Service in His Name

by Sirbor

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© Copyright 2009 - Sirbor - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; M/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; watersports; transgender; oral; mast; cons; XX

The leather of the seat was cold against her bare skin. Besides her ever present collar, the only clothing Penny wore was her PVC raincoat. The coat came to mid-thigh when she stood and was able to cover her ass but early in their relationship Tom had taken a page from “The Story of O” and had forbidden her to have any covering between her skin and what she sat on.

Earlier one of Master Tom’s house slaves came and released her from her cell and told her to get cleaned up and make up her hair and face. He was taking her out tonight and she was supposed to look her best. When she was ready she was taken up to the front door, handed her PVC raincoat, and told to wait for her Master.

Penny stood in the hallway, naked and holding her raincoat, for what felt like hours before Master arrived home. He nodded to the slavegirl and went to his suite to change. A short time later he returned to the door and had Penny follow him to his car. She was allowed to don the raincoat before taking her place in the front passenger seat. They rode along silently for quite a while until Tom pulled into the parking lot of a road house far outside the city where he lived. He turned to her and finally broke the silence of the evening.

“Slavegirl, a colleague from my business is having his bachelor party tonight here. As a gift to him, I have decided that you will be the party cocksucker. We have rented the party room in the back but the bar is still open to the public and this place is popular with some of the local biker gangs. I think it would be rude to keep you only for the use of our small party and I know how much you love to suck cock so you will be positioned in a stall in the men’s room and available to all of the bar’s patrons. Do your best as I don’t want to hear any complaints about your oral skills. If I get any, you will spend the next 2 weeks in the dungeon screaming in pain.”

Penny and her husband had given themselves into slavery to Master Tom 8 months ago and in the course of her training she had spent some time in the Master’s dungeon. She shuddered in memory of the painful times she had spent there and vowed silently to be the very best cocksucker for her Master tonight. She nodded her head once to indicate that she had heard his instruction and understood; she was not allowed to speak unless asked a direct question or given permission and was to use a nod or shake of her head when a simple yes or no answer was sufficient. Penny and her husband had been separated their first day of slavery and she had not seen him since. Every so often she wondered if he was still in the Master’s house in training as she was or if he had been sold.

Part of Master’s business was the acquisition, training and sale of slaves, both male and female, and she and Dan were only two more in a long line of human merchandize. She knew that when he deemed her marketable, she would be put on the auction block and sold to the highest bidder. But for tonight, she followed her Master into the bar and back to the toilets. He reached out his hand and she quickly removed her raincoat and handed it to him. One of the toilet stalls had had its door removed and she was directed into it. She sat on the bowl, naked in the harsh bright light of the public restroom and waited for her first customer.

It didn’t take long for the first man to approach her. With out saying a word, he stood between her spread legs as she reached up to loosen his pants free his cock and balls. Using her hands and talented mouth she ministered to the cock and in minutes felt it spurt in her mouth. She cleaned his cock and balls and refastened his pants so he could return to the bar. Most of the men who used her were bikers with their pee-stained underwear and unwashed urine and musk smelling sex organs instead of the cleaner associates of her Master from the party. She spent very little time without a cock in her mouth and often she could see several of the rough biker types lined up to use her. In the rare times that there was not a man in front of her, her view was of the urinal trough mounted on the opposite wall. It appeared to have a mass of white cloth in it that was rapidly assuming a yellowish tint from the men’s urine.

Hours and dozens of cumshots later, the bathroom was empty of men and her Master entered. This was his first visit to the bathroom that Penny was aware of. He stepped over to the urine trough and pissed on the soaked pile of cloth. Leaving his semi-hard cock sticking out of his pants, he turned and beckoned for Penny to join him at the urinal. “I have a special treat for you Penny.”

Pointing down at the pile of cloth, she was shocked to see her husband, Dan, dressed in a urine soaked wedding dress and looking very feminine. “Penny, I want to introduce you to Dani. She used to be your husband, Dan, but through the magic of hormone therapy and some surgery she is now a sissy shemale named Dani. Tonight was her initiation into the Motorcycle gang Heaven’s Devils. They expressed an interest in having a shemale sex slave and since we do a lot of business together, I had Dani prepared for them. She will be leaving with them tonight so I thought it would be nice for you to be able to say goodbye. I want you to give her the last blowjob she will ever have. After she cums, we will be locking her cock away in her new chastity belt. The gang wants her for her mouth and her ass and has no interest in her cockette. Now climb up in the trough, lift up her skirt and blow her goodbye like a good little wifey”.

Penny did as she was ordered and very quickly the urine soaked cock of the shemale that used to be her husband was in her mouth and she was energetically bobbing her head up and down it. Once she got over the smell of other men’s pee she noticed that Dani’s cock and balls were both smaller than she remembered. Her conclusion was that the shrinkage must be due to the hormone therapy Master had mentioned. It took about 5 minutes for her to get her husband to orgasm and when she had sucked out and swallowed all of his creamy offering she knelt up waiting for further orders.

Master Tom was standing at the other end of the trough stroking his cock as he stood over Dani’s face. He started stroking faster and faster and then suddenly he stiffened and 4 spurts of cum shot out of his dick to land on the sissy’s face with a lot of it falling into her ring gagged mouth. He put his spent prick back into his pants and zipped up. Looking over at his slavegirl he motioned her to get off of the trough and stand off to the side. Four tough looking women dressed in leather vests and skirts entered the men’s room, one of them was carrying a canvas carryall bag.

One of the women retrieved a length of chain and two padlocks and handed them to Tom while two others took a cuff and bondage belt set and proceeded to fit them onto Dani. They added a latex full coverage hood with nostril tubes and breathe through gag while the last woman laid out a heavy latex bodybag on the floor. The four women picked up the bound form and sealed her into the bodybag so only her latex covered head stuck out.

Master Tom fastened one end of the chain to a pad eye in the stall where Penny had served this evening. He motioned Penny over to him and locked the other end of the chain to the D-ring on her collar.

“I have made an agreement with the owner of this club. He was impressed by the fact that his dancers who also work as whores actually made more money tonight even with you giving out free blowjobs. It seems that all of the cheap customers used you instead of wasting the time of his more expensive whores so they had more time to spend with the customers with money. He’s going to try you out as an experiment for two weeks. All of his clients will have the opportunity to pay $5.00 for the access code to this bathroom for the night. They can use your mouth as many times as they wish. If he is right and his whores continue to generate more money, he is going to buy you and probably one or two additional slaves. You will remain in this bathroom for the next 2 weeks, your chain will allow you to reach the shower over there in the corner and the whores will bring you food. Be an obedient slave and obey Steve, the owner, as if he were your permanent Master because if things go well he will be. If all goes well you will not see me again. Remember, if you are returned to me I will be most displeased and your punishment will be long and terrible. Good bye, Penny.”

Penny stood and watched as her old Master turned and left the room.