission
Storycodes: F/m; femdom; bond; tape; gag; bdsm; strap; foot; cbt; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons; X
Taped Up! Redfoote F/m; femdom; bond; tape; gag; bdsm; strap; foot; cbt; denial; oral; mast; climax; cons; X

“Are you sure this is what you want?” she asked me. “You want me to bind you with ducttape? You want me to wrap so much ducttape around you so you can’t get loose? Gagged also I suppose.”

“Oh yes, a gag is definitely needed also. You can even put a blindfold on me if you want” I replied.

“You got it” she said as she tied a scarf around my eyes. That was the last thing I was permitted to say for a long time. She put a pill in my mouth and said “swallow”. I could only assume it was Viagra. She then put a strip of tape over my mouth and stepped back to examine me.

“Nope, that’s not going to be enough”. She then took 2 more pieces of tape and made a big “x” on my mouth. “Try to say something” she ordered.

“mmooo oooo eeee” is what came out.

“Maybe a little more”. She put 3 more pieces of tape across my mouth. “That should do it, but I wish it was colored. That gray tape in too blah, needs some color, pink maybe, but I don’t think we have any”.

“Turn around.” She pulled my arms behind me and crossed my wrists. She then tightly wound about a dozen wraps of tape around my wrists, cinching the bindings with more tape. She then pulled my elbows close together and wrapped several more wraps of tape around them. Next she wrapped tape around my torso from my chest to my waist, very tight. “There, see if you can get loose” she said.

I looked down at my feet and I guess she got the message. “Oh, you want your legs taped up too? No problem, I can do that, but first I need to take those pants off”. She loosened my belt and undid my pants. She then pulled them down past my ankles. She then wrapped tape around my legs, just above my knees, about 8 wraps. Then another 7 or 8 wraps just below my knees. She then moved to my ankles and wrapped them with another 8 wraps.

I was totally helpless now. She then helped me to the floor and pulled my pants off me. She pulled my belt out of my pants and started to teasingly hit me with it. Just lightly, teasing more that anything. “Harder?” She asked. Foolishly, I shook my head “yes”.

She then hit me harder with my belt. Then harder. Then even harder. I shook my head “no” but she paid no attention. She just kept on whipping me with my belt.

After what seemed like an hour she reached inside my underpants and grabbed my cock. “I thought you would be hard by now. You must want me to use the belt some more.” I shock my head no as hard as I could, but no, she just kept on whipping me with my belt.

“Maybe you need to have you penis tied up too”. She took some scissors and cut my shorts off me. She then would some twine around my penis and balls and tied it very tight.

She then sat on the couch and watched me. “Keep struggling” She ordered. “If you keep struggling I know you are okay”. Although I could see nothing, I sensed she was still close by. Suddenly I heard something. At first I didn’t know what it was, but in a few seconds, it came to me. It was a zipper. She must be putting her boots on. Lucky me. “Crawl over to me slave” she ordered. I proceeded to wiggle over to where I thought her voice came from.

I felt her boot touch my face. “Worship them” she said. “Worship my boots slave”.

I did the best I could, bound as tight as I was. Gagged kisses on her boots was about all I could do. Whack! Whack! Whack! I felt something strike my butt. Apparently she didn’t think I was doing a good enough job on her boots. I kept trying to please her by working my way higher on her boot, but it was extremely difficult. “Maybe you would rather worship my pussy.”

She rolled me on my back and planted her pussy right on my mouth. It didn’t take long before she pulled the tape off my mouth. “Eat slave” she gruffly commanded. I licked her as best I could, squirming around to get my tongue deep inside her. Eventually my blindfold slipped off so I could see.

Her pussy juice dripped down my face when she came. Her legs squeezed together, smothering me. I could feel her leather boots on my skin, which helped me maintain my enthusiasm as I tried to make her cum again. Eventually she sat back on the couch and stuck her booted foot close to my mouth. I took the hint and kissed he boots repeatedly.

The pressure in my loins was excruciating. My penis was still bound and the Viagra was working. I couldn’t get an erection due to the twine binding my cock, but I wanted to so bad. The teasing was unmerciful and went on for close to an hour. Finally she untied my cock, but the teasing continued.

“Don’t you dare cum. If you cum without permission you will spend the night tied up like this? Do you hear me slave?”

Oh, I heard her alright, but there was not much I could do. When she started rubbing my cock with her boots it was more that I could take. I exploded like Mount Etna. My cum was all over her boots. I knew she was going to make me lick it off. “My boots better be clean as a whistle or your butt will get a beating the likes you have never seen!” I licked her boots clean of course.

“Well slave, I’m tired. I’m going to bed now” she said. She reapplied the taped to my mouth. “That should keep you quiet. Good night slave.” As she walked away, she turned all the lights off, leaving my in the darkness to ponder my fate.

Many hours later I heard her enter the room. It was now light outside. I had endured the entire night in tight tape bondage. “Did you enjoy that slave? Being tied up all night?” she asked.

“mmmuuupppphhh” I tried to respond. She took the tape off my mouth and I said “I am sore and tired; you have proven again that you have the power over me”. I couldn’t believe my ears when she said “tonight you tape me up, just I did to you. I want to experience just what you did”.

I knew it would be long day, thinking about what the evening would be like. Time to go to Home Depot and get some pink duct tape.

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