Retirement Plan

by Orion1701

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They had been very careful. Maria and Toni had selected just one girl a month. One girl from the hundred or so who showed up at their modeling studio every month. One girl who had no one to come looking for them. One girl who no one would miss.

Today they had bundled up girl number twenty-four. At fifty thousand Dollars per girl they had done quite well for themselves to the tune of $1.2 million. Katrina was naked. She had a leather bondage hood over her head with the blindfold and gag firmly in place. She wore leather cuffs also locked tight to her wrists and ankles. The cuffs were locked together with a ten inch chain securing her wrists to her ankles holding her in a hogtie despite the girls frantic attempts to slip free.

Max handed over the briefcase with the money and Toni said, "As we agreed this is the last one. The Feds are getting to close so we need to lay low for a while".

"Ah yes, your retirement", he said. "But what will you do?"

Maria spoke up, "Toni and I will go seperate ways. Neither of us knows what the other is planning to go or do".

Later that night they celebrated. They drank champagne at their favorite restaurant Later they went to Toni's place with more bottles in hand. Once they were behind the closed front doors of the house they kissed. Maria ripped the buttons off of her top in her haste to bare herself. Then backing Toni against a wall she began ripping at her clothes as well not stopping until the blonde woman was completely naked. They left a trail of damaged clothing all the way up to the bedroom.

A couple hours later they lay naked on Toni's bed sipping more wine. On a whim she pulled out one of the leather hoods they used on the girls they were selling. Toni slid it over Maria's head placing the ball insert into her mouth. The dark haired woman turned around so that Toni could lace it then close and lock the collar. Pulling the dark haired woman over to lean back against her naked body. Wrapping her arms around Maria she played with her breasts making the hooded woman squirm.

Maria reached her arms out and tapped her wrists together.

"You want the cuffs too?" Toni asked, "just like the girls?"

The hooded woman nodded.

Toni pulled out the leather cuffs and wrapped them around her associates wrists. Once they were in place she leaned forward and placed her hands behind her back. The blonde woman locked them together and helped Maria to roll onto her stomach. She placed cuffs around both ankles and locked them on as well. Maria bent her legs up and reached out for her ankles showing her friend what she wanted. Finally using two more locks and a short chain Toni had her secured.

"There you go, just like the girls", she said. "Go ahead and struggle for me, just like they did".

Maria twisted and rolled as she pulled at the restraints securing her. This was no fake attempt as the bound girl put everything she had into testing the restraints. Toni backed away to give her room when she got close. Eventually the bound woman stopped struggling and lay quietly on the bed.

Toni returned to the bed and began to tease the bound woman's nipples with a vibrator. Maria squirmed helplessly, crying out when the toy touched her sex. She struggled frantically as her orgasm approached only to have the vibrator snatched away just seconds before climax. Helplessly she moaned and squirmed in the restraints.

"You know", Toni said softly in her captives ear, "I always planned on taking you with me. I just never thought that you would willingly allow me to restrain you. I thought I would have to drug you to get you into the restraints".

Maria squirmed as the vibrator lightly brushed her nipples.

"I'm going to keep you as my personal little sex slave".

The bound girl squirmed pulling at the leather restraints and shaking her head.

"Go ahead and struggle all you want. All of the other girls fought like wild cats while they were restrained and not one of them managed to escape". She pressed the vibrator firmly against Maria's clit, "Who knows, maybe you'll get lucky and do what the others could not".

Maria squirmed wildly fighting the restraints and the vibrator. Five orgasms and a near eternity later the vibrator turned off. She lay helpless and exhausted as Toni left the room. Even if she had not been hooded and helpless like the girls they had sold she was too exhausted to have escaped .

Without turning on a light the blonde woman walked naked through the house. In the kitchen the dim light of the clock was all she needed as she opened the bottle of wine pouring herself a glass. This really was a great day . Their contract was fulfilled, she had the cash hidden away, and the only person she cared about lay helpless and naked in her bedroom. "In the morning I'll pack the SUV with Maria bound naked in the back". Retirement was sounding really good.

Toni never saw the black clad figure that crept silently up behind her. Suddenly an arm was around her neck and a cloth covered her face muffled her screams. Struggling wildly the blonde tried to pull free. Her strength began to fade and she realized that the cloth had chloroform on it. Desperately she reached for the arm but it was too late. Darkness narrowed her vision.

The blonde never quite lost consciousness, just her strength and coordination. She flopped uselessly unable to put up any real resistance. Within minutes Toni was in her bedroom and bound in leather the same way as Maria.

"Sorry ladies", a female voice said, "Max thinks you are setting him up and wants you out of the way. He did say that if I deliver the both of you then I could run the new studio". That was their receptionists voice, Samantha. The bound women squirmed helplessly in response.

Taking out her phone Sam dialed.

"It's done", she said. "No trouble at all". She listened for a moment then said, "Right, I'm going now, you can pick them up anytime". Putting her phone away she said, "Goodbye ladies, and thanks for the promotion. I'm leaving now just in case one for you is talking to the feds. Max and the guys will be along in a couple hours so have fun".

The helpless women heard the door close.

Toni struggled feebly as she fought to throw off the effects of the chloroform. Her mind felt as if it was running in slow motion. Her body felt limp but there was something she had to do....

Or was that needed to do...

Wanted to do?......


Slowly her foggy mind cleared and Toni came to realize that her nightmare had not been a dream. 'I am locked in the leather cuffs and hood just like Maria, just like the girls. Samantha trapped us just like we trapped all those girls and Max was coming to make a pick up! Shit! If he thinks we betrayed him he won't take out the gags to let us explain. He's more likely to burn the house down with us inside'.

'First I need to know where I am'. The blond began to move inching her way across the floor. She heard soft movements across the room. 'Maria must have exhausted herself', she thought. 'God just don't let me be too late'. A minute later Toni bumped against the dresser. 'This will do she', thought as she wiggled into position. Reaching under the dresser, in the right front corner behind the short leg the helpless woman found what she needed.

Pulling loose the square piece of duct tape Toni revealed a single brass key. She had always bought locks that used the same keys. No fumbling or looking through dozens of keys. She needed just one key for every pad lock in the house. It didn't matter that only one key would have allowed the girls to escape as long as they never got a hold of that key.

Getting the key into the lock holding her wrist cuffs together turned out to be an impossibility. 'I can't bend my wrists far enough to reach the lock. Should I go to Maria and free her? Would she free me after what I said to her or would she leave me for Max and the boys? Probably leave me', she decided.

About that time Toni discovered that she could reach the locks holding the cuffs in place. Triumphantly she opened the locks freeing her hands. Sitting up she unlocked the leather hood. Taking a moment the blond checked on their situation. They were alone and Maria lay bound near the foot of the bed.

Freeing her ankles she crawled over to her partner in crime. Not wanting to throw a shadow against a curtain in case someone was watching. Reaching out she touched Maria's shoulder making the bound girl flinch.

"Shhhhhhhhh, we have to get out of here", Toni whispered. Outside a car pulled into the driveway. "Times up!" she said freeing the blindfold to hang from the side of the hood. Quickly she opened the lock binding the other woman's ankles, pulled the dangling chain up and attached it to her wrists. "On your feet girl we have to move".

Marie shook her hands and mumbled around the gag panel. "No time" Toni said pushing the bound woman ahead, "Max is here and we have to hide or we're dead". They heard a thud against the front door as they crossed the landing at the top of the stairs. Then a second thud harder this time. Toni was glad she had spent more for the heavier door.

At the end of the hall Maria expected to see her partner open the linen closet knowing that it had a false back and a place to hide. Instead Toni peeled back a corner of the carpet to reveal a small hole. A section of floor lifted exposing a small crawl space. The space was separated into two narrow spaces by a heavy beam.

They heard a crash as the front door was finally kicked in. Without the need to be urged Maria stepped down into the space and stretched out flat. Toni slipped into the other slot and closed the lid as the sound foot steps reached the second floor. "Not a sound", Toni whispered, "or we're dead". Maria hummed softly in reply.

The girls lay in the dark as the sound of two men went to the bedroom. Then came the sounds of a rapid search moving closer.

"What's taking so long?" Max's voice called.

"They aren't here", someone shouted back. "What do you mean, not here?" The boss asked. The man answered from the top of the stairs, "there are leather cuffs and locks laying on the floor but the women are gone".

Max charged up the stairs. "Search the rooms and open the bolt hole in the linen closet. Toni doesn't think that I know about that". Maria could not believe it. They would have been discovered but Toni had out smarted them.

"Nothing here", the man said standing right on top of their hiding place. "Alright", Max said, let's go before the feds arrive. All three men went down stairs and out the door slamming it on the way out.

Toni pushed the hatch up and climbed out. Taking Maria by the arm she helped the other woman to stand. "Get down stairs and out the back door", the blond said, "before they burn the house down". Knowing Max like she did the dark haired girl followed close behind.

They were in the kitchen when they heard breaking glass and the house began to fill with smoke. Toni yanked the back door open and the naked women ran out into the dark back yard. No fences separated the yards so they moved up between two houses. They were in a shadowed area between the street lights and nothing moved on the street. Walking quickly Toni lead the way across the street and between two other houses and into the garage out back.

The blond turned a light on blinding Maria for a moment. When she looked up again Toni was standing at the open door of a SUV digging through a box of clothing. "These will have to do", she said, pulling on a pair of yoga pants and lime green t-shirt. "Where did I put the shoes?" she asked herself as she rummaged through boxes in the car.

"Never mind" she said after a minute, "I'll just drive barefoot. Let's get you taken care of". Maria sighed in relief as stepped closer. Toni had lifted the seat backs exposing an empty floor. "Get in and lay down", she ordered.

Maria shook her head holding her hands out to have the restraints removed. "Not yet", she said, "I like having you bound and besides Max and his friends will be looking for two women traveling together". Not having much choice the bound woman complied. Toni took the lock from earlier and used it to bind the ankle cuffs together again. Then laying across the seats Toni repositioned the blindfold panel on the hood. Laying the seat backs down again covered the naked girl trapping her in the small space. Then several boxes were repositioned to cover the storage area.

Placing a baseball hat on her head Toni slipped behind the wheel and started the engine. The driveway was clear and the street empty and dark as the SUV pulled out heading for the highway. Light from the fire lit the sky and sirens could be heard in the distance. Five minutes later the on ramp was in sight. As they topped the rise flashing lights came into sight.

"What now?" Toni asked aloud as she slowed for the state police officer waving his hand. Coming to a stop she rolled the window down. "What's up officer", she asked.

"DUI check point Miss".

Toni nodded and pulled out the required papers and licence. "Naomi Stein", he read, "have you been in town long?"

"A few days", she replied, "visiting a collage friend".

He nodded and returned the documents to her. "By the way Miss Stein, we had a missing person report tonight. Could you look at this photo and tell me if you've seen her?"

"Sure", she replied, "but I don't know many people here". He smiled and turned his clipboard around. Clipped to the corner of the board was a 3x5 picture of the naked woman currently bound and gagged under the back seat.

"By your reaction I take it you know this woman?"

"I sure do" Toni/Naomi said. "Two days ago up at Ocean Side Park she spilled a blueberry smoothie on me ruining my white slacks. Gave me $40 to replace them. Oh, wait, you said she's missing?"

"Yes ma'am", since earlier tonight. "Any information would be appreciated".

"Sorry that's all I know. We didn't even exchange names".

"Thank you Miss Stein, be careful pulling out into traffic". It was 4:40am. The traffic almost didn't exist. Moving carefully she passed between two patrol cars then accelerated to highway speed.

It was silent in the car as she kept watch for someone following them. The road stayed clear for several miles before Naomi spoke up.

"We'll be home in three hours", she said loud enough for her passenger to hear. "Then you can tell me why the cops have a picture of you and how much you told them about me".

With that said she turned the radio up to drown any sounds coming from the back seat.


story continues in part two

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