Stressful Day – Restrained Evening

by Rope Lover

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© Copyright 2017 - Rope Lover - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF; chast; locked; M/f; bond; rope; breast-tie; bed; spreadeagle; gag; toys; insert; tease; torment; nipple; ice; denial; climax; cons; X

Maybe it's the pressure of your work or you have just had a bad day, but all I can say is your mood seems very "snappy". All you have done since you came home is complain or criticise what I have done or not done today. The evening meal is under way, your favourite, so why don't you go and get changed into something comfortable and when you come down I will help you relax.

An oil burner adding its scent of Frankincense to the air greets you when you return. That's nice, you have my favourite top on. We have half an hour before the meal is ready so sit here and have this glass of wine. As they say, "assume the position" while I massage your shoulders to get rid of the day's tensions. I start gently across the tops of your shoulders and work slowly into the base of your neck. You are as stiff as a board. Just relax and let your head droop. Palms work across your shoulder blades and thumbs work into your neck.

Slowly your tightness subsides and your head begins to loosen and droop lower. That's when I know it's beginning to work, and you can benefit from a little more pressure and working higher up your neck and into your head. I slow the massage and lighten the touch, signals you know mean it's time to come around. Just 5 minutes and the meal will be on the table.

Over the meal we chatter about our day's events, another glass of wine each further removes the hassle of the day from our consciousness’s. As I am clearing the dishes from the meal you give me a lingering and seductive stare then ask me to take you away to that magic place of release. Are you sure you want to? "Yes" is all you answer. OK then go and bring me seven ropes. "Why seven" you ask? I explain, "Because seven has always been ascribed magical powers and is believed to be linked to power, secrecy and the search for inner truth". All of which seem appropriate to the pleasures we both secretly enjoy. And besides I have a specific use for each of those ropes.

You return as instructed and offer me the ropes, but then withdraw them as though teasing and remind me we have a new pact. If you are to be restrained then so must I be. You dangle the steel chastity cage, ring and lock tantalisingly from your fingers. In your assertive tone you instruct me to drop my trousers and offer my cock for capture. Oh I wish I had better control, a stirring of passion has already started to take effect and the touch of your fingers and the cold steel only serves to heighten the effect I wish I could stop.

We both realise this is a futile mission. Admitting defeat you suggest I use a cold shower on the offending item and fit the restraint myself. Eager to please I retreat to shrink, and return duly captivated, physically and mentally, you sexy woman.

OK now it's your turn. You are sitting comfortably on the settee. I caress your arm from shoulder, to elbow, to wrist and take up the first rope. Multiple turns and loops around your wrist provide a very secure but loose binding with at least four feet of rope to spare. Your other arm is processed in the same way. Next I sit on the floor and lift your right leg, remove your slipper, and rope number three is deployed about your ankle. It hasn't gone unnoticed that you have no tights on, just your underwear. With an obvious desire for symmetry your remaining free limb earns its own rope, again with at least four or five feet of free rope.

Time to stand up please. You look a little like a marionette with those ropes just waiting to be played with - well your waiting will not be long. Your flimsy blouse is teased upwards and over your head. As your arms are extracted the ropes slide down your arms like snakes tickling and teasing with the promise of what's to come.

To avoid complications later your bra has to come off too. I love undoing the hooks at your back, feeling the tension your bosom had induced and feeling the effort needed to release your heavy breasts. As your bra slips away to the floor my hands can't resist replicating the cups that have held you all day. You are so warm and soft. Squeezing and kneading briefly I must stop or the discomfort in my cock and balls will grow.

I gather up the four ropes in one hand and escort you to the bedroom. When I attended to my problem with a cold shower I also had time to do a little scene setting in the bedroom.

Scented candles around the room offer a flicking soft light that hovers between romantically soothing and eerily sinister. Adorning the bed are the implements of your pleasure and your pain. Two nipple clamps, a riding crop, a blindfold, a mouth gag, a vibrator and a butt plug. There's also two plumped up pillows atop each other in the centre of the bed.

You feel a flush at the sight, but are brought back from your imaginings by a tug on the ropes. The three remaining ropes that were draped over my forearm are placed on the bed. Please lean forward you are instructed then told to take a rope. You are familiar with how I bind each of your breasts and wait in anticipation. But we are going to do things differently tonight. I tell you to follow the familiar procedure but this time you must tie your own boobs. And that doesn't mean you will be in for an easy ride. I will watch you each step of the way and if anything I expect you to be harsher on yourself than I would be if I were applying the constriction. But wait I can offer assistance by grasping your target tit with both hands to squeeze and pull it down while you bind the base tightly. Wow, team effort certainly pays off.

You may stand as I compare the effects, one free and pliable, a delight to kiss, caress and suck. The other firm, standing proud from your chest, and feeling very swollen. A gentle slap to the underside of each breast shows off the effect of binding. The free boob can take the impact by rising a falling with ease. The bound boob stubbornly refuses to move and has to bear the brunt of the slap.

Time to lean forward again so I can resume my pleasurable task of grasping and stretching while you imprison your other breast. Very satisfying to me as I hope it is for you.

Now for the final magical 7th rope. It's loop passed through the eye of the butt plug first. You are told to kneel on the floor and lie your body flat onto the bed so offering your arse for attention. A pair of rosy backside cheeks somehow seems to warm up your whole libido so a few strokes of the riding crop seem in order. They won’t' be too hard but I will keep applying them until you decide the discomfort outweighs the pleasure. How many strokes will you want, how many will you stand? Five, ten, twenty. The more you take the wider will be the pattern I create.

When your wincing and contracting buttocks declare a stop the count has reached 17! A record. Now the focus of my attention turns to the crevice between those burning cheeks. The cold lubricated ribbed butt plug is placed against its target as your rosy cheeks are manipulated to encourage it's passage into you. The insistent pushing against your rear as your front is pinned against the bed means there is no retreat. You even seem to encourage its entry when in one swift moment it is locked into you. Filling you. Making you very aware of its presence with every slight movement.

The rope loop is pulled between your cheeks up your back to a point opposite your belly button. The free ends are brought up to your front and knotted six inches below your belly button. Each length of rope is carefully positioned to slide into your pussy lips and gently pinch your clit. Then with a pull on the ends the tension is increased as they are passed around your waist, through the loop at the back, and around to your front before being tied off at the front.

Time to stand up and have a little walk about to loosen up after kneeling for so long. You are a delight to see as you walk, each deliberate step obviously having its impact on your butt and confined pussy. Enough, we don't want you arousing yourself so early in the proceedings.

And now dear sexy lady I want you to wriggle onto and up the bed so you are on your back with your bum squarely on top of the pillows.

It pretty obvious where the four marionette ropes are going, but before we carry on are you comfortable and happy to continue?

If so let me know and we will move on. But remember you can use the safe word to call a halt at any time.

I like the demure way you have your arms and hands over your bound breasts to protect you privacy and the fact your legs are crossed almost totally hiding the rope nestling there. Squirming of buttocks is not allowed. Self arousal is off the agenda so keep still.

I get onto the bed and kneel beside you ready to set about arranging what will be your position for the next few hours (at least) but before I start you ask can you remove my shirt. Why would I object? Any touch of your hand sends a thrill through me. Button by button you work your way down then slide the shirt off my arms and back. It would be so easy to just lie beside you to kiss and caress every inch of you. But that might be more for my pleasure than yours, and tonight is your night for spiriting away all the cares of the day. So I resist. But a jolt of surprise hits me when you grasp my balls with a firm grip and increasingly apply pressure. My intentions to tie you are temporarily abandoned as the surprise, then the pleasure, and then the pain turn the focus of my life to my balls.

They were already tight like two plums but you manage to snap them from side to side in your grip. Involuntarily my hands dart to the captured area in a vain attempt to extricate myself. You tell me, "This is just to remind you I took the opportunity to hide the keys while you were cooling off in the bathroom, so be careful with me or you might be locked up for life!" You snap my balls once more and release me. Oh that hurt and not just the balls, the pain of a swelling cock in a cage is something a woman can't imagine.

I take a rope from your left wrist and of course it is pulled to the very corner of the sturdy four poster bed and tied off. There is no rush, so I stroke from your secured wrist down your arm, over your shoulder, and on to your breast, pausing to squeeze the tight globe. Moving further down my hands slide over your tummy and cross over your thighs as I walk around the bed to reach your other arm. Inevitably your arm is pulled to the other top corner of the bed and secured.

Do you realise that even with just these two ties you can't escape? Certainly you could put up a fight, kick and buck, flail your legs about but not manage to free yourself. Just to prove the point that I'm in charge now I bend down and kiss your cheek, move to your ear and nibble gently, then harder. No reaction? So I bite a little harder and as you close your eyes I take the opportunity to deliver a smack to your right breast. That got a reaction.

My goodness they are so attractive swollen and proud. I squeeze each one as best as I can (too big to get my single hand around each) and watch the areola stretch inviting my teeth to sample their softness. Gently at first, but slowly, ever so slowly applying more pressure and all the time flicking the tip of your nipple with my tongue. Pressure enough to bite through a banana, then into a fresh apple and perhaps even crack a nut! Finally the pressure makes you flinch and kick so I release you. Nice even teeth marks like a dentists impression surround your areola. Look I can even push your tit up towards your face so you can see the effect. OK so I AM in charge now, unless you call a halt with the safe word.

Legs my dear, as pretty as they are folded together it's time to stretch you out "medieval rack fashion". Resistance is futile, although I like you trying, your right leg is pulled taught and tied off. Around to the other side of the bed. Did you know horses have learnt to push their stomachs out when a saddle is being fitted so that when they relax it's not so tight? Humans experiencing bondage have learnt a similar trick so as I pull on your left leg a swift flat handed slap to your stomach makes you relax all your muscles. There you go at least five inches more tension achieved and tied off.

A finger tests the position of your crotch ropes. Still in position but WET. Already? Perhaps we need to progress slowly. Or maybe work on you until you are at the very edge. The point where your legs twitch and your hips grind involuntarily seeking your own pleasure. Ultimate pleasure that will be denied, again and again.

I like to think of bondage as a kind of artistry and to that end I have bought some artists brushes. A sable number 4 is a medium sized brush it's natural hairs so soft and best suited to delicate water colour work. A number 10 hog hair, a much bigger brush made with synthetic tough hairs. Now which to use first? And where to apply their touch?

It seems an obvious choice, the soft sable works at your crotch first. Wide sweeping stokes, like applying a water colour wash but then moving to the detail. Deliberate strokes around the nub of your sensuality. Unending, insistent. Time for an additional sensation. The hard hog hair is use in a stippling action to "stab" your nipples. They were already hardening but the brush accelerates their progress. The sable is withdrawn and you try to follow it in frustration. Nipples continue to be worked then left alone. Your deepening breathing and clenched eyes signal STOP. So I do, for a while.

"Enjoy a brief respite", I say as I leave the room. "Damn, come back now" you demand. I wave as I leave.

You love / hate being brought to the edge of completion then left to come down. You pull and fight against the ropes with no effect as if any proof were needed that you are captured and exposed for my pleasure and use. OK, honesty time, for your pleasure too, oh what a pair we make!

"Just checking you are comfy and all right" I say as I return. You grunt and complain, then your face mellows to a satisfied smile of detachment from daily reality. I lean over you, kiss you and lift your head. Oh I can be so gentle, are more kisses follow? No your head was only lifted to apply the blindfold. "Be back soon", I say, "I have to get something from the kitchen".

Only moments pass and you hear my return. The bed sags on one side, skin touches skin and your stomach is compressed slightly. The pressure of swollen balls and cool steel on your lower abdomen confirms I am kneeling astride you. If my cock wasn't caged you might think I was about to take you, but in my condition that's impossible and you have the keys to my release. What's that you cry as your right nipple burns! A trickle of cold water runs down your breast and into the rope confining it. It's ice I'm using. Twisting it like you would a fruit on a juice extractor. Then rolling over the nipple and soft flesh surrounding the peak. Now that nipple is tight and crinkled. The sensation stops.

You steel yourself ready for ice on the left breast. Yes that's getting frozen too. Then something hot is slapped over your already frozen right tit. That really stings but you realise it's probably just a flannel soaked in hot water. The alternating sensations continue for a few minutes until the heat of the flannel subsides. My weight shifts over your torso and I whisper in your ear, "Get ready for three ice cubes". How you wonder, he only has two hands.

My weight moves over your lower abdomen again, balls, cock and steel press into you. Fingers delicately part your cunt lips and NO, but YES an ice cube is inserted and pushed home. That's a new sensation. Two hands now free to apply an ice cube to each nipple. Before long they are melted leaving small rivers of freezing water over your tits and soaked into the ropes holding your breasts high. You feel your nipples blown on by my breath enhancing their erect state. Then they are dried with a towel. Before your blood has time to warm the frozen tips and return them to normality the bite of nipple clamps is excruciating. Hard nipples bitten by harder and unforgiving clamps.

Looks like your tits could do with warming up I say. Hand slaps make your boobs collide and bounce back. Seemingly wanting a more satisfying local effect you realise the riding crop is being played on your bosom. Gently at first but rising in intensity.

Suddenly the weight on your stomach rises and you sense I am close to the foot of the bed. You have been aware of a trickle of icy cold water running from your cunt as the ice melts. But that sensation is cancelled as a hot tongue laps flat against the whole of that chilled area. "I can spell sexy here" I say. My tongue traces out a long drawn out “S” shape against your vagina. Then an “E” laps across you enticingly. The “X” crosses over the tip of your clit and as “Y” is drawn out my tongue lingers and pushes deeper than you thought possible, reaching further than my cock in its confined state could manage. You find it perversely satisfying to you to know your pleasure is also my torment. Your rising climax is brought to a halt as the crop is applied to your tits.

We still have the mouth gag and vibrator to use. The vibrator can come later, but I have an idea how the mouth gag will provide some useful "training " for what will follow later.

I sit astride you again and without warning both my palms land flatly and firmly on the sides of your tits, three times in quick and increasing intensity. You open your mouth and gasp for air only to feel the opportunity seized to push home the mouth gag. Before proceeding further I ask are you OK to continue? A shake for, "no" or a "nod" for yes. One nod would be sufficient or were you trying to dislodge the gag! I lift your head and fasten the gag straps behind your head and gently lower you head back to the bed.

You have had time to drift back to the reality of your situation. I shuffle down the bed and sit at your side. One, two, three fingers enter you and begin to gyrate. Then my thumb starts to play against your clit. Gliding over the tip like a feather, the next moment pressing it sideways firmly against one of the ropes and rubbing it against the coarse binding. With my free hand a nipple clamp is grasped and raised to lift your breast. And twisted at the same time, first clockwise then anticlockwise. Back and forth with each cycle twisting further than the last. The hand working you clit continues to induce sensations that remove you from the present and distract the attention being given to your breast.

But suddenly that last twist, almost 270 degrees, causes you to flinch violently and be instantly grounded in the here and now. I release your stretched breast and it returns to its swollen bound state rather than falling back to your chest.

The movements between your legs continue without pause as you start your ascent again to that place of detachment and arousal just before your senses explode. Almost imperceptibly your other breast is pulled and twisted but I lean in to deliver a series of nibbling bites to the outstretched mammary as it is pulled harder and the nipple twisted further. Where are your senses focused? In the pit of your tummy as my fingers and thumb work you? In the increasing pain of stretching, twisting and biting of your breast? Or are you swimming in a sea of sensations that float you away from these realities?

I know I love seeing you get into this state and the feeling of power I have that my touch and words can deliver such pleasure to you.

Have I almost gone too far? You are growling into you gag and thrusting with your hips. Instantly I withdraw my hand and release your tortured breast.

I can't make out your words through the gag but I think you are swearing at me and complaining what a bitch I am to you. Don't be silly you love it all!

As your panting begins to subside and the thumping of your own heartbeat in your ears begins to slow you realise there is silence again. Damn him he's gone on walkabout again.

You hear my footsteps as I return and explain I needed something else. Your nipple clamps are removed simultaneously, and I know how that stings! My mouth sucks hard at a nipple, not to sooth but to add a stab more pain, while my fingers compress the other nipple at right angles to the way the nipple clamp was attached. Now I KNOW you are swearing at me. A searing lash lands across both nipples and you know I have been away to collect another rope.

I bend down and kiss your cheeks and tell you how attractive and sexy you are. Then I explain that there's just one more rope to apply.

The rope is doubled, the ends passed through the loop, and then placed over both your extended breasts and pulled. Tighter and tighter squeezing your tits together. When it seems there is no more give in your flesh I start winding the rope around turn by turn forcing your tits even closer together before tying off the ends.

What a sight! I'm almost afraid to touch your breasts, to squeeze them, to slap them in case they explode. But I do all of those things anyway and savour our mutual arousal and stimulation.

I can only think of three more things I might do with you. Or should I say for you, as this is supposed to be your night of pleasure that you requested at the outset?

The bed sinks and then I am kneeling astride you again. But this time I work myself up your torso and begin to lower my buttocks onto your tortured tits. Although I am holding most of my own weight on my legs the pressure in your boobs is almost unbearable. Then I start a gentle rocking / riding motion alternately compressing you then releasing you. As I do, I lean forward and remove your blindfold, then your mouth gag. You moisten your lips and plead to be made to come, finally, without stopping.

Before I oblige I shuffle further up your torso until my balls and straining cock are just over your mouth. You realise why I had used the mouth gag. To try and widen your mouth to see if you could get one or two balls in there. Actually two is impossible given the effect of the ring and cage forcing them to swell so much. You push out your tongue and raise your head, signals I realise mean that you are game to try. So I lower myself a little. I hadn't expected you to suck so hard and draw one in. Closing your teeth to complete its capture pulls a shout from me, so to distract me from my pain you start rolling your tongue around the captured testicle.

My turn to say STOP. Your ultimate pleasure was my aim tonight. The final toy, the vibrator is stroked against your burning pussy. Slipping in and out and circling all around the lips of your vagina your expression begins to glaze over again, and the vibrator isn't even turned on yet, but you are! I adjust my position again, all the while playing the vibrator against you. Now my mouth is locked over your nipple and my nipple is offered to your mouth.

I turn the vibrator on and begin biting your nipple. We enter into a game of mutual tease and torture. You bite my nipple as I bite yours. We reflect each other’s moves, a flicking tongue, a grinding of the teeth, a deep grasping of nipple flesh and then pulling through clenched teeth. And all the time the vibrator hums insistently awaiting your final climax. I am so lost in my own pleasure that your explosive climax catches me by surprise.

And still the vibrator works its magic effect until with clenching thighs you finally say with a husky voice, "please please PLEASE STOP NOW". So I do. And lie by your side.

"Shall I begin untying you now?"

"No", you reply, "the keys to your chastity cage are under my pillow, release yourself and take me".....



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