Sci-Fi Club Part 4

by Dani

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© Copyright 2011 - Dani - Used by permission

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Part 4

Carly lived at Danny and Katie’s house for a week. Her knowledge of the system was very useful in it’s instillation of the mobile emitter at their house. Soon it was fully operational, much to Katie’s dismay. Outside of their home, the Walsh’s were a very normal couple. They socialized, worked, and lived the life that any married couple living in suburban Chicago lives. Inside the house, now that was a different story.

Katie would come home dressed in her usual teaching outfit and immediately strip. She knew better then to wait. Danny forced her to walk around the house in the sexiest and most revealing clothing as possible. Katie complied of course, not only because she knew she had no choice, but also because she had seen Carly. The week that Carly had spent with them here saw her become a practical zombie. The usually flamboyant and outgoing Carly was silent, standing at attention at all times accept when she was sexually servicing someone or sleeping. Danny used Carly as a guinea pig for the system, testing the mind control settings as well as all of the different restraint devices and toys that the system offered him.

The one year anniversary of their marriage was coming up, and Katie looked forward to it with fear and joy. She had to admit, she loved Danny with all her heart. Despite the suffering he put her through; she was very slowly beginning to enjoy it. Making Danny happy made Katie happy, even if that mean many motionless hours while he received sexual pleasure from the use of her body.

“Hello?” Danny said, answering the phone. “Steve, how are you Mr. Ramski?!”

Katie’s ears perked up and she looked over her shoulder as she cleaned the bath tub while wearing a deliciously sexy pink negligee.

“Why yes, our anniversary is coming up, I’m so pleased you remembered!” Danny continued into the phone. “Uh huh….uh huh…and how is Carly? Uh huh….oh that’s good to hear.”

Katie continued to listen between scrubs on the bath tub floor.

“Oh yes we would be delighted!” Danny exclaimed. “Next Saturday? Awesome. No, no, thank you!”

Katie heard the phone click. A few seconds later, the clit vibrator that was so delicately attached to her with the micro-hook technology hummed to life. Katie shuttered and gasped and then ran to see Danny.

“Yes?” Katie asked.

Danny stared at his wife. She was still stunningly beautiful. Her long slender athletic legs were bare and seemed to flow into her womanly hips. Danny was in love with her toned but not ripped abs. Her chest was ample but not excessive. And she still sported the most beautiful face he had ever seen.

Danny held her by the hips and kissed her. Not the way a Dominant tyrant of a Master kisses his submissive slave, but the way a loving husband kisses his adoring wife.

“Good news Hun,” Danny started, “That was Mr. Ramski on the phone. For our anniversary he invited us to the club in one of the executive rooms tonight. He promised a great time.”

“Will I…Will I have to….you know?” Katie asked as she looked at the floor.

“Perform?” Danny interjected. “Heavens no. You’re my wife; I’m not interested in loaning you out or anything like that. This will be you, me, and Mr. Ramski with a few drinks. I tell you what, you can even dress conservative tonight… on the outside.”

Danny turned Katie around by the shoulders and with a gentle tap on the butt sent her to go and change.

A few hours later, their family sedan pulled up to the club and the two stepped out. Danny was in his usual Arizona slightly baggy jeans and a black stripped button up shirt. It was the usual clothing choice for the 5’8”, 150lb male. Being an avid runner and hockey player, Danny was in good shape. Though slimmer then most males his age, he was still attractive and if he had wanted to cheat on Katie, could have on a number of occasions.

Katie wore a denim knee length skirt with a frayed bottom. She wore 1 inch conservative black sandal high heels with a black sleeveless top that was covered in white flowers. While conservative on the outside, underneath she wore a white lacey thong and a matching bra that pushed up and together her outstanding chest. The bra even had small holes for her delicious nipples to stick out. In a cold breeze, they could be seen through her top.

When they approached the ticket booth, they handed the man behind the stage a printed out ticket that Steve had e-mailed Danny. The man read it, and handed the two red collars, different from the blue ones that Katie usually wore at the club (and the minuscule green one that went around her ankle at home). Eagerly the two slipped the collar on the other’s neck, and then waited. Soon Steve arrived in a very nice blue suit. It was obviously expensive and custom fit. Under the suit, he wore a light blue shirt and a yellow and blue stripped tie.

“Well hello there my friends!” Steve belted obviously happy to see couple. “How are you?! I’m so glad you could make it!”

Katie remained silent as Danny and Steve struck up a conversation about the last fishing trip Danny had been on. After a while Steve looked at his watch.

“Oh my, I must admit I have some stuff to do. May I please show you the suite where you can spend tonight before I attend to some stuff?” Steve asked politely.

“Sure”, Danny said with a smile as Katie silently nodded.

The three walked a different path, up a few flights of stairs until they came to a small balcony. It was lavish, with red carpet and large cushy seats that looked over the main floor. The two bent over the railing and looked down at the crowd. There were quite a few people there, much more then Katie and Danny had seen before. Upwards of 100 people were sitting and dancing on the floor, drinking and having a good time.

Steve stood behind the two and gazed at their rear ends as they bent at the waist to look over the railing at the crowd. Nearly silently, and with a suddenly serious tone he whispered something into his watch.

Danny turned around.

“Wow, the crowd is kicken!” he exclaimed.

Steve smiled saying, “Oh yes, our reputation is growing by the minute it seems. Now if you’ll excuse me, I must pretend to work here.”

With a chuckle and a wave the three separated. Danny and Katie sat in two of the chairs while Steve left down the stairs.

Soon Danny and Katie were making small talk. Katie folded her legs and rested her head on a hand that was rested on the arm rest. Danny stretched out; put his feet on the railing and his hands behind his head.

Their conversation was ended when the couple heard the click clacking of high heels behind them. What they saw opened their eyes.

Carly appeared. She wore a microscopic French maid outfit. Her huge chest was supported by the black corset with white ribbon and boning, and barley covered by the black and white lace top. Her seductive hips and ass were clearly visible in the tiny black satin skirt she wore. She wore a small white apron and carried a tray with a pair of margaritas on it.

“Compliments of the house”, she said in a robotic tone, her eyes still straight ahead, “May I be of assistance in any other area?”

Katie smiled and reached for the glass closest to her. Danny did the same, and whispered into Carly’s ear which made Katie nervous.

“As always Sir, your wish is my command.” Carly replied to the whisper.

Danny cracked an evil smile as Carly set the tray down in robotic 90 degree movements. She then strode to Katie in her 5 inch stiletto heels and sat on the same chair making Katie scoot over. Katie grimaced and whimpered as she hurriedly moved to the side of the chair, smooshed against it’s velvet arm. Carly rotated her head mechanically as her arm outstretched, gracefully caressing the back of Katie’s neck causing Katie to breath deeply. She skillfully intertwined her fingers into Katie’s brunette ponytail and slowly craned her neck back. Carly moved in and soon their lips touched. Danny took out his camera phone and began snatching pictures as Carly passionately, and Katie reluctantly made out.

Katie’s eyes opened wide as she felt Carly’s other hand snake it’s way over her knee, and along the inside of her thigh. She whimpered into Carly’s mouth reluctantly. Carly skillfully, hardly lifting Katie’s skirt, continued to tease and torment Katie’s thigh. Soon, she could tickle the fabric of Katie’s thong. Lost in the moment, Katie’s eyes closed and she leaned into Carly, uncrossing her legs. With this signal, Carly’s hand greedily pulled Katie’s thong to the side and caressed Katie’s labia, Danny taking pictures the whole time. Carly played Katie like a puppet, toying and tormenting her clit and lips until Katie was a helpless mess, rolling and swaying in the chair. Katie’s eyes opened wide and her body tensed the signal Danny was looking for.

“Now!” he yelled to Carly.

And with that, Carly mechanically broke the kiss, stood up; curtseyed and left, leaving Katie sprawled out and out of breath on the chair.

Katie slowly got up, seconds from the orgasm that she thought Carly was going to give her. She gave Danny a pouting look as she adjusted her clothing and fixed her thong in an un-ladylike manor.

“You know I hate it when you pull that shit” Katie said with an angry attitude.

“Oh?” Danny said, “You seemed to be enjoying it.”

Katie rolled her eyes and adjusted her top as Danny sipped on the margarita.

“Oh wow!” he exclaimed. “Hun did you try this?”

Katie shook her head silently and then took a sip. Her eyes widened instantly.

“Wow that is really good.” Katie started. “I’m not a margarita fan but that’s really good. The salt is good.”

Danny nodded and took another big sip. It was smooth and hit the spot. Soon, the two of them had finished their drinks, and licked the salt off the glass. Danny was looking for Carly so he could order another pair when a massive spot light shinned on the two of them. They both looked up in fear and wonder until they saw the big screen TV. The two chuckled as they saw their picture, framed in a big red heart with the words “Club Kiss Cam” above it.

They smiled, held hands and kissed.

The usually timid Katie felt a rush of excitement. She had planned to simply peck Danny’s lips for the sake of the camera, but soon felt the need to plunge her tongue deep into Danny. Soon, to the cheers of the crowd the two were kissing deeply, rolling their heads and passionately kissing each other deeply. That’s when Danny realized something.

He wanted to end the kiss, to pull away but he couldn’t. It was like his lips were some how glued to Katie’s. He began to pull away, but there was a sharp pain in his lips like he would have to pull the skin off to separate. Katie now too realized it, and the two of them began to whine and moan as they tried to separate, their eyes wide with fear.

It was at this point that Steve, dressed the same as before, entered the balcony. The crowd cheered as he waved to them and all eyes focused on the couple that was helplessly stuck together as five other people entered the balcony. One of them was Carly, dressed in her more usual jeans, club shirt, and boots.

Katie and Danny felt hands, everywhere. They were both in a panic, trying to kick and swat their attackers away with their mouths still glued together in a deep passionate kiss. They stood up from their chairs, which only helped the club’s workers. With eyes wide, the two felt their hands lifted over their heads. Despite their struggles, they felt thick, heavy leather cuffs fasten around their wrists and then be locked to the ceiling. Danny’s shirt was the first to go, as Carly unceremoniously cut it down the back with scissors and ripped it off, exposing his toned but not ripped chest. Katie’s loud grunts and moans into Danny’s mouth told him that her top was now removed as well. Danny felt Carly’s hands around his crotch and soon his jeans were unfastened and torn away from his body. He yelled and cursed into Katie’s mouth as a huge guard removed Danny’s shoes with casual ease.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” Steve said, speaking into a hand held microphone. “Welcome to the first annual slave auction!”

Despite the crowd’s cheers and hysterics, Danny and Katie were soon in tears.

Steve walked by the two, caressing both of their rear ends.

“Isn’t that salt yummy?”, he said, “Little did you know that Katie’s was part A, and Danny’s was part B. Combined, they make a very strong epoxy glue…don’t they?”

Steve smiled, and then addressed the masses.

“As we all know, the economy has been hard on us all.” Steve continued. “This club in particular has lost over $240,000 this year alone. I know, I know, it is not your fault. To make up for that, we have had to turn to you… the black market! You scoundrels you!”

The crowd cheered and laughed as Steve carried on like the ringleader at the circus. He turned around covering the mic, “Leave her skirt on, she looks sexier like that.”

Danny looked at Katie as he felt his own boxers rip down his legs. She was naked, besides the skirt and her heels. He could feel her naked chest against his and knew that in any other scenario he would take her in a second.

“Here we have a married slave couple for your enjoyment.” Steve continued. “Danny is a male, thought he was a Master and will require more breaking and training than his slave wife Katie. I have… tasted her goods… if you catch my drift, and she is very talented. Both will be a fine addition to anyone’s slave house. Shall we start the bidding at… $5,000?”

With that Danny and Katie panicked, they desperately tried to separate their lips and pull their arms free. All they heard was a wealth of numbers and dollar amounts announced by Mr. Ramski.

“Going once… going twice…. sold!” Steve hollered to the cheers of the masses. “Please come up stairs and collect your winnings!”

All Danny saw come up the stairs was a man with no shirt on, wearing combat boots and black leather belted pants come up the stairs. All Katie saw was a nightmare.

Master Jack ignored Steve and Danny for a second, walking straight to Katie. Steve smiled as Jack brushed the hair from Katie’s neck exposing it. He kissed it from behind as his hands slid up her tummy and cupped her delicious tits from behind, making Danny scream in anger.

“I take it you two have met?” Steve said with a whimsical smile.

“Only briefly,” Jack said as Katie struggled, “And not nearly long enough.”

Danny stomped his feet and glared, twisting in the chains.

“Ok”, said Steve, “Let’s go do the paperwork. $11,340 and they are all yours.”

Danny and Katie watched as the men disappeared down the stairs. Katie screamed in fear but Danny never saw it coming. One of the large bouncers sprayed an aerosol can into the married couple’s faces. It had two effects, one being that it counteracted the glue that connected their lips, and the second being that it paralyzed the two hapless victims.

“You two are so easy”, Carly said with a sassy wink.

Though completely awake and aware of their surroundings, neither of the married couple could move a muscle as the bouncers lowered them down and unchained the naked couple. The two were put on hospital type stretchers and silently wheeled away as the crowd applauded.

The were rolled down a few hallways and past many doors until the bouncers left them in what looked like a rich man’s living room. There was a large red brick fireplace, books in wooden shelves along the wall and was lavishly furnished. There the two lay frozen in their stretchers for almost an hour.

Suddenly the door slammed shut, and Master Jack entered. Katie had tears flowing down her face as Master Jack massaged her left tit while he stared at Danny.

“I think I will start with you sweetie.” Master Jack said.

He touched his palm pilot which he had pulled from his pocket and two large chains came from pulleys on the ceiling. He soon locked these to Katie’s wrist cuffs and touched his palm pilot again. The chains retracted to the ceiling, pulling Katie off the stretcher and left her dangling upright a few inches off the ground.

Master Jack hummed to himself as with one hand he tapped on the controller and with the other massaged Danny’s wife’s crotch. Soon a mess of leather straps appeared at Master Jack’s feet. They were all black leather, and he bent down to straighten them all out. Danny couldn’t see below the stretcher, but knew Master Jack was around his wife’s feet. Soon he was slowly standing, lifting the leather straps. Katie knew it was a full body harness and tried her best to escape her paralyzed prison. She shed a tear as three of the straps touched her crotch. One slid directly between her pussy lips, splitting them while the other two were each just outside her lips, there by pinning each lip in it’s own leather cage.

“For added delight, there is a beautiful little clit stimulator for you girl on your little clitty, an added feature I designed.” Master Jack said in a jovial tone.

With that, he lifted the rest of the straps over Katie’s shoulders. Danny noticed that there were D-rings throughout the harness. Master Jack adjusted the breast openings to their widest, and then slipped them over Katie’s warm boobs. Once they were touching her sternum, he touched his palm pilot and they contracted again, tightly squeezing each tit at its base painfully, though poor Katie could not protest.

Katie was spun so that her back was facing Danny. He immediately noticed that the three crotch straps became one that traveled between Katie’s delicious butt cheeks. There was a strategic hole for her asshole that Danny could not help but notice. He was helpless to do anything but watch as Master Jack snapped a huge leather black collar around his wife’s delicate neck. He then knelt out of Danny’s view.

Several minutes later he re-appeared, standing and turning Katie to face her paralyzed husband as she was lowered to the ground. Again, this caused her to leave Danny’s field of vision.

Soon the legs that Danny knew all too well came into view. This time however they sported black patent leather stiletto heels of about the 5 inch range with a connected locking patent leather ankle strap. To this strap, Master Jack had had connected the ceiling’s chains, and Katie was now being helplessly hoisted to the ceiling upside down. Once Master Jack had his prize at the correct height, he turned her so her back was towards him. Off the ground he picked up what looked like to Danny to be a large pony tail, the exact color of his wife’s brunette hair. With an evil look, he turned his hand to show that there was a connected butt plug, and this pony tail would be infact, Katie’s tail.

Danny tried desperately to break free as Master Jack centered the plug between Katie’s cheeks and slowly pushed. He twisted and pushed, causing Katie’s body to sway in the chains, and Danny to try even hard to break his paralyzed prison. It was useless, and Master Jack backed away leaving the tail stuck inside Katie.

Master Jack pushed the controller, and raised Katie higher until her face was at level with his chest. He reached down and pulled out a ring gag.

“Look familiar?” he asked with a vicious look that made Katie’s eyes open wide in fear.

She knew it was a lost cause and in seconds her mouth was spread painfully open. She looked at Danny, her paralyzed Master and husband as he lay helpless and unbound on the stretcher.

Master Jack then picked up something Danny had never seen before. It was a head harness, with something attached. Danny could not see a gag, but did see several strange black leather appendages to it. Within seconds Master Jack was strapping it to his wife’s beautiful face. For several minutes he adjusted this strap, tucked in Katie’s hair, and tightened this strap. Finally he stepped aside so Danny could see.

To his horror, his wife had the face of a dog! The mask came complete with ears, and a long muzzle that looked like a black leather dog’s face. Her eyes were still visible, but her face was covered from the top of her nose to the underside of her chin.

“Just a few more things my dear”, Master Jack said confidently. “Then your all mine my little pup.”

Katie was raised higher, and Danny lost her behind Master Jack as he began to work on her hands. After a few minutes he stepped aside presenting Katie to her husband like an upside down unveiling. Katie’s arms were covered in gloves up to the elbows. Her poor delicate hands were crushed into fists, and replaced with what looked like black leather dog paws.

“Usually I cover my puppy’s feet in paws as well,” Master Jack said looking at his male toy. “But with the legs and feet that your wife has, I don’t think that would be proper.”

Master Jack lowered Katie to the ground. Danny could hear moaning that sounded like Katie’s, and then the bell on her collar trailed away.

30 minutes later Master Jack returned.

“Your turn pup!” he said with a smile.

Danny felt Master Jack connect the chains to his wrists, and lift him to the ceiling. Soon he had a matching male version of Katie’s leather harness. The only different was that this circled the base of Danny’s genitalia, squeezing them hard as it had Katie’s breasts. It had a cock and ball harness, which meant that Danny’s cock and balls now each supported a web of constricting leather straps, the biggest just behing the head of his rod. He too had a hole in the back, and he wanted to scream as his virgin anus was spread by a butt plug tail that matched his blond hair. Danny did not however have to wear the stiletto heels, but did get the same gag and hood treatment that his wife got. The gloves squeezed Danny’s hands and seemed to seal his fate in Danny’s mind.

* * *

Katie’s mind raced. Once lowered to the ground, Master Jack had injected her with something that snapped her slowly out of her paralyzed form. She was forced to watch as Master Jack had put thick matching leather thigh cuffs around her legs just above the knee. They were not cuffed together as she expected, but were instead connected by a pair of small chains to her collar. This allowed her to spread and close her legs, but she was forced to stay on her knees, or on all fours.

Once in this position, Master Jack had taken her into the hallway and connected a leash from a hook on the wall to her collar. There she stayed just outside the door as Master Jack went in to work on her husband. People, mostly employees of the club walked by and ignored her moaning gagged complaints and pleas for help. When not begging for help she tried desperately to unclench her fists.

After some time, Master Jack walked out. Katie began to sob as she saw her husband, now awake, in the exact same position. He was led by a leash in Master Jack’s hand. Katie moaned as Master Jack grabbed Katie’s leash and walked her down the hallway.

The crowd erupted as they were lead through the mob of people. Both puppies felt endless hands caress and stroke them as they were led on all fours out the back parking lot by Master Jack, and Steve who was holding the door. They approached a large conversion van, white in color. Steve opened it, and a shelf lowered. Danny and Katie both recognized it as a handicap entrance in the van, a mechanical shelf used to bring wheel chaired people into the van.

The two sobbed and tried to back away on all fours as they tugged on their leashes.

“I see we still need to see who is boss,” Master Jack said, tapping his controller. “Don’t we?”

With that the two squealed in pain as painfully large nipple clamps appeared on them, a dangling chain between them. Both looked at each other, out of breath and silent… slowly nodding. Defeated, they stepped on all fours onto the platform. Mr. Ramski tapped a button on the side of the van and the platform rose until it was at the side entrance’s level. Danny and Katie looked in fear at what was inside the van. Two large dog cages, complete with food dishes were there, padlocked to the van’s floor. Danny stepped into one quickly, his painful nipples having taught him a lesson. Katie needed more convincing, and Master Jack was happy to oblige by slapping her harshly on her exposed ass. Katie moaned and entered the cage. Both shut on their own, with some sort of automated locking system. They heard Master Jack and Steve talking, then Master Jack get in the drivers side. Their cages shook from the road as they entered a new phase of their marriage.

* * *