Saturday Night Special

by Sigid

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© Copyright 2002 - Sigid - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; rope; gag; oral; sex; cons; X

As I sit here in my chair, thoroughly bound, blindfolded, gagged, completely naked, and helplessly awaiting the unknown, I find myself wondering how this all came to be…


It was only four months ago that I finally convinced my beautiful wife to allow me to indulge my lifelong sexual fantasy of bondage. Although she professed no particular interest in it, she allowed me to tie her up several times. From the very first, she was not very responsive, and I purchased an increasing amount of bondage gear in an attempt to find the “right combination” that would arouse her interest.

Nothing I could do seemed to work – and maybe I should have noticed the odd glint that came to her eye whenever she handled the bondage gear, but that’s clear only in hindsight…

After the final attempt at turning her on to participating in my fantasy – during which she seemed to endure my best efforts with a patient stoicism - I finally figured that it was simply not to be. As I removed the pad gag from her mouth, I said “I’m sorry, Amy, but I guess you just don’t feel the same way I do about this. I appreciate your going along with me on this, but it just isn’t working…”

“Isn’t it YOUR turn by now?” she asked abruptly.

I disconnected completely. “What?”

“I’ve let you tie me up several times now – what about you taking a turn?”

This was not in my copy of the script. “Look, I realize this just isn’t working out, and I’m sorry, but…”

“No ‘buts’ about it!” she snapped. “It’s my turn, so you just quiet down and give it up!”

Thinking maybe I had pushed her a bit far with this last session, and since she was, after all, right, I shrugged my agreement.

…And it all started from that.

She removed all my clothes and had me assume her position, spread eagled on the bed. To my surprise, she now seemed to be taking a much greater interest in the role playing, and her eyes glinted strongly as she took considerable pains to insure that my wrists were firmly secured into the leather wrist cuffs, pulling the fastener until it was snug.

“You know,” I said tentatively, “That’s a bit tight…”

She smiled and grabbed the ball gag that she had recently worn and worked it all the way into my surprised mouth, then buckled it tightly behind my head.

“I think we need less noise from you, mister!” was her only comment.

She then secured the ankle cuffs in place, stretching my legs as far apart as hers had been. I grunted but could make no other sound as she made sure that there was no way I was getting free without her help. Then she looked me in the eyes and climbed onto the bed, settling between my legs. Her hands stroked my body from my face all the way down my chest, past my stomach and finally settling on my balls. She took one in each hand and squeezed gently, while pulling them slightly toward her.

I realized at that moment that I was totally in her control, and that there was nothing I could about it. The sensation was electric! She continued to stare into my eyes as she worked on my balls, a small smile on her face.

My cock was hard and getting harder, but she continued to stroke my balls, ignoring my cock while staring into my eyes. I started squirming against my bonds, but found the gear I had bought worked all too well – I could hardly move an inch.

She was smiling at me as her hands finally started stroking my straining cock – slowly, too slowly, and too lightly, as well. “Mmmph…mmmph!!” was all I could say, and she ignored me completely. Her nipples were getting very tight as she lowered her head, taking my cock into her mouth. She was very teasy at first, clearly enjoying her new-found power over my body, as I strained and squirmed helplessly, unable to get to the pleasure I wanted so badly.

Finally, she attacked my swollen cock very roughly and very aggressively, taking full control over me and forcing me to greater and greater heights of helpless ecstasy. She pulled her lips away long enough to say, softly but clearly, “This is MY cock now!” and then she went back at it, driving me over the edge into an orgasm that was unbearably powerful, sweeping me away and pushing me into unconsciousness.


…Was that the front door? I thought I heard something, but I cannot be sure…


After that first evening, a change came over Amy. She started dressing differently – more overtly and aggressively sexual, teasing me by her very presence in a way she had never done before. She began buying – and wearing – sexy lingerie from Victoria’s Secret and the like. She would “accidentally” bump into me so that I would get a quick touch of her breasts, or would bend over somewhat more slowly than necessary so I that could not miss the great view down her blouse…

However, I quickly discovered that she was unwilling to grant me any sexual favors unless I first allowed her to, as she put it, “call all the shots” by immobilizing me.

At first, I thought I had mis-heard her. I hadn’t.

Then I thought she was kidding. She wasn’t.

Then I thought I could charm her into changing her mind. I couldn’t.

Finally, I thought I could hold out on her until she gave in. I must have been stoned.

So it was that several nights later, on what was the first of many Saturday Nights to follow, I gave in. She just grinned at me – she had known from the start that this moment would come – as she told me to fetch one of our large kitchen chairs into the living room, while she went by herself into our bedroom.

I didn’t have long to wait to ponder my fate; she was back in a few minutes carrying a bulging duffle bag which she dumped on the floor behind the chair.

“Come over here!” she said firmly, and when I did she turned me around so that my back was to her. Forbidding me to turn around, she slowly undressed me until I was completely naked, then she stooped to the duffle bag and removed – I didn’t know we had them! – a pair of actual handcuffs, which she dangled in front of my face.

“You can still back out” she suggested with a smirk, knowing full well it would never happen. When I didn’t speak, she took my wrists and pulled them behind my back, where I heard the soft snicking noise as the cuffs were fixed snugly to my wrists.

In no great hurry, she had me sit down in the chair with my arms over the back. A thick black leather strap was then tightened around my chest and the back of the chair which held me firmly in place. From the bag she next removed a long piece of white rope, which she used to tie my ankles together, and then a second piece which went tightly around my knees. At this point, she stood up and admired her handiwork. There was no way I was going anywhere until she let me go, and she was satisfied that she had done the job well.

She then came around in front of me and unzipped her skirt, which fell to a soft pile on the rug around her ankles. She hiked up her sexy black satin slip to the tops of her gartered stockings and sat down in my lap, her legs straddling me and forcing the hem of her slip up even further. In her hand she held another item I didn’t know we had – a new large red ball gag with a leather strap. She held this up in front of my face and stared intensely into my eyes.

“Last Chance!” she said quietly. Fat chance, I thought, and with that she slowly pressed the ball gag deeply into my mouth, buckling it tightly around my head when she had finished. I tried to dislodge it with my tongue, but there was no give at all – it was staying in until she removed it.

Her eyes were glinting as she sat in my lap, and stared into my eyes with an incredible expression on her face. She removed her blouse, displaying her beautiful breasts in a skimpy and very sheer black bra. I couldn’t help but stare as she displayed herself before my admiring gaze, swaying sensuously from side to side, forward and back, all the while staring deeply into my eyes.

Then she pulled her hips forward, causing her slip to ride all the way up, showing me the sheer and skimpy black panties which matched her bra. Clearly enjoying herself and the feeling of power she had over my helpless body, she ground her panty-covered crotch onto my swollen cock, gently at first, but gaining intensity as her arousal grew. She leaned forward and rubbed her hard, nylon-covered nipples against my bare chest as her hips moved ever faster against me.

There is only so much a male can take, and though I knew it was hopeless, I began to fight wildly against my bonds, desperate to get my hands on her. My futile struggles served to arouse her even further, and she completely ignored the grunting sounds of “Mmmph…mmmph!” I was moaning into my gag.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, with her face flushed and her body glistening, and my cock as hard as it has ever been, she stood up, stripped off her bra and panties, and jumped back onto my lap, taking me entirely into her hot, wet, and willing cunt. With a frenzied thrusting of her hips, she brought us both to an incredible orgasm as she smiled triumphantly and I screamed into my gag in both frustration and release…

And that was the first in what became a series of regular Saturday Night events. I quickly grew accustomed to being in her sexual control and when she took the bondage gear out of her bag, my cock would automatically stiffen, anticipating the events to come.

She became more and more skilled in the use of bondage gear, and acquired many new items over the next weeks and months. Whenever she would get a new item, I would be pressed into (not entirely unwilling) service to insure that she was satisfied with it.

Our Saturday night sessions always included me being rendered helpless, but her taste ranged widely. Once I was tied into the chair outside on our mostly-private back deck when the weather permitted it – but after giving me incredible head for maybe ten minutes, she left to go clothes shopping and I wound up cooling in the night air, and getting nothing for another entire week. On another occasion, she bound me spread-eagled to the bed in our room and teased me without mercy until I was thrashing about wildly, grunting into my gag, before giving me any release.

Four weeks ago, my ball gag was replaced with a new model – it had a number of leather straps which went all around my head – and, I discovered, could be locked on with a small padlock. It was even more effective at keeping me quiet than the old one.

Two weeks ago, she surprised me with a black leather blindfold which also padlocked into place. Our bondage sessions were becoming stricter, and were also becoming gradually longer.

Last week, it was nipple clamps…


About an hour ago, she again called me into the living room, where the familiar kitchen chair was waiting for me. Without her saying a word, I stripped off my clothes and took my seat, trembling with anticipation as to what was in store for me this time.

She started by placing the 2 inch leather cuffs onto my wrists, and padlocking them in place. A short loop of chain went thru their “D” rings, and was in turn padlocked to the back rung of the chair.

The leather harness gag was then put into place, and she fastened it a bit tighter than normal, then padlocked it in place. The 3 inch leather cuffs were then padlocked onto my ankles, and using two short lengths of chain, she secured each of my ankles to the back legs of the chair, resulting in my thighs being spread apart on the chair and my sex being fully exposed and vulnerable.

So far, I was not uncomfortable, but there was no possibility of escape without the keys. She had learned her technique very well…

Then she took several lengths of white rope and wrapped them around my upper chest, lower chest, and stomach, securing my trunk to the chair frame at several points. Now I could barely move at all, and for her own reasons, she spent the next several minutes teasing my cock with her smooth fingers

I was getting all worked up when she introduced yet another new thing – she took a long piece of plumbers twine (thin braided cotton rope) from her bag and began wrapping it around my cock and my balls. Carefully, she tightened the twine, using it to trap and separate my balls and bind them along with my cock.

“Mmmphh…mmmphh…mmmppphhhh!” I was afraid of this treatment, but she completely ignored me, knowing there was nothing I could do to stop her. Instead she smiled at me, and then passed the remaining ends of the twine under my thigh and out the back, where she tied it around the frame of the chair and pulled it tight. I yelped, and tried to reduce the unwanted strain by straightening myself out as much as I could, but when I did so, she simply re-tightened the twine to keep a steady pressure on my crotch.

Then she once again straddled my lap, giving me a good look up her short skirt, and kissed my face. Her fingers rested on my nipples, which she began stroking sensuously. After a few minutes, she stopped, padlocked my blindfold in place, being very sure that it was on tight, and then resumed stroking my chest slowly.

“I have a bit of surprise for you tonight, which I’m sure you’ll get a big kick out of”, she said, a big smile in her voice. “I’ve told a friend of mine about how we spend our Saturday Nights, and she was very interested, if you know what I mean.”

I was shocked. Our little games were, up to now, strictly between us, and I was surprised to find that she would reveal our secret to anyone.

“Actually, it’s safe to say she was more than ‘interested’”, Amy went on, “Because the first thing she wanted to do was to come over a play along with us.”

“MMMppphhh….mmmmppphhh!!!” This was a true shock!! I found myself wondering exactly which one of Amy’s friends this was…

“But she is very shy, and didn’t want you to see her”, Amy finished, ”So I’ve taken care of that. If you find out who she is on your own, she has agreed to let YOU tie HER up for an evening.”

My head was spinning. The idea had a lot of appeal; if I couldn’t tie up Amy to suit myself, maybe here was a new opportunity…and in any event, I wasn’t being given any choice in the matter.


…Was that the front door I just heard? I listen carefully for the sound of footsteps, but there is nothing.

Very suddenly, a hand is touching my shoulder, and I hear the faint rustling of clothes as someone walks around me. The hands explore my face, and trace the gag and blindfold, checking to see if they are secure.

The thought occurs to me that maybe Amy is playing a trick on me – that she never really left and that this “friend” of hers is actually she herself. But when the hands start to caress my chest, I can feel that the fingers are smaller and shorter than Amy’s. I listen intently for the sound of breathing, or maybe a word slipping out, but there is nothing. I cannot even detect any scent of perfume to identify my mystery guest.

“MMmpph”, I try, hoping for a lucky break to let me identify her, but no luck.

The hands continue to explore my helpless body, slowly descending from my chest to my stomach. I suddenly feel her mouth on my chest, as she takes my nipple between her teeth and gives a little bite. I jerk upright (as much as I am able to move) and she bites the other one.

When I start to make noises into my gag, her hand drops to my crotch, and there she seizes my balls and squeezes them until I shut up. Then I feel her grip loosen a little, while her other hand begins stroking my cock.

This is rapidly becoming more intense than I can handle. My breath is getting shorter as my cock swells into her hand. The twine around me is preventing me from getting 100% erect, however, and I realize that I cannot come unless the twine is removed.

I wonder if my visitor knows that? Or cares?

She continues to tease my helpless captive cock with teasing touches as her other hand lightly rubs my balls. I am getting a fine case of blue-balls, but there is nothing I can do about it.

She is now kissing my chest, licking my nipples as her hands continue to work on me. Once again I try to struggle against my bonds, even though I know it is hopeless – even if my visitor wanted to release me, Amy has the keys in her possession – and it doesn’t really seem that my visitor has any interest in releasing me anyway!

Time seems to have extended somehow, and I am no longer sure how long I have been this stranger’s helpless victim. I am writhing against my bonds, struggling furiously, and moaning into my gag, pleading for release – but my struggles seem only to encourage my visitor to tease me even more!

It is a timeless and luxurious agony of frustration and delicious sexual craving on my part, helpless to change anything being done to me, and deeply and entirely happy with that. When her sweet mouth closes firmly around my engorged and straining shaft, I am in absolute bliss and I wouldn’t change anything even if I could…

I hear the front door being unlocked. It opens and closes, and I hear footsteps entering the living room. “Hi!” says Amy,”Hope you guys have had some fun!”

My visitor remains silent as she rises, leaving me exhausted but unfulfilled on the chair. I think I hear a small giggle, but I still can’t tell who it is. I catch the soft sound of two pairs of footsteps leaving the room, then the front door opens. I hear Amy speaking from out on the porch, but I cannot catch anything of what the other says.

Amy returns to the room, steps behind me and unlocks my blindfold. I can see for the first time in who-knows-how-long.

“I’d rather have your eyes visible so I can watch you during these sessions”, says Amy, “and did you guess who my friend was?”

I had to shake my head. There was no way I could tell. And it became quickly clear that Amy wasn’t even going to give me a hint.

“Good!”, says Amy,”Cause she said she’d like to do this again sometime!” Her hands went down to my crotch and she began removing the insidious plumbers twine from my cock and balls. Finished, she wasted no time before starting to stroke my cock firmly up and down. I was hard in an instant, and I began to squirm all over again, knowing that my time was near.

Amy looked me right in the eye and said “If I hadn’t tied your balls like that, she might have been able to make you come…and that is entirely MY prerogative.”