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Stallions in the Corral
by Techster+Techie
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story continued from Part 2 – The Other Stallion Arrives

Stallions in the Corral
Part 3 - Draft Ponies
By Techie
Stallions in the Corral Part 3 Draft ponies

 In the morning when I awoke I discovered Techster waiting for me with a broad smile on his face and his erection like a large tent pole holding up the blanket. I mounted him and gave us both a good ride.  After the ride I helped my pony boy to his feet and led him down to the cool spring fed pond near the campsite. I washed us both then we sauntered back to the camp for breakfast. My pony was acting very frisky nibbling at my ears and neck and rubbing my butt, backs and legs with his head so I put him in the corral and switched the fence on. I stoked up the fire unfolded the cooking grate and soon the aroma of bacon and sausages was heavy in the cool morning air.

 After a heavy rustling in their tent Jenine led her pony to the pond for their morning bath. By the time they returned I had breakfast ready.We sat and ate while feeding our ponies. After breakfast Jenine and I dressed out in our work clothes, long-sleeve shirt, blue jeans, a wide brimmed western hat and tall leather boots. Jenine and I would be cutting and clearing the brush and trees to make a wide clear path to the spring-fed pond near the campsite. I put the sun tan lotion on Techster, being extra careful to cover his cock, shoulders and butt. I put the gag-bridle on my Techster pony and tied the reins off to a tree. 

 I fired up the chainsaw and cut a small tree down. Then I cut it in half and using the nylon rope lashed the piece horizontally between 2 trees at about 4 feet off the ground.
 "What's that for?" Jenine asked.
 "Hitching post." I explained as I led Techster over to it. I tied a short piece of the line to the hitching post, had my stallion pony, Techster, bend over with his neck against the rail, wrapped three turns around his neck and tied the remaining end off to the rail. 
 "I like him that way." I said as I laid the crop across his butt. "It shows off his cute ass and exposes him for what torment I may offer."
 I grabbed the chainsaw and began cutting trees.

 Jenine tied her pony to the hitching post, grabbed the axe and machette. In a few minutes she joined me clearing brush and limbing the fallen trees between our campsite and the pond. After about an hour I began tying the tree trunks and small brush into separate bundles. I said to Jenine, "Its time to put our ponies to work. Let me put on the proper gear. You know the sexy Dom look." I undressed, except for the boots, put on sunscreen and slid my favorite clit clip in place. Jenine took time to admire the crystals and the way they sparkled. Soon she undressed too the reins and put Jerry to work
 The ponies perked up as we approached, "OK boys, time to get to work."

 I put a white hat with on Techster to keep his balding head from getting sunburned. Jenine unhitched Jerry and led him to a medium sized bundle of brush, while I led Techster to a large tree trunk. He took one look at it and shook his head, "NO!" I picked up the buggy whip and the riding crop, snapped the crop across his but and said, "Oh Yes!"
 Techster nodded Yes and turned around so I could attach his harness to the tree trunk.
 I straddled the tree trunk, wiggled his reins, popped him on the back with the whip and he struggled to move the heavy burden. It took him several tries to get the heavy load moving so I gave him some inspiration with the whip. Soon the heavy tree trunk was sliding along up the trial to the campsite. Techster in spite of his 60 plus years and slight senior tummy looked like a young stud sweating and puffing as he strained to keep the load moving. The muscles on his legs and back stood out as his sweaty back glistened in the morning sun.

 When we reached the campsite I unhitched him and led him back for another load. Jerry was still struggling with the small brush bundle. I hitched Techster up to the largest bundle of brush and said, "You will beat them to the campsite." I jiggled his reins, and with multiple snaps of the buggy whip inspired him to get the load moving and pass Jenine and Jerry as they struggled up the trail. As we passed them I could hear two things, First, was Techster laughing to himself as the 60 year old pony passed the 30 year athletic pony. The second thing I heard was Jenine's whip snap again and again as she gave Jerry even more "inspiration". Techster must have decided to make it a contest. As soon as I unhitched the large bundle of brush from his draft lines he turned and was heading back for another load.

 We trotted down the hill and before Jerry and Jenine reached the drop off area near the campsite we were on the way up the hill with a section of a large tree that must have weighed 300 pounds. Techster had figured how to use his superior weight to get the load moving. He would back up until the draft lines were loose then lunge forward with a snap and keep going until he got to the drop off place. I know Techster was enjoying playing draft pony and I think he has hit that "subspace" endorphin high where he was actually enjoying the slap of the whip across his back and butt.

 We must record the "battle of the ponies" I thought as I dragged the camcorder out of the tent and set it up on camp table under a pack of dishes so no one would notice it. I locked the record button, picked up the whip and "encouraged" my pony to go back for another load. At the brush pile I hooked my Techster pony up to another tree trunk. A snap of the whip as hit Techster's butt and we were off again. Techster charged forward and snapped the large tree trunk into movement. His boots churned up the packed earth as he strained forward. As we went up the hill on our third load we passed Jenine and her pony who were returning from their first load.  I could hear Jenine getting frustrated with her pony's performance. She expressed her displeasure with a crack from the spring steel reinforced leather tawse she had against Jerry's red butt. The slip knots were loosed and Techster was freed to pick up another load.

 When we returned to the loading zone I used the reins and steered Techster into the pond.. I rubbed in and rubbed his head and legs with the cool water. He bent over and took a long drink in spite of his gag/bridle. Refreshed he charged out of the water and up the slope. He waited patiently as I hooked up another load. The whip stung his ass.  He charged up the hill pulling a load that was larger than any before. By the time he reached the campsite he looked back at the large log and smiled. I was enjoying my "Dom" outfit and was getting horny as the movements of the chains and jewels that were attached to the clit clip were teasing me with every step.

 The brush pile was down to only 1 very large bundle of branches. Techster trotted to it and waited to be hooked up, With a snap of the whip he was off. In just a few minutes we reached the top of the trail. "OK my ponyboy, the job is done time to remove your harness." I said as I got two pairs of handcuffs out of the tent. I unlocked his hands and allowed him to stretch while I unlocked, slid the straps out of the steel ring around his balls-cock and removed his harness. Then I ordered, "Hands in front." Techster stood there as first I cuffed his hands together, palms out and then snapped the other cuff set around his anatomy between his cock/balls and his body the I locked the remaining cuff to the chain between the pair of cuffs that were locked around his wrists. Lastly I pushed the safety pins on the cuffs around his wrists and cock and removed his head piece and bridle/gag. 

 I covered his back with 15 sunscreen and using the leash that was still attached to the ball stretcher led him over to the hitching post. He bent over as I took a short piece of rope and draped it over his neck. I walked around in front of him took the rope ends under the bar and tied them behind his head. Finally before I walked off I locked his ankle hobbles together. 
 "Comfy?" I said as I leaned over to kiss him and play with his cock.

The story continues in Part 4: Branding the Wild Stallion


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