Sandra: The Indentured Prostitute

by Jon Deets

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© Copyright 2012 - Jon Deets - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f; hotel; bond; ropes; gag; sex; group; climax; cons/reluct; X

story continues from How Sandra became Indentured

Everyone at the office noticed that Sandra was much nicer to her grumpier old boss. "A love hate relationship" they all said. Sandra noticed herself daydreaming from time to time about taking another business trip, and she alternated between feeling disgust and lust for thinking about sex with strangers, especially for money.

Finally the call came from her boss: "Sandra", he said "we are going to New York. I want you completely shaved. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir" was all she could manage to utter.

The flight to New York was uneventful, and the landed at JFK mid-afternoon and headed to Mid-Town. They were staying at the Intercontinental Hotel at 44th and 8th and got all checked in.

Sandra's boss told her "I will meet you at the bar. Wear a long skirt, no panties, and if anyone uses the term 'pub' you are to go with them and do whatever they say".

Sandra soon found herself at the bar and ordered herself a beer and was minding her own business watching (without understanding) American football when a businessman with that 'attorney look' sat beside her and said said "hello". Sandra immediately responded in her British accent with a "how are you today" and the man responded, "Well now you have a great voice. Sounds like you belong in a pub." Sandra's eyes widened considerably and the man grinned and said, "Come with me darlin" as he paid the bill.

When they got to his room Sandra noticed that there were already ropes tied to each corner of the bed as though the man already had planned out the entire evening. "I am a bondage guy", the man stated when he saw what Sandra was looking at, "Now come over here and face me." As she moved toward the man he sharply said, "No eye contact, and say yes Master."

"Yes Master" Sandra responded weakly.

With that, the stranger slowly unbuttoned her blouse and then removed it entirely. He then reached around her back and undid her bra, freeing her medium-sized firm breasts which he immediately fondled.

"Tonight is going to be a good night, isn't it honey?"

"Yes Master" was all Sandra said.

The man reached up her skirt and exclaimed, "Well you are wet already, and no panties just like I ordered" as he removed her skirt.

With that, the man placed Sandra on the bed on all fours and tied her limbs to each bedpost with her butt in the air and on her knees as he began to take her doggy-style. Sandra's mind was a jumble of revulsion and unadulterated lust all at the same time, and she was tremendously surprised when she came with an explosive orgasm and vocalized, "Oh God, Oh God" and then felt the man come also as he grunted and pounded. The man took a minute to recover and then merely said, "Call me Master. Not God."

After 10 minutes of recovery time the man flipped Sandra over and tied her spread-eagled on the bed, and again entered her beautifully shaved quim and started the old locomotion until he was able to again shoot his load. A few minutes went by and finally the gentleman said, "I paid your pimp $1,000 for the entire night. But I am a businessman and I believe in arbitrage, so tell me your 3 favorite soccer numbers."

"What?" Sandra asked with a puzzled look.

"Tell me your 3 favorite soccer numbers right now" the man said as he twisted Sandra's left nipple viciously.

"10, 12 and 8" Sandra yelped as she heard a commotion at the door.

The man opened the door slightly and, sure enough, there stood an entire city-league soccer team, dirty and disheveled from playing a game. The man said, "Mike, George and Enrique- you guys are the lucky winners!"

As the entire team crowded into the room to look at Sandra, bound, naked, and freshly fucked, the man collected $300 from each of the 3 men wearing the numbers 10, 12 and 8 and said, "See you later, guys" as he left.

Now clearly the attorney intended for only 3 men to take pleasure in Sandra, but a team is a team, correct?

As Sandra begin to articulate that she had already fulfilled her duties for the evening one player filled her mouth with a sweaty sock and used his shoelaces to tie it in her mouth so that she could not utter a sound. With that, the entire team of 12 took turns with Sandra: spread-eagle, doggy style, bent over a chair, Sandra bouncing on top, etc. With so many hands, lips and tongues on her body, Sandra's night became a blur as she pleasured man after man after man.

The last 3 guys left about 6 in the morning and untied one of Sandra's arms so that she could then free herself from her bondage. As she used the restroom, tired, sore, sweaty and smelling of sex, the phone rang.

When she answered the boss said, "Shower up and meet me for breakfast in 30 minutes. I started this trip a little slow for you with my attorney acquaintance, but after work this morning I have a bit of an orgy lined up for you with a team of 5 investment bankers so that we can earn some real money. Wear something nice and use your best perfume!"

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