Sit and Let Me Play With Your Hands

by Alcore

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© Copyright 2015 - Alcore - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; play; mould; encase; bond; stuck; cons; X

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(The following is a work of fiction... but it contains nothing that could not be real under other circumstances.)

"Sit and let me play with your hands."

Simple words for something that turned out to be so powerful. I said "Sure". I can never turn down a smart woman who wants to pay attention to me. I just enjoy it too much.

She took me into the kitchen and sat me down in a tall chair next to the table. She put a big flat pan of water on the stove to heat, and got out a big bowl (almost huge really) and filled it with icewater. She put the bowl next to me on the table where I could reach it easily.

Then she got out a bag of these little white pellets of something called "Shapelock" and poured some into the bottom of the hot water pan... Where it quickly melted and turned clear.

I started to wonder what she wanted to do with my hands... But before I could ask, she said "Hold out your right hand". She grinned. How could I refuse?

She used a pair of tongs to grab a glob of the melted Shapelock stuff out of the water... and dropped it into my hand. It really wasn't all that hot... She said, "I want you to knead it a little bit and then squeeze that in your fist until it leaks out on both sides of your hand like a squishy handle, and be a little careful, the plastic itself won't burn you but there may be some trapped water inside it that's still hot..."

Have you ever played with a hot wax therapy pot? It was a little bit like that. She was right. The stuff was mushy and warm, but not really too hot. Apparently all those little pellets had melted together into a sort of transparent playdough. I worked the ball of the stuff a little and squeezed out a bit of water and squeezed it until it leaked out both sides of my grip.

Meanwhile, she had been playing with a blob of her own. She had taken it out and put it on the flat counter-top and was using a rolling pin to flatten it out into a big transparent sheet. She worked it until it was no more than a millimeter thick. She carefully picked up her plastic sheet, and wrapped it around my fist like a sheet of gooey saran wrap.

It was warm. But not at all unpleasant. And an interesting woman was paying attention to me. So it was great.

She took my wrapped hand and dunked it in the ice water... Which I suppose was really cold, but mostly I couldn't feel it. Instead, the clear layer of plastic stuff on the outside of my hand turned back into the white color of the original pellets and stiffened up and the heat went out of it.

She looked into my eyes. "Leave it in there for a few minutes please. And hold out your left hand."

"Sure," I said. I think I was mildly hypnotised. She was touching me. And there were all sorts of interesting sensations to think about.

She placed another blob of the Shapelock stuff in my left hand. "You know what to do," she said. She was smiling. She seemed to be almost simmering. I felt a bit like a canary in a cage being watched by a cat. I really hadn't figured out yet just how close to the truth this was.

I worked the blob in my hand, and she flattened another sheet of the stuff on the counter-top. My right hand was starting to get cold. The material around it was now completely opaque, and hard. I was looking at it and thinking, "umm, I wonder how I'm gonna get that off..." when she wrapped my other hand and said, "you can take that out now." And then placed my wrapped up left hand in the water. She held both of my wrists, one in each of her hands and she looked into my eyes, with a HUGE grin on her face. She placed my shrouded right hand against her chest, wetting it slightly from the run-off, and released it to reach for a towel.

I could feel nothing of her. I could barely flex a finger, and I couldn't relase my grip on the "handle" in my palm by even a tenth of an inch. She released my left wrist and began to stroke my hair, as she used a towel in her right to dry off the fist that was laying on her chest.

Then she pulled my left hand out of the water and dried it off... And I realized. I was utterly helpless.

I opened my mouth to speak, holding up my encased fists, "umm..."

She put her finger over my lips. "Shh." She said. "Come with me. There are some other parts of you that I want to play with now."


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