Saturday Slave

by Spndxmd

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© Copyright 2001 - Spndxmd - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; D/s; bond; bdsm; rope; clothespins; toys; denial; oral; cons/reluct; XX

Here is a story of what is going to happen this coming Saturday. Thought you'd like it.

First, I dressed into a corset, thigh high stockings, panties, High heeled shoes, leather cuffs and a penis harness. Next I tied myself up with a spreader bar, nipple clamps, gag, and blindfold then awaited my mistress.

Upon entering the room she said “So this is what you want. OK then, But you remember you wanted this” she said with a coy voice. Next she walked around and proceeded to remove her clothes. Opening the drawer to her dresser she put on a pair of pantyhose and a spandex shirt. My blindfold was lifted for a moment so I could see her outfit.

“Would you like to lick my nylon covered pussy?” she asked. I nodded and grunted into the gag. She laughed, put the blindfold back into place as said “Maybe if your UP to it” then laughed some more.

I could feel her hand as it traveled up my nylon covered leg. Once she reached the panties, she pulled them down to expose my harnessed cock. I could feel her caressing my balls and the restraint of the harness get tighter as I became more aroused. “First thing we need to do slut is to tenderize these” she said. Next came the unmistakable feeling of clothespins being attached to my balls. One by one they were applied until there was no more room for any more. Then she began to twist individual ones to torment me. After a few moments she left the room. She returned and began twisting again.

This time I could feel the cold drops of an ice cube dripping in my tight, aching balls. Then without warning, a nipple clamp was removed. My sore nipple was then massaged hard to intensify the pain. Next, a soothing ice cube was being rubbed across it. As my nipple hardened to an aroused state again, the nipple clamp was put back on. I could sense her near my ear, She whispered, “Would you like to cum now?” I nodded “yes” and grunted into the gag again. Suddenly a single clothespin was yanked off my balls and she said “wrong answer”.

I was then ordered to move to the foot of the bed. I was then told to kneel on the floor facing the bed and to put my head on the bed. My panties were then pulled down and a cold lubricated tip began teasing my back side. Slowly she inserted a butt plug into me. Working it in slowly until it was in then the panties were pulled up. I could feel her get onto the edge of the bed. I was then told not to make a sound or I would be punished. My gag was removed, and my head was placed in her nylon covered crotch. “Lick” was all she said and I began to lick her. I must have done a good job because she then lowered the pantyhose and pulled my face into her crotch. I was licking feverishly and I could tell she was getting close to orgasm. Suddenly her orgasm reached climax. My head was pushed away as she rested.

After a few moments of recovery, She pulled up her pantyhose and put the gag back on me, then left the room. She returned smoking a cigarette. As she sat on the edge of the bed, she said “ I bet your dying to have one” I shook my head “yes” and grunted. She slapped my ass hard and said “wrong answer”.

Once the cigarette was finished, I felt the clothespins on my balls being removed. One by one, with a twist and a tug. After the last one was removed I felt the soothing sensations of an ice cube massaging them. I was put back on the bed, face up. The nipple clamps were then removed and given the ice treatment. She began teasing my balls with her hand and a feather, watching my cock strain in it’s cage. “Poor little slut, bet he wants to be released from his cage and cum” she said. I shook my head “yes” and moaned onto the gag. With a hard slap of my balls, she replied “wrong answer”.

She continued to tease me with her hand and the feather. After she felt I was tormented enough that way, She said “I just had an idea maybe we should remove that cage,……Oh look it has a lock on it”………

She continued,” I guess It’s a good thing I have the key, But I don’t want you cumming, You haven’t earned that yet.” She then grabbed a pair of pantyhose out of my drawer. My balls were grasped and pulled hard away from my cock. The one leg of the pantyhose was tied at the base and the rest of the leg wrapped tightly around the length to the top of the balls .

Once the entire leg was wrapped around and my balls were tightly forced to the bottom, the entire wrapping was then wrapped in black vinyl tape. The lock was unlocked and the harness was removed. She massaged my shaft for a few moments then the second leg of the pantyhose was then wrapped around the base of my cock and continued up the shaft until the head. This too was then wrapped in tape so that the only parts exposed of my cock were my stretched balls. She began teasing my balls with her fingernails and the feather watching my straining cock in it vinyl case. She then began to lick my ear and pinch my nipples. Softly she whispered, “Do you want to cum now my slut?” I grunted and nodded “yes”. She stopped teasing and said, “Silly little slut hasn’t learned, Now I will have to punish you”

Suddenly she grabbed my cock and balls, then wrapped the key ring for my locks in the panty part of the hose, she stuffed it in between my cock and balls. She then began wrapping my entire cock and balls starting at the base and completely covering it with many layers of tape. After a few minutes my blindfold was lifted and she showed me the 3 empty rolls of tape and pointed to my crotch. It was a huge ball of tightly wound black vinyl tape. She then told me the keys to my locks were in there.

She cut the ropes going from my wrists to the spreader bar at the knee length. She moved my wrists in front of me and tied them with about 10 knots keeping the locks on the wrist cuffs together. The rest of the ropes going to the ankles and spreader bar were removed and so was the spreader bar. Then I was helped up. The blindfold was removed and I was instructed to follow her. We went downstairs into the family room and I was told to sit on the floor with my knees apart and ankles together. Another piece of rope was used to tie the locks on my ankle cuffs together, again with 10 knots.

Finally, she took one rope from my wrists and one from the ankles and proceeded to tie those 2 in as many knots. The other 2 ropes were then done too. She then attached the nipple clamps again and said, “ Since you can only think with your cock, you will have to masturbate if you want to cum, and with all those knots I put in there it’ll take you quite a while to untie yourself then unwrap your cock.” A towel and some oil was placed in front of me. She then grabbed the digital camera and took a few pictures of me from various angles. “I want you to print out a few of these pictures for me tomorrow, that way I can show people what a cock slut you like to dress up as and maybe rent you out for fun.” She got real close to my ear and whispered in a very sexy voice, “imagine being dressed like this and used as a cock slut every weekend” Then she patted my wrapped cock and said “Enjoy, I’m going to bed. Maybe I’ll see you there if you can get free. Good Night dear.”

There I was, Horny as hell with my wrists and ankles tied together in many knots, my cock tightly wrapped in yards of vinyl tape, my gagged mouth, my sore nipples clamped, and a butt plug in my ass. The only way to get free was to untie the many knots and unwrap my cock. The light was turned off, with a laugh she said “good night” and up to bed she went.

Can I get free?

The End