The Safer Option

by Jeza

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© Copyright 2014 - Jeza - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; bond; strip; naked; ropes; gag; toys; insert; bdsm; crop; blackmail; torment; discovered; oral; anal; climax; cons/nc; X

I had put my profile on the bondage website and received over 30 replies in the first week, I responded to them all before selecting one from a man who lived 20 miles away but wanted to travel to my house to meet me.

I am a 33 year old male, 6ft slim, reasonable fit as I had run a few marathons over the last few years, with brown hair, whilst not the most handsome, I had had no trouble with women over the years.

Mark was probably not interested in small talk, it was not what he or I were looking for he arrived promptly at 8pm. He was big, 6ft 6” tall very muscular, obviously into body building, after a brief exchange of greetings I took him directly upstairs, before nerves could make me change my mind.

The second bedroom had been turned into a ‘dungeon’ of sorts, with some bondage furniture I had made, there were chains on the wall and hanging from the ceiling, along with a rack containing gags, whips, hoods and other bondage items. Mark looked around and selected what he thought best for the occasion.

“Get undress and bend over this” he said this was a wooden chest about waist height the top was padded about 2ft square. On each of the 4 sides of the chest was a large iron ring to assist with restraint.  3 feet out from the chest were two upright posts mounted in the floor, just slightly higher than the chest itself, again with metal rings attached. When bending over the chest with my arm stretched out I could not quite reach the posts.

I undressed and bent across the chest, I felt very exposed. Mark quickly took some rope from a pile on the floor and tied each wrist to the corresponding post, then he used some more rope running it from the rings on the side of the chest over my back and pulled it tightly down, it was making breathing difficult.

I heard him behind me selecting some items, he came back a few moments later and attached a leg spreader to my ankles, it was my widest 3ft one, I had to stand on my toes so he could fit it. I was stretched with the weight of my body on the chest, my arms above my head, my head was hanging down unsupported and my legs spread, I was feeling very vulnerable.

Mark walked around to the front and presented a ring gag to my mouth, I accepted it without hesitation. He walked behind me and I could hear him undressing. I was now completely at his mercy, and could only wait. A few moments later I felt something cold being smeared into the crack of my bottom, he was using a lubricant. With his hands he grabbed my bottom cheeks and pulled them apart, I could feel the tip of his cock against my sphincter muscle, there was pain then the muscle allowed his cock inside, it filled me, which was both painful and pleasurable at the same time. Mark started to pump in and out very quickly, his cock felt huge like it was ripping me apart, it went on and on for minutes, I was moaning into the gag for him to stop, but the words were unintelligible. Then he came; his whole body shuddering as he pressed it against mine loading my bottom with his spunk.

He withdrew and came around to my head. “My cock needs cleaning, so you’d better get on with it” He rammed his cock into my mouth, it tasted horrible but I could do little but suck it clean. Once he was satisfied he went behind me and was getting himself dressed. I lay still waiting for him to release me. I heard him leave the room and go into the other bedrooms, opening drawers and cupboards, looking at my things whilst I lay powerless to resist.

He came back into the room and said, “I see you live alone, this makes this evening even more interesting!”

What did he mean by that? I tried to ask him to release me but all that came out was a reeessssmeeeee, he laughed and walked out the door behind me. I heard him moving around downstairs, then to my horror I heard the front door open and shut and then a car start up. He had left me tied and gagged with his cum dripping down my legs, there was no way I could untie my self, the gag prevented me shouting for help, but it was unlikely anyone could have heard me anyway. I panicked at this point pulling against my restraints in case they had loosened, but they just cut into my flesh, I was truly stuck. It was Friday night and no-one would notice I was missing until work on Monday morning, then it could be several days before anyone came round, they’d have to break in. How long could I last without food or water, without water less than a week I supposed, I could die here.

I lay in my misery; I had brought this on myself, looking for the ultimate in bondage and humiliation, well this appeared to be it.

It was sometime later, probably 2 or 3 hours, that I heard a car pull up outside the house, then there was a key in the door, someone was in the house, only my sister had a key and she lived 140 miles away so it was unlikely. I heard heavy footsteps on the stairs and someone came into the room, from my position I could not see them, Mark walked around to the front of me, I was very relieved to see him, it had all been a joke to frighten me then.

He was holding a thick collar in his hand, not one of mine, he put this around my neck and buckled it tightly, I tried to speak, but he just ignored my mumblings. He then took a thin piece of cord and pushed it through the gag strap at the back of my head, he lifted my head back with one hand and pulled the cord tight, the gag strap was digging into my mouth, he tied the cord to the rope over my back, my head was now held upright by the cord. He took another length of rope and attached it to a d ring on the new collar and tied it to the ring in the chest underneath, my head was pulled back and my neck was pulled downwards.

He checked the ropes on my wrists were still tight and then went around behind me. I felt something push against my ass hole I thought it was his cock again, but this was colder and much larger, I realised it must be a butt plug and a big one, he forced it in the agony was excruciating I tried to shake my head to complain, but even this movement had been denied me. The butt plug was filling the inside of me, the pain gradually died down to a mild ache. He was not quite finished, he took another rope and tied it to the rope across my back, he then pulled this down between my arse cheeks, and tied it to the ring in the chest beneath me. I couldn’t expel the butt plug now even if my muscles had been able.

Mark walked over to the opposite wall, and I heard him picking up a few items and playing with them, I was unsure what he was doing, all I knew was that it probably would not be good for me. I was right, the first blow from the riding crop swept across my abused bottom, I couldn’t move in reaction to the pain, then more strokes one after another, I was gabbing incoherently through the gag pleading for him to stop, but he carried on for maybe 20 to 30 strokes, I felt like my bottom was cut to ribbons and would be scarred for life.

He came around to my head end and dropped his trousers, his cock was already erect, he pushed it into my mouth ramming it back and forward in urgent strokes, I was gagging at the cock hit the back of my mouth, trying to breath through my nose he came quickly, it shot down my throat I could only swallow it.

He withdrew and moved away, I heard him leave the room and go into the bathroom, the shower was running for a few minutes then he went into the other bedroom. From the sounds it seemed like he was going to bed. Here I was stuck tied with hardly any movement, my ass plugged my arms and neck aching from being held in position whilst a strange man slept in my bed.

Despite my predicament I must have nodded off at some time in the night, I awoke confused as to why I did not seem to have control of my limbs, then the memories came back to me. It was starting to get light outside, I had been in this position all night every part of me hurt and I was fearful what was to come. The sun had come up for sometime before I heard Mark move, he went to the bathroom before coming in to were I was. I couldn’t see him as he stood alongside me and I couldn’t turn my head, but he checked all the ropes were tight and then left me again, any hope of a quick release was gone.

It was some time later that he came back upstairs, I was thirsty and hungry as well as tormented by the many aches throughout my body.

He had found my digital camera and started to take photos of me from all angles. Then he undid the rope from the back of the gag allowing my head to move for the first time in something like 12 hours, he removed the gag, a lot of drool came with it.

I tried to speak, but he spoke first, “Your computer downstairs has a pass word, what it is? You can answer me now or I’ll beat it out of you, which is it to be?”

“Please let me go” I pleaded, “my password is ‘bondage’, just untie me please”

He didn’t answer just lifted up the gag and presented it to my mouth, I decided to accept it without further complaint, and my position was difficult enough without aggravating him.

Mark went downstairs; it was a good while before he returned.

“Firstly” he said, “ I have emailed the photos of you to my account, then I have read your emails, contacts from the website and the stories you have been reading, now I want the codes to your bank account!”

I shook my head in defiance; he not was going to rob me as well. “Ok have it your way, perhaps you get off on this”

He moved away behind me and returned a few minutes later. The cane bit into my bottom like it was cutting it in half, blow after blow reigned down, I could only move my head and screamed through the gag, but he continued for a good minute or two, I must have passed out at the end for a moment. He had stopped, my bottom was in agony the earlier assault and this one had reduced me to a gibbering wreck.

He removed the gag, “What are the codes for your bank account? Or do you want some more?” I mumbled the codes to him proper speech escaped me. He reinserted the gag and left the room.

I lay there unable to control the floods of tears that ran down my face, what else had he planned for me.

I hear Mark go out the front door and drive away, he could be leaving me for good, possibly to die, I didn’t know, I could only wait. I wanted him to come back and release me, but was frightened at what else he could do to me.

It was getting dark, I had been in this position for probably 24hours, I heard a key in the front door, had he returned to torment me. Then I heard a woman call out. “Hello, Mr Forrester are you there?” it was my neighbour, Mrs Davis, a divorced woman in her mid 40s. I heard her carefully walk about downstairs, and then I heard her moving up the stairs and approach the room.

“Oh! My god!” she said, I couldn’t see her behind me, “who did this to you?” she asked. I shook my head and she walked over to me. She unbuckled the gag with difficulty, and dropped it with some disgust on the floor.

“Could you untie me please?” I pleaded. She fiddled with the knots at holding my wrists, but they had tightened up considerably. “There should be a Stanley knife on the table behind you” I said impatiently, my release almost at hand.

She used the knife to cut the ropes and removed the leg spreader. She looked at my abused bottom and said she would go and get some things from home and treat it. She appeared to be fairly unflappable which was a surprise. Whilst she was gone I managed to expel the butt plug, it was almost as painful coming out as it was going in. When she returned I had used the toilet and was in my bedroom, she made me lie on the bed and she rubbed soothing ointment into my flesh. “There’s no lasting damage, it will be a bit sore for a few days” she said cheerfully in not understating the injury a little.

We spoke a little before she left, it appears that her ex-husband and her used to play bondage games quite frequently, she ask if perhaps she could come back some time and try out a few things. I was most agreeable; it seemed like the safer option for the future.


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