Tanestran's Inventions 2: Larissa Returns

by Steff

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© Copyright 2004 - Steff - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; M/f; bondage; enclosed; cons; X

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I was home for a month and I was ready to leave. My mother was trying to introduce to every possible person that she felt was “good enough” for me. I was polite and behaved but they were really getting on my nerves. My oldest brother noticed that I wasn't having much fun. He did what he could to keep mom from getting too bad. 

I was home for about 4 months when I got a delivery. It was a package from Tanestran, a human that I meet on my trip home. My brother wanted to know what was in it. I told him an edited version of what happened. He wanted to know what an elf like me saw in a human. I told him I was just in it for the good times, but I still didn't let him see what was in the package. When I got up to my room I opened the package. I found a strange looking longed sleeve leotard and a note.

The note read, “This is for you to wear on your return trip. Put it on when you want to have an interesting trip. I recommend a couple of days before you get here. After you put it on only I will be able to take it off. The leotard will stop your normal bodily needs. You will have a really good time wearing it... PS: If your friend wants to try it out on you, she will be able to remove it.” The note was signed by Tanestran.

“Well what's the note say?”  Joanna asked

I was surprised, I didn't hear her come in. “And you say I'm the sneaky one. In all the years weave be best friend I've never been able to sneak up on you” I said. “For an elf you sure are nosy.”

 “What can I say? I've got to look out for you,” she replied. She walked up to me and grabbed the leotard. After looking it over she held it up and said, “This look kind small, even for you. I guess you left a lasting impression on him for him to send you a gift like this.” 

She then snatched the note out of my hands. “Hay! Give that back,” I said.

She read the note, and then looked at the leotard, then to me. “It sounds like Mr. Tanestran makes some really fun stuff. How did he know I would ready the note?” 

I snatched the note from her and read it again. This time it said, “Joanna The outfit is designed for sexual pleasure. If you hand it to her and she puts it on you will be able to control what it can do. Pick it up and you will know what it can do.” Just as I finished reading it the writing changed right before me eyes. It said, “Larissa I hope you enjoy this little reminder of our games.”

When I looked up from the note I saw Joanna holding the leotard out to me with an evil grin. “I think this is going to be fun. This Tanestran sounds like a real character.”

“What does it do?” I asked.

She giggled and said, “You're just going have to trust me. If it does what its supposed to then you're really going to have a good time.” She walked up to me and again offered the leotard to me.

“Lets get out of the village and got to our old cave hideout,” I said.

She replied, “You put this on first. That way I know you aren't going to back out on me. I promise to behave tell we get there… Mostly.”

“I guess I don't have much choice,” I commented as I sat on my bed and removed my clothes. Joanna opened the leotard and helped me get into it. The neck stretched enough for me to get in. I stepped into it and Joanna pulled it up. When the bottom was most of the way up I felt something between my legs. I figured it was some kinda built-in toy so I guided it into my pussy. We worked the leotard up a little more when I felt something else between my legs. I moaned and guided the small phallus into my ass. Once both my holes were filled the rest of the leotard went on without much trouble. It was tight but fit good. 

I walked in front a mirror and looked at myself. There wasn't a single wrinkle anywhere in the suit. When I walked I could feel something inside each phallus moving around. “This looks good,” I said.

“It's not done yet,” she replied. 

Just as she finished talking the suit began to tighten up. It squeezed my waist like one of the corsets human women wear. The leotard appeared to melt around my each of breasts. It also ran down each leg. After a few seconds both my legs were covered all the way down to each ankle. When I looked into the mirror again I was shocked to see that the leotard now looked like it was a painted on body suit. The suit flexible and soft, with the exception of around my waist. Around my waist it was firm and really tight. My waist was compressed by at least 3 inches.

“I think we are ready to go,” Joanna said as she made her way to the door.

I packed a change of clothes and followed her. Walking out of the village I got several comments on the suit and how good it look. I was glad that the corset wasn't the slightest bit visible. Once was got out of the village and into the woods both the phalluses started to vibrate. When I moaned Joanna just laughed and kept walking. It took almost an hour to reach the coastal cliff that housed the sea cave that was our destination. I was really worked up by the vibrations but they weren't enough to do much more than get me aroused.

“The cave is still there. I found out that you were coming home and I restocked it. I don't think anyone beside us knows its here,” she said. 

Joanna then jumped off a rock and into the water. I hid my bag in our normal hiding spot and followed her. The swim was just as I remembered it, except I was kinda distracted this time. I surfaced in a large cavern formed into the side of the cliff. The cavern was about 15 feet high and extended for about 200 feet. Towards the back were shelves and a bed ledge shaped out of the rock. The cave was also well lighted.

“I see you've been busy,” I said as I looked around.

She shrugged, “I figured I might as well put my limited magical abilities to use. It's really a shame all I can do is shape stone and wood; and conjure minor illusions.”

“So that's why nobody found this place.”

“You said it. Now lets get things started,” Joanna said. 

My arms were pulled behind my back. The suit stretched out and wrapped around my arms. It pulled till my lower arms touched at the elbows. The vibration between my legs increased a lot. My pussy lips were also spread out and my clit was also vibrated. 

Joanna walked up to me and reached for my crotch, but I stepped away. Before I knew what was happening my legs were spread, my feet were encased in stone. Laughing she said, “Like I said I've been practicing with stone shaping.” She walked up to me and began to feel my, now exposed, crotch. “That thing doesn't miss a beat does it,” She said after feeling and playing for several minute. 

I groaned but didn't say anything. My feet were released from the stone only to be pulled together and wrapped by the suit. Joanna the straddled my head and sat down. “You will get to cum till I get to.”

I eagerly started to lick and suck her pussy and clit. I had to work at it for a long time before I was able to finally make her cum. She moaned loudly when she came. Finally as she slumped forward the vibrations increased and I came quickly. The orgasm was so intense that the last thing I remember was screaming and then I passed out. 

When I woke up I heard Joanna swimming in the entry pond. I tried to get up but I was still bound in the suit. I tried to say something but I had a ball gag in my mouth. Joanna heard the noise I was making and came over to me.

“Good morning. You've been out for almost an hour. I was beginning to worry,” she said. “Are you ready for another round?” I shock my head and tried to say something but the gag did its job and I couldn't say anything. “I take it since you didn't say anything then your ready.”

Both my hole were assaulted by vibration. This time the vibrators moved too. They moved in and out but also wiggled side to side. In not time I had another orgasm. This one wasn't as intense but it kept going for a long time. I tried to get loose but the outfit kept me held firmly in place. When the orgasm finally stopped I felt my breast being massaged and my nipples were getting sucked on. The phalluses began to move and vibrate again. This time I was kept on the edge for a few minutes before I came again.

After four more orgasms Joanna removed the gag and the suit released me from my bonds. I tried to remove the suit but it wouldn't come off. Joanna just brought some food and drinks. After we ate and talked for a few hours then Joanna decided that she wanted to sleep and play more in the morning. Since I knew I really didn't a choice I made a sleeping area and fell to sleep quickly. 

The morning brought more awesome sexual pleasure for both of us. Joanna finally let me out of the outfit, which returned to its leotard form. We returned to the village about an hour before sunset to find a trade caravan in town. The next morning, when I was looking at the caravan trade goods I heard someone talking about Tanestran. I tracked the guy down later and found out that he was a member of another caravan trying to sell his new toys. For the price of a few gold pieces I got the route Tanestran’s caravan was taking. 

I spent the rest of the day packing and left the following morning, despite mother's objections. Joanna was the only one there to see me off. I told her I would come back with some new and interesting toys. I also promised that she would be able to try them all out on me. 

About a week after I left home I was able to confirm that Tanestran was in the caravan and that I was only a few days behind them. That night I stayed at an inn and after a long hot bath I pulled the leotard out of my bag. It had changed colors and was now metallic silver in color. I waited until morning before I put it on. Like before, both my holes were filled then the suit melted around me and again my waist was reduced by three inches by the corset. I put traveling leathers on over top of the leotard. When I walked down the stairs I realized that whatever moved in the vibrators last time I wore this moved even more this time. After breakfast I made sure to find out where the caravan was heading and left.

Riding my horse was tough. The movement in the vibrators wasn't enough to get me off, but I was kept on the edge all day. I even tried to stop and get myself off but there was something about the suit. I just couldn't even get myself off. When I finally made camp I was frustrated and thinking up all kinds of ways I wanted to kill Tanestran. Once I took care of the horse and tack both the vibrators came to life. I just made it over to my bedroll before I was hit by an orgasm. It was quick one, but I was glad for it. I finished eating when the suit began to mess with my breasts. It took all my concentration to finish the dishes and finally remove my clothes for bed. Once I removed my clothes the vibrations started again. Just as I started to cum my clit was nibbled on. I was rocked with a mind rocking orgasm. It was the most perfect orgasm I've ever had. The duration, intensity, everything was just perfect. 

Needless to say I slept great that night. In the morning I was ready to go, not the least bit sore. Again I put on travel leathers and headed out after Tanestran’s caravan. By the time I made camp, again I was frustrated by not being able to cum. This time the suit teased me until I was ready for bed. When I removed my other clothes the suit started to work on me. I was brought to three orgasms in a rapid succession. I had just got myself comfortable in bed the suit started again. This time I had one long, really intense orgasm. When I recovered I went to a stream and took a nice long bath. When I was in the stream the suit slowly brought me to a gentle orgasm. I went back to camp and slept.

I was woken by a wagon on the road heading opposite direction I was heading. I asked the drive how far to the next village. He told me I was about 2 hours away and that the caravan was there. 

I returned to my camp and found a nice looking jeweled box sitting on my bedroll. When I walked up to the box an illusion of Tanestran appeared. The illusion said, “Hi Larissa. I'm glad you're going to get to me today. This is a little present and it will test your courage. If you agree to wear what you pull out of the box then you will be able to remove you suit. All you have to do is put all your stuff, except the stuff for your horse, into the box then you will be able to remove the suit and put it into the box. Once that is done reach into the box and put on what you pull out. Things will come out one at a time. Don't worry when you are all dressed you will not get arrested in town. Remember once you agree you will have to wear the whole outfit. If you don't then just ride into town dressed normally. I will see you when you get here.” The illusion faded leaving the box and my curiosity going.

I figured, knowing Tanestran, whatever he planed for me would be fun I decided to go for it. Like the illusion said I put all my stuff into the magic box. Once I was done the suit I was wearing returned to its leotard form and I was able to take it off and put it into the box. I reached into the box and pulled out a black horse's saddle. I looked up and realized that mine had disappeared. I read the note on the saddle that said, “A last minute addition.” After I saddled my horse I reached in the box and pulled jar that contained a thick black liquid and label that read “Pour contents over you head.” 

I opened the jar and dumped it over my head. The liquid ran down my head to my shoulder. It was cold and slimy. Just when I began to wonder what Tanestran had in mind for this stuff it started to move. The liquid began to spread out all over my body. In about 10 seconds I was completely cover in it. I then felt an opening begin to form around my eyes and nose. My hair was gathered, combed into a ponytail and pushed out a hole in the back. My mouth remained covered. When I opened my mouth to speak the liquid poured into it. The liquid quickly formed itself into a rubbery cock that effectively prevented me from talking.

I decide it was time to reach into the box and see what else Tanestran had in store for me. Next I removed a ribbon that I braided into my hair. I then removed a black leather jeweled collar. Once it was on it tighten to a snug fit. I then pulled out a black corset. I really didn't want to put it on but since I did agreed to wear everything I put the corset on. Once the corset touched my waist is wrapped itself around me. Once it was done tightening up my waist was about three inches thinner. The corset also pushed my breasts up. I pulled a scroll out of the box next. It read, “Just about done. Get on your horse with the box then put on what you pull out. 

Just as I started to walk over towards the horse the liquid I wore began to rub my clit and open my pussy. It began to slide into my pussy. As it moved deeper into me it began to vibrate and I felt an electric shock run through my whole crotch area. I was hit be a very intense orgasm. Because in the orgasm's intensity all I could do was fall to the ground, twitch and scream into my gag. After what seemed like a long time I recovered and stood up. I could feel that the liquid was still inside me but it felt like an emptied sheath.

I look at myself for the first time. It looked like I was wearing a skintight shiny black outfit. The material was smooth and slick. There were no seams and no sign of the corset. I knew the corset was still in place but I couldn't see or feel it from the outside. I reached down to my crotch and found that I could feel everything even better then when I was nude.

I decided that it was time to leave, I got onto the horse and reached into the box. I pulled out a shiny black armbinder. Tanestran had explained how they work so I put it on. I loosely attached the shoulder straps then reached behind my back and put both my hands into the pocket and the bottom of the sleeve. Once they both were in place the armbinder closed itself tightly around my arms. My elbows were squeezed together and the shoulder straps tightened up. The next thing that happened was my legs were pulled to the side of the saddle by what looked like sleeves built into its sides. The bottom of the armbinder was pulled to the middle of the saddle preventing me from turning much of my upper body. The saddle then began to grow a phallus that filled my pussy. All I could do was sit there and enjoy the sensation. Once the phallus quit growing the horse began to walk towards the road.

As the horse walked vibrations and movement were directed directly into my pussy. With my legs spread and strapped to the saddle the phallus was free to work me up to an extreme sexual height. After about half an hour I had an orgasm. Since I was strapped into the saddle I wasn't able to fall off. I was just about recovered from the orgasm when the sleeve inside my pussy enlarged and began to vibrate. The vibrations were deep and intense. I once again was brought to orgasm. When the orgasm hit the sleeve sent out another electric shock into my already sensitive crotch. I screamed into the gag hood as waves of pleasure rocked me. 

When I recovered I realized that I slumped only a little bit in the saddle. The corset and armbinder attached the saddle kept me from slumping all the way over. After and 2 hours and 3 orgasms I finally rode into town. Everyone that I rode by stopped what they were doing and watched me ride by. When I came into sight of the caravan the phallus from the saddle receded but the suit's sleeve grew back in the phalluses spot. Like the first time as the sleeve expanded it vibrated. When I was filled the sleeve shocked me again, pushing me to another mind-blowing orgasm. I screamed into the gag and shook as much as my restraints allowed.
I recovered to the sound of applause and Tanestran saying, “That's all for the demonstration today. I will be opened for business for another couple of hours.” 

Tanestran walked over to me and wave his hand. When he did my armbinder and legs were released for saddle. I floated off the saddle and was set on my wobbly legs. With his help I was able to remain standing and walked into his wagon. 

The inside of the wagon was huge compared to the outside. Tanestran set me down on a couch then walked into another room. When he was gone the cock gag in my mouth began to excrete some liquid. Since I really didn't have much choice I began to drink the liquid. After a few minutes I felt my strength return and I got up to look around. With my arms still in the armbinder I couldn't open any door so I could only look in the living room. The living room had a sofa and an easy chair. In one corner was a folded up contraption that was about 4 feet high. 

Tanestran came in and said, “I see the suit is strong enough to feed you and you've gotten your strength back.” 

He walked over to me and gave me a hug. One of his hand reach down and grabbed my ass. He stepped back and slowly spun me around. “You look good. I take it you like my new creation?”

I nodded eagerly. He smiled and grabbed on of my nipples. He played with it a little bit before he pushed me back towards the contraption in the corner. I heard a click behind my back at the collar. My ankles were grabbed and my legs were spread. The contraption also grabbed me around the waist. The cock shrunk and part of the suit that was covering the front of my face was pulled down.

“What do you think of your new suit?” Tanestran asked.

“It's fun. What is it and what does it really do?”

He laughed, “Questions, questions, questions. Let me ask you one. Do you want that armbinder permanent or do you want other restraints?”

“Let me guess I have to decide know?” I asked. He nodded at me. “I like the way this feels, but if I decided the other restraints can I keep the armbinder?”

“You drive a hard bargain but…yes you can keep the armbinder.” Tanestran replied. He waved his hand and the armbinder loosed up so I could remove it. As I stretched my arms Tanestran was busy attaching shinny black leather cuffs to my ankles, knees and thighs. When he was done he attaches cuffs to my wrist and elbows. Almost immediately after he was done with my arms the contraption grabbed each of them and pulled them back and out. Since my back was supported my breast were forced out. Just as I opened my mouth to ask another question, then the suit moved up and cover my lower head. My mouth was filled with the cock gag again and all I could was make muffled noises.

Tanestran walked up to me and began to slowly rub his hand all over my body, starting with my breasts. His hands felt like they were rubbing directly on my skin. Not only didn't the suit dull any of the feeling I think it actually enhanced them. Tanestran deliberately avoided messing with my pussy until he heading back up from my legs. He started with my clit them he slid two fingers inside my sleeved pussy. Once he got me good and worked up he stepped back and I was rotated till I was lying on my back. He walked between my spread legs, knelt down and began to lick me. Just as I was ready to cum he slid two fingers inside me again. When he did I was pushed over the edge. I had a short but intense orgasm. He didn't give me time to recover before he stood up, removed his pants and stuck his cock in me. He fucked me with long hard strokes. We came together and this orgasm was a lot longer then the last one. 

When I finally quit cumming Tanestran walked over to me and said, “That suit really is something else. When it started on you I could feel it.” He helped me off the table contraption and into bed. I fell asleep almost immediately. When I woke up the cock again began to secrete liquid and I was soon “feed.” I got up and looked for Tanestran but he was no where to be found. I looked at myself in a mirror and noticed that there was no sign of the cuffs that were put on earlier. I looked out a window and saw Tanestran standing behind his display table talking to a couple of customers. From the looks of the sun it was morning. “I must really have been tired to have slept for that long,” I thought.

Tanestran came inside and look hurried. “I'm glad you're awake. I need your help with this sale. This adventuring couple are interested in some of my stuff but they want a demo first. If you feel up to it I would like to use you for the demo.”

I opened my arms pointed to my chest, “Mmmmph.”

“Don't worry. They won't mind the suit, in fact I might even try to sell them one,” he said. I shrugged then nodded. “That's my girl. We will discuss payment for your services later.”

With that he dragged me outside. There were two humans standing in front of the table that had some of Tanestran toys on them. Both of the humans had the same shocked look on their faces when they saw me. The female recovered first and walked around the table to me.

“May I touch?” she asked.

I nodded and she began rub her hands up my waist. She then walked behind me slid her hands up my legs and around in front till she reached my crotch. She walked to the table and picked up some leather cuffs that had about a one-foot long strap attached to them.

“Please show me how these thing work,” she said as she handed them to Tanestran.

He shook his head and replied, “You go ahead and put them on her wrists and ankles. When you are done just think about how you want her bound, or what you want her bound to. Just make sure that you remain inside my roped in area.”

She walked up and fastened cuffs around my ankles, wrist and a large wide one around my waist. The next thing I knew I was pulled with my back to a large tree. My arms were raised apart and around the tree. My legs were spread out and back around the tree. The waist strap lifted me off the ground and kept me pinned to the tree. 

“That's impressive,” she said. “Can I get her to squirm and see just how secure she really is?”

“As long as you don't injure her,” Tanestran replied

“Good.” She walked up to me then whispered into my ear, “You see my dear I've got this rare gift. I can make people cum by just touching them. Not only that I can control everything about the orgasm. You are the first person that I've been able to do it to that can't make me stop.” She reached up and began to rub my breasts. With her first touch I had mild orgasm. She just continued to play with my breast and build me towards another orgasm. As I got close to the edge she reached down between my legs and began to play with my clit. After a few seconds I had an extremely hard orgasm. The orgasm just kept going and going without any letup. I jerked and pulled against my bonds. I tried everything I could to make her stop but the waves of ecstasy just kept coming. Finally my body just gave up and I just hung against tree and rode the wave out. After a few minutes the orgasm stopped and she walked away.

“Those are cool I want two sets,” she said.

Tanestran asked, “aren't you forgetting something?”

The woman looked at me, waved a hand at me and I was lowered from the tree. She removed the cuff and handed them to Tanestran. They both walked over to his main selling table talking about busy. The cock in my mouth began to secrete its liquid, which I drank eagerly. The more I sucked the more I got. After a few minutes all my strength had returned and felt good.

I stood up and stretched out. “This suit is cool,” I though. “I'm not sore from that killer orgasm or being pulled so tightly against the tree. I'm also felling really good. I could go another round.”

As I walked over towards Tanestran I saw the two adventures walking away. “Your were great!” Tanestran said eagerly. “Not only did I sell two sets of cuffs, but I also sold a chastity belt and an armbinder. Are you ready to model and play some more?”

I shook my head and reached up in an attempt to pull down the lower half of my face cover.

He laughed and said, “I'm sorry. I forgot to tell you that the suit couldn't be removed until it has full adapted to you. That's why I asked about the restraints of the armbinder last night. It should only be another two or three days.” He reached out and gave my gagged mouth a kiss as one hand went down between my legs. “It looks like the suit is almost ready to come off. You see the more of your juices it absorbs the fast it adapts to you.”

A well-dressed man walked up and began to look at Tanestran’s merchandise. He asked some questions then left. Soon two noble women approached and expressed an interest in self-bondage. They didn't want to be able to get loose until it was time and they also wanted to cum when they were bound.

Tanestran gave a really good sales pitch for self and normal bondage. When they ask for a demonstration he eagerly grabbed me and said, “Put on the chastity belt, ankle cuffs and armbinder. Set the time for 15 minutes and the belt for random but at least three orgasms. Secure your legs spread out between the trees.”

I nodded and began to do what he said. As I gathered the stuff he explained how my gag could block out as much or as little of my noise as he wanted. I put the chastity belt on first. This one had one dildo that went into the sleeve inside my pussy. I put cuffs on then picked up the armbinder.

Just before I was going to put the armbinder on one of the woman said, “make sure that belt is good and tight.”

I rolled my eyes and Tanestran just laughed. I thought about it and the belt tightened up till it actually hurt then it loosed up till it was minorly uncomfortable. I guess I made some noise when it tightened up because the woman's eyes got big then she nodded at me.

I nodded back then loosely put on the armbinder’s shoulder straps. I reached behind my back and put my hands into the armbinder. The armbinder then tightened up. This time it squeezed my arms really tightly together. When it was done tightening up I couldn't move anything below my elbow. I walked over to the trees and spread my legs as wide as I could. Then the straps shot out from the cuffs and wrapped around the trees. Once they were attached my legs were pulled a little further apart.

I stood there for a few seconds then the dildo began to do its thing. First it started to vibrate really intensely. Then it started to move in and out. I moaned into the gag and started to struggle against the armbinder. I wasn't able to loosen it at all, but the women liked the show I was giving them. I was just about to stop when my clit was hit by an electric shock that caused me to jump and jerk against my bonds. Now I really wanted to cum so I started trying to move my hips around in an effort to help the belt get me off.

Tanestran told the women that I wouldn't cum until the belt decided I would. The women watched for another few minutes as my frustration just grew. When I was finally allowed to cum I came really hard. The orgasm was really a long one. When I recovered I noticed that there were 8 more people watching the show. 
I heard Tanestran say “Like I said with the gag you can control how much noise will escape. Next time she cums we will not be able to hear anything.”

I was soon lost in another orgasm. This one lasted for a long time. It wasn't quite as intense as the other one but when I recovered I was slumped over and Tanestran was holding me up. I got my footing then nodded and he walked away. The woman that made the comment about making the belt tight walked around me twice then reached up and pinched one of my nipples. I screamed into the gag but no sound came out. She released that one and then pinched the other one. This time when I screamed some sound came out but it hurt just as bad as when she pinched the first one.

“Now be a good girl and try to get loose again,” she said. 

I struggled and again I couldn't get loose. She walked around me and stopped behind me. She started to pull the armbinder and examine the ankle cuffs. I was hit by an orgasm when she was examining them. The orgasm hit me so suddenly I fell over on top of her. She stood me up and then reached between my legs and tried to get her fingers under the belt. When she realized she could she just rubbed her hand along the crotch strap. The vibrations increased and an electric shock again hit my clit. This time the shock shoved me over the edge of another orgasms. 

“That belt really does make your life fun doesn't it” she asked. I nodded. She laughed and walked back to Tanestran. 

After she walked away my gag began to excrete its juice, which I again eagerly sucked up. A few minutes later my ankles were released and the armbinder loosened up. Since my arms were stiff it took me a couple minutes to get out of the loosened armbinder. I walked back to the table and removed the belt and cuffs. I heard Tanestran tell the women about the suit I had on. They didn't want the suit but they each bought an armbinder, chastity belt and one set of cuffs. The one that played with me also bought a gag.

When they left Tanestran came over to me, gave me a big hug and said, “Thanks to you I've sold out of everything. I'm now able to give you my complete attention. You go inside and I will clean up out here.”

“Finally,” I though “I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to spend some real time with him.”


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