Recruiting Coordinator 2

by Handcuff Girl

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Part Two

Chapter 3

The next football game was close, so Ty didn't get to play as much. He only finished with thirty-eight yards rushing. Michael Brown, the starter, had a hundred and twenty-two yards, and the Panthers won by four points.

That night, Ty got Jasmine to wear her collar at the team party. In spite of Jasmine's embarrassment, everyone loved it. As long as Ty was nearby, she was fine though. Quite a few people—both guys and girls—asked her where she had gotten it. Soon Jasmine forgot all about her initial embarrassment, and enjoyed the party with everyone else.

After the party Ty and Jasmine climbed into his Camaro, and left. Jasmine was still wearing her collar, short flippy miniskirt, tiny crop top, stacked bangle bracelets, hoop earrings, and metallic silver sandals with clear platforms and six-inch heels. Instead of heading to her apartment for some fun like she expected though, Ty took a detour.

Several minutes later they were on a secluded country road. Ty grinned at her as he hit the gas. Jasmine smiled back as she felt the powerful engine thrumming, and the wind whipping across the open top.

The speed limit was fifty-five, but Ty quickly accelerated to nearly a hundred. Jasmine wasn't worried though, Ty had done this on this same road a couple of days before. It was actually kind of exciting going so fast. Suddenly Ty swore, and pressed the brakes.

“Cops,” he explained at the same time Jasmine saw the flashing blue lights in the distance behind them. “Shit!” Ty swore again. “Shit! Shit! Shit!” he said, hitting the steering wheel with his hand with each word.

“Baby, it's okay,” Jasmine said, trying to calm him down.

Ty glanced over at her. “I had a beer!” he told her in despair.

“Oh,” Jasmine answered in understanding. “Oh,” she said again, in a different tone. Ty was only eighteen. He wasn't supposed to have any beer. If he got caught, he would be arrested, and embarrass the team. She almost suggested they try to switch places, but with the top down, there was no way the cop wouldn't see them. “Maybe he won't notice,” she said, glancing back towards the rapidly approaching blue lights.

Ty kept one eye on the rear view mirror as he continued to slow down.

“I'll call Vinnie,” Jasmine said, reaching for her phone.

“Yeah,” Ty replied absently as he pulled off the road, muttering a few more curses.

“Come on,” Jasmine said nervously as her phone rang. A moment later Vinnie's voicemail picked up. She quickly left a message saying that Ty had been pulled over, then hung up as the officer approached the driver's side of the car.

“License and proof of insurance please,” the officer asked from behind an insanely bright flashlight.

The lights from his car behind them were even brighter. Jasmine could barely make out his badge, and some of his uniform.

“Yes Sir,” Ty replied nervously, reaching for his wallet.

Jasmine noticed the flashlight shining on her more than on Ty. She smiled and arched her back a little to give him a better view as she opened the glove compartment to get the insurance card. Maybe he'd let Ty off the hook if she was friendly enough. Her bracelets jingled against each other as she pulled the card out.

“I know I was going a little fast Officer,” Ty said as he passed him his license. “I'm sorry. It won't happen again.”

“Sir, you were going ninety-eight in a fifty-five mile-per-hour zone,” the officer replied.

“I'm real sorry Officer,” Ty repeated. “I promise I'll slow down.”

“Ty,” Jasmine said softly, holding the insurance card out for him.

“Hey… are you Ty Ross that plays for the Panthers?” the officer asked as Ty handed him the card.

“Uh, yeah,” Ty answered warily.

“Good game tonight,” he replied with a suddenly friendly sounding voice as he dropped his flashlight down out of their eyes.

“Thanks,” Ty responded with a grin.

“You have got to slow down though,” he told him. “And I mean way down. I could take you in for reckless driving.”

“I will, Officer,” Ty assured him. “I was just out having a little fun.”

Jasmine smiled as the officer glanced at her tits. She brushed back her hair. Her bracelets reflected the headlights from his car behind them as they slid down her wrist.

The officer eyed Jasmine a moment. “Have fun running ninety-eight yard touchdowns, okay,” he suggested to Ty as he leaned down over the car door.

“I will, Officer,” Ty repeated happily.

“It's Deputy,” he replied with a friendly smile. “Allen. And I'm serious. Slow down. We can't have you hitting a deer or tree or something at a hundred miles an…” Suddenly he trailed off, and sniffed the air a couple of times. “Have you been drinking?” he asked sharply.

Ty stared up at him a moment. “I just had one beer,” he answered earnestly. “I promise.”

“Damn!” Deputy Allen replied under his breath. “You're not even twenty-one! I can't let you leave.”

Jasmine thought furiously. She couldn't let Ty get into trouble. A speeding ticket was one thing, but drinking and driving underage was something else. “Deputy Allen, Ty only had one little beer.” She leaned forward, to give him a better view down her top. “I'll do anything if you'll let him go just this once,” she said, making it clear what she meant by anything.

Deputy Allen stared at her a moment. “Only because Ty's a Panther,” he replied, shaking his head. He walked around to the passenger side of the car, and opened the door.

“Okay little Panther girl, let's go,” he said to her.

Jasmine grinned up at him as she swung her legs out of the car. “Yes Deputy Allen,” she replied cheerfully as she stood up on her towering heels.

Deputy Allen was a couple of inches taller than Jasmine in her six-inch heels. He was about as big as Ty, but had a small gut instead of Ty's rock-hard abs.

He leaned down, and they shared a long kiss. She could feel one of his hands on her ass, and the other on the back of her neck.

“Kinky,” he said, tugging on the back of her collar.

“Hey! You should handcuff her!” Ty said enthusiastically from the driver's seat.

What? Jasmine thought in confusion as Deputy Allen suddenly broke the kiss. In an instant he had spun her around, and pulled her left arm behind her back. Before she could react, he had snapped a cuff around her wrist. Jasmine gasped in surprise as he quickly pulled her right arm back and cuffed it as well.

Jasmine stared at Ty, who grinned back at her in obvious excitement at the sight of her being handcuffed. She tugged against the hard steel cuffs, causing her bracelets to jingle against them. She brought the cuffs around to her side, so she could look down and see them, and Ty could see them too.

A moment later Deputy Allen spun her back around, put his hands on her shoulders, and pushed down a little. Jasmine obediently dropped to her knees, and he quickly fished out his cock. Jasmine leaned forward and slid it into her mouth. It was nearly as long as Ty's, but thinner. Jasmine couldn't believe she was blowing a complete stranger—a cop—just to keep Ty out of trouble.

Sucking Deputy Allen's cock with her hands cuffed behind her back was making her even hornier. After a minute or so he pulled out, and lifted Jasmine to her feet. Then he led her to the front of the Camaro, and pushed her over the hood. Jasmine looked up at Ty, and licked her lips at him.

Then Jasmine felt Deputy Allen reach under her skirt, and pull down her black thong. When it got to her ankles, she stepped out of it. Jasmine glanced back to see him shove her panties into his pocket.

“Spread 'em,” Deputy Allen said as he nudged her feet wide apart with his boots. At the same time, he pushed her skirt up around her waist.

Jasmine's body weight pressed her breasts against the hood of the car. She gasped out in ecstasy as Deputy Allen plunged into her. She watched Ty watch her from the driver's seat while Deputy Allen fucked her from behind. Jasmine struggled against the cuffs as she moaned out.

Soon Jasmine screamed in orgasm. A couple of moments later, she felt Deputy Allen grunt as he erupted inside her with his own orgasm.

When Deputy Allen recovered, he pulled his now softening dick out of her still wet pussy. Satisfied, he pulled his pants back up, and buckled them and his gun belt. Then he slapped Jasmine's ass, and started to unlock the handcuffs around her wrists.

“Hey, can I keep those cuffs?” Ty asked him as he climbed out of the car.

“Sorry,” Deputy Allen replied as he put them back on his belt. “They're department issue. I know a place where you can get some though.”

“Awesome,” Ty answered with a grin.

“Alright,” Deputy Allen said to Jasmine as he squeezed her side, just below her breast. “Since it's legally your car anyway, I'll let you drive Ty home.”

Jasmine frowned slightly as she tugged down her skirt. “Um, I can't drive a stick,” she admitted with embarrassment.

“You own a forty thousand dollar car that you can't drive?” Deputy Allen asked her with amusement.

“Yes Sir,” Jasmine answered, stepping over towards Ty. She threaded her arm through his, and squeezed his muscular bicep. “That's what my man is for,” she said, smiling up at Ty.

“Coach Black should be here in a few minutes, Deputy Allen,” Ty explained. “I talked to him on the phone. He'll take care of everything.”

Deputy Allen glanced at his watch. “Alright,” he replied contently.

“While we're waiting, can you tell me where to get some of those cuffs?” Ty asked him as he squeezed Jasmine close to him.

“Yeah,” Deputy Allen said with a smile.

A few minutes later Vinnie arrived, along with his secretary and girlfriend, Kelly. He spoke with Deputy Allen a few minutes, then came back to Ty and Jasmine.

“Nice collar,” Vinnie said, glancing at Jasmine.

“Thanks,” she answered with a smile, tossing her hair back flirtatiously.

“You're lucky,” Vinnie said to Ty. “Deputy Allen is a fan, and he's agreed to keep this quiet. There won't even be a report made.”

“Great,” Ty replied with a relieved smile. “I'm real sorry coach,” he assured him. Then he glanced at Jasmine. “Thanks babe,” he whispered into her ear as he squeezed her waist against him.

Jasmine frowned slightly. She thought she had helped convince Deputy Allen to let Ty go, but Vinnie made it sound like it was him. Oh well, at least Ty was happy, and not in jail.

“Now, since I understand that Jasmine can't drive a stick, Kelly will drive Ty back to his dorm in his Camaro, while Jasmine and I follow you in my Lexus,” Vinnie announced.

“Um, I can't drive a stick either,” Kelly replied with an embarrassed smile.

Vinnie chuckled a moment, then said, “Fine, I'll let you drive my Lexus, and I'll drive Ty's Camaro.”

A few moments later Jasmine was sitting in the passenger seat of Ty's Camaro, while Kelly and Ty were in Vinnie's Lexus. The Lexus pulled away, followed by Vinnie in Ty's Camaro.

“What is this garbage?” Vinnie asked as he cut off the loud R&B on the radio.

“I'm not sure,” Jasmine answered. She really didn't like Ty's music at all. She only listened to it because he insisted. She preferred classical and Asian music. “Ty listens to it.”

“Well, see if you can get him to listen to the Stones or Aerosmith or something,” Vinnie replied with a derisive smile. “And preferably a little quieter.”

“I'll try,” Jasmine responded with a weak smile.

“I really want to thank you for what you did for Ty,” Vinnie said as they followed Ty and Kelly. “The whole program really appreciates it.”

“It's no problem,” Jasmine replied cheerfully. “I'm happy to help Ty out, however I can.”

“I know you are,” Vinnie responded, patting her thigh, and glancing at her. “But risking arrest just to keep Ty out of trouble is above and beyond. We're lucky to have you.”

“Thanks,” Jasmine said with a smile, briefly locking eyes with him. “I just want to keep Ty happy.”

“Well, you're doing great. Keep up the good work,” Vinnie told her.

“I will,” Jasmine assured him.

Once they arrived on campus, they headed for Ty's dorm building. Jasmine walked him to his room, where he thanked her again for helping him out. Then they shared a very friendly kiss goodnight. She wished she had time for more, but Vinnie and Kelly were waiting for her. She really didn't want to walk all the way home in these heels.

Jasmine hurried back downstairs, and climbed into the backseat of Vinnie's luxurious Lexus.

“Oh, I like your collar,” Kelly told her from the front seat as they drove off. “Where'd you get it?”

“Thanks,” Jasmine answered with a smile. “At the team store in the mall.”

“Hey, why don't you let Kelly try it on for a few minutes,” Vinnie suggested from the driver's seat.

“Sure,” Jasmine replied cheerfully.

She reached behind her neck, and unbuckled the thick leather collar. Kelly lifted her long brown hair up, and Jasmine reached past the headrest and buckled it around her throat.

“Beautiful,” Vinnie said with a broad smile, glancing over at Kelly. “You look gorgeous.”

“Thanks,” she answered with a smile as she checked herself out in the vanity mirror.

Jasmine felt a little weird without her collar on. She quickly found herself… missing the feeling of the cool leather around her neck.

A few minutes later they arrived at Jasmine's off-campus apartment. As Jasmine leaned forward to help her take the collar off, Kelly quickly opened the door and got out of the car. Jasmine glanced at her a moment, then leaned forward and gave Vinnie a peck on the cheek.

“Thanks for the ride,” Jasmine told him with a smile.

“Happy to oblige,” he responded as Jasmine stepped out of the car.

Outside, Jasmine smiled at Kelly as she unbuckled the collar from around her neck. When Jasmine got it off her, Kelly quickly reached up and gently took it from her. Then she turned the collar around and moved to put it back on Jasmine's neck. Jasmine glanced around nervously, then lifted her hair out of the way so the taller woman could wrap it around her throat.

“You look so sexy,” Kelly said as she adjusted the collar. Before Jasmine could respond, Kelly leaned forward, and kissed her on the lips.

Jasmine was stunned. She had never kissed a girl before. After a moment, she started returning the kiss. Kelly snaked a hand behind her head, and pulled her in tighter. She laid her other hand on Jasmine's hip, and caressed her side. Jasmine kissed her back, and after a moment, parted her lips and let Kelly slide her tongue into open mouth.

Several seconds later, Kelly broke the kiss. Jasmine let out a small gasp, then smiled up at her.

“Thanks sexy,” Kelly told her with her own smile as she climbed back into the car.

“Thanks,” Jasmine replied absently. “Bye,” she called a few seconds later as the car door closed.

“Bye Jasmine,” Vinnie called with a smile.

Kelly blew her a kiss out the window as they drove away.

Jasmine stood in the parking lot a few moments, then headed towards her apartment. She reached up to take off her collar, but quickly decided to leave it. Jasmine felt naughty wearing it in public like this, even if it was late at night, and no one was around. She was still strangely aroused from kissing Kelly, and sex with Deputy Allen on the hood of Ty's car.

Less than a minute later Jasmine was in her second floor apartment. As soon as she locked the door she stripped off her top and skirt while she hurried to her bedroom. The absence of her panties reminded her that Deputy Allen had them, which made her even hornier.

In seconds Jasmine was lying on her bed, only wearing her collar, bangle bracelets, and heels. Her legs were spread wide, and she had her trusty vibrator buzzing away in her soaking snatch. She hadn't used it since she started dating Ty, but she had to have an orgasm, now!

* * * * * * * * *

A few days later Jasmine went back to the mall, and stopped by the salon again. Nearly an hour and a half later, she was done. She had gotten a facial, and a fresh manicure and pedicure. Her quarter-inch long nails were painted bright red and each one had a black Panthers clawed paw print in the middle. Jasmine's formerly black hair was also now bleached blonde. She wondered what her parents would think about it, but she'd worry about that later. She wouldn't see them until Christmas break anyway.

After checking herself out in the full length mirror, Jasmine decided to do a little more shopping to go with her new look. First she went to Strutz. Ashlee was there again, and she was very happy to see her, and her new look.

Jasmine tried on a few pairs of shoes, then decided on a pair of matte-black pumps with six-inch heels and little bows on the toes. She also selected a pair of glossy black ankle boots with silver metallic platforms and six-inch heels. The pumps would be perfect for the booster parties, and the ankle boots would look great pointing at the ceiling while Ty was plowing his thick man meat into her.

Next Jasmine strutted out of Strutz and headed for the store where she got most of her bracelets and stuff. There she picked out a couple of more sets of bangle bracelets like Ty liked her to wear, in black and silver, the Panther's colors. She also picked up a set of thin black armlets that went from her hands to the tops of her biceps.

On the way out of the mall, Jasmine stopped by the team spirit store. The same clerk was there as when she had bought her collar. As soon as he saw her, he headed her way.

“Hey, can I, uh, help you?” he asked, staring at her in awe.

Even though Jasmine knew she would never consider dating him, she couldn't help but smile a little at his attention. If he liked her new look, then Ty would too.

“Yeah,” she replied with a friendly smile. “I want another collar.”

“Oh, yeah, um, over here,” he responded, obviously trying hard not to stare at her tits, or the exposed skin of her toned tummy or thighs below her short-shorts.

Jasmine followed him to the small display of collars the store had. This time, there were none of the thick spiked leather collars like she had. They did have a couple of the one she was looking for this time though.

The collar was black, one inch wide, and made of nylon with a plastic snap. PANTHERS was written on it in silver, followed by a paw print, with the pattern repeating the length of the collar. Instead of a buckle, it closed with a plastic snap that pushed together. A steel leash ring was next to the snap closure.

“We're completely sold out of the leather ones like you got,” the clerk said as she examined the nylon collar. “A lot of people have been in here buying them the past few days.”

Jasmine wondered how many people who had asked her about her collar at the team party had gotten one for themselves. She smiled softly to herself, anticipating finding out at the next party.

“Want to try it on?” the clerk asked her nervously, trying to hide his excitement at the prospect.

The collar was adjustable, but Jasmine decided to indulge him a little. “Sure,” she replied with a smile.

“Really!?” he answered in surprise.

“Yeah,” Jasmine said, half sarcastically as she lifted the collar to her neck. She carefully snapped it closed so she didn't break her nails, then tightened it until it was snug.

The clerk was speechless, and blatantly staring at her, with his eyes wide open in awe.

“Fits great,” Jasmine said with a smile. “I'll take it.”

* * * * * * * * *

That night Jasmine greeted her man wearing nothing but her spiked leather collar, a dozen black plastic bracelets on each wrist, her new glossy black ankle boots with silver platforms and heels, and her new bleach blonde hair. Needless to say, Ty loved her new look. They were on her bed in a matter of seconds, with his big dick sliding into her wet snatch.

Afterwards, Jasmine and Ty laid on her bed. He was on his back, with his hands behind his head, relaxing. She was halfway on her side, with her nails tracing lines on his muscular chest.

“Oh, you don't have to worry about my American Lit class anymore,” Ty told her as he snaked his arm under her. “I've got an A for the semester.”

“What?” Jasmine asked in confusion. “How?”

Ty was taking Professor Lynda Mercer's—whom Jasmine had had when she was a freshman—American Lit class. Her nickname was Professor No Mercy. The class had resulted in Jasmine's only B her freshman year.

“Vinnie talked to Professor Mercer,” he replied with a shrug and a sly smile. “And now I've got an A.”

“Well, okay,” Jasmine responded, relieved and confused at the same time. “Hey, I've got a surprise for you,” she said excitedly as she reached up to unbuckle her thick leather collar.

Next she reached over to the drawer of her nightstand, and pulled out her new one-inch-wide nylon collar.

“Um, nice, but I like your other one better,” Ty said, obviously unimpressed.

Jasmine smiled back at him. “Time for a shower,” she said as she climbed out of the bed, doing her best to pull him after her. “I can't do that wearing that one.”

Less than a minute later they were in Jasmine's shower, eagerly going for round two. Jasmine had only paused long enough to take off her ankle boots, leaving her new nylon collar and plastic bangle bracelets on.

Between their hungry kisses and mutual fondling Jasmine wondered if she could get a pair of heels that she could wear in the shower. Ty would love that, she thought as she dropped to her knees to blow him.

After Ty fucked her in the shower, they studied a while. When they finished for the night, Ty headed back to his dorm. Jasmine gave him a long goodbye kiss at the door. Once he left, Jasmine did some of her own schoolwork, then went to bed herself. She wore a tiny Panthers tank top and thong, with her bangle bracelets, and her new nylon collar.

Ty had told Jasmine that he liked for her to wear her collar, but when she had tried sleeping in her spiked collar, she ended up tearing a hole in her pillow case. That was the other reason she had bought the nylon collar, besides taking a shower while wearing it.

* * * * * * * * *

While a lot of Jasmine's friends, classmates, and professors weren't too surprised by her now blonde hair, a few thought it was a bit much. The president of the Asian Students Association was outraged, saying that she looked like an Americanized bimbo. She also vowed to have Jasmine removed from being secretary of the ASA's board.

One of Jasmine's female professors also tried to talk to Jasmine, but she just told her that she was fine, and she had to leave to meet her boyfriend. Besides, Jasmine didn't want her to bring up the C she made on her last quiz.

Instead of throwing on a comfortable tee and pair of khaki's every morning, Jasmine had to spend nearly an hour doing her make-up, hair, and making sure her outfit was perfect for Ty, and herself. She also had to re-check her appearance throughout the day, in case she ran into Ty somewhere.

Jasmine also spent quite a bit of time either having sex with Ty, or at parties with him, or just hanging out with him. Since she was also doing a significant portion of Ty's classwork, Jasmine couldn't possibly keep up with her own schoolwork like she had before. With all that on her schedule, Jasmine was struggling to keep her four-point-oh grade-point-average.

A few days later Jasmine's dad called her, enraged about her credit card spending. Jasmine apologized frantically, and had to promise not to spend anymore money on clothes or at salons for the rest of the semester. Then he asked her why on earth she had bought a dog collar.

Jasmine was stunned. Then she realized that she had used her credit card to pay for her second collar. Jasmine tried to tell her dad that she had got it as a joke, but she didn't think he believed her. He just told her again to stop wasting her money on worthless shit and concentrate on her classes.

That night, Ty took Jasmine to dinner. On the way to her apartment, he stopped by a gas station. Jasmine went in with him, and was a little surprised when he picked up a six-pack of beer. He set it on the counter, along with a ten dollar bill. Since Ty was only eighteen, Jasmine reached for her ID.

“It's on the house,” the cashier said with a satisfied smile as he pushed the six-pack and the ten back towards Ty. He eyed Jasmine a moment, then looked back at Ty. “Great game last week.”

“Thanks,” Ty replied with his own smile as he stuffed the bill back into his pocket, and picked up the beer.

Ty put his arm around Jasmine's waist, and pulled her in tight as they walked out. He always showed a little jealousy when other guys checked her out.

“So, how often do you get free beer?” Jasmine asked him once they got into his Camaro.

Ty chuckled in response. “I've been getting it since I was sixteen,” he replied. “Not all the time, but a lot. At first they just didn't card me. My junior year we made the semi-finals of the state playoffs. Ever since then, I've hardly ever had to pay for beer.”

Jasmine had gotten plenty of guys to buy her beer over the years. Still, she was a little surprised Ty had gotten it for free without even showing an ID. Not as surprised as she had been when he had gotten a Camaro for free though.

Chapter 4

That Saturday the Panthers played an away game against the number three ranked team in the country. Jasmine watched the game on her TV while doing Ty's homework and working on one of her papers. From the start it was a tough game. Jasmine cheered for Ty and the Panthers, but in the end, they lost their first game of the season.

Ty had over seventy yards rushing, but he was still bummed about losing. He also didn't get very much money from the boosters at the party on Sunday.

Ty was exhausted from practice the next few days. He explained that coach was pushing them even harder than usual because they had lost. Jasmine still gave him a blow job every evening, so he would be nice and relaxed while they studied. Afterwards, she would ride him till they both orgasmed while he laid on her bed.

Thursday night however, after they had studied a bit, Ty told her that he had a surprise for her.

“First though, I want you to strip,” he told her with a smile, gripping her leash lightly. Ty liked for Jasmine to be leashed when he was there, so he could just grab it whenever he wanted.

Jasmine was barely dressed as it was. She pulled off her short, stretchy Panthers top, then unbuckled her studded belt and pulled down her tight short-shorts and tiny thong. That left her only wearing a pair of large black hoop earrings, her two-inch-wide spiked leather collar, a dozen bracelets alternating in silver and black on each wrist, and her shiny black platform heels.

“Alright, now close your eyes, and hold out your hands,” Ty told her after she posed for him a few seconds.

“Ooh,” Jasmine said with a cheerful smile as she held her palms out, and closed her eyes.

A moment later she felt something cold and hard touch the palm sides of her wrists, which were facing up. The touch was followed immediately by a familiar ratcheting sound, and a hardness encircling her wrists. Her bracelets made faint tinkling sounds as they slid down her wrists.

Jasmine opened her eyes to see a pair of shiny silver handcuffs locked around her wrists, between her hands and her bracelets. She knew that Ty had asked Deputy Allen about getting a pair of cuffs last week, but she didn't know he had actually gotten them.

“Cool,” Jasmine said with a smile as she tugged against the hard cuffs. They were silver, with a short chain between the cuffs. Jasmine wasn't sure if they were exactly like Deputy Allen's, as she hadn't gotten a good look at those. These weren't as tight as when Deputy Allen had cuffed her, but she didn't think she could slide them off.

She tried, and failed. “Do you have the key?” she asked curiously, still getting a feel for the cuffs.

Jasmine loved the way the cold, hard cuffs felt on her wrists. The feeling, and sight, of them around her slender wrists was sooooo arousing. Knowing that she was practically helpless only made it worse.

“Of course, baby,” Ty responded with a happy smile. Then he lifted her cuffed hands over his head, and put them behind his neck, with her cuffed and decorated wrists resting on his shoulders. “But don't worry about that right now,” he said as he leaned in and gave her a slow, open-mouthed kiss.

With her hands trapped behind his neck, Jasmine was helpless as he pinched her nipples, and caressed her ass—not that she would have tried to stop him anyway. Jasmine had gotten used to Ty's touching her, and she loved it. The feeling of the handcuffs tight around her wrists made her even hornier.

Ty began undressing himself between eager kisses, soft caresses, and firm gropes of her helpless body. He lifted her cuffed wrists off his shoulders just long enough to pull his t-shirt off and toss it aside. Then he sat down on her couch. Jasmine climbed onto his lap and straddled him. She put her wrists back around his neck. He kept one powerful hand on her leash, and put the other one on her ass.

In seconds Jasmine was bouncing up and down on his rock-hard shaft, with him alternately sucking on her nipples, and kissing her. Jasmine's groans turned to little shouts of pain—mixed with pleasure—as he began spanking her bare ass.

Jasmine loved sex with Ty. Before he had started giving it to her hard and regular, she had never even considered wearing a collar, or being tied up. Now she wore a collar even when he wasn't there, and she loved it. Having her hands cuffed while getting fucked was great, but not quite as good as when Ty tied her hands behind her back with her leash.

When Ty stopped her bouncing a couple of minutes later, Jasmine groaned in frustration. He leaned over, and reached into his pants on the end of the couch. Jasmine was still impaled on his dick, and she was too busy nibbling on his ear and holding onto him to worry about what he was doing.

Ty sat back up, and lifted Jasmine's hands out from behind his head. Then Jasmine let out a small huh of confusion as he unlocked her left wrist. Her confusion quickly turned back to excitement as he pushed her hands behind her back and recuffed her.

Jasmine flexed against her cuffs then enthusiastically resumed bouncing up and down on his cock as he held her leash. The feeling of her hands cuffed behind her back sent another surge of arousal shooting through her. The harder she struggled, the hornier she got. It felt like the handcuffs were wired straight to her pussy. Jasmine let out a yelp of pain as Ty began whipping her with the end of her leather leash.

“Ugh! Ugghh! Ooooh! OOOOOHHHH!!!” Jasmine screamed out in orgasm several minutes of mind-blowing sex later. She strained against her cuffs as Ty kept whipping her ass and thighs with the end of her leash. Less than a minute later, Jasmine felt him tense, then erupt with his own orgasm.

“Damn baby… that was awesome,” Ty said as he dropped his head back against the top of the couch.

Jasmine leaned forward onto him, pressing her B-cup breasts into his muscular chest, and laying her head on his broad shoulder.

“Awesome,” she agreed contently. She was still impaled on his now-softening cock.

After resting a few long moments, Ty lifted her off his lap. His dick slid out of her pussy with a 'plop.' Jasmine swung around, and laid down on the couch. Her cuffed hands were underneath her, pressing into the cushion. Her toned legs were draped over his powerful thighs, with her calves and six-inch heels hanging off the other side. Ty smiled at her, then slapped her thigh, pushed her legs off his, and climbed to his feet.

“I'm gonna take a shower,” he told her as he headed towards her bedroom, and the bathroom.

Jasmine was distracted by his muscular backside walking away from her, so it took her a moment to realize he wasn't uncuffing her.

“Hey! What about me?” she asked, rolling halfway over to display her cuffed wrists.

“Don't go anywhere,” he replied with an evil grin as he disappeared into her bedroom.

Jasmine let out a groan of frustration as she flopped back down on the couch. She tried to slip out of the cuffs again, but it was hopeless. She was stuck. Unless she had the key…

Jasmine sat up, and began looking around for the handcuff key, hoping Ty had left it on the coffee table or something. With her hands cuffed behind her back, Jasmine either had to squat down low enough to reach his jeans—which where now on the floor—or crawl around on her knees.

She spent several minutes awkwardly searching for the key before giving up. As she stood up, she found out the hard way—by jerking her neck—that she had stepped on her leash. Finally gave up, grabbed the remote off her coffee table, and plopped back down on her couch.

Jasmine had to twist her cuffed hands to her side to change the channel. Her leash fell between her bare breasts. A few moments later she rolled over and laid on her stomach, with the remote in her cuffed hands on her back. That position was a little more comfortable.

Luckily Ty didn't take very long in the shower. Less than ten minutes after leaving—although it seemed longer to the cuffed and collared Asian—he emerged from her bedroom, and the adjoining bathroom.

“Miss me?” Ty asked with a grin as he strutted towards her. He was still stark naked, and damp from his shower.

Jasmine stared at him a few moments. “Asshole,” she replied in mock anger.

When he got close enough, she kicked at him about half-strength. As she expected, he easily caught her foot.

Ty pulled her towards him as he put one knee on the couch. Grinning playfully, he rolled her over onto her back, and straddled her hips. Then he started tickling her.

Jasmine pleaded with him to stop as she laughed nearly uncontrollably. He responded with his own laughter, and kept tickling her as she tried to squirm away. Finally he stopped, and leaned down over her while keeping his weight off her. Jasmine's laughter turned to a contented smile as he kissed her softly on the lips. Her heart seemed to skip a beat as her lips parted. Suddenly, she broke out in giggles as he tickled her again.

“Asshole,” Jasmine said a second time once he stopped, and she stopped giggling. Then she quickly lifted her head and shoulders and kissed him again.

While keeping his lips on hers, Ty grabbed Jasmine's leash, and pulled her to her feet as he got up. Several seconds later, he broke the kiss, then leaned down and picked up his boxers off the floor. Jasmine moved around a bit and flexed in her cuffs while she watched Ty get dressed.

“Now will you uncuff me?” she asked when he finished. She turned away from him, and stretched her cuffed wrists towards him.

“Sure babe,” Ty responded cheerfully as he stepped towards her, pulling the key out of his pocket.

Jasmine was sure she had checked all of his pockets for it while he was in the shower.

“All you had to do was ask,” he said as he inserted the key into the cuff.

Jasmine looked back and rolled her eyes at him as he released her. Once both cuffs were off, she rubbed her sore wrists. She suspected there would be red marks there for a couple of days.

“See ya tomorrow, baby,” Ty said as he pulled her by her leash to him for another kiss. A few seconds later, he broke the kiss, and headed towards the door.

“Bye,” she said as he left.

Jasmine followed him to the door, and locked it after he left. Then she took off her leash, and tossed it on her couch as she headed for her bathroom. Her collar landed on her bed as she passed it. She went into her bathroom, took off her heels and earrings, then turned on the shower. She was still wearing her bangles when she climbed in. After her shower, Jasmine wore them to bed as well, along with her nylon collar.

* * * * * * * * *

The next morning Jasmine found noticeable marks on both her wrists from the handcuffs, as she had expected. As she got ready, she realized that her new black armlets would hide the marks. The armlets had a small hole for her thumb near one end to hold it in place. The other end went up to the tops of her biceps.

Jasmine slid twenty silver bracelets on each wrist over the armlets. She also wore a Panthers crop top, and a black denim mini with a silver studded belt. Her black ankle boots with silver platforms and six-inch heels completed her outfit.

Jasmine picked up a latte on the way to her first class. After class, she called Vinnie, and told him that her Dad had warned her again about spending money on clothes and stuff. She also told him that she still wanted to look her best for Ty. Vinnie was sympathetic, and told her that he would talk to Ty. He also suggested that she get her own credit card.

That Saturday, the Panthers were on the road again. Jasmine watched the game in her apartment while doing classwork. The Panthers won, and Ty finished with a hundred and six yards rushing, with one touchdown. Since the game was in the early afternoon, and only a couple hours away from campus, the team was still able to throw their Saturday night post-game party.

For the party, Jasmine wore her silver sandals with six-inch clear platforms and heels, her spandex hot pants with PANTHERS written on the ass in silver letters, and her skimpiest, tightest Panthers jersey with Ty's number two on it. She slid twenty shiny silver bangles onto each wrist, with matching hoop earrings in her ears. Jasmine buckled a silver leather belt low on her hips, just for decoration. Her spiked leather collar went around her neck.

Jasmine spent extra time on her make-up and hair. She wanted to look her best for Ty. She put a coat of glistening lip gloss over her red lipstick. Then Jasmine spread a little shimmering glitter gel on her shoulders, as well as across her belly, and a few drops down her inner thighs. She also put some glitter gel around her eyes, including on her eye lids.

Once she was finished, Jasmine checked herself out in her mirror, and made sure she looked perfect. Then she went out into her living room, where Ty was waiting on her.

“Damn baby,” Ty said with a smile as he climbed to his feet. “You look fine!”

“Thanks,” Jasmine said as she stepped into his arms and gave him a long, sensual kiss. She glanced at the TV, and saw that he was watching highlights from the Panthers game. That reminded her of something she wanted to ask him about.

“Ty, when I was watching the game, and I was wondering, why did the other team always have like three or four receiver guys, while we usually had two, or just one?”

Ty chuckled as he squeezed her ass. “Because they run a spread offense, and we have a pro-style offense,” he explained as he cut off the television.

Jasmine frowned in confusion as they headed towards the door. “What's a spread offense?” she asked. “And a pro-style?”

Ty chuckled again as they walked out onto the second floor landing. “A spread offense is when they try to spread the field out from side-to-side, to create more space. A pro-style offense emphasizes ball-control and more short passes.”

Jasmine still didn't quite understand what he was talking about. “Which one's better?” she asked as she followed him to his Camaro.

“Well, either can work, but they use a pro-style in the pros, and so do we, and since we won, I'd say pro-style,” Ty said as he helped her into the car.

“Okay,” Jasmine replied, still not really understanding.

Once they arrived at the party, Ty produced Jasmine's leash, and attached it to her collar. She was a little embarrassed at being led in on a leash, but a few words from Ty convinced her to go along with it.

Jasmine was curious how many collars she would see at the party this week since she had worn hers last week. A few minutes after they went in she had spotted half-a-dozen spiked leather collars like the one she was wearing. Not all of them were around the necks of co-eds either. Jasmine spotted one of the team's back up cornerbacks wearing one as well.

Everyone loved Jasmine's outfit, and leash. After she and Ty hung out awhile and danced a bit, Ty found an empty spot on one of the couches. Jasmine happily slid down into his lap. Almost as soon as she settled into place, Jasmine glanced down to see Ty pulling a pair of handcuffs out of his pocket.

“Ty!” Jasmine said in surprise. “Seriously?” She also felt a small twinge of arousal at the familiar sight of the steel bracelets.

“Yeah babe,” Ty said as reached for her wrist. “It'll be fun.”

Jasmine held her breath as he ratcheted the cuff closed around her wrist, between her hand and bracelets. Ty quickly took her other hand, and cuffed it as well. Then he guided her hands behind his head, like he had done the other night at her apartment.

Jasmine glanced around, then leaned in and gave him a long, sultry kiss. She twisted her body and swung her leg around, straddling him as she continued making out with him. Jasmine felt Ty's strong hands on her hips, then slowly move up her sides. His thumbs slid under her top, and gently rubbed her nipples.

When Jasmine came up for air, she saw that there was a small audience around them. They were far more interested in the handcuffs on her wrists than her and Ty making out though. The couple next to them were in the same position, and doing the same thing. Quite a few people wanted a closer look at the shiny cuffs.

Ty was only too happy to show them—the girls at least—the handcuffs, even while they were still around Jasmine's wrists. He even cuffed her behind her back, allegedly to show everyone how they worked.

Jasmine felt embarrassed, a little vulnerable, and aroused with her hands cuffed behind her back while everyone was paying so much attention to her. Still, she posed as best she could for her admirers to see. Luckily Ty was by her side protecting her while he was showing off the handcuffs around her wrists. When the girlfriend of one of the linebackers wanted to try the cuffs on, Ty happily agreed.

Ty freed Jasmine, then handcuffed the tall African American girl. Her boyfriend, Josh, was looking on with a smile. A few minutes later another coed wanted to try them on. Jasmine was a little surprised to feel a pang of jealousy as she watched Ty cuff and flirt with the other girls. She had only been with him a few weeks, but she already felt close to him. Jasmine was still having fun though. As long as Ty was happy, she was too.

After Jasmine, and the first couple of girls, more seemed to feel comfortable enough to ask to try the handcuffs on. Ty spent the next hour or so handcuffing various girls at the party, both in front and behind their backs. Jasmine stayed close by, and watched how they reacted. Ty even let her cuff a couple of the girls, and the few guys that wanted to try.

Eventually the girls' dates started dragging them away. Jasmine saw several couples disappear up the stairs, probably to one of the bedrooms that the football team used to bed their conquests.

Once there weren't any more attractive coeds willing to be restrained, Ty handcuffed Jasmine again, behind her back. Jasmine was a little nervous when he led her outside by her leash. When he opened the car door Jasmine tried to talk him into taking off the cuffs—or at least moving them in front of her—but Ty just ignored her.

He did take off her leash, and turned her collar around so PANTHERS was in the front. Then he gave her another long, slow kiss as he buckled her seat belt for her. Jasmine sat helplessly as Ty put down the convertible top, then drove away.

As they drove through campus and town, there were still a lot of people out celebrating the Panther's victory. A lot of them recognized Ty. Jasmine knew that quite a few of them noticed her collar as they drove by. She wondered what they would think if they knew she was handcuffed too.

When they arrived at Jasmine's apartment building, Ty unlocked her cuffs, and slid them into his pocket. Jasmine rubbed her sore wrists as he helped her out of his car. He wrapped his arm around her waist and guided her towards the building.

Once they entered her apartment, Ty replaced her leash, and led her to her bedroom. As he undressed, Jasmine pulled down her hot pants and thong, then stripped off her crop top.

Less than a minute later, Jasmine was only wearing her collar, leather belt, bangle bracelets, and silver sandals with clear six-inch platforms and heels. Ty tossed his own clothes onto the floor, then climbed onto the bed with her. He brought the handcuffs with him. Jasmine smiled seductively as she held her wrists out towards him.

Ty cuffed her hands behind her back again. Then Jasmine found herself on her knees, with her head, breasts and shoulders pressing into the mattress, and her ass and pussy sticking up for Ty. She felt Ty tie her leash to the chain of her handcuffs, just like he liked to tie her hands behind her back with the leash.

Jasmine moaned out in ecstasy as he plunged into her wet pussy from behind. At the same time, she felt him pull back on her leash, so he could fuck her even deeper. She screamed again as he began pistoning in and out of her while pulling against her collar. After a few thrusts, he started spanking her as well.

Chapter 5

The next day Jasmine went to the booster party with Ty. As usual, she saw him pocket quite a bit of cash. She was a little surprised when Vinnie passed her a couple of twenties, but she just thanked him and tucked them into her bra with a smile. After the party, Ty gave her a couple more. She thanked him with long, sexy kiss. When they got back to her apartment, she thanked him again, with hot, steamy sex.

A couple of days later, Jasmine's new credit card arrived. Since she was a college student with no income, she only had a thousand dollar limit on it. Since she was a college student with no income, Jasmine wondered why they had given her a thousand dollar credit limit at all.

The credit card helped, but Jasmine knew it wouldn't be enough to keep spending as much money on clothes and stuff as she had been. She'd have to be careful too, since she didn't have any money except what Ty and her parents gave her.

Jasmine was still busy most all the time keeping up with her own work, doing quite a bit of Ty's, and just spending time with him—which mostly meant having sex. Pretty much everyone had gotten used to her sexy clothes, blonde hair, towering heels, and wrists full of bracelets. Jasmine used some of the cash that Vinnie and Ty had given her to buy some more armlets and gloves. Ty liked them, and they hid the handcuff marks on her wrists that were getting more and more common.

The next week the Panthers played a late home game. It was chilly, so Jasmine wore a pair of thick black tights under her denim mini, a Panthers shirt, a pair of black arm socks, and a half-dozen bangles on each wrist. She also had to wear her Panthers jacket.

Even though Jasmine had gotten used to walking around campus in towering stiletto heels, game day was a different story. She knew she would have to walk a long way to the stadium, then a while more to her seat. Jasmine pulled on a pair of comfortable ankle boots with chunky heels several inches high.

Before he left, Ty had asked Jasmine to wear her spiked leather collar to the game. Since she normally went to the game with several of the players' girlfriends, she agreed.

Once she got to the gate though, the security guards told her that she couldn't bring the spiked collar in, because it could be used as a weapon. Jasmine was a little disappointed she wouldn't be able to wear her collar to the game for Ty. She was really dejected at having to walk like half-a-mile back to her car, then another half-mile back to the stadium though.

Jasmine joined her friends in the student section several minutes into the game, and cheered the team—and her man—on. The other team was supposed to have a great rush defense. The Panther's starting running back, Michael Brown, finished with eighty-nine yards rushing. Ty only managed thirty-four. Still, the Panthers won by ten points.

After the game, Jasmine went to the team party with Ty. She wore her spiked Panthers collar, and changed into her glossy black ankle boots with six-inch platform heels. Jasmine explained to Ty what happened at the security gate.

“Well, I guess we'll have to get you another collar, without spikes,” he suggested with a smile as he tugged on her leash. “Maybe a steel one.”

Jasmine imagined a steel collar locked around her neck. For some reason she was crawling towards Ty in the image. “Cool,” she replied after a moment.

When they went into the house, Ty quickly cuffed Jasmine's hands in front of her. As they joined the party, Jasmine saw that there were a few sets of handcuffs around, as well as a few more collars than the week before.

Just like the previous week, Jasmine spent the evening with Ty holding her leash. She was handcuffed most of the time as well. Jasmine loved partying with Ty and the Panthers. After awhile, Ty led Jasmine upstairs, to one of the bedrooms that the team used for sex. That surprised her a little, as Ty usually took her to her apartment to have sex.

Ty unlocked one of Jasmine's wrists long enough for her to strip off her top as they climbed onto the bed. She was still wearing her collar, leash, bangles, and heels. Suddenly Ty took Jasmine's wrist, and snapped the open cuff to the metal bed post. Jasmine stared at her cuffed wrist in confusion. Then she felt Ty snap another cuff around her free wrist, and pull it towards the opposite bed post.

It took Jasmine a moment to realize what Ty was doing. That was long enough for him to stretch her free arm out, and snap the cuff to the bed post.

Seconds later Jasmine was moaning out in ecstasy as Ty fucked her. She had her spiked heels crossed behind his hips, and was pulling hard against her cuffs with every one of his powerful thrusts. Neither the cuffs nor the bed posts showed any signs of giving.

* * * * * * * * *

A few days later, Jasmine went back to talk to Vinnie again. She had just been to the salon to get a few touch-ups. She had also bought a new baby-doll and pair of heels at the mall that she was sure Ty would like her in.

“What can I do for you, Jasmine?” Vinnie asked her with a friendly smile, eying her breasts in her tiny tank top.

Jasmine stood up and began pacing in front of his desk in her six-inch heels and bouncy mini-dress. “Look Vinnie, I want to keep Ty happy and all, but I'm just spending too much money on clothes and shoes and stuff.” She glanced at her freshly manicured finger nails before continuing. “And I'm barely getting any sleep doing his school work for him on top of my own work.”

When Vinnie didn't respond immediately, Jasmine glanced over, and saw that he was staring at her legs. She stopped pacing, and put a hand on her hip. Her bracelets clinked against each other as they slid down her wrist. “Vinnie,” she called with a hint of annoyance—and a little amused excitement. She couldn't really blame him. Men just couldn't keep their eyes off her these days.

“Oh, sorry,” Vinnie said, quickly looking away from her toned thighs and to her face. “Jasmine, I promise, no one wants you to go broke looking so, um… amazing for Ty,” he said, his eyes again trailing down the expanse of exposed skin between the hem of her mini-dress and strappy heels. He finally tore his eyes away, and hit a few keys on his keyboard. “And I'll talk to Ty for you,” he added, glancing up from the computer screen. “You don't have to get him an A in every class, Jasmine. That might even draw the wrong sort of attention, if you know what I mean.”

Jasmine found herself lost in Vinnie's eyes, like she always did. “Oh,” she replied in mild surprise. “I hadn't thought about that. I'm soooo sorry,” she said apologetically. “I just thought that Ty would want to make A's in everything,” Jasmine said with a shrug as she sat down in the chair in front of Vinnie's desk.

“Don't worry about it,” Vinnie replied with a friendly smile. “You've been doing great. I couldn't be happier with how much you've done for Ty.” He paused, and reached into his back pocket. “As matter of fact, here's sixty bucks to help you out.”

“Thanks,” Jasmine said cheerfully as she tucked the bills underneath her dress's built-in bra. “My parents would kill me if they knew I'd gotten my hair bleached,” she added absently.

Jasmine wondered what she would do about Christmas break. Luckily she wasn't expected home for Thanksgiving.

“Well, you look great as a blonde,” Vinnie told her. “By the way, I've been meaning to ask you, what's your major?”

“Pre-law,” Jasmine answered, flipping back her hair. “And I'm graduating a year early, this spring.”

“Good for you,” Vinnie told her, shifting in his seat in obvious discomfort. “I'm sorry to have to cut this short, but I've got some, um… stuff to do,” he said.

“Oh, no problem,” Jasmine replied cheerfully, climbing to her feet. “Thanks for your help.”

“My pleasure,” Vinnie said as she reached the door. “Hey, can you ask Kelly to step in here for me a minute?”

“Sure,” Jasmine answered with a smile.

Jasmine walked out into Vinnie's small reception area, leaving the door cracked a little. “Vinnie needs you,” she told Kelly.

Kelly glanced at the open door. “Probably to take some dictation,” she replied with a smile.

Jasmine watched Kelly check her make-up and hair. As Kelly stepped into Vinnie's office, Jasmine walked out of the reception area. Just before she closed the outer door, she listened, and heard the distinct sound of Vinnie moaning. Jasmine smiled softly to herself, closed the door, and left.

* * * * * * * * *

That night Jasmine wore her new red baby-doll, with a matching g-string, garter belt, stockings, and heels for Ty. Needless to say, he loved it. She was also wearing some red bangle bracelets, matching hoop earrings, and a red leather collar she had gotten. Ty added a pair of handcuffs behind her back, and led her into her bedroom.

Nearly two hours later, Jasmine was still handcuffed behind her back on her bed, and thoroughly fucked. Ty was in her shower. When he came out, he kissed her again, then finally uncuffed her, and left.

The next morning Jasmine wore pair of black and white striped fingerless gloves to cover the marks from Ty's handcuffs. The gloves stopped a few inches past her wrists. She added a half-dozen bracelets, alternating in black and white to match her gloves.

Just before she left, Jasmine decided to her wear her spiked leather Panthers collar to class. Ty would love it when they met for lunch. Jasmine checked herself out in her mirror. From head-to-toe, she looked dynamite.

By now Jasmine's classmates were used to her wearing her risque outfits to class. Still, they couldn't help but notice her two-inch-wide spiked leather collar with PANTHERS written on it in big silver letters. Most of the guys liked it, as they liked all of her outfits the past several weeks.

After her morning class, Jasmine met Ty at the cafeteria. As she had expected, he loved it. Especially that she was wearing her collar for him.

* * * * * * * * *

The next Saturday, Jasmine wore her nylon collar to the homecoming game. From the start it was obvious the Panthers were a much stronger team than their opponents. Ty played at the end of the second quarter, and most of the second half. The Panthers were so far ahead that the third string running back actually played the last several minutes of the game. Ty finished with one hundred and twenty-one yards rushing, and two touchdowns.

After the game, Jasmine went to the team party with Ty. She changed to her spiked leather collar, and re-did her make-up and hair. She also changed into her platform ankle boots with six-inch stiletto heels. Just like the previous weeks, Ty kept Jasmine on her leash most of the party.

* * * * * * * * *

When Jasmine got out of class Monday morning, she had like half-a-dozen calls from her dad, and several more from her mom. She called her dad back, to see if anything was wrong. She was greeted by rapid-fire Japanese.

Apparently he had checked her credit, and discovered her credit card. Worse yet, he had found out about Ty's Camaro that was in her name. He spent a few minutes yelling at her in a mixture of Japanese, Korean, and English, then announced that he and her mom were coming to see her.

Jasmine immediately called Vinnie, and frantically told him what was going on. First he told her to calm down. Then he asked her how her dad had checked her credit. Jasmine explained that he was a bank manager. She also told Vinnie that her mom was a lawyer. Vinnie told her that he'd talk to her parents when they arrived, and get them to understand things.

Jasmine wasn't quite sure if he could get her parents to chill about the Camaro, but she knew Vinnie could be very persuasive. She called Ty, and told him what was going on. He was worried, but glad she had called Vinnie first. Ty told her to let him know if she needed him to do anything for her.

Jasmine spent the next couple of hours worrying about what her parents were going to do to her. As she cleaned her apartment—another task she had been neglecting lately—she glanced at herself in her mirror, and realized she would have to do something about her bleach blonde hair too.

When Vinnie showed up Jasmine was wearing a pair of comfortable gray Panthers sweat pants and matching hoodie. Her hair was hidden underneath the hood, and a Panthers hat. A while later, Jasmine's parents arrived.

They were both still obviously upset about the Camaro and her credit card. They were also upset that Jasmine had an older male guest.

Vinnie quickly started trying to calm them down, and explained how Jasmine was tutoring Ty Ross, a star freshman football player. When they demanded to see the Camaro, Vinnie just told them again to relax, and that he would explain everything. To Jasmine's surprise, they did—at least mostly.

When Vinnie told them that Jasmine was in fact dating Ty, her parents didn't even get too upset. She wondered if they realized he was black. They had always sort of looked down on African Americans.

In spite of their initial wariness, Jasmine's parents soon relaxed, and even grew somewhat friendly towards Vinnie. Jasmine noticed he really didn't explain the Camaro, except to tell them not to worry about it. Jasmine also used the opportunity to pull down her hood, and reveal her blonde hair. Thanks to Vinnie and his captivating eyes, they barely raised an eyebrow.

After chatting with Vinnie a bit, Jasmine's parents apologized for worrying about her so much. They even told her they were fine with her dating a football player, and dyeing her hair blonde. Finally Jasmine and Vinnie walked them out to their car. Vinnie complimented her parents on their two year old black Lexus, and pointed out his own silver one a few spaces away. Jasmine's dad and Vinnie talked about how much they loved their cars a couple of minutes, then Jasmine's parents left.

Once her parents and Vinnie left, Jasmine went back into her apartment and changed. Ty would be coming over soon.

When he arrived, Jasmine greeted him in her spiked collar, some bangles, and glossy black six-inch heels. She was lying on her couch, with her leash between her tits. Vinnie pulled out his handcuffs and took her into her bedroom. The sex was fantastic, as usual.

* * * * * * * * *

The next week, the Panthers went on the road, and played their arch-rival. Jasmine did her best to cheer Ty and the Panthers on from her apartment. If the Panthers won, they could still make the National Championship game. In the end however, the Panthers lost by two points.

The Panthers still went to their conference title game, against the team they had lost against earlier in the year. The Panthers lost again. They still made it to the Bayou Bowl though, which they won.

Like most football players, Ty took more classes in the spring than he had in the fall. That meant that Jasmine had to do even more of Ty's work for him. On Vinnie's advice, Jasmine postponed graduating a year early. That allowed her to stay and help Ty. Her parents were upset, but Vinnie was able to get them to calm down, and accept her decision.

The following year, Ty was the starting running back, as Michael Brown, the starter the previous year, had gone to the pros. Ty's back-up this year was a senior. They also shared carries with another highly-recruited freshman running back named Steven Blackmon, who was almost as good as Ty was his freshman year. Thanks to Vinnie, the Panthers had another number-one-ranked recruiting class to help Ty out, including Steven.

With three straight top recruiting classes, and their starting quarterback Chad Rogers returning along with Ty, the Panthers went undefeated, and won the National Championship. Ty finished with thirteen hundred seventy-seven yards rushing, and sixteen touchdowns.

During her senior year, Jasmine decided to postpone law school all together, mostly to stay with Ty. Vinnie got her a job as a secretary in the school's athletic department. Most of the job consisted of answering the phone and being eye-candy, but they paid her good, and let her do Ty's schoolwork at her desk.

Ty's junior year, he finished with over fifteen hundred yards rushing, and twenty-one touchdowns. With another top recruiting class—thanks to Vinnie—the Panthers won back-to-back National Titles. Days after the national championship game, Ty announced he was leaving school early, and going pro. A few months later, he was selected number two in the draft. Jasmine attended the draft with him, and was thrilled when his name was called.

Jasmine never did make it to law school. The summer after the draft, she married Ty. With his massive multimillion dollar contract, she just kept herself looking sexy for her man. They continued to enjoy bondage play, and Jasmine spent many days lounging by the pool wearing a custom made titanium collar with matching wrist and ankle cuffs.

The End

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