by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; leather; bond; kidnap; toys; cons/nc; X

Chapter 1 – The Domme!

The bright red polish on my nails was easily visible through the tight, clear latex covering my fingers.  Moisture on the tips of the glove glistened in the flickering firelight as I slowly lowered my hand again to continue its feathery light touches along the pouting lips of her vagina. The sound of whimpering escaped passed the gag packed between her teeth and covered by the wide leather head strap.  With my left hand I gently rolled an erect nipple between thumb and forefinger watching carefully as her body started to tense up – then I stopped, removed both hands and sat back.

The whimpering changed to snorts of frustration through the nose holes in the leather helmet laced over her head!

For the next half an hour I slipped chilled white wine as I played Sabina like a violin; never once letting her go over the edge to get sweet relief. The petite, but beautifully proportioned, form was stretched on her back across a padded bench that was high enough, on its wheeled legs, to allow me to sit comfortably in my armchair and position it over my lap.  I pushed the bench away and stood to my full 5’10” in the stiletto heeled knee boots, smoothing the creases from the leather skirt as I studied the bound girl. 

What bare skin was showing shone with perspiration and it wasn’t caused by heat from the fire.  I slid a leather cushion under her thighs.

“Time for the next step little one,” I murmured as I reached for the butt plug waiting on a side table. 

Her tightly puckered rosebud had no defense against the latex covered finger I used to spread a nice big dollop of lubricating cream.  Resting the smooth knob at her rear access I slowly pushed, while gently twisting the hard rubber toy, until it started to disappear.  Her resistance was minimal and overcome with a quick push to get it passed the sphincter then the rest slid in easily until the base flange came to rest against her skin.

I wiped off the excess cream and then removed the latex glove from my right hand and allowed my nails to gently trace a path up and down the inside of her thighs.  With her ankles locked wide apart to the legs of the bench and neat straps around each knee she was so completely accessible and I reveled in her helplessness.

We had met through the Internet both being members, along with three or four hundred others, of a group with a common interest in bondage.  I was a writer of bondage fiction and she wrote too.  The difference was that I was a leather Domme while the little one stretched out under my hands, was very much a submissive. 

Apart from the group we exchanged personal e-mails and it became apparent, over the next few weeks, that there was a chemistry between us when she started addressing me as “Mistress”.  Now the question had to be answered, as it probably had thousands of times, was it wise to meet.  If the answer was yes then it had to be done in such a way that each of us had the opportunity to protect our identity until the “trust factor” was satisfied.

So it happened that yesterday she had flown to my city booking into one of the dozens of hotels available without me knowing which it was.  Safe in this anonymity at 10am she had taken a taxi to one of our largest covered shopping malls where I waited at a small table in the food court. We both knew what the other would be wearing so I had no trouble spotting her as she came down the mall.   God, I thought, she’s tiny, less than 5’ I would guess, but cute and pert in a black leather wrap coat; I did notice that the heeled boots had about 1 ½ “ platform soles.  I stood to allow her to catch sight of my dark green leather trench coat and then settled back in my chair as she approached.

Her raven black hair cascaded nearly to the middle of her back from under the white woolen toque and her blue eyes studied me closely; she might be a sub’ but she certainly wasn’t stupid.  There were several dozen people milling around the food court, which was why I had picked it.  After just a momentary hesitation she sat in the seat across from me at the table for two.

“Well hi, you made it, are you OK?”

“Yes” she whispered “Mistress”.

“I think until we sort things out and while we’re in public you should just call me Anne.  Is that clear?”  As I spoke I had lifted the scarf from around my throat to give her a glimpse of the black leather under my coat.  Then I tucked it back in place and asked how she liked her coffee. Returning to the table with the two cups I handed her one and we fiddled with them then sipped as we looked at each other.  Gradually the tension eased and we talked for over an hour and two more coffees.

The first thing I did, as agreed, was to hand her cash that covered half of her hotel and flight costs.  Whether this worked out or not at least nobody was going to be out of pocket more than the other. We finally were comfortable enough with each other to wander down the mall to a restaurant for lunch, spending another couple of hours chatting about everything except that topic which was most on our minds.

“Are you feeling that you can trust me enough to get in my car and come home with me?”  Those blue eyes seemed to bury themselves in my skull but then she nodded, smiled and said, “Yes please!”

Once we were in my car and before I even started it I opened the glove compartment and handed her a pair of handcuffs.

“Fasten one around your left wrist and then just hold the other one.  It’s a fifteen minute drive to my home and I will tell you five minutes before we get there.  If you want to come in and see what develops then you will snap the other cuff around your right wrist.  If that doesn’t happen then I will drive you to the nearest place you can hail a taxi because the “trust factor” will not have happened.”

She was very quiet, fiddling with the other cuff until I told her we were five minutes away.  I could feel the gaze of those blue eyes on me but just watched my driving and then I heard the snap of the other cuff.

“I will abuse you but I will not abuse your trust Sabina; do you believe that?”

”Yes Mistress”

“Good, then let the fun begin!”

As we walked in from the garage I pointed to a small sitting room, “Leave your coat in there and there is a washroom you can use, then meet me in the living room down the hall.”  She didn’t say a word but held up her arms with the handcuffs around each wrist and raised an eyebrow.

“Those cuffs don’t lock my pet; that was part of the trust factor, don’t be long.”

By the time I had hung up my own coat and set a match to the waiting fire logs, the fire was for mood since the house was centrally heated, she was standing in the doorway wearing the heavy white knit turtle neck sweater that had been visible under her coat, a pair of black slacks and her boots.  The toque was also gone allowing her jet black hair to frame her face before it flowed forwards over her shoulders.

“Come in and get comfortable Sabina” I said pointing to the leather couch near the fireplace, “would you like a glass of wine?”

It was a rather nervous “Yes please Mistress.” as she moved over to sit down.

I handed her a glass and then sat beside her.

“I said I would abuse you and I will use you but I will not knowingly harm or hurt you, so relax, enjoy the wine and then we will move ahead.”

The wine finished I told her to pick up a set of wrist cuffs from the side table and hand them to me.  With no hesitation she did as I asked then turned her back to me, putting her hands behind her. I fastened the cuffs securely and the scene was on!

Now the leather Domme took over and in just moments I had her kneeling on the floor in front of the couch as I worked the soft rubber gag between her teeth.  A piece of tape covered her lips and then I took hold of those raven tresses and worked them into a single braid that started at the crown of her head. Opening a drawer in the side table made available a leather blindfold that was padded with soft, absorbent sponge, two moulded earplugs and a kid leather discipline helmet.

Another ten minutes and I had a blind, deaf, gagged sub’ kneeling quietly as I laced the helmet down the back after feeding the hair braid through a gap at the top.  Undressing her after that was easy, especially since there was no resistance and now the sub’ was naked from the neck down. I worked bondage mitts over her hands, after forming them into very small fists, then used the metal rings embedded in the mitts to fold her arms behind her back and tie them to their opposite bicep with soft ¼” cotton cord.  A leather arm bag slid up over her elbows and straps across each shoulder held it in place.

From the next room I wheeled in the bench and guided her to lie back on it.  Ankles secured to the legs, straps tightened around each knee, then the end of the hair braid fastened down to the brace between the legs at the other end.  That held her leather covered head firmly, but I judged comfortably, against the padding covering the bench. All that was left was another strap across her waist and my violin was ready to play.

Once the butt plug was in place I reached for the dildo; seven inches of pebbled rubber.  No lubrication was needed as it slid into its nest. Running an extension cord to my armchair I sat down and pulled the bench over my lap.  I plugged in the two massage units then slid my palms through the wide elastic straps so that they rested firmly on the back of each hand. At full power they were designed for deep muscle therapy but at a medium setting they turned my fingers into ten vibrating spider legs that I allowed to roam gently over the body stretched so tautly before me.

From the B cup breasts with their erect nipples to the inside of her thighs my fingers danced until I judged the moment was near.  Then I clamped my right hand over the bases of the butt plug and dildo allowing my vibrating thumb to rest against her most sensitive nub that was peaking from its hiding place. A half a dozen heartbeats was all it took before a shudder started at her shoulders and ran the length of her body as it arched against its bonds before relaxing yet again. Twice more I allowed Sabina to build to a climax and then took her over the top.

Turning off the vibrators I pushed the bench away and went into my bedroom to change.  What I did was get completely naked except for a long satin robe I belted around my waist and two straps with D rings around my upper thighs. I swear the little minx had fallen asleep by the way her body jerked at my first touch as I released her from the bench, changing the ankle bonds for a stretcher bar, but leaving her arms locked inside the leather pouch.  When she was positioned, kneeling, in front of my chair I fitted a nice tight crotch strap then started unlacing the helmet.

After the helmet and gag strap I pulled off the blindfold and dug out the earplugs. Getting a fingernail under the surgical tape across her mouth I gently peeled that away to get a hold of the gag.  While she worked her jaw I wiped her face with a soft cloth then pulled her forwards so I could reach over and undo the braid. Neither of us spoke as I rearranged her hair in two braids, one over each ear.  I twisted them around a couple of large gold rings.  Tying cords to the braid rings I opened the sash of my gown and fed the ends through the D rings at my thighs.

I held a glass of wine to her lips.

“You’ve had your fun little one, now it’s my turn.”

“Mistress may I speak?”

I lifted her chin so she could see my nod.

“I knew this evening I would either be here with you or on the way home so, this morning, I checked out of the hotel and left my suitcase with the bell captain.  Will you call them, the number is in my coat pocket, and ask them to send it here in a taxi?”

“All in good time Kitten, first things first!”

With that I pulled on the cords forcing her head down and tied them off.

“Get to work.”

Chapter 2 – The Sub’.

Visiting Miss Anne

By Sabina

The plane touched down causing my heart to race because I was here at last. A few slow breaths, struggling to stay calm.  The situation was a long way from being settled and I might just be on a plane home, disappointed, in a few hours. As I walked along the jet way I reviewed the steps she had outlined. Several hotels had been selected ahead of time, scouted by Miss Anne for price and location. I glanced down at the list and made my way over to the courtesy phones, heart still hammering like a drum.

Picking up the phone I reviewed the plan. Get to the hotel, register, eat and then try to settle in for the night. Tomorrow I had to be at the mall at 10 am sharp and I would find her in the food court. It seemed pretty simple, though had it been up to me I would already be in handcuffs in the backseat of Miss Anne's car.

But she had insisted, insisted that safety and a proper approach was vital to us both. In spite of my eagerness, I had to agree. Better to be safe, no matter how hard the wait might be to tolerate. I don't think I slept at all, staring at the ceiling wondering, squirming. I must have teased myself to orgasm six times before the sun finally peeked through the window. The cab ride was interminable; it seemed to take hours. I wanted to poke the driver with a sharp pencil every time he slowed down for a yellow light. Finally we were there and I scampered into the mall only to discover I was at the wrong end! That ass-brained driver had put me on the far side from the food court!

Twisting and slipping through the crowd I glanced at the clock, 9:55. I couldn't be late! I would not want her to think I had backed out! The clock read 9:59 when I reached the food court, just in time. Taking a moment, catching my breath I scanned the crowd, my eyes coming to rest on her, it had to be her. She had an elegant, almost distant beauty about her. Soft, radiant blonde hair in a pageboy cut, the green leather trench coat she wore was buttoned to the top, revealing very little of her tall, slender figure. The light glimmer on her knee high leather boots as she stood to make sure I had seen her then watched me approach.

A moment passed, I could feel my knees trembling, my throat constricting. This was a risk, no doubt about that. I knew the moment I saw her that she would be able to take me. At a word I would follow her anywhere.

Swallowing softly, my hands wandered nervously over the black leather of my coat and the fuzzy white turtleneck underneath. Nipples stiffening as a flush crept over my cheeks, going bra-less and panty-less had seemed sluttish and daring but now I just felt very exposed. The leather pants I wore suddenly felt very tight, very revealing. The supple leather caressed and outlined the tightly rounded little curves of my bottom under my coat. One step at a time, that's it, left foot, right foot and I’m beside the table.

Carefully my eyes looked her over as she smiled warmly up at me. The smile was captivating, almost hypnotic, but I had to resist, at least for now. Settling hesitantly into the chair across from her I managed a smile of my own, hoping it was cute but more likely it was nervous.

“Well hi, you made it, are you OK?” she asked.

“Yes” I whispered “Mistress”.

“I think until we sort things out and while we’re in public you should just call me Anne.  Is that clear?”  It was not a question and for the first time I could see that glimmer in her eyes, the steel of a Domme who was to be obeyed or else. As she spoke she lifted the scarf from around her throat to giving me a glimpse of the black leather underneath.  And just as quickly the scarf was tucked in and the moment was gone. With a warm smile she asked how I liked my coffee.

Nervously I sipped at what was offered, squirming in the chair, trying to stay calm and at least appear in control. After a little while the tension eased some and she slid a plain white envelope across the table to me. Without even looking inside I knew it was the promised half of the trip money. She had insisted that it was only fair and I was not one to object. A short walk later and she ordered us both lunch. I could barely eat any of the salad. We talked, I managed to make her laugh a few times and then finally she asked.

“Are you feeling that you can trust me enough to get in my car and come home with me?” 

I had to take a breath and control myself to keep from squealing as my eyes locked on hers, “Yes please!”

As we slipped into the car she handed me a pair of handcuffs. “Fasten one around your left wrist and then just hold the other one.  It’s a fifteen minute drive to my home and I will tell you five minutes before we get there.  If you want to come in and see what develops then you will snap the other cuff around your right wrist.  If that doesn’t happen then I will drive you to the nearest place you can hail a taxi because the “trust factor” will not have happened.”

It was all I could do to keep myself from cuffing both wrists right then and there. But always trust and safety were the words that Miss Anne insisted on. When she said it was time I looked up and instantly secured the other cuff, watching the hint of a smile cross her soft lips.

“I will abuse you but I will not abuse your trust Sabina; do you believe that?”

”Yes Mistress”

“Good, then let the fun begin!”

We entered the house, I tried to see everything at once, half expecting a dungeon complete with cells and an in house leather maker to keep up with demands. I nodded as she gave instructions, slipping off the handcuffs as she smiled and explained they were merely a prop. I debated stripping completely, but decided to wait, hoping she would want to do that to me herself. Down the hall, one left and into the living room.

She already had a warm fire burning, the light flickering on her leathers as she smiled at me again.  “Come in and get comfortable Sabina,” she said, nodding to the plush leather couch. “Would you like some wine?” I nodded, whispering and stammering softly. “Yes please Mistress.”

As she handed me the wine she spoke again. “I said I would abuse you and I will use you but I will not knowingly harm or hurt you, so relax, enjoy the wine and then we will move ahead.”

Her patience was maddening; the anticipation was almost unbearable. First it was the cuffs. Supple with age but still strong, inescapable leather cuffs. Her practiced fingers soon had them locked with small padlocks and then secured together. My eyes closed, as I struggled to stay calm, tiny sounds of eagerness and arousal slipped past my parted lips.

The look in her eyes changed, her entire demeanour became different, more intense somehow. With a gentle handful of hair she guided me down to kneel on the floor facing her. The gag was soft and big so it completely filled my mouth, tickling the entrance to the throat as well. Swallowing softly, my head tilted back slightly, adjusting to its size. Her fingers smoothed a swath of tape over the gag making it that much more effective.

Panting softly I nearly swooned at her touch, hair gathered and braided for the almost inevitable hood. Nipples stiff, rasping against the inside of the sweater as that sweet ache began to build in them. As the blindfold slipped into place I tested the gag with a ragged whimpered moan, the sounds muffled ruthlessly as the earplugs followed. Slim hips grinding, toned legs spreading and tensed as she pulled the hood into place. I nuzzled into the soft leather, breasts brushing against her knee softly as the hood was placed and tightened.

Time vanished under her hands, squirming helplessly as she unlocked my wrists just long enough to remove the sweater. The pants followed a moment later and then my boots and socks. Hands locked together again standing in front of someone I only laid eyes on a few hours before, hooded, blind, utterly helpless.

Fist mitts replaced the cuffs and then soft, expertly tied, ropes. Wrist to opposite elbow, an easy enough pose that she knew quite well I could withstand for hours, possibly even days. The leather sheath that encased the arm bondage was redundant, but equally inescapable in it's own right. I could already feel the warm trickle of arousal inside and blushed furiously under the hood wondering if she could smell it.

Gloved hands helped me stand, backing up to something solid, some kind of padded table top. With a little help I wiggled my firm ass back on to the table, flat tummy drawn in slightly, panting through the nose holes of the hood. Gently, patiently she guided me further back, pressed onto the soft surface. A gentle tug on my hair, pulling my head downwards, legs spread wide and bound tightly in place. Her fingers wandered a little, drawing a half dozen whimpers and soft, pleading moans for more.   Then I felt latex covered fingers playfully caressing my breasts, tweaking both nipples and then wandering onwards. She was in no hurry that was certain.

Time passed, my skin began to glisten with sweat as the frantic pleading sounds became increasingly desperate. I would have done anything to be allowed to come, anything! Her fingers pulled away for a moment, leaving me squirming and whimpering loudly. The frantic little squeals were almost entirely swallowed by the thick, soft gag. The cushion she slid under my thighs was soft, but it arched my hips just enough for the plug to slide into my ass. Moaning loudly into the hood, tensing and clenching around it, shuddering as the need inside became unbearably intense.

A thick, soft dildo followed the plug and I shuddered, squealing as it slid inside, very nearly coming. But Miss Anne slowed the push a little, making quite certain it was not going to happen yet. More whimpers erupted as her hands pulled away, I had to come, had to come right now!

The teasing was unbearable; the need inside was maddening. Struggling, arching my sweaty little form against its bonds only made the ache that much more intense.

Slim hips arching, straining against the tight leather strap she had fastened across my narrow waist. Skin glistening in the flickering firelight, sweat trickling down already. It felt like she was hours into her play with me, maybe even days, but somehow I knew she was only beginning. The lingering ache in my stiff nipples reminded me endlessly of her touch, of the teasing way she pinched and twisted them. Her gloved fingers tugging just enough to draw a frantic little squeal before gently stroking over the abused flesh.

Arching, head pressed back against the table, squirming in anticipation of her next touch, a touch that felt delayed. Muscles tensing, breathing ragged through the tiny nose holes, lungs aching for more air. Her next touch draw a ragged scream of desire, the humming tickle of the hand massagers sent waves of sensation down my spine. Grinding and clenching around the plugs as she began tracing her fingers everywhere with the same casual, patient touch. The darkness flashed, images of her smile, her legs in those boots, the gleam in her eye as the blindfold descended. She could keep me like this for days, weeks, what would have stopped her? That thought alone nearly sent me over the edge.

How, how, how did she get so good at reading my responses so fast? Each time she pushed the frustration and desire closer to the edge, each time I was certain this was it. Bucking against the straps and screaming out in frustration, soft mouth wrapped around the spit soaked gag. And then finally, her vibrating, tickling, teasing fingers clamped around the base of the dildo and plug as her thumb rubbed over my clit.

The hood muffled the scream, my heart was hammering, two, three, four times and on the sixth heartbeat the orgasm erupted. Shaking helplessly I screamed again until there was no air. The darkness exploded into hazy reds and oxygen deprived purples.

Shaking softly, the flush creeping down from the collar of the hood as the orgasm peaked and crashed only to peak again moments later. Quivering softly as the orgasm melted seamlessly into another set of waves. Straining, squealing into the darkness and sobbing, tears spilling from under the blindfold into the embrace of the hood. Again, coming again, or was I still just coming from the first time. The darkness was so stifling, so hot, so airless.

And then it was done, her hand pulled away as I collapsed bonelessly to the padded surface. Panting, struggling to breathe, trembling as weak as a kitten. Slowly the sensations faded as I drifted off into a semi conscious state of euphoria.

I snapped back with a gag muffled squeak at her touch, heart leaping suddenly. Was it to be more? More teasing? More orgasms? A moan of despair welled up inside, I don't think I could have taken any more just then. She helped me from the table, buckling a tight crotch strap in place. Legs spread to the ends of a bar; forced to kneel on the soft carpet. Slowly the hood relaxed its hold, the air flooding in to caress my damp hair and sweaty flesh.

The air felt good, cool and refreshing, but the even the soft light in the study was too much for my eyes after the blackness. Eyes closed, squinting a little as she worked the ear plugs free. Slowly I looked up, eyes lingering slowly on the soft satin robe and the way it shimmered against her body. Slowly my jaw relaxed around the gag, allowing her to pull it free. Little streamers of saliva connected it still to my full, red lips. Panting, struggling to regain my breath, head hanging forward a little.

Her soft fingers worked with my hair, working it into soft pigtail style braids. Eyes rising to looking up at her now and again, filled with affection and more than a little awe. Nuzzling into her touch, purring softly like a pet kitten as the braids were completed, struggling to think of something to say. But my brain was still floating in the clouds. She did not speak as she rearranged my hair, twisted the braids around a couple of large gold rings.  Tying cords to the rings she opened the sash of her gown and fed the ends through the D rings at her thighs. Slowly my eyes rose, staring at those smooth, supple thighs and the place where they met.  Lips parting slightly, breath catching for a moment.

Gently she held a glass of wine to my lips as she spoke. “You’ve had your fun little one, now it’s my turn.” Her eyes locked on mine as I took a slow sip of the wine, nodding slightly as she pulled the glass away.

“Mistress may I speak?” I stammered softly.

She lifted my chin, drawing my eyes to hers as she nodded.

“I knew this evening I would either be here with you or on the way home so, this morning, I checked out of the hotel and left my suitcase with the bell captain.  Will you call them, the number is in my coat pocket and ask them to send it here in a taxi?” The words spilled free before I could think. What? I wanted to tell her how much this meant to me, how she made me feel, but my frazzled little brain came up with that? My eyes gazed up into hers softly and with a smile she told me that she understood what I really meant.

“All in good time Kitten, first things first!” She scolded playfully.

With that she pulled on the cords forcing my head down, my soft lips pressed against the sweet juncture of her lovely thighs as I felt her tying them off.

“Get to work.” Her voice sighed with a relaxed moan. I eagerly spent the next few hours getting to know the sounds of that pleasure intimately.

Chapter Three

By Anne Gray

As she came through the door I stepped from behind it clamping my left arm around her body locking her arms to her sides. As her mouth opened in surprise I easily jammed the ball in my right hand between her teeth.  Easing the slim form forwards into the room I kicked the door shut with my boot heel then murmured in her ear, “You were supposed to come back and see me, little one; I don’t like to be disobeyed.”

Struggling was not an option since I was nearly a foot taller and forty pounds heavier than Sabina.  I wasted no time adding to my advantage by tripping her to the floor, sitting on the small of her back and putting a leather covered knee on each elbow. As she had fallen the fur edged hood of her puffy, quilted coat had flipped up and I pulled it back down out of the way as I fitted the wide leather strap across her mouth.  Moving her long black hair out of the way I buckled it in place and then leaned down to whisper in her ear.

“Did you really think I wouldn’t find you after all the fun we had?  It was very simple really.”  I stroked her hair as she turned her head sideways trying to look back up at me.  “When you write your stories you really should change things a bit.  I mean, how many freelance photographers named Sabina Smith could there be in this city?

“And how did I know about this city?  Remember the hotel receipt when you came to visit and asked me to phone for your suitcase?  Guess what, name and city all neatly printed by the computer!”

“And then, little one, you have a very professional website where I read with interest that you would be unavailable to work during the three weeks starting today because you were taking a vacation.  With the terrible weather here I don’t blame you for planning to drive south but I think I can persuade you to join me heading east instead.”

Sabina had managed to screw her head around enough to look up at me as I leaned over her and I read her eyes.  Surprise, fear and something else that I couldn’t quite get – anticipation maybe?

She started mmuuffing around the gag and shaking her head and my guess was she wanted to explain why she had not kept her promise to visit me again.  Too bad, now she had no choice in the matter. I pulled the glove off her right hand, fastened a Velcro cuff around the wrist; then did the same to the left one and clipped them together as I slid back to sit on her upper thighs.  In short order I had another cuff around her booted ankles; the same sensible winter boots she had worn on her visit to me.

Standing, I smiled down at the now helpless girl as I removed my leather winter car coat and smoothed down the knee length leather culottes.  I loved those because while looking like a fashionable skirt they gave me the freedom of slacks, as Sabina had found out.

“Now let’s get you ready to travel!”

I spent the first ten minutes or so looking around and easily found Sabina’s stash of toys, including a pair of knee length ballet boots that I threw on the bed, along with a couple of cute leather mini skirts and a few other things I would pack to take with us. A quick visit to the SUV parked out front for my own bag of goodies and I was ready to begin.

I easily dragged the petite form over in front of the sofa, sat down and positioned her between my legs.   Crossing my booted ankles around her made it simple to hold her in place while I worked on her head.

Taking off the gag strap I pulled the ball partially out and to one side of her mouth in such a way that it still wedged her teeth wide apart.   I settled the edge of a rubber feeding gag, it had a half inch diameter hard tube through the middle, at the other side of her mouth and, in one smooth movement, substituted one for the other. Sabina didn’t have a chance to make a peep but tried to shake her head and, as I screwed the plug in the threaded tube and replaced the strap, I saw a tear escape from the corner of her eye.

Just to make the rest of the exercise a little easier I added a temporary blindfold before I manhandled (woman handled?) her out of most of her clothes.  That was necessary so I could get the two rather large intruders, one butt plug and one dildo, established front and back locking them in place with a narrow plastic strap anchored at both ends to a waist belt. A thin adult diaper and then I worked two sets of her pantyhose up the legs before replacing her winter boots and tying her ankles for a moment.  Moving up I got her hands back in her own tight leather gloves, folded each one into a fist and laced on tight bondage mittens. 

She struggled as much as she could but blindfolded and gagged it was a hopeless effort.  I found a long sleeved sweater and worked her into that, tucking it in the top of the pantyhose.  Kneeling on one arm to stop her flailing around I tucked the other hand in its bondage mitt under my own arm to hold it steady.

The two hard plastic strips were rounded on all their edges and joined together with a short, smooth headed, bolt with a small wing nut.  I fitted one strip from just below her armpit so the bolt was level with her elbow and then taped it in place.  That was the reason for the sweater, to keep the tape off her skin.  The other strip I taped to her forearm, it ended just passed the wrist joint. A twist of the wing nut and that arm was out of action.  I put my knee on the bondage mitt and turned my attention to the other arm.  After taping on that brace I worked the arm into the sleeve of her puffy, quilted white coat then loosened the opposite wing nut so I could bend her other arm into the second sleeve.  Working my fingers up inside the sleeves I really tightened the wing nuts.

I noticed her nipples were very obviously erect, even under the sweater, so I found a nice set of clamps and snapped them in place to keep her company. There was just one brace for her legs that was bent at slightly more than 90 degrees.  I settled it against the inside of her right thigh then taped it almost to the knee; the pantyhose protecting her skin.  Lowering the boot zip on the inside of her leg I taped the lower part of the brace around her calf then pulled the zip back in place. Forcing her left leg to fit in position I added more tape around both thighs nearly to the knee.  A couple more turns of the black tape around just the heels of the boots and Sabina’s legs and ankles were locked together in exactly the position I had planned.

Rummaging through her closet I found a long, fitted tweed skirt that I worked up her legs and fastened the belt around her waist.  The coat had a long inside zipper that started near the hem, just below her knees and I closed it to above her breasts then fastened the snaps every eight inches or so.  There was a narrow tie belt that I pulled tight around her waist.

Another trip outside and I returned with the folded wheel chair, opened and locked it, then lifted Sabina in to the seat.  Her feet settled on the footrest and her locked arms on her lap.  I pulled a pair of white knitted thumbless mittens over the bound fists and then used a couple of turns of white rubber covered wire to join the wrists.  It disappeared in the white wool.

Taking off the blindfold I smiled at the helpless, seated girl and then went over to pick up the purse and keys she dropped as she came in before I searched through the contents on top of the desk in her small home office alcove. I found her passport; she hadn’t been planning to leave the country, but these days it was wise to have one when traveling anywhere.  Sabina’s other ID and quite a large amount of cash was in her wallet.  I set her computer to automatic reply mode “Gone fishing, back in three weeks – maybe!”  Then I packed the rest of her toys, the clothes I had selected and the ballet boots in a suitcase that I left near the front door.

Checking through each room, turning off lights and making sure everything was in order I returned to finish getting my passenger ready.  The white woolen ski mask was like a full balaclava with just large holes for the eyes; it even had a smiley mouth embroidered on it.  I made sure the gag strap was snug then stretched the mask down over her head tucking the neck into the sweater. Lifting the fur trimmed hood of the coat in place I closed the zip and snaps up under her chin then fastened the storm collar.  Wheeling the chair outside I braced myself, took a deep breath and lifted Sabina out of the chair on to the front passenger seat.  She only weighed about 95 pounds so it was a manageable effort.

Folding the chair I placed it where it was clearly visible in the back then snugged down the combination shoulder and lap belts across the white coated form.  Another short piece of the white wire around the lap belt held her hands firmly in place. I turned off the rest of the lights, locked the front door then dumped her keys in her purse, threw it on the back seat with the suitcase and gave Sabina a kiss on the top of her cute little nose as I wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes.

Nineteen hours, one brief motel stop and a smooth border crossing later I again pulled the SUV in my garage with Sabina in the passenger seat.  This time however, she was definitely not wearing just a pair of prop handcuffs. I looked over at the slight form muffled inside her big winter coat, held firmly by the obvious seat belts and several other, not so obvious, tethers.  She was still recovering from the dose of sedative I had fed her in a milkshake, through the hole in her gag, just prior to leaving the motel an hour before the border.

At the border I had handed over our passports and explained that my passenger had just had surgery, which was why she’s so drowsy.  I was taking her home with me to look after her while she recovered.

“Welcome back little one; as I said once before, let the fun begin!”

Chapter 4

By Anne Gray

Using the wheelchair I soon had Sabina moved through from the garage to my ‘work room’.  She was wide awake now and crying again.  Well, too bad, I was angry that she had not done as agreed and arranged to visit me again.  Instead she calmly posted a note on her website that she was going off on vacation for three weeks.

Leaving my helpless guest I went to get in the mood for what was about to happen.  I planned on making her very uncomfortable for the night and then maybe, just maybe, in the morning would ease up a little.  After all, I had three weeks.  The dark maroon leather cat suit enhanced the way I felt and the stiletto knee boots put me in full Domme mode.

First things first.  I peeled back the fur edged hood of Sabina’s coat and pulled the balaclava off.  Working steadily I was soon able to remove the plug from her rubber feeding gag and then tilt her head while slowly dribbling in most of a bottle of water.  That would have to do for the next number of hours. To make her easier for me to handle I packed her ears and then pulled a tight rubber cap over her head.  Those big, soft eyes were still dripping tears that I ignored; now I was in control. The Y shaped nostril tube fit neatly inside her nose so that her breathing was controlled by a simple 3/8th inch opening.

After packing some cotton wool over each eye a strip of tape made sure she was blind and a couple more secured the gag.  Now for a lovely tight leather helmet that took me a good few minutes to lace down the back.  The matching gag strap had a roller buckle that I pulled as tight as possible before clamping the end to stop any chance of it slipping.

I snipped the wire holding her wrists then started peeling the coat off her arms that were still locked immovably with the hard plastic braces.  There was little Sabina could do to resist, gagged, deaf and blind with the leather helmet laced over her head and her legs still tied together. I soon had those braces off and her stripped to the waist leaving just the laced on bondage mittens.  For the time being I hooked a padlock through the rings at the fists of the mittens, snapping it closed to hold her arms behind her back.

Five minutes later she was naked except for the diaper over the hidden inserts and I dragged the small lithe form through to the bathroom.  The diaper was just damp and nothing much happened when I pulled out the plugs then sat her down on the toilet. That was understandable because she had not eaten any solid food while in my ‘possession’; the milkshakes and energy drinks would have been pretty much absorbed during the journey.

Back in the other room was a bench like table designed just for this girl; I knew her measurements to the inch.  The top board had hardly any padding, but the thin layer it did have was covered in latex.  The moisture I expected to be generated tonight would not go well with leather. A quick lift and she was sitting in the middle then I twisted her around by flipping her legs up and strapping them near the end of the board.  Taking two lengths of thin cord I fashioned a slipknot in each one.   A muffled moan escaped around the gag as I grabbed a handful of her right breast and tightened the cord around its base.  The second cord went around the left one and I let the ends trail down her stomach.

Going behind her back I removed the padlock from the mitts.  There were two padded holes level with where her shoulders would hit the bench and I forced her arms down through them until she was flat on her back.  A strap across her chest, just above those now colourful breasts, held her down. Reaching under the bench I grabbed her left wrist and forced it up until it was level with her right shoulder below the bench.  The cord from her left breast now came across her right shoulder, fed through the mitt ring and was pulled tight before I tied it off.  Sabina’s right wrist got the same treatment and the top of her body was held down to the padded surface by her arms, crossed at the wrists under the board, anchored to her tits.

Now for the ballet boots, it was interesting that the ones I found at her apartment had removable heels.  With them screwed off I forced her toes into the shoe part and laced them to the knees.  This forced her feet into incredible arches that I reinforced by bending her legs sideways at the knees so I could get the bottoms of the small soles to touch.  I locked them there with several turns of tape. Sliding out two metal bars from the sides of the table I used cord to bind her knees down to their ends.  She was now splayed out and readily available for the next few steps.

Considering her size the butt plug was perhaps a little large both in length and width; it was going in anyway.  I just made sure it was very well lubricated and settled the head against the opening of Sabina's rectum then started to apply some pressure.  At right angles to the base of the plug was a threaded rod and that gave me an extra grip as I slowly worked the plug inside twisting slowly as it buried itself. When it was almost completely hidden I made sure the rod at the base lined up over a hole in the top of the bench right at the crack of her ass.  I pushed a post up through the hole and screwed it to the base of the butt plug anchoring the other end of the post to the underside of the table. I hitched a piece of cord around the same post and then to her booted ankles.  Pulling on that I soon had the back of the heelless ballet boots just about touching the inside of her thighs.

The corners of the bench, just above her head, had strong eyebolts embedded and I connected two snap hooks at the end of ropes from a ceiling pulley.  Applying a steady pull I gradually raised the top of the bench until it was almost vertical. Sabina was supported by the strap across her chest and the padded holes at her armpits but I watched closely as the weight of her body finished the job of impaling her on the butt plug.

While she was in that position I wrapped several turns of cord around her wrists then tightened a strap across her elbows.  Attached to the table on either side of her waist were what looked like two halves of a boned leather corset; in fact, that’s exactly what they were. It took me going up and down the lacings three times before I was satisfied it was tight enough and then I lowered the board back down, relishing the sight of the form in front of me. After adding a strap across her forehead just above those sightless eyes I reached for the labia clamps.

With the outer lips stretched apart by the clamps attached to thigh straps that clamped her upper legs to the board, I settled the special butterfly vibrator on her inner lips.  The butterfly’s “antenna” reached up to either side of her clitoris.

For the next few hours this was going to be one very, very frustrated young lady.  Held absolutely still by the waist corset, thigh straps and impaled on the butt plug there was no way she could move to increase the pressure of my little toy as it gently buzzed away.  The antenna bobbed randomly on their tiny springs and every so often one of the little knobs at the tips would drag across her nub or give it a little knock. Nothing was going to bring her off it would just tease and tease again, enough to bring her close, stop her from getting any rest and teach her not to defy me.

I settled back in a cozy chair; with just that small tube to breathe through I needed to keep an eye on my little one. After just a short period her muscles began to shiver like small waves under the skin, skin that was gradually starting to glisten with perspiration.  Two hours passed and now the sweat was forming rivulets then dripping on the latex covering of the bench.  Muffled groans escaped the leather helmet and I had to consider the amount of liquid she was losing.

After another hour, my anger with Sabina had lessened and I decided it was time for both of us to get some rest. The first thing I did was pull on a latex glove, remove the butterfly, and then use my fingers to end her frustration.  It took less than a minute but I had her so tightly bound that it was only by seeing the muscles tense then stop quivering and the sudden flow of her juices I could tell. Stripping off the glove I removed all the bondage gear above her neck until there was nothing left except to pull out the gag.  I lifted her head and held a bottle of water to Sabina's lips.  After she finished it and was working her jaws I spoke.

“You should not have upset me little one, I don’t like broken promises.”

“But for my vacation I had a reservation booked at the same hotel I stayed in when I came here before; just for one night.  I bought the ballet boots and leather mini skirt to wear under that big coat.  I was going to wrap red ribbons in big bows around my breasts and ring your doorbell tomorrow.  Then I was going to open my coat and yell ‘Happy Birthday Mistress Anne’.”