Sara's Slave

by Cape Vic

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© Copyright 2012 - Cape Vic - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; FM/m; D/s; bond; rope; collar leash; susp; bdsm; crop; whip; cbt; torment; tease; oral; sex; climax; cons; XX

The club was kind of quiet on a Thursday night. There was a blues band playing up on stage and a group of women dancing. They are all friends from college, blowing off a little steam together, none planning on going to work early in the morning. Sara was one of them. She was attractive and flirty with the few men in the room who approached her on the dance floor, wearing a tight white top and a short black mini-skirt, yet she kept looking my way, making sure I was watching her. Every man in the room was watching her. She caught me looking, more than once, and smiled. I smiled back, not thinking much of it as I leaned against the bar, enjoying the scene. She broke away from her friends and came over, introduced herself as “Sara”, and said “aren’t you going to buy me a drink?” I asked her what she wanted and she said “Two shots of tequila, and a martini with extra olives”. I ordered the round.

She took the drinks and said “let’s sit”, leading me to a quiet booth in the corner of the bar. She motioned for me to sit, then slid in next to me, very close, blocking my exit. She slid one of the shots in front of me, picked up hers as if to toast. Following her lead I picked up mine. She said, “you don’t need lime or salt do you?” I threw mine back and she smiled, following my lead. She then slid her hand under the table, and onto my leg, smiling, toying with me, teasing me and then running her fingers up into my crotch to feel my now swollen cock. She just smiled. Trying unsuccessfully to ignore her hand as it explored underneath the table, I asked her what brought her and her friends here tonight? She said “you”. Nothing more. Just “you”, as she smiled at me, continuing her probe, squeezing and releasing. She never broke eye contact, silently pulling me in to her with her smile and the massage she was giving under the table.

After a few minutes of awkward silence, she smiled and said “Are you ready to take my whip tonight?” I was floored by this question. How did she know? I am very discrete with this, ah, “hobby” of mine. “Aren’t you going to answer me?,” she asked. “What are you talking about?” I said, rather embarrassed. “You heard me….and I know you want it. I know all about you. Those very subtle marks on your wrists? I know what caused them.” Subtle marks from the ropes that were recently tied tightly around my wrists – perhaps the hint of a bruise, but almost completely unrecognizable, except by someone who knows where to look

My zipper now undone under the table, her hand completely in my pants, she squeezed my balls sharply, “A friend told me about you and I’ve been watching you for a while… studying you…. stalking you…..”

Silence as she released her squeeze on my balls, now sliding her hand around my throbbing cock. “Hunting you…,” as she slowly stroked me. She seemed so innocent when she was out on the dance floor, but obviously there is more than meets the eye. I looked over at her friends, wondering if this is a game they are playing, or if she really found out about my secret, wondering how, while at the same time my heart was racing, wanting her to tie me up and make me scream. When I broke eye contact, she squeezed my balls very hard and gave a sharp tug. “So, what is it going to be… are you going to let me capture you… tie you up… and make you sweat? Are you going to beg me to whip you? To make you scream behind a gag? We both know you are already my slave. What is your answer boy?”

“What exactly do you have in mind?” I asked, not breaking her gaze. She smiled, and said “I think you know the answer to that question.” My heart racing, I replied “Where do we begin?” She smiled, nodded her head, then reached into her purse and pulled out a short coil of thin rope. Handing it to me, she said “Take this into the bathroom and tie it around your balls very tightly, leaving some slack for me to use as a leash. I like to lead my sluts on a leash. Oh, and if it is too loose, I’ll tie it on myself so it won’t come off, and I assure you that you will regret disappointing me.”

She got up to let me get out of the booth, grabbing my shirt and kissing me deeply, then whispering “Don’t disappoint me.” She watched me as I went to the bathroom. I went into the stall, my hands shaking. I pulled my pants down and felt the rope. “This can’t be happening. Why am I letting some stranger who I just met do this to me”, I thought. I uncoiled the rope and wrapped it tightly around my balls, taking care to make sure it wouldn’t come off. I then wrapped it around the shaft of my cock and tied it tightly around the head, leaving 24 inches of rope for a leash. I pulled up my pants, composed myself, took a deep breath, and went back to the table.

When I got back to the table, there was a collar and leash on the table. Two of Sara’s friends were now sitting in the booth with her. Sara got up so I could resume my position. I sat down and she slid in next to me, reaching below the table, probing for the leash around my balls. She unzipped my pants, reached in and felt the rope, squeezing my shaft and gave the leash a quick tug. After some small talk with her friends, Sara ordered me to put the collar on. Her friends smiled with some amusement as I slowly complied. She then snapped the leash on the collar and finished her drink. Getting up she yanked me forward, leading me out of the bar. Her friends laughed and said “have fun you two” as others looked on.

I avoided eye contact with anyone as Sara led me out of the club on her leash. The streets were dark and she led me to her car as a few people looked on, kind of puzzled. At the car, which was beneath a street light at the end of the parking lot, she unlocked the door. Before opening the door, she produced a pair of handcuffs from her purse, pinned me to the car, and cuffed my hands behind my back. She pushed me into the back seat on my back and climbed on top of me, straddling me. She then stuffed a pair of her panties in my mouth and said “If these aren’t in your mouth when we get back to my place, your ass is going to bleed.” Finally she put a hood over my head, unzipped my pants, pulling them off, and admired the rope around my cock and balls. She took up the slack, gave the leash a hard jerk and laughed. As she got off of me, laughing, she placed a set of steel ankle cuffs around my ankles. “Don’t go anywhere – I wouldn’t want you to miss the fun,” she said, slamming the car door and leaving me there. As I laid there in silence, panic started setting in. A million things ran through my head. I was so turned on, but I thought, what if this is just some stranger’s car and this is just some fucked up game these girls like to play.

After an hour of laying there, panties in my mouth, hood over my head, handcuffed, I heard voices approach and then two of the car doors open. The unforgettable smell of Sara’s perfume filled the air. Sara and someone else were in the front seat. They drove for a little bit, then stopped. I heard a door open and Sara tell her friend to come over in a few hours. The door slammed and she drove away. I laid there, the handcuffs digging into my wrists, drool oozing out of my mouth around the panty gag. She drove for about 15 minutes, finally pulling into a garage, closing the door behind her with the electric door opener. Once again, she left me there.

After a few minutes she came back. She opened the car door, grabbed the cock leash, and yanked me out of the car as I groaned in pain. She stood me up, removed my hood, pressed against me against the car, my throbbing tied up cock pressing against her body, and whispered in my ear, “You have no idea how turned on I am by a man groaning in pain, ” biting my earlobe until she got a response from me. She just laughed, grabbed the cock leash, and led me out of the garage and into her basement playroom. I struggled to keep up with my ankles in shackles as she yanked on the leash. She led me into the room. It had a collection of furniture of various shapes and sizes. There was a video camera set up on a tripod, connected to a large television. There was a heavy exposed beam ten feet off of the floor.

Sarah positioned me in front of the camera, beneath the beam. She then took a coil of rope, and asked me if I was ready for a little fun. I naturally nodded yes. She smiled. She released my hands from the handcuffs, retying them very tightly in front of me with rope. She then took another length of rope, tied it to my wrist knot, and threw the other end up over the rafter. Pulling on the rope she raised my bound hands up over my head until they were fully extended. Tying the rope off loosely for now, she flipped on the video camera and our image displayed on the large screen television as she examined her prey. She pulled the panty gag out of my mouth so I could talk.

“So, my source wasn’t wrong. You really do like to be tied up.”

“I’m afraid you know my secret”, I responded. “I’d love to know how?”

She smiled, and slapped me across my face, leaving a red mark on my cheek. Looking deeply into my eyes, she asked “Do you like pain?” I nodded my head yes. She just smiled. “We’ll see. Of course, you are in no position to object, but I prefer our game to be mutually enjoyable and I’m so turned on when my slaves beg me to hurt them. Beg me to whip them.” She turned and walked away, leaving me hanging there as she went over to her collection of whips. “Which one should I start with?,” she mused. She selected a long thin riding crop then walked back over to me. Standing behind me so I couldn’t see her directly but could see her on the TV, she began to tap my shoulders with her crop. “You know what to do?”, she said, suddenly and without warning thrashing my ass with a swift blow that instantly raised a welt. She continued with her tapping, then laid six sharp slaps on my body, each raising a deep then welt.

“Please Sara!!!!!!!, whip me!”, I begged, tears flowing from the pain, hoping she would get more reasonable with her strokes.

She smiled and said, “Not bad, but I don’t think you are that sincere” as she began to tap my bound up cock. “Perhaps I need to show you what I am really capable of,” she said as she landed a hard blow to the head of my cock. My knees buckled briefly, my body shaking and bucking in pain, as I tried to recover. “I don’t hear you,” she teased, slapping my cock again with the crop. Tears ran down my cheeks. “Please!!!!!! Please whip me!” She laughed a little, then slowly circled behind me, randomly slapping at my body with her crop. Each slap was harsh, raising both a welt and a gasp from me. She walked over to her toy rack and picked up a large ball gag, a bag of clothespins, and a coil of rope. Returning, she said “Open your mouth” and forced the gag in deeply, buckling it tightly behind my head.

“Are you really ready to take my whip?” she asked. I didn’t quite respond either way. “Oh, not sure,” she said, “Perhaps you need to think about it.” She went over to her toy box, grabbed a blindfold, and placed it tightly over my eyes. She then placed a clothespin on my right nipple, twisting it a bit to make sure it was secure. She repeated the procedure with my left nipple, tugging on it when she was done. Pleased with her work, she proceeded to place a line of clothespins up each side of my chest towards my shoulders, running up through my armpits and on the soft flesh of the inside of each arm all the way to my elbows. Each clothespin amplified the pain of the previous one. She stepped back to admire her work.

Finally, she walked slowly towards me, running her hands through the clothespins. “You thought I was pretty hot back at the club, didn’t you? I’m sure all you thought about was getting me back to my place, getting me naked, and having your way with me, didn’t you.” I didn’t answer. She grabbed the cock leash and yanked hard on it. “Answer me”, she demanded. “I shook my head, yes.” She released the leash. She slid out of her clothes and stretched her thong over my head, making sure I could smell the mix of her perfume and her juices that were beginning to soak her thong as she toyed with me. “Well, you got what you wanted. It is a pity you are all tied up and blindfolded and can’t enjoy me. Such a pity.”

She tied my knees together tightly and then my ankles. The ropes burned. She then walked over to where the rope that was holding my hands up was secured to the wall, untied it, yanked on it to bring me up on my tip toes, and tied it back off. She then slid up against me, putting her arms around me so I could feel her nipples against my body, and whispered in my ear, “The path to where you want to go started in that club with my basic question.”

“I ask it again…Are you ready to take my whip tonight? You don’t need to answer it just yet. I want you to think about it. There are a lot of things that turn me on that I want to do to you, but I wonder if you are really worthy….if you will do anything for me. Would you lick my pussy if I allowed you to until I screamed in ecstasy? Would you allow me to hogtie you for days on end, completely unable to move? Would you beg me to fuck you with my strap on? Would you get on your knees and suck another guy’s cock if it made me happy? Would you fuck me totally and absolutely unselfishly, worrying only about MY pleasure, not caring at all about your own? How do my nipples feel against your body? I bet you would like to see them and see what was beneath that cute little mini-skirt I was wearing. You have to earn that reward, and frankly I really do want to bring you great pleasure. Yes, there are a lot of things I would like to do to you, some of which you will hate and some of which you will truly enjoy, but it all starts with your true desire to put me first and take my whip. (pause)”

“You came here willingly. If we go further, it is either all in or all out – your choice….(pause)… I bet those clothespins are beginning to throb. I’m going to let you hang here and think about what you really want for a little while, and when I come back I’ll ask you my simple question. If your answer is yes, we will proceed and if it is no you will be free to go. Remember though, it is all in or all out….. Hang there in pain, my little slut, and think about what you really want, and what you will do to get it.“

With that, she released me from her arms, leaving me hanging by my wrists. She moved behind me and without warning laid one hard lash from her whip across my back, then slowly walked towards the door, the sound of her heels clicking with each step. She opened the door, left the room, and closed the door behind her, leaving me hanging there, alone in the darkness of my blindfold and the images she just painted in her whisper, lost in the fantasy that could easily become my reality, if I chose to let it. As the clothespins throb and I hang here, I wonder what my answer will be when she returns to whisper her basic question in my ear… ”Are you ready to take my whip?”

* * * *

She left me hanging here by my wrists. I have no idea how long. Could have been hours…. could have been days. It seemed like an eternity, blindfolded and gagged, the rope digging into my skin. Yet, in my darkness, my fantasies take over. I hear the lock in the door turn and the door open… is it her, or some other stranger, sent here to find me…. to use me. What is her game, what will she make me do? The click of heals on the cold floor approach me… She grasps the clothespin on my right nipple and twists it. I gasp in pain from behind my gag, but my cock gives me away, springing to attention… she lets out a slight chuckle. Whoever is there slides her hand down my body, over my attentive cock, squeezing it, before sliding down to my balls. She grabs them, and twists. I arch my back to absorb the pain. She holds the twist, breathing heavily in my ear… finally letting go, she whispers in my right ear….

”So, boy, are you ready to truly take my whip?” Slowly sliding her hands around my body from behind, up to the nipple clamps, twisting both, she whispers in my left ear… ”I love to make my slaves scream…. it makes me so hot…. Will you scream for me behind that gag of yours?” I moan and nod my head yes.

She backs away to collect her whip. Returning to me ever so slowly, she makes me smell the whip, then drapes it over my shoulder. Whispering in my ear, she asks, “What are you willing to do for me slave… what are your limits…. would you do anything to have me…. anything…?” I nod my head yes, drool seeping out from behind my gag. She runs her hands over my body from behind, going from one ear to the next, rubbing her scent on my body. “They all say that,” she whispers in my left ear. “But would you really?”

She steps back and lays a harsh lash across my back with her whip, instantly raising a welt. I scream from behind my gag, my body quivering. Sliding up to me, she whispers again in my ear, “They all say that.” She steps back as I come down from the pain. Circling me, she slowly begins to flog me. It is a thin whip, the strokes not hurting too much, but they do leave marks as they whistle through the air. She swings the whip side to side, circling me, striping my body, faster and faster, slightly harder each time. I rise up on my toes as the lashes increase in frequency and the pain increases in intensity until she climaxes it with a flurry of hard strokes, each one raising a gasp behind my gag.

She slides up to me from behind and whispers “Shhhhhhhhh” “When I want you to scream you WILL scream….. when I want you to beg you WILL beg…. but for now I just want you to take my whip, for the moment silently, no matter how intense the pain.” Fondling my body, my cock now in her hand, she whispers in my other ear from behind “Understand?” I nod “yes”

She steps back and again swings the whip side to side, the tip ever so slightly making contact with my body, each time leaving a red scratch. My back heats up as the frequency and intensity of the lashes grow. I bite into gag as she lays an unexpected stroke. I gasp in pain but she responds with a “shhhhhhhh”, never breaking stride from the lashes. She stops for a moment, tying some thin rope tightly around my balls. She then ties another rope around the head of my cock, finishing up by adding some weight to the end of the rope to put some tension on my cock. She steps back and resumes her whip play. The strokes get harder as I fight through the pain. She says nothing for now – just resumes her whipping. My body shakes as she turns up the intensity of the impact. She says nothing – just continues to deliver pain. She pauses and slides up in front of me, putting her arms around me to make sure I smell her perfume. Nibbling on my neck, she whispers, “I want you inside of me…. and I know you want to feel my warm wet pussy around your shaft, and you will, if you truly submit to me… I will fuck you over and over and over until you can’t take it anymore… if you prove worthy…”

Stepping back, she stops her whipping, adds more weight to my cock, and checks the bonds to make sure they are tight. She then steps back and lays a very hard stroke with her whip. Pausing until I tense up, she lays another strike….. Pausing again, she says “Beg me for it” I beg her behind my gag but it comes out “mmmmmppppph” She lays her hardest stroke yet and I scream from behind the gag. She slides up to me and whispers, “that is so hot, but I didn’t give you permission to scream.” She steps back and lays another hard lash – I bite into the gag to absorb the pain, tears running down my eyes from behind the blindfold.

“Tell me slave,” she asks, “would you get on your knees and suck a hundred strangers’ cocks for a chance to fuck me?” I instinctively nod “yes”, not even hearing her question. She continues the whipping, not asking any more questions. She stops for a moment then says. “Beg me slave. Beg me to let you scream. Beg me to whip you. Beg me to allow you to suck every cock I can find….. beg me to fuck you.” I beg, but the begging just comes out as a series of desperate, unintelligible sounds from behind my gag. She whips me harder and harder, shouting “Beg me…… beg me……. beg me…….. beg me!” I absorb all that she can throw at me, my body completely striped by her handiwork. Finally she stops. She comes up to me, releases my hands from over my head and reties them tightly and painfully behind my back. She then ties my elbows painfully tightly together. She then proceeds to pull the rope tied to the head of my cock up between my knees and ties it off to my wrists.

I stand there, my body shaking. I hear her open the door and tell someone to come in. She then closes the door and once again comes up to me from behind and whispers in my ear. “Moment of truth, Vic. Are you ready to earn your place here…. are you ready to kneel and do what whatever I ask”. My heart races. She’s really going to do this. I can’t believe it. Yet, her scent…. her whisper…. is so powerful. I’m not a cocksucker, yet we both know she has complete control over my actions now. She is in my head and I am powerless to stop her. “You know what to do,” she whispers. My knees shake and then collapse to the ground.

“Good Boy,” she praises. Inside I’m dreading what she is making me do, yet I know it is all volunteer. She said it, I can leave whenever I want, yet I’m on my knees. She stands before me, rubbing her pussy on my nose to ensure that I can smell her and feel her hot juices on my face. “You have to earn this, boy…. every day. Every day you must be willing to do whatever I ask…. no matter what it is……. if you want a chance at the prize…… so tell me, if I take that gag out of your mouth and use you for something more productive, will you let me down….. There is nothing hotter than seeing a slave willingly suck whatever he is allowed to suck… especially the throbbing cock of another man. Would you do that for me, boy?”

Without allowing me to answer, she unbuckles the gag. “You are free to go any time you want,” she reminds me. “Or you are free to stay and do things that bring me great pleasure. I want to fuck you, vic, over and over, harder and harder, but I need to know if you are really worthy because I only give it up to the exceptional ones. Tell me, are you exceptional?” I nod my head, yes.

“We’ll soon find out…. and I really hope so, because I want to feel you inside of me. I want you to make me scream. “ With that she placed a noose around my neck and jerked it tight. She then pulled it back behind me, bending my body backwards ever so slightly, tying the noose off to my bound angles. She then kissed me long and deep, pulled out of the kiss, whispered into my ear “prove to me that you are exceptional” and took a step back, allowing me to savor the taste of her lipstick and her saliva. She stepped back in silence, leaving me there to ponder what is coming. The only sound in the room as I struggled to breath with the noose tightly around my neck was my heart pounding away. After a few dramatic moments of silence, she uttered the words “You may proceed.”

With that I felt the presence of someone approach me. Bound and completely helpless, this person grabbed the back of my head and parted my lips, inserting something. It filled my mouth completely reaching the back of my throat…. and then in the darkness my existence became a complete blur….. as I struggled to breath and swallow this person violated my mouth, all I smelled was her scent and all I heard was her words….”prove to me that you are exceptional…”

Exhausted and humiliated I kneel there, her laugh resonating in my ears. The smell and taste of his cum in my mouth. She made me a cocksucker…. her whore… for what? For a chance to get lost inside her. As I kneel there in silence, I hear her talking with him… Someone walks toward me again. I brace for another round. They pull the noose tighter, tying it off so my chest is completely exposed. Then it started. “Prove to me you are exceptional, vic” she just kept saying. She began to whip the front of my now exposed body. Each stroke felt like a knife cutting deeply into my skin. The strokes landed fast and furious…. left to right….. right to left…. back and forth… Ungagged, I gritted my teeth, wincing with each stroke as I struggled to breath. “Take it boy….take it….. if you want me there are no limits…….take it”

Every muscle in my body tensed up, absorbing the pain….. and then she stopped. Walking up to me she slid her body down mine until she was kneeling right in front of me. Stroking my hair with both hands she kissed me deeply…..”You were very good. Perhaps we should continue this on the bed”. Crawling behind me she untied the noose from my ankles then untied my ankles and my knees and helped me to my feet. She then unblindfolded me. Standing before me was her friend…. the one who had violated me. She gave him the end of the noose and he gave it a sharp jerk, leading me back to the bedroom. She told him to stay out in the hall as she led me to the bed.

She untied my arms and pushed me down on the bed, the noose still around my neck. Crawling on top of me she straddled me and kissed me again. She led my hands to her breasts and allowed me to fondle her, encouraging me as we made out. She pushed me further up on the bed and laid on top of me. After a few more minutes of foreplay she said “not yet”. She proceeded to tie the noose off to the headboard. She then climbed off of me, got some additional rope and tied me spread eagle on the bed as tightly stretched as she could possibly make it. She then crawled back on the bed, placing her mouth completely over my cock and sucked a bit to bring me to a full erection. “I don’t want to even begin to tell you what will happen if that cock of yours goes soft”, she laughed in a teasing way. Climbing on top of me she whispered in my ear, “I like my men completely attentive and completely helpless when I take them.”

She proceeded to climb off of me and then went over to her friend who was in the hall. She invited him into the room and started making out with him in front of me, making sure I was looking, never breaking eye contact with me. She led him over to the foot of the bed and pushed him down on it in a sitting position. She mounted him and began to fuck him, slowly, rhythmically, digging her nails into his back, leaving deep scratches, watching me the whole time as if she was really fucking me. I squirmed against my bonds as her breathing became labored and her orgasm began to rise. Sarah’s orgasm built higher and higher as she moaned and sighed and then exploded in a scream. She then dismounted him unceremoniously and climbed onto the bed, never breaking eye contact with me. Her friend just got up and left.

Sarah climbed up on top of me, once again straddling my body. She climbed up my chest and placed her pussy over my lips. I didn’t need to be told what to do, immediately probing her pussy with my tongue until I found her clit. I worked it fast and furious with my tongue. After a few minutes she arched her back and began to succumb to the sensations building inside of her. She dug her nails into my body as I continued to thrust away with my tongue. Whenever I slowed down she dug deeper and ordered me not to stop. Harder and harder I pushed her until her eyes rolled back and she squeezed my head with her thighs. I kept thrusting with my tongue as she pumped my mouth with her body. Finally, she collapsed and laid there for a moment on top of me. After a few moments she got up, smiled at me, blindfolded me, and then went to the bathroom. Without saying a word she came back, climbing back on top of me with her warm body, and kissed me, probing my mouth with her tongue. Mounting my still erect cock, she leaned over and whispered in my ear, “every time you took one of the hard lashes from my whip today I dreamed of doing this to you....” She kissed me deeply and started to rock on my still hard cock…

“This is the reward for taking my whip tonight”, she whispered in my ear… rocking….. ”there will be other rewards for accepting other challenges”, she whispered in my other ear, her breathing starting to become labored….. rocking…. ”as long as you remain exceptional…”….(moan)….. ”don’t cum before me!”

I wouldn’t dare.