The Senator's Aide

by Hazard

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© Copyright 2001 - Hazard - Used by permission

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The job as aide to Senator Nichols had seemed like the perfect career move.  Here was a chance for Nancy to gain some visibility and recognition in the political world.  When, after three months on the job, the Senator asked her to help with the new penal reform proposals, she saw it as a chance to really make an impact.

She moved to a new office just down the hall from the Senator and began her research.  A couple of weeks later, she handed her preliminary findings to the Senator's secretary and went back to work.  The following morning, she was called to the her boss' office.  Unable to believe that her report had already been digested, Nancy wondered what she might have done to upset the Senator.  She walked tentatively down the hallway with butterflies in her stomach, pausing at the mirror to check her make-up.  She looked herself in the eye, took a deep breath and walked bravely into the waiting room.

The secretary looked her up and down and then nodded Nancy to a seat.  He made no attempt to hide the fact that he was mentally undressing her as she sat down.  Nancy was very aware that her short skirt showed off her very attractive legs and that her loose silk blouse did not completely hide the round firmness of her breasts.  She enjoyed having men look at her but the secretary's brazenness was rather unnerving.

After a few minutes, a light went green on the desk and the secretary said "The Senator will see you now."

Nancy rose and stepped through the heavy wooden door into a sumptuous leather and mahogany office lined with books and photographs.  Senator Nichols sat behind a broad desk, turning over the pages of what looked like Nancy's report.  Nancy stood and waited until her boss finally put the report down and sat back.

"I'm very impressed with your work, Nancy.  This will provide us with a firm footing to build from.  I'd like you to work closely with me on this.  Are you available this evening?"  Nancy was exhilarated.  This was like a dream come true.  To work directly one-on-one with the Senator was something she had thought would take at least a year, maybe two.  "Of course," she replied.  "Just tell me where and when."

Senator Nichols smiled and asked "Do you like pizza?"  "Yes," Nancy answered.  "Then be at my home at seven. We'll order pizza and get working on this.  I'll see you then."

It was plain that the brief meeting was over and Nancy quietly left the room and returned to her office.  She couldn't get over the excitement at really being part of something that might eventually become the law of the land.

At five of seven, Nancy got out of the taxi and made her way up the steps of the Georgtown house that was the Senator's Washington home.  A warm light showed in the bay window to the right of the front door.  Nancy had dashed home and changed before coming, choosing a salmon-colored silk blouse tucked into tight pressed blue jeans.  She had assumed that the pizza meant the evening was to be informal.

Her knock was answered by an attractive young maid who ushered her into the living room.  "The Senator will be with you shortly, Miss.  Please help yourself to a drink."  Nancy walked over to the bar and poured herself a coke.  She didn't want her senses dulled this evening.  She walked round the room looking at the pictures and memorabilia.  Most of the pictures showed the Senator with other luminaries.  Nancy noticed that there were no pictures of family on the shelves.  She tucked that away as a character note.

While she was still browsing and sipping her coke, the Senator walked in, taking in Nancy's outfit and nodding approvingly.  "Glad you made it, Nancy.  I really want to get your insight into this thing.  Have a seat and tell me why you did such a good job on this."

Nancy thought for a minute and then started to explain her feelings about punishment, incarceration and rehabilitation.  She talked for perhaps ten or fifteen minutes aided by just nodding and the occasional "And...?" or "Tell me more about that."  Realizing that she had been talking for so long, Nancy came to an abrupt halt.  There was a silence as both thought about the things she had been saying.

"Nancy, have you ever been incarcerated yourself?" the Senator asked.  "Have you ever experienced the loss of liberty, the indignity, the shame?"  Nancy shook her head and looked quizically back.  "No, of course not.  I mean..."

"Nancy, I believe that in order for us to truly understand the plight of our constituents, we must walk in their footsteps.  Don't you agree?"  Nancy nodded, wondering where this might be leading.

"Nancy, I'd like to show you something that will help you to understand what I'm getting at.  OK?"  She nodded again, a little apprehensive, but unwilling to show any distrust of her boss.

The Senator went over to the desk, opened the drawer and removed something from it.  "Nancy, these are handcuffs.  Just like the ones used by law enforcement officers all over our country.  I want you to experience what it feels like to wear these.

"Now put your hands behind your back for me, there's a good girl."

Nancy was uneasy now.  This was not in any way how she had envisioned the evening.  But this was her boss, a well-known and well-respected Member of Congress.  Nancy got up and turned around, putting her hands behind her.  She felt the cold steel close around her wrists and heard the ratchet as the cuffs were squeezed tight.

"Please, sit down and try to make yourself comfortable.  You'll see just how difficult it can be with your hands stuck behind you."  Nancy sat back down in the chair.  Her hands hit the seat forcing her elbows out to the side.  She winced as the cuffs bit into her wrists.

"It's different on the other side isn't it?  You can't drink your coke.  You can't scratch your nose.  And if someone wanted to hit you or touch you or even kiss you, you couldn't stop them."  Nancy had to agree that it certainly was uncomfortable and scary.  She was hoping that this little demonstration wouldn't last much longer.

"There are other kinds of incarceration as well," the Senator continued.  "People who can't be heard.  Who can't speak their mind, can't tell others about their ideas for fear of punishment or derision."  Saying this, the Senator walked behind Nancy's chair and squeezed her shoulder painfully.  As her mouth popped open in pain, a rubber ball was slipped in between her lips and quick hands buckled its strap behind her head.  She tried to shout but the ball was pressing hard against her, forcing her jaws wide apart and all that came out was a muffled "mmphh."  She jumped to her feet and spun around angrily to face her boss who continued to speak in a calm voice.

"People who lose their liberty are naturally afraid.  They cannot defend themselves.  They are truly helpless.  I want you to feel just a little of that.  Of course, here we are in a Georgetown house in fashionable D.C.  But then people have been imprisoned in more impressive surroundings and have suffered terribly."  Nancy listened to the words but was getting more and more anxious.  Surely there was no need for her to experience this.  Suddenly, she didn't believe that this had anything to do with penal reform.  Senator Nichols was a crazy pervert and she had stupidly walked straight into the trap.  She thought about trying to run, but she knew she'd never get out of the room with her hands behind her back.

"Now sit down on this chair, facing the back."  The Senator took firm hold of Nancy's arm and led her to a sturdy dining chair and maneouvred her until her legs were on either side of it.  A length of rope appeared and Nancy's legs were quickly and expertly bound to the back legs of the chair.  Once they were attached, the rope was wound round and round each leg, all the way up to the knee and then tied off.

"You are beginning to understand what 'helpless' means.  You cannot call for help, you cannot escape, you cannot protect yourself.  You are totally at the mercy of your captor."  Nancy's fear was building rapidly.  A part of her kept telling herself that this was legitimate but the rest was screaming in her head.

At that moment, the doorbell rang.  Nancy's heart leaped.  "Oh, that will be the pizza man," remarked the Senator.  You just stay there while I go and get it."  As soon as she was alone, Nancy wrestled with the handcuffs, trying to loosen them but to no avail.  She tried to reach round to the ropes on her legs but she just couldn't reach.  She was almost frantic now as she "mmphhed" as loud as she could, hoping the pizza man would hear her.  She tried to move the chair by bouncing up and down but it was heavy and her legs were tied too tight to move it more than a half inch.

Shortly after, the Senator came back in the room with the pizza and two plates.  Slices were put neatly on both plates and one was placed on the desk in front of Nancy.  The smell reminded her that she had had nothing but a yoghurt for lunch.  Her stomach growled in confirmation.

"Don't be shy, eat up," said her captor before taking a healthy bite.  "Mmm, that hits the spot.  Those guys really do the best pizza this side of the Hudson River."

Nancy looked helplessly at the pizza, the ballgag really starting to make her jaws ache.  She struggled again with the handcuffs but only succeeded in making her wrists hurt more.  She tried to speak, to plead, but no matter how hard she tried, all that came out were unintelligible muffled sounds that went ignored as her captor devoured a second slice.

"There are so many ways people are punished.  Some people never even see the light of day."  So saying, the Senator placed a silk blindfold over Nancy's eyes and tied it off.  It fit perfectly and not a speck of light came through.  "Sight, perhaps our most precious sense.  And yet people are blinded as punishment for minor crimes, never to see again.

"Prisoners are left in darkness not knowing when their next meal, their next light, their next human contact will be.  One minute they are functioning members of society, the next..."

Nancy listened to the sudden silence.  She heard nothing.  Not the sound of breathing, not the sound of a
door closing or a floor-board creaking.  She could feel her heart pumping furiously in her breast.  The smell of the pizza right under her nose was beginning to make her feel sick.  The pain in her jaw was getting unbearable.  Her wrists hurt and her hands were beginning to go numb.  Her legs were throbbing under the tight ropes.

The silence was terrifying.  There was not even the sound of a clock ticking for her to count off the time.  The heavy curtains suppressed any traffic noise that might have come from outside.  Nancy was terrified.

As the unmeasurable time crawled by, she tried to tell herself that this was all just a demonstration - something to make her take the plight of the incarcerated more seriously.  But she couldn't believe it.  All her instincts were telling her that she was the victim of a lunatic, that her very life was in danger, that she might never leave this house alive.  Nancy could not imagine what other horrors might await her but she was sure she was not going to like them.

To try to get her heart-rate down a little, Nancy started to paint a more acceptable picture than the real one she didn't want to face.  She imagined herself held for ransom - how she would be released into the waiting arms of loved ones while the foiled kidnapper was dragged off to jail.  She had read of girls who liked to be tied up but she doubted that they would enjoy this - not knowing if it was real or not.

As she thought about her helplessness, she found that there was a part of her that was enjoying it.  As well as the pain of her bonds, there was a strange pleasure at not being able to move.  She started to imagine the Senator coming back and taking advantage of her.  The pictured those strong fingers gently probing her as she writhed.  As she sank deeper into the fantasy, she started to get hot.  This made her writhe more which increased the feelings.  Before too long she was moaning, her pussy itching to be touched, her nipples pushing hard against her bra.  She could feel her sex building up towards a climax but she had no way to relieve the pressure.  She moaned louder through the gag.

Suddenly, Nancy felt something brush against her breast.  At first she thought it was part of her fantasy but then it happened again.  Hands cupped her breasts and then slowly began undoing the buttons of her blouse.  She was horrified at being caught in the grip of her excitement but the touch was so gentle that she found herself pushing into it, eager for release.

She moaned again as the blouse was pulled down around her wrists.  Then she felt the tension of her bra relax and the hands, strangely smooth, moved slowly round to cup her now naked breasts.  All thought was gone.  All she could do was lean into the hands, urging them to continue as her heat rose higher and higher.  She felt lips kissing her cheek and neck and then the hands moved slowly down to unzip her jeans.  The jeans parted as she felt a rubbing on her pussy.  She tried to gasp, to cry out, but nothing escaped the tight gag.  She was breathing rapidly through her nose, trying to get enough oxygen to support her thumping heart.  A smooth finger slipped under her panties and started manipulating her, driving her desire.  The other hand came back to her breast, squeezing her nipple.  She felt herself on the verge of a huge climax, her body heaving under the escalating pressure.

Suddenly, the hands were gone.  She was moments away from climax and the hands were gone.  She sobbed with frustration as her entire body screamed for release.  She moaned again, writhing in her efforts to come.  Unable to move her hands or even wriggle on her seat, the urgency hung on her like a weight.  Oh God, she thought, please finish it.  Please let me come.  Nothing else mattered.

The silence continued.  The hands did not come back.  It was as if they had never been there and for a moment she wondered if perhaps they never had - that she had hallucinated the whole thing.  But the memory of them touching her skin, those lips on her face and neck, and the urgent yearning in her body convinced her of the reality.

Slowly, the tension eased as she sank down from the high.  She felt defiled and broken.  Her thoughts began to come back to her and she realized where she was and what had just happened.  Her body was still pleading for release but Nancy shuddered as she pictured the scene as others would see it.  As the Senator would see it.  She didn't even know if these hands belonged to her captor.

She started to cry under the mask and her head sank forward in shame and embarrassment as well as frustration.  She struggled harder to free herself, only succeeding in making her wrists hurt even more.

Nancy felt a touch behind her head and the ball-gag came off.  The pain in her jaws had become a dull ache but as she closed her mouth, it resurfaced, causing her to groan in agony.  Then she felt lips touching hers.  Before she could say a word, the kiss surrounded her mouth and she felt a tongue pushing into her, seeking out hers.  Immediately, her excitement leapt back to its peak and her heart started thumping again.  The pain was forgotten as she responded to those lips, making her own way into the loving mouth that pressed against hers.

The smooth hands were on her again, massaging her breasts, making them swell, stretching the skin as her nipples sprang hard and erect.  One hand moved down between her legs again, sliding under her panties, gently tweaking her pussy and sliding a finger into her wet and waiting cunt.  Fireworks exploded before her blind eyes as her body erupted.  Her head fell back gasping as the shudders ran through her.  She could feel the tightness of the handcuffs and ropes as she rose again, loving the feeling of helplessness, the mystery of her captor, the blindness, the continuing manipulation of her sex.  She leaned forward to find the lips again, forcing her tongue between them, finding the teeth, the tongue, breathing the scent of sweat and sex.

When it was over, Nancy's head drooped forward on her heaving breast.  She was barely aware of the ropes being removed from her ankles.  When the handcuffs came off, her arms fell to her sides.  She didn't have the energy or even the desire to rub the ache from her wrists.  When the lips kissed her again, it was with a gentleness that crowned the feeling of satisfaction that filled her.

At last, she felt the blindfold being untied.  A dim fear of what it would reveal touched her mind but couldn't break through the soft ecstasy that enfolded her.

Slowly, Nancy opened her eyes.  Senator Nichols stood before her, holding her blindfold in latex-gloved hands.

"I expect you have a different view on imprisonment now, Nancy.  Perhaps you'd like to learn some more next week?"

Nancy slowly nodded, realizing for the first time just how beautiful Amy Nichols was.