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Stuck Up in the Glue Factory
by Jenny Bonici
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© Copyright 2007 - Jenny Bonici - Used by permission
Storycodes: F+/f; capture; bond; straps; gag; susp; glue; encoat; torment; stuck; revenge; cons/nc; X
Stuck Up in the Glue Factory Jenny Bonici F+/f; capture; bond; straps; gag; susp; glue; encoat; torment; stuck; revenge; cons/nc; X
Story published to celebrate the life of the author Jenny Bonici, who sadly has passed over way too early from Leukaemia. Jenny sent in many stories over the years from 2002-2014. Her friend Doug sent me the remaining stories and said, "A few years ago Jenny contributed a number of stories to the Plaza.  You may not have realised that at the time she was suffering from Leukaemia.  Unfortunately the Leukaemia finally got the better of her.  She was a bubbly personality and put on a very brave face in spite of knowing that she was dying. We all miss her."

The girls in the office were fed up with Beth’s attitude. When she was not being a stuck up prig she was trying to lord it over everyone else. Matters really came to a head when all four of them, including Beth and the boss’s wife Carla, were in the office during a factory shutdown transferring the old manual records on to the new computer system. All morning Beth had been bragging about her new apartment and all the things she was putting into it. But she didn’t know that one of the girls had found out that the only reason she could afford the apartment was that she had had her fingers in the till at the last place she worked.

When Beth was out of room Carla said that as none of them could stand the girl and as it looked like she was starting to try the same till tickling tricks again she should be taught a lesson that she would never forget. Carla sent one of the girls into the factory to get several lengths of sealing strip. This was soft, stretchy and strong and ideal for tying someone up.

When Beth returned the three girls grabbed her and although she struggled and kicked they soon had her wrists and arms tightly bound behind her back and a piece of rag rolled into a ball stuffed into her mouth and held in place with packing tape - this Carla took great pleasure in wrapping round and round her head until she had used up all that was left on the roll. Still struggling and kicking Beth was marched through the deserted factory and out into the yard. There they got her under the hoist, lowered the hook, slipped it under the binding round her elbows and pressed ‘Up’ button until her heels were lifted off the ground.

“Now Beth, we’re all fed up with your stuck up attitude and we know how you got to afford your new apartment,” said Carla. “We’re sure that you don’t want us to tell your last employer - and the cops - so we’re going to punish you instead.”

Beth, who was still vainly fighting to free herself, hmmmphed her protests through her gag. But this did not stop Melanie pulling Beth’s dress and bra up over her head and down over her arms. She then pulled Beth’s panties down, letting them fall round her ankles.

As she was still kicking out with her feet Melanie held one of her legs while Kerry tied a length of sealing strip round her ankle then tied the other end to a nearby post. The girls then repeated this with her other ankle. Beth’s legs were now spread wide apart with her toes barely touching the ground.

“Oh, you never told us you had a tattoo,” said Jan when she saw that Beth had a coiled snake tattooed on the right cheek of her ass. “…. and that love bite on your left tit, who gave you that?”

“Look girls she’s got little rings through both of her nipples” added Carla as she gave each one a tug.

Next they removed Beth’s dress and bra from her bound arms by tying another length of sealing strip round her arms above the dress before cutting off the strip that they had used earlier to tie her elbows. They used the same method the get the clothes off passed her wrists.

By now Carla had collected some large tubes of the thick black rubber sealant that was the company’s main product. “Here, I’ll squirt it on, you two spread it out to give her an even coating. You’ve got less than a minute before it starts to set. Put some rubber gloves on or else your fingers will all be stuck together – look it says ‘Quick Setting’ on the pack.” (It also said ‘For a Permanent Seal - Sticks to Anything – Remains Flexible’ and they were not idle boasts either!)

Carla started with a big squirt on the snake tattoo and then she filled the crack in Beth’s ass with the stuff. While Carla squeezed more on the girls got to work spreading it all over her ass. With her backside well coated they were about to start on her front when Melanie piped up and said, “Wait a minute, I’ve just had a thought.” She picked up another piece of the sealing strip, folded it over and started pushing it into Beth’s pussy. After she had stuffed all of it into her hole she stood back and said, “OK, now give that area a good coating so it won’t come out.” With it coating her pubic hair it was going to be a slow and perhaps a painful process to get off.

There was just enough sealant in two tubes to coat her body from the waist down to the top of her legs. Carla picked up another tube. “Leave her body for now, her drool is making the packing tape across her mouth come unstuck – so I’ll squirt this lot over the gag and you two smooth it out.” The three of them soon had all the tape round Beth’s head coated with the stuff. That finished, they coated under her chin and down her neck to her shoulders.

Carla squeezed a large glob of the stuff on each nipple and its little ring and was about to start squirting more over the rest of Beth’s tits when she had a better idea. “There’s a vat of the sealant in the factory that hasn’t had the stuff added that makes it go off. We’ll add just a bit of that - but nowhere near enough, give it a stir and coat we’ll her with it. If we don’t add too much it will just stay like thick tar but far stickier.”

In all three buckets full of the gooey mix were soon being spread all over of Beth’s body, arms and legs. The only part of her that wasn’t coated was her head above the gag.

The girls left her dangling from the hoist while they went back into the office to clean up. They then collected all Beth’s belongings from her desk and put them into a cardboard box together her topcoat and the clothes and shoes they had removed. With that Carla locked up the building, Melanie took the box and the three of them went back into the yard.

Carla told Beth that they all knew how she’d robbed her previous employer and how they were fed up with her stuck-up attitude. She went on to say that if she didn’t want her to spill the beans to the police, the press and just about everyone else she could think of she should just go and never come back - adding that none of them ever wanted to see her again. She also said that she would make up the wages, holiday pay plus anything else she was owed and would post it to her the next morning. Finally she told her that all her clothes, car keys and other belongings were in the cardboard box and next to it there was a large pair of scissors to cut the ties round her wrists and arms to free herself - and there was a pile of rags she could use to clean herself up before leaving.

“Do you understand?” Carla asked.

A tearful Beth nodded as best she could. With that Jan lowered the hoist and unhooked her. Jan was going to untie her ankles but as they were covered with the sticky goo she thought better of it.

“Have fun,” said Carla as the three girls turned and walked towards the gate.

Beth was now alone in the yard and the sun was rapidly disappearing over the horizon. Soon it would be dark. She could not get to the scissors to free her arms until she had undone the ties that held her ankles. After a lot of effort she managed to reach the knot tying her left ankle but as her hands and the knot were both covered with sticky goo and her arms kept sticking to her back, undoing it was quite a struggle. The task was not made any easier by the knot being pulled tight by the tension on the tie. At last she got it undone - but not before she had broken one of her nails. Undoing the other ankle proved to be a lot harder as the knot there had tightened even more.

With her ankles free she started to walk the twenty or so yards to where the scissors were laying. But the thick sticky goo on the insides of her legs kept sticking them together. To make any progress she had to walk with her legs apart. As she squatted to pick up the scissors she tumbled backwards. Now her arms were stuck to her back and she was stuck to the ground. After a lot of squirming she managed sit up and get the scissors. They too were now covered with the sticky goo. With the stuff all over her hands as well, getting the scissors into a position to cut one of the wrist ties was not easy. But after many failed attempts she succeeded. There was no way that she could reach the tie above her elbows with the scissors but by standing up and hooking it under the doorknob she gradually worked it down past her elbows - even then the goo stopped it just falling off. Now able to get her hands in front of her she soon cut off the other wrist tie.

Getting the sticky goo off her body was a slow and messy task. She found that scraping and picking the goo off with her fingers was the best way to remove the stuff - wiping herself with the rags did not work; it just turned them into a sticky mess. The sun had long since sunk below the horizon before she had got most of it off. It was getting quite chilly and she needed to get some clothes on fast. So she decided that she would finish cleaning herself up after she got home. She also found it hard to get the large scissor blades between her skin and the thick rubbery coating that covered her body below her waist - and it was almost impossible to get them between her face and the layer covering the gag down to her shoulders.

Anyway they were not very sharp so they would have made hard work of cutting through the thick rubbery stuff. So these too would have to wait until she got home and found a smaller, sharper pair of scissors. As for the lumps covering her nipples, the rings made their removal a delicate operation and so that also would have to wait until she got home and could see what she was doing. Putting her dress on was not a simple matter as it stuck to the patches of goo still on her skin. At least the dress would stop the stuff getting all over the inside of her topcoat. She slipped her feet into her shoes, picked up the box containing her belongings and her car keys and headed for her car and home.

No one has seen her since so I cannot tell you about her trip home or how she got on driving with that sodden gag filling her mouth and sealed in by that thick rubbery collar. She must have found it hard to concentrate on driving sitting with her pussy stuffed full of sealing strip and more rubbery stuff filling the crack in her ass. Because of the lumps of the stuff on her nipples she did not put her bra back on. Her tits hanging free plus the pressure on put on them by her figure-hugging dress and her topcoat could have been another distraction.

I wonder how long it took her to get rest of the goo off her body, the lumps off her tits and nipple rings and how long it took and how painful it was for her to remove the stuff that was stuck to her pubic hair. I would also like to know if the sealant lived up to the claim that it “Sticks to Anything” and did actually stick to her skin. If it did she would have had fun removing the gag, collar and the stuff covering her ass and stomach.


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