Sam's Diary 1&2

by Studbound

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Sam's Diary
by Studbound
Sam's Diary by Studbound

Chapter 1 Wednesday April 25th 2000

My aunt has encouraged me to keep a diary of my adventures, so I am starting. She will help me with details so that I will have a complete record of the things that happen to me, and so will Derek who is my aunt's partner, but this is mostly about what my aunt did to me last night.

My name is Samuel, but everyone calls me Sam. I just turned 22, and I'm a student in my senior year at college. My mother, Cindy, died when I was about five years old. My father re-married a couple of years later, a woman named Ruth who is my step-mother. I like Ruth, but she's a bit straight-laced, and not like I remember my real mother who was happy and full of adventure. Because the college I attend is about one hundred miles from home, during the school year I live with my Helen. She was the wife of my father's brother who died in a car accident a few years ago. Aunt Helen hasn't remarried, but she has a partner, Derek, who lives with her most of the time. Aunt Helen and Derek are what some call "free spirits." They are practicing nudists, quite uninhibited, and much wilder than my step-mother who doesn't entirely approve of their life style. I enjoy being with them as they have excellent computer equipment, a big television and a swimming pool. I've gotten used to seeing them naked around the house and in the swimming pool where they wear very little and sometimes nothing at all.

This is my senior year in college, and because I took heavy loads in my first three years, I have only a few classes and a fair amount of free time. One afternoon I was reading entries on a web page showing and talking about people being tied up. I had secretly enjoyed looking at bondage pictures - especially those showing men in bondage and dominant women. Suddenly, I was aware that my aunt was standing behind me looking over my shoulder. I was embarrassed, but I showed her the page, and we read some of the letters and looked at the pictures together. My aunt asked me if I enjoyed reading about people being tied up and I said that I did very much and that I had been fascinated by bondage for years. She asked if I had ever been tied up, and I said that I had a couple of times. I had a friend at the university who first showed me some bondage web pages and we tried a few tie-up-things, but then he moved away. That was over two years ago. Since then I haven't been able to find anyone who was interested.

Then my aunt surprised me and asked, "Would you like it if I tied you up?" I was really embarrassed and said I didn't think it would be such a good idea, but maybe. Then I dropped the subject and didn't mention it again.

A few days ago was my twenty-second birthday. My aunt and uncle had a special dinner for me, inviting my father and step-mother and a few friends. After the party, my parents returned home, and then my aunt gave me another package. In it was a small red speedo swim suit. My aunt said she didn't like my cut-offs (if Derek wears anything he wears a thong and she wears a string bikini when they are in their very private pool), and she thought I needed a proper suit when I was in their pool. She asked me to go and try it on. I did, and returned, a little shy about how I looked - the suit was unusually snug and it was the first time I had been in a speedo. "There's no doubt that you're a boy," she said, looking at me and she laughed. Then I turned about as red as the swim suit.

Then she gave me another box, and I opened it. Inside I found rope and duct tape and a few other things.

"I don't understand," I said.

"Well," said my aunt, "as a special gift for your birthday Derek and I are going to tie you up."

I couldn't believe it Before I could stop myself I burst out,. "Really! When?"

"Right now."

"Oh, then I'll go and put my clothes back on." 

"No," my aunt said, "It's better with you in your new swim suit. Clothes get in the way. But you should go to the bathroom. It may be a little while before you can go again."

I went to the bathroom, and then met them in the den in front of the television set where they went to work tying me up. Derek bound my hands behind my back while my aunt worked on my legs tying rope at my ankles, above and below my knees. They tied my upper arms to my body with tight wraps of rope around my chest. My aunt put lengths of duct tape over the rope on my wrist and ankles and she taped my fingers so that all of my hands were bound with tape and I couldn't move my fingers. They tied a piece of rope to the rope that went around my chest, took it down between my legs and tied it to my hands in back, then up in front again and back to the chest ropes.

"Wow," I said, "You are really tying me up good." 

My aunt said, "If you want to do something, do it right. The whole idea of being tied up is that it is inescapable. We wouldn't want you to escape would we?."

"I guess not," I said. I wasn't so sure about all this after all. But it was too late. There was no way I could get out now even if I wanted to. And I told myself, it was my dream and I had sorted of suggested that I would like them to do it.

My aunt produced a small ball, and told me to open my mouth.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"It's a gag," she said. "Now open your mouth."

"I've never been gagged before," I said. "I don't think I want to be gagged."

"It's part of being tied up," my aunt insisted. "You know - bound and gagged. They go together. You can't really have one without the other. If I remember correctly, all the people I saw you looking at on those web pages were gagged," my aunt added. 

So I opened my mouth wide. My aunt put the ball inside. It had a cord through it, and she fastened this around my face and behind my head so that I couldn't push the ball out with my tongue. She told me to close my mouth as much as I could and get my lips close together while Derek put a rubber swim cap on my head. Then they wrapped duct tape all around my mouth - front to back and around and around covering everything from my nose down. More tape went under my chin and up over my head. The rubber cap kept the tape away from my hair. When they had finished, I found I couldn't say much of anything.

They laid me down on the floor, and tied my ankles to the rope that circled my chest. Derek said that the hog-tie. would keep me from moving around too much. Finished, they stood and looked me over. I was bound beyond my wildest dreams. I could see the clock, it was about 6:30 PM.

My aunt took one more strip of duct tape and put it over my eyes.

"What a great looking birthday package," my aunt said. Derek agreed. "And the birthday boy will have to open it by himself."

I wondered what that meant.

My aunt and Derek went about their normal evening routine, watching television, having a drink, talking on the phone, and so on. You would have though it was perfectly normal to have a nearly-naked young man trussed up, gagged and hog-tied on the floor. They paid no attention to me at all.

I struggled, tried to free myself, tried to talk, and   generally enjoyed myself finding that the feeling of being bound was very enjoyable. I really liked it. It was a feeling I can't describe, but it gave me a sense of calm pleasure that was something I had never experienced before. The more I struggled, the better it felt.

But after a couple of hours, I was ready to be untied, but they just ignored me and the noises I made. I squirmed and tried even more to free myself, but got nowhere. So I thought I would just have to wait until they decided to free me. At ten o'clock, the late news started, which they always watched. I had been bound for 3 1/2 hours by then and was sure they would untie me fairly soon. Not much longer, I thought - surely they would untie me before they went to bed. I was feeling the need to go to the bathroom.

When the news ended I heard them turn off the television, and move around the room. My aunt said " It seems like the birthday boy has decided not to open his package. Guess he wants to stay that way. Good night Sam. Sleep well," and I heard them walk out of the room turning off the lights. I couldn't believe it. There I lay with no escape. My dream fantasy had become considerably more than I bargained for. I squirmed and made as much noise as I could, but nothing. I started to think that I would be all night that way. And my bladder was about to burst.

But after about 30 minutes, they returned, turned on the lights, and freed me. They were laughing and my aunt said, "Did you think you would be here all night?"

"I sure did," I answered.

"Did you enjoy being tied up?" my aunt asked.

"Yes," I said "It was great. All I ever had before was my hands tied behind my back and my feet tied at my ankles. It was really something!

I can't describe how wonderful it felt, but I loved every minute of it."

"Well, happy birthday," my aunt said. "Now go to bed."

In the morning at breakfast I again went on and on about how much I had enjoyed being tied up.

My aunt and Derek told me something interesting. They said they would be willing to tie me up any time I asked if it was something I enjoyed. But there was one thing. Once tied up, they would not free me until they wanted to, and it might be a few hours or maybe a whole weekend. I would never know when they would tie me up and they would not tell me before I was bound and gagged. If I ever refused to let them tie me up, they would never do it again.

I thought about it for a while, remembered how great I felt the night before, and then I agreed to their terms.

My aunt confessed that she really enjoyed being in charge of me while I was tied up. For years she had wanted to experiment with bondage on Derek, but he had refused. So she would now get a chance to experiment on me. She smiled and winked at him. I wondered what she would do next. So now I wait for that next time.

Chapter 2 Tuesday, April 30, 2000 

To My Diary,

After the first time my Aunt and Derek tied me up, my aunt and I spent some time looking at pictures on web pages for ides on how to tie me up the second time. We had a bargain that she and her partner, Derek, can tie me up any time they want, any way they want, for as along as they want but I had to wait until she and my Derek were ready..

My aunt assured me that when she and Derek tie me up, they would never leave me alone for very long. But, my aunt said, nothing else would be negotiated. She said that there was more to being tied up than just rope and tape. She said that the person being tied up must totally give over control to the person doing the tying, like it or not and there needed to be a lot of trust. If she and Derek tied me up, they would decide when they would do it, where they would do it, and how long I would be bound and gagged - she said I would always be gagged because the gag really stops the person being tied up from having any control. The next time I would be tied for at least a couple of hours, and it might be "much much much" longer (she said much all three times). She added that they would never keep me tied up so that I missed any college classes or suffered any physical harm.

Also they would say what I would wear, whether it was pants, shorts, a swim suit, a thong, a jockstrap or nothing! All of that was part of the game. She said I had one more chance to back out and that I needed to be sure what I was getting myself into. If I wanted to go on with the game I would have to agree to those terms or she and my Derek would not tie me up. I asked if she might really tie me up with nothing on, and she said that she might - it was my gamble. My aunt said that nobody should let anyone tie them up who they did not trust. She said I should think it over and be sure that being tied up was something I wanted - considering the conditions she was laying out. If I really wanted it, I should tell her and, with Derek's help, she would do it.

I thought about it for a day, and decided that my aunt and Derek would never do anything to really hurt me, so that night at dinner I said, "I agreed before, I've thought if over again, and I would like you to tie me up again."

"Do you agree to the conditions?" my aunt asked.

"Yes," I said. 

"What are the conditions?"

"You can tie me up when you want, where you want, for as long as you want, wearing anything you want. If you say you want to tie me up and I refuse, you will never tie me up again."

"OK," she said and that ended the conversation.

Friday came, and I thought they might tie me up Friday night, but nothing happened. We watched television, and I talked on the phone with some people in one of my classes. I also have friends from the school soccer team (I am a minor player on the soccer team in the Fall) and I decided to go to a movie Saturday afternoon with two friends, and then out for a burger and a shake.

Saturday morning my aunt fixed breakfast, and since it was a warm sunny day, all three of us went out for a swim. My aunt suggested that I wear my new red speedo - so I did and Derek wore his black thong and my aunt wore her little string bikini-thong. At about ten-thirty, we got out of the pool, and walked into the house. 

I went to the bathroom, and when I came out, my aunt said, "Sam, come here and sit in this chair." It was one of four large wooden chairs that sat in the kitchen - despite being heavy, they moved around easily because they have wheels on all four legs. 

I sat in the chair, and my aunt appeared with pieces of rope. She began tying my wrists to the arms of the chair. Derek took more rope and tied my ankles to the front legs of the chair. They tied my arms to the chair's arms very securely. I didn't say anything but I knew what they were doing. They took long pieces of rope and wrapped them around my chest and around the chair securing me to it. Another wrap of rope surrounded my belly and around the chair. Rope at my knees tied them apart to the supports to the arms of the chair. Then they took duct tape and wrapped it around all of the rope ties including the ones around my body. I was securely tied to the chair and only able to squirm and move a little. They didn't put anything in my mouth, but they put strips of tape on my mouth to keep it closed.

When they were done, my aunt and Derek pushed the chair out of the kitchen onto the patio next to the swimming pool. They put me in a shady spot, and then went about enjoying the day, leaving me bound and gagged in the chair. With my feet, I could move the chair around a little, but not much else. The tape seemed insufficient to hold my mouth shut - when I tried to push it away it started coming lose. My aunt always saw this and occasionally reinforced it with more tape..

While Derek read his newspaper, watched me, and stretched out on his chaise lounge, my aunt swim, and then sat on her chaise and talked on the phone. I sat and watched - couldn't do much else. They seemed to be enjoying a lazy Saturday. I was enjoying being tied up and wondering what would happen and how long I would remain their prisoner.

At Noon, Derek wheeled me into the kitchen and up to the kitchen table. My aunt fixed sandwiches and ice-tea. When they sat down, still in only their tiny swim suits, Derek looked at me and said, "I'm going to remove the tape on your mouth, Sam. But if you say so much as one word, the tape goes back on and stays and no more food or anything to drink for the rest of the time that you're tied up. Do you understand?"

I nodded and grunted that I understood.

Off came the tape, and while they ate, my aunt fed me a sandwich and tea. When they were finished, my aunt stood, and came over to me. She had the roll of tape, and he tore off long pieces and again taped up my mouth - more securely than before.

Then Derek rolled the chair into the bathroom. There he reached down into my swim suit and untied the drawstring, pulling the suit down in front. He held a cup up to me, and said that if I needed to pee, I should do so. I did - embarrassed, but relieved. It was the first time anyone except a doctor had touched my penis. When I was done, he pulled up the swim suit, and retied it. Then he wheeled me out onto the patio where my aunt was on the phone again.

"Rick and Angela are coming over," she said to Derek.  They'll swim and stay for dinner.

The Petersons are my aunt and Derek's best friends, and they come over often. My aunt and Derek and the Petersons frequently go to nudist camps together, and they sometimes even go naked here at my Aunt's swimming pool. In addition, they are the parents of my most recent girlfriend, Julie. My parents and I have also gone to nudist camps, but never when my aunt and Derek or the Petersons and Julie were there

I was sad as I figured that my aunt and Derek would have to untie me before the guests arrived. Certainly they wouldn't let anyone else see me trussed up that way. But I was wrong. After about an hour, the doorbell rang, and Derek went to answer. Shortly he and the Petersons walked out onto the patio. They must have seen me, but gave no indication that they did or that anything was unusual. I was relieved that Julie wasn't with them, and hoped they wouldn't tell her about seeing me tied up. I feared she would think me something of a freak and never see me again. Julie is a good looking girl, and fun to be with. I hoped to take her out more in the future.

Rick Peterson immediately stripped down to his swim suit - a very small speedo-type suit, and jumped into the pool saying he had waited all day for a swim. His wife, also in a tiny bikini, followed, and shortly all four of them were in the pool while I sat and watched.

After their swim, they sat in chairs or on chaise lounges and chatted, ignoring me entirely. 

After a while, Derek wheeled me into the bathroom again and pulled down my suit so I could pee again. I did. Then it was back to the pool deck. And that was the way I spent the afternoon - watching them have a good time, swim off and on, and chatter about different things - politics, sports, whatever while I remained tied to the chair and gagged.

At one point the phone rang and Derek answered. It turned out it was my soccer friends wondering when I would come so we could go to the movie.

"Tell the whole team to come over," my aunt said. "They might like to see how Sam works out on Saturdays."

I grunted and shook my head - terrified that she was serious and that he would do it.

Derek said, "Sorry, but it turns out that Sam's tied up this afternoon and can't go. He'll call you later when he can talk and explain." I couldn't believe Derek said that but he has a strange sense of humor and he and my aunt love making puns and plays on words..

At dinner time my aunt and Derek fired up the broiler on the patio, and they fixed chicken. The Petersons had brought salad and there was bread. When it was ready, they sat at a table on the patio - five of us when my chair was added.

Again, Derek told me that he would remove the tape-gag but it would stay off only so long as I said nothing. One word and it would go back and stay. They fed me dinner, and I remained silent, but after a drink of juice, I forgot and said, "Thanks."

Derek stood, walked into the kitchen, returned with the roll of tape and the ball they had used the first time they tied me up. He also had the rubber swim cap. 

"I'm sorry," I said. "I forgot."

They said nothing - none of them.

"Please don't gag me," I said. "I'm still hungry. It won't happen again."

On went the cap and Derek said "Open your mouth."

As my aunt smiled, I opened my mouth and in went the ball. Then came the wraps of duct tape, around and around my head below my nose. Under my chin and up over the top of my head. Then around front to back again. This time I was really gagged for good. Then he took tape and wrapped it over my forehead and around the chair, securing my head tight to the chair. Another wrap at the level of my mouth and around the chair really held me firmly.

They finished their meal as if nothing had happened.  As it was getting cooler, everyone put on more clothes over their swim suits, and we all went into the house with Derek pushing my chair. Again he took me to the bathroom. He asked if I needed to do more than pee, and I shook my head, no.

The Petersons stayed well into the evening while they watched television and chatted. Then the Petersons went home. 

I had been bound and gagged since around ten thirty in the morning - and it was then nine-thirty at night, so I had been tied up for eleven hours. At that point, my aunt and Derek untied me from the chair and let me stand. They tied my hands behind my back and wrapped my wrists with duct tape. They left the gag, but otherwise didn't do anything more. 

At bed time, Derek took me to the bathroom, and then he told me to go to bed, and so I did. I lay on my bed with my hands tied and my gag in place. I thought one of them would come in and untie me after a little while, but it was well after midnight before my aunt came in. She asked if I wanted to be untied, and I grunted and nodded my head and tried to say, "Yes."

"Well, okay," she said, "If you really want to stay that way I'll untie you in the morning, and she left. 

So I stayed tied and gagged all night. In the morning my aunt came in and said, "Good morning Bee-Bee. How's the Tag Kid today?" She laughed and then she untied my hands. She left, and I removed the gag, got up and got dressed. 

It was Sunday. When I got to the table Derek said, "How's Bee-Bee today?"

"I don't get the "Bee-Bee" stuff," I said.

"Bondage Boy," Derek said.

"It's his new nickname for you," said my aunt laughing. "We think it's clever."

"When you were in high school you were a TAG student," Derek added. "Talent and gifted, if I remember. Now you're a TAG student here - Tied-up And Gagged." Then he really laughed. "Bee-Bee, the TAG Kid."

My aunt and Derek asked me if I had enjoyed being tied up all day and all night. I said that I was stiff and a little sore, but that it had been fun. I couldn't explain why the feeling of being tied was enjoyable and for sure it "excited" me - something they must have noticed since I was wearing only the tight speedo. It was a feeling I can't describe, but I found it a thrill and a pleasure at the same time.  And I agreed with Derek that not knowing what would happen added to the fun.

What had the Petersons thought? Nothing much, said my aunt. They said that if I liked being tied up, I was getting what I enjoyed, and it didn't bother them at all. They said it certainly kept me out of trouble. 

I told my aunt and Derek that I didn't need to think it over at all - I wanted to be tied up again -- something different if possible. Further, I said they could tie me up any time they wanted, without my asking. "Surprise me," I said. 

"Well," said my aunt. "We already have an agreement, and that's exactly what we intend to do. There's nothing you can do to stop it now unless you refuse, and then it's all over."

"Great," I said. "And I understand the conditions. Any time you want, anywhere you want, for as long as you want, wearing whatever you want - and now, without warning and without my asking."

"Well," said my aunt, "There's one more thing, Bee-Bee. If we start to tie you up now and then, it's too late to change your mind, no matter what. If you start this, you can't call it off."

"Okay with me," I said.

And that's the way we left it.

And that ended my second experience with bondage. I wonder what they will do next time. 


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