Susanís Game

by Sammy4187

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Susan’s Game
by Sammy4187
Susan’s Game by Sammy4187
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My name is Kim and I am 35 years old and live near Lansdale Pennsylvania. I guess you could say that I am a weekend love slave to the most wonderful woman in the world. Her name is Susan. She is 33 years old and petite in build, with long brown hair. The reason I mention her size is that the idea of a smaller woman dominating me, adds to my humiliation and enjoyment. I would like to tell you about an adventure she put me through. It was the most exciting adventure in my life and I enjoyed every minute of it!

I received a phone call from Susan about 1pm of Friday. Susan would call to confirm that I would be coming to her place as usual. Part of our relationship is that as soon as I leave work on Friday I am her slave and must do her bidding weather it be picking up something to eat on the way to her place or removing my panties per her instructions for the remainder of the day in the office. 

When I answered the phone she told me the weekend would be different and she had a game she wanted to play. She asked me if I had my watch with me and I told her I did. I was told that I must keep the watch with me at all times. I asked her why and all she would say was “ you’ll find out “.  For some reason that sent a little shiver through me. I was then told to go to the little motel on route 309 and go to room 7; it would be in the back. I was to knock and then enter the room. I was to arrive no later than 4pm and to wait until she called. She asked if I had the instructions and I said yes, with that she hung up the phone.

If I was to arrive at 4pm that meant I would have to leave work early, about 3.30pm. Things were quiet and the boss had left at 3 so I had no problem getting out. 

I pulled into the lot at twenty after three and parked as close to the room as possible.

As I walked to the door my mind raced at what might lay behind it!

I knocked and waited; I then remembered that I was to enter when I arrived. I opened the door and found, nothing. Susan was not there and there was nothing in site.  I entered, closed and locked the door behind me. I looked around the room, and found it to be neat and clean. I would remember this for a later date. When the phone rang I almost jumped out of my skin. 

When I answered the phone it was Susan. 

“ Samantha, do you like the room?”

“ Yes, it’s very nice for a rendezvous. “

“ Listen to me, it is now 4pm and you are to go into the bathroom and take a shower and fix your hair. You will find every thing a girl would need to make herself beautiful for her lover. There is one stipulation; you must be finished by 5pm. And you must not leave the bathroom for any reason before 5pm under penalty of punishment.”

“ Do you understand what I have just told you?”

“ Yes, Mistress “

“ Also fold all your clothes neatly and place them on the bed before you start your shower “.

“ Do you understand?”

“ Yes, Mistress. “

The phone went dead and I started to remove my clothing and fold them neatly as I was instructed. It was getting later by the minute and a girl needs every minute to make herself-beautiful for her love. As I was getting out of the shower I noticed that they had forgotten to put bath towels in the room and all I had was a face cloth to dry myself with. I thought of calling but I was running out of time so I just made do. I kept an eye on the time and before I knew it, 5pm arrived and I got ready to greet Susan looking my very best. I opened the door and much to my disappointment she was not there.

I walked over to the bed and look along the side of it thinking she was hiding. She was not.

The phone rang and I answered.

 “ Samantha, are you all pretty and pink for me?”

“ Yes Mistress, but where are you?”

“ Never mind, are you missing anything?”

I looked around for a moment and then it hit me. All my clothes were gone, even my shoes and purse. I had no money and no key’s to my car, little good the keys would do me for when I looked out the window my car was gone also.

“ Mistress my car and all my clothes are gone!”

“ No, there right here with me. Do you feel a little, vulnerable, a little exposed sitting naked in a strange room?”

“ Yes Mistress, I’m a little frightened. I wish you were here.”

“ And I want to be with you also but first there is a little quest you must take to find me and then you will receive your reward. “

“ Go to the closet and bring what you find back to the bed. Read and follow the instructions.”

Susan hung up.

I went to the closet and opened it to find two large paper bags. I brought them back to the bed and opened the first one. It contained a pair of black high heels with ankle straps, black stockings and a black garter belt. There was also a short black vinyl raincoat. The second contained a leather chastity belt and a leather collar; there were also four pad locks. Two large locks and two small locks. There was also an envelope. I opened the envelope and read the letter inside.  Slave Samantha, 

You are naked and alone in a strange motel room. You have only one Course to follow, but you must hurry. There will be a cab outside the room at 5.45pm, sharp! It has strict instructions to wait only 15 minutes, and then it is to leave. Dress in the stockings and garter belt. Put on the chastity belt and make sure the straps are tight and locked. Put the collar around your neck and lock it also. You will notice the straps on the shoes have two small eyelets; use the two small locks to lock your shoes on. I will inspect you later tonight and everything better be tight or there is a penalty clause in this game. Put on the coat and wait for the cab. When the cab arrives, get in. He will have an envelope for you but do not open it till the cab drops you off. Also when you leave the room makes sure the door is locked. 

                                                                     Love Mistress

I was shocked to say the least but also excited. I looked at my watch and it was already twenty after, I had to hurry if I wanted to stay on time.

I started to dress in the few things I had, I love the idea of stockings and garter belt. I placed the collar around my neck and locked it with the pad lock. I then noticed the little bell on the front of the collar. I moved to the mirror to look at it and as I looked at myself it struck me that I did make a pretty sexy image. The bell made a cute little noise when I moved and I thought it was cute.

I sat on the bed and picked up the shoes and put them on, I think high heels and ankle straps are the sexiest thing alive. The moment came and I placed the two small locks through the eyelets and snapped them shut. They were not coming off till my mistress gave me permission to do so. 

Next came the chastity belt, this was new to me and it took me a minute to figure it out. I placed the waistband around my waist. Then I pulled the strap back and up between my legs. I had a little trouble getting the pad lock into the loop but I finally got it and the lock snapped shut.  I thought, “ Susan must know every inch of me!” because the belt fit me like a second skin. I looked at myself again in the mirror and it was a very sexy sight. Here I was locked in a chastity belt in a strange motel with no panties or bra and no way out except to follow my mistress’s instructions. 

 The cab sounded its horn, it was early by five minutes but I was ready. I grabbed the vinyl raincoat and put it on, that’s when I realized it barely covered my stocking tops. I was out of time so I opened the door to the room.  I noticed that the temperature had dropped. Then I thought, maybe it has something to do with being naked under this coat. I closed the door behind me and realized that I was at the point of no return, the door was locked and I could not get back in even if I wanted to. As I walked to the cab I noticed that I could hear the little bell around my neck making it’s merry little tune. I hoped it would not give me away!

 The driver didn’t even get out of the cab to open the door, maybe that was better considering the way I was dressed.

“ Hay lady, is your initial S.S.? “.

At first I was going to say no but then I caught myself. The hidden meaning, “ SLAVE SAMANTHA “.

“ Yes they are “.

With that he held an envelope for me to take. I took it and on the front was written. To S.S. do not open till the cab drops you off!

The cab moved into traffic and I sat wondering where it would take me. As we proceeded I started to get a bad feeling, and finally when we turned in to the parking lot I knew for sure.

“ Here you are lady  “.

I could not believe where Susan had sent me, the Montgomeryville mall. It is a large mall with three major department stores in it. I was outside Macy’s entrance and people were starting to notice me. I quickly moved to one side so I would not be as noticeable. I opened the letter. 
  Hello Slave!

Are we following the instruction? You better! 

You are to go to the top level by way of the escalator near Sears. You must go through the mall and may not cut across the parking lot. Proceed to the food court. Go to the telephone in front of the food court and wait till I call. You must reach the telephone by 6.30 p.m. Do not deviate from my instructions, I will be watching. Failure to follow instructions will cause me to stop the game and I will not call with the next step. You will then have to find your own way home, I think it would be a long walk in those high heels.

                                                              Mistress Susan

I started my journey of shame. I was sure everyone knew that I had next to nothing on under my coat. I moved as fast as I dared, I didn’t want to call extra attention to myself. The bell around my neck made that a difficult task as I walked. The mall was crowded and people moved past me most without looking at me. I approached the escalator and started up.  It then struck me that anyone at the bottom of it would have a pretty good view of me with this short coat on. I was dying of shame, but at the same time I had this secret thrill run through me.

It was almost 6:30, and I had made it. The phone rang and I grabbed it. 

“ Susan? ”. 

“ Are we having a good time?  How is the belt feeling? A little tight? “

“ Yes Mistress I must admit this whole thing is starting to get to me “.

“ Good, I hoped it would!”

“ Go to the opposite end of the mall, exit the mall. There you will see the same cab you came in. Get into the cab.  But hurry you only have a short time to reach it. 

With that she hung up the phone. I started towards the opposite end of the mall; every face seemed to give me that knowing smile. I could feel that they all could hear the bell announcing to them that I was a slave on a mission for my Mistress. I became more upset with every step but I could not move any faster or people would see my stocking tops and I would give myself away.

When I came out of the mall the cab was parked in the fire lane and I got in as soon as I could. The cab pulled out without the driver saying a single word to me. I was glad he didn’t. Before long I found myself being dropped off at the park at Line and Main in Lansdale. As I got out the driver handed me another envelope. 

“ Hay lady, thank the lady for this fare. It was the easiest money I ever made. If she ever needs a special service tell her to ask for Sam “.

With that he drove off and I had the feeling that he was out of the game for tonight. I opened the envelope to see what was my next task. 
  Hello Slave,
You are to go to the cannon in the park. There are two so you will have to select one. You will see a piece of paper just barely sticking out of the barrel of the gun. You must get this and read it, how you get it is your problem. If you do not get this you will not know the next step in the game. You will be stuck!   Now GO!

Quickly I looked around and saw the two cannon in the park. They must have been from the WW1 from the look of them. As I walked towards them I started to realize they were bigger than I thought. As I reached the first cannon I could not reach the end of the barrel. I stood on my toes and reached for all I was worth and still could not reach the end. I could see a piece of paper just sticking out of the barrel. I thought and thought of how I was going to do this. Then I saw a wooden box at the other end of the cannon, the end where they would have placed the shell in. I retrieved it and found by standing on it and standing on my toes stretching my arm as far as I could I would be just able to reach the end of the barrel.

I finally got the paper after loosing my balance three times.

Quickly I opened and read the note.
  “Very good my little slave!”

“But did you think it would be that easy? The instructions are in the other gun!”                                              

Love Susan

I almost started to cry, but I realized that would not help me so I picked up the box and started to carry it across the field to the other cannon. I noticed three boys on bikes started to head in my direction I was really getting a little worried that they would start to give me some trouble or make such a scene I would not be able to recover the note. Suddenly they turned and headed to the high school area at the other end of the park. I placed the box under the barrel and started to reach for the end of the gun. There was a sudden breeze and I realized as I stood there on my toes reaching for the barrel my coat was being pulled up by my arms reaching for the barrel. Everything was on display.

It was wonderfully humiliating.

I was only about a hundred feet from the main street but no one seems to notice. Finally I got the paper, I thought I’d better move away from the area as soon as I could just in case someone did see me and was curious or called the cops.

I moved to an area behind a monument to the local war veterans, I could not be seen from the street because of the bushes around the monument.
  Hello Slave,

I figure it is about 7.30 PM and starting to get dark, time is getting late. Start walking to seventh and Line streets. There you will see a large open field. There is a soccer, football and baseball field next to each other. 

You are to go to the football field. Go to the far goal post, past the goal posts you will find a paper bag in the bushes. Read and follow the instructions. Hurry because if it gets too dark you might not be able to find the bag with the next step in the game. 
                                                          Love Susan

She was correct; it was getting a little dark. I hurried to my task. I had several blocks to go and I was getting tired in these high heels. I wished I could have taken the shoes off but the two small locks prevented me from that luxury.  I was walking as fast as I could. Suddenly I saw a police car it passed me and it slowed down, luckily he did not stop me for remember I had no identification on me. If he had detained me they would want to call some one to confirm my identification. I could have given them Susan’s name but she was playing the game and not at home. That would mean I would have to call another friend and my secret would be reveled. 

As I walked there were people outside going about there every day routine. 

As I approached Seventh Street I noticed a young woman tending her garden, her cat was on a leash attached to the house watching her.  I thought, “ I wonder what she does for excitement on the weekend?

Finally I could see the large field, I better hurry it was getting darker!

It was a large open area and as she said there were a soccer field, a football and a baseball area. As I walked it was getting darker and darker. It seemed to take me forever to reach the far goal post. I stopped and looked around to see if I could catch a glimpse of Susan hiding somewhere, but I could not. I walked to the bushes that were about another fifty feet and started to look around to find the bag she promised. Finally I found it; there was a wooden pole about three feet long lying beside it with metal loops fixed to the ends of it. I opened the bag and pulled out the envelope and read the message inside. 
  Hello Slave,

Since you are reading this you have followed all the instructions I have given you. You have one more task in front of you, follow these and very shortly we will be together. But this may be the hardest task you have faced. This is your final test of your enslavement to me. I will be watching very closely! If you cannot bring yourself to do what I wish you to do, return to the corner of Seventh and Line and wait for me.

But if you are up to the test, proceed as instructed and I’ll give you a weekend you’ll never forget.

You should find in the bag, a blindfold, ballgag harness, handcuffs, spreader bar and two plastic zip cuffs.

Walk back to the goal post and sit on the ground with your back against the goal post. Use one plastic cuff to secure one ankle to the spreader bar. Use the other plastic cuff to secure your other ankle to the other end of the bar.

 Put on the blindfold and ballgag harness and make sure there secure. Place the handcuff on one wrist and bring your hands behind the goal post and secure your other wrist and wait.

                                                     Love Mistress

I was shaking at the thought of sitting on the ground with my legs spread and helplessly secured outside. I would be blindfolded and gagged, it was too humiliating to resist. I looked around and sat at the goal, it took me a couple of minutes to get everything on but when that last handcuff closed around my wrist let’s just say it was too much for me and after a couple of minutes I found myself sitting in my own juices.

I had lost track of time and I started to get worried. Suddenly I heard the faint sound of a 35mm camera taking pictures. It got stronger; I could also hear the high pitch of a strobe flash. I struggled because if she was using a flash that meant that we could be seen from the street and there were homes right there. Every time I would struggle I could hear the bell on the collar. She came and opened my coat and pulled it down to expose by breasts, more pictures. I thought the cops would arrive at any second. But they never did.

I have never been more turned on in my life before that night. This was the culmination of all my fantasies and they were coming together in one wonderful night. She even stopped and reloaded the camera to record the event.

Finally I heard her voice for the first time.

“ Samantha, I can not tell you how much I love you right now. You have made me very proud of you and I now know that you are mine forever.”

She came close and kissed my breasts. She removed the bar between my ankles but replaced it with a pair of police leg irons so I could walk. She released my hands long enough so I was no longer held to the goal post but my hands were secured behind my back again.

“ Let’s go dear”.

With that she started me walking, she would use the spreader bar as a poker to keep me moving in the correct direction.  I could tell I was walking up hill and then there was a flat area again. There was one more incline and then we were on a hard surface, I figured it to be the parking lot near the catholic high school who’s field we just used. I heard the sliding door of her van open and she helped me in. There was a blanket on the floor of the van and she laid me down. Susan opened the leg cuffs so she could interconnect them with the handcuffs. I was in a classic hog-tie. She kissed me and started the van. We returned to the motel and had a wonderful night to say the least. I was one sore young lady the next day. As we ate breakfast I was totally in love with Susan and I told her of my feelings about the night before and her.

She was glad I enjoyed myself and she said she would think of some other adventures for the future. If they come to pass I will write again. 

Love Kim