Recruiting Coordinator

by Handcuff Girl

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Storycodes: M/f; college; study; hypno; mind-control; bimbofication; heels; spandex; collar; bond; hum; enslave; spanking; oral; sex; cons/reluct; X

Authoress notes: The following story is as much about the current state of college football as much as it is about sexy coeds in bondage. Supposed student-athletes don't get paid anything, and aren't allowed any special benefits, while the coaches and administrators make millions. Somehow a lot of poor student-athletes wind up with nice cars, and stuff like that, though. While this story is not part of my Riverside series, it is similar to it. I chose the State University Panthers as my powerhouse football team because I like the colors black and silver, and catsuits are sexier than Bulldog or Eagle costumes.

Please read and enjoy all all of my stories, also please leave me feedback, public or via email. - ahandcuffgirl(at)yahoo(dot)com

Dramatis Personae -

Vincent Black – Brother of Vic Black, from my Riverside stories. Vincent (Vinnie) has always been a big fan of the powerhouse State University Panthers football team. His mind control abilities aren't nearly as powerful as his older brother's. He has used them to land a job with the Panthers as a Recruiting Coordinator where he continues to use them to bring in the best players in the country for the football team, and the school's other sports teams as well. He also does what he can to keep that blue-chip talent as happy and productive as he can without getting the school into trouble. He is in his mid-forties, and a little overweight, with a thick head of slicked-back black hair.

Jasmine Park – three-quarters Korean & one-quarter Japanese. Senior at State University, majoring in pre-law. She volunteered to tutor to help get into a top law school. Due to her attractiveness, she was assigned Ty Ross, without knowing the reason. Her parents are well off, but they couldn't quite afford to get her into an Ivy League school. Jasmine is very smart, but not quite enough to get a scholarship to get into an Ivy League school. She is 5'1” and 100lbs, with B-cup breasts and mid-back length hair. She is 21, and will graduate a year early, the following spring. Jasmine is the secretary for the Asian Students Association.

Ty Ross – Five star freshman running back for the State University Panthers. He is reasonably smart, but only interested in football, sex, and partying, in that order. He has never had to try hard in school because of his football ability. He is just going to college to get into the pros. He is 18, black, 5'10”, and 205lbs. He runs the forty in four-point-three seconds.

Part One

Chapter 1

“Miss Park, Mister Black will see you now,” the stacked secretary in the tiny pinstriped suit said in her throaty voice.

“Thanks,” Jasmine replied absently as she rose from her seat, and headed towards the office door.

Jasmine had spent the afternoon on the phone with several people in the student services department, then the athletic department, in an attempt to get another tutor for Ty Ross. She had been tutoring him since the beginning of the semester two weeks ago, and she was tired of it.

The bubbly brunette opened the door, and Jasmine walked in, wondering how she wore those towering heels all day.

“That will be all, Kelly,” the forty-something year old man said from behind his desk.

“Yes Sir,” she replied cheerfully as she shut the door, leaving him and Jasmine alone.

“Hello Miss Park,” he said with a smile. “I'm Vincent Black, Recruiting Coordinator for the State Panthers,” he added as he reached out to shake her hand.

“Jasmine,” she replied, shaking his hand. She still had no idea why or how a Recruiting Coordinator could help her, but on the phone he had seemed sure he could, if only he could talk to her in person. For some reason she had trouble looking away from his piercing gray eyes.

“Call me Vinnie,” he said with a smile. “I understand you have a problem tutoring Ty Ross, one of our players.”

Jasmine frowned slightly. He made it sound like it was her fault. “Well, yeah,” she answered as she sat down in front of his desk. “He shows up late, he hits on me practically all the time, he doesn't do his work,” she explained. Then she paused a moment before adding, “And he's asked me to do some of his homework for him.”

That last bit was what had convinced Jasmine to try to find a different person to tutor. Ty had quickly said that he was joking, but it was clear that he wasn't. Besides, Jasmine didn't want to be even associated with a hint of academic dishonesty. That would definitely hurt her chances of getting into law school.

Vinnie Black frowned a moment. “That's a pretty big problem,” he agreed. “We can't have that sort of thing getting out.”

Now Jasmine frowned deeper. While she wasn't trying to get anyone in trouble, she wasn't going to cover it up either. She just wanted to get a different person to tutor, and someone else could deal with Ty.

“I'm sure we can work it out to everyone's satisfaction, though,” Vinnie said quickly, with a surprisingly disarming smile.

“Good,” Jasmine agreed before she had even realized it. She wanted to work things out, and tutor someone else… didn't she?

“Great,” Vinnie replied. “Now, Ty has talked a lot about you since you've started tutoring him. He really likes you.”

“Um, okay,” she answered. She was well aware of that, as Ty was always hitting on her. She had exchanged cell numbers with him in case he had a question about class, and he had been calling her at all hours to ask her out and stuff.

“Ty is an important member of the football team, and I know you want to help him do his best,” Vinnie said after a moment's pause.

“Well yeah,” Jasmine replied reluctantly. For some reason she found herself agreeing with Vinnie. She wanted to help Ty do his best.

“Great. Now to do that, it's important that you never mention that he asked you to do any school work or anything like that for him, okay?”

Jasmine's head was nodding before she even realized it. “No problem, Vinnie.” She didn't want to get Ty into trouble anyway.

Vinnie stared at her a moment, then nodded. “Ty has a lot of pressure on him right now. A lot more than regular students. I really think you should keep tutoring him for a while longer.”

“Yeah, I guess you're right,” Jasmine answered absently. Hadn't she come here to stop tutoring him though? “He needs me to tutor him.”

“I'm glad you think that way, Jasmine” Vinnie said, flashing a friendly grin. “With practice, and working out, and studying game film he has a lot of trouble keeping up with his classes. Don't you think you could… help him with some of his work a little more?”

Jasmine knew that was blatant academic fraud. The football team would get into major trouble, and she and Ty would both be kicked out of school. There was no way she would get into law school if she got caught. “Okay,” she answered after a moment's hesitation. “I guess I can help him out a little.”

“Good,” Vinnie told her. “But make sure no one, and I mean no one, finds out. The most important thing is not to embarrass the athletic department or the school. The second most important thing is to keep Ty happy, and ready to play football.”

“Right,” Jasmine agreed. She would definitely have to keep this a secret, for the team, Ty, and herself.

“Great. Now why don't you go change into something sexy for him, then call him to see if he wants you to tutor him or anything tonight,” Vinnie suggested with a knowing smile.

“Okay,” Jasmine replied, blushing as she stood up to leave. She didn't even question the blatant order to dress sexy for a guy that she didn't even really like. She was busy mentally going through her wardrobe to come up with something that Ty would like to see her in.

“Just make sure you don't let him get into any trouble or anything like that, okay?”

“I won't,” Jasmine assured him with a smile as she headed towards the door.

* * * * * * * * *

Jasmine got into her three year old Toyota Matrix, and headed back towards her apartment. Her parents had gotten the car for her as a high school graduation present. They had promised her a Lexus when she passed the bar exam. On the way to her apartment, she called Ty.

“Hey babe,” he greeted her. “Vinnie told me you'd call.”

“Hey Ty,” Jasmine answered with a smile. “I was wondering if you wanted me to come over tutor you or anything tonight?”

“Sure babe, come on over,” Ty told her.

“I'm on the way,” Jasmine assured him. “I've just got to stop by my apartment and change.”

A couple of minutes later Jasmine arrived at her apartment. She ran in, and stripped off her comfortable khaki's and t-shirt, leaving her in her plain white bra and panties. She kicked off her sandals, pulled on a denim miniskirt with a black studded belt, and slipped into one of the few school shirts she had. This one was a tight fitting tank top. Then she put on a pair of cork-soled wedge-heeled sandals.

The denim mini came to mid-thigh, and the wedge-heeled sandals were five inches high. Jasmine took a few moments to touch up her make-up, and fix her mid-back length hair. Once she was satisfied that Ty would like her, she headed out to her car. Somewhere in the back of her mind, Jasmine wondered why she was suddenly so eager to dress to please Ty. Less than ten minutes later, she arrived at Ty's dorm building.

“Hey babe,” Ty said with a smile as he opened the door. “Looking good,” he added, brazenly checking her out.

“Thanks,” Jasmine said cheerfully as she walked in. She had always resented it when men treated her like a piece of meat, but it was different now, at least with Ty.

Ty shut the door, and pulled her close to him. She felt his hands on her ass, but squirmed away when he reached for her breasts.

“Schoolwork first,” she told him with a flirtatious smile. While Jasmine had never been with a black guy, she wasn't racist or anything. Most of the ones she knew were a bit… crude, though. Even so, she knew she'd be expanding her horizons soon.

Jasmine set down her backpack, and pulled out her laptop. For the next hour or so she did his homework while he played video games. She made sure he kept up with what she was doing though, and explained things to him. However, she wasn't sure how much he was paying attention.

When Jasmine finished, she went over and sat down next to Ty. He quickly grew more interested in her than in the football game he was playing. Jasmine wanted to go over his homework with him some more though. She couldn't take his test for him, after all.

They ended up making out while she did her best to go over the causes of the Revolutionary War with him. After a bit, she climbed into his lap, and straddled him while talking about the Intolerable Acts. His hand reached under her skirt, but she firmly pushed it away.

When he pulled his thick leather belt out of his belt loops though, she didn't stop him. Then she felt a strange twinge of arousal as he wrapped it around her neck, forming a sort of collar.

Jasmine smiled at him as he used the rest of the belt as a leash, and pulled her down towards his crotch. She helped him unfasten his pants, and pull them, and his boxers, down to his ankles.

Jasmine took a moment to stare at his cock. It looked about eight inches long, and about one and a half in diameter. She gripped it with both hands, and wrapped her lips around it's head. Then she slowly slid it into her mouth.

While Jasmine didn't consider herself an expert at giving blowjobs, she had gone down on a few boyfriends, and a guy at a party when she had had a little too much to drink. Ty's was definitely the biggest one she'd sucked. It was so big she could only get a little over half in before she started gagging. To make up for that, she squeezed it with her hands as she bobbed her head up and down.

When Ty orgasmed, Jasmine tried to swallow it all. She knew that guys loved that. Some of it ended up on her chin and chest though. Jasmine pulled his belt off her neck, and went to the bathroom to change.

“Tomorrow after my class I'll come over and help you study for your American Lit exam,” Jasmine said when she came out of the bathroom.

“Yeah babe,” Ty said absently without looking up from his game.

* * * * * * * * *

On the way home Jasmine stopped by the local mall and bought a few more things that she thought Ty would like. She went into a one of the trendier stories and bought a couple of miniskirts, short-shorts, and tight tops to match. She thought back to what one of the girls she had seen Ty with had been wearing. Then she picked out a stack of silver bangle bracelets for each of her wrists, as well as a few other sets of bangles in different colors and styles.

Since she was only five-one, Jasmine had always worn high heels to make herself taller. All the guys had always liked her in heels too. Still, it wouldn't hurt to check out the latest styles. She passed a new store called Strutz. After pausing to glance at some of the super-sexy heels displayed in the window, Jasmine went in. She knew Ty would love her in something like those glossy red boots with the towering stilettos.

Strutz was wall-to-wall shoes. Jasmine didn't think she saw any with less than four inch heels. Most of them looked like something a stripper would wear. A peppy brunette named Ashlee offered to assist her. With her help, Jasmine tried on a few pairs, then picked out a pair of glossy black platform sandals with six-inch stiletto heels.

Jasmine practiced walking in them while Ashlee looked on. Jasmine quickly fell in love with them. She didn't know why she hadn't tried a pair of six-inchers earlier. The platforms on the front made them as comfortable as some of her lower heels. As Jasmine posed in the floor-length mirror, she quickly decided that she looked a lot sexier in the six-inch stilettos as well.

Jasmine also picked out a pair of clear platform slip-on mules, a pair of metallic silver sandals with clear platforms, and a pair of knee-high glossy black platform boots. While the boots had chunky heels instead of stilettos, all of the heels were right at six-inches high.

Jasmine knew her parents would question her spending so much on clothes, especially shoes, when they paid her credit card bill, but she knew they wouldn't fuss too much. It was just about the first time she had splurged on clothes since coming to college.

When she left Strutz Jasmine was wearing her new black six-inch platform heels, along with her denim mini, Panthers tank top, and a dozen stacked silver bangles on each wrist. The tapping of her heels on the floor was so loud they practically echoed as she walked.

Jasmine had always gotten quite a bit of male attention. With her brief skirt, tight top, and especially her six-inch platform heels, she felt like virtually every guy in the mall was starting at her. Every time she passed a guy or group of guys, she knew they were looking back and staring at her ass. She heard quite a few whistles and catcalls as well.

The shoes also caused her to take smaller steps, and walk with a slow, exaggerated strut, which gave her audience even more time to appreciate her. While all the extra attention was somewhat embarrassing, it was also a little exciting. If all these guys liked her in her new heels, then Ty probably would to!

Just before she reached the exit, Jasmine came to a salon. She stopped and checked out her reflection in the window. She posed for a few moments, then walked in. She didn't really need a cut, but she had to look her best for Ty!

When Jasmine came out a while later, her mid-back length hair was in a bouncy, feathered style. She had gotten a french manicure and pedicure, as well as a leg and bikini waxing. They had also done her make-up. Her nails were square cut, and a quarter of an inch long. Jasmine knew she would have trouble typing and doing some other stuff with them, but she was sure Ty would like them, and that was the important thing.

When she got home, Jasmine wore her new black stiletto's around her apartment, to get used to them. She also wore her bangles, just because she liked them. Before she went to bed, Jasmine shaved her pussy for Ty.

* * * * * * * * *

The next day Jasmine asked Ty to come to her apartment, since it was bigger than his dorm room, and they wouldn't have to worry about his roommate coming in at an awkward moment. She met him at the door wearing a tight t-shirt, jean short-shorts, and her new black platform sandals she had been practicing in. Twenty silver bracelets were on each of her wrists. Even in her new six-inch heels Jasmine was several inches shorter than him.

Needless to say, Ty loved her new look. She happily gave him another blow job, then insisted on studying with him.

After they studied awhile, Ty picked her up, and carried her into her bed room. Their clothes quickly hit the floor, and they fell onto her bed, with her only wearing her six-inch platform heeled sandals and bangle bracelets. Jasmine gasped in pleasure as Ty plunged into her.

Jasmine couldn't believe how fantastic she felt with Ty's big cock pumping in and out of her. He was bigger than any vibrator she had ever used, and definitely knew what he was doing. When he pinned Jasmine's wrists to the bed, her moans grew louder. She responded by wrapping her legs around his waist, crossing her six-inch heels behind his back, and pulling him in tighter.

After they fucked, Jasmine did both of their homework, while he watched her television. She was naked except for her heels and bracelets. Before he left, she made sure he was ready for his next quiz, then gave him another blow job.

* * * * * * * * *

Over the next couple of weeks Jasmine continued to dress more to Ty's liking, even when they weren't together. Ty explained that he liked her to be noticed, so all the other guys would know what they couldn't have.

With his subtle—and sometimes not-so-subtle—approval, short-shorts and mini's replaced her comfortable jeans and cargo pants. Her tops got tighter and skimpier, and her trainers and sandals grew to towering platform heels. She wore large hoop earrings, and bangle bracelets on both her wrists, because Ty liked her to wear them.

Jasmine found herself enjoying the feel of the bangles on her wrists, and the sound of them jingling against each other whenever she moved her arms. Jasmine also discovered that she loved the towering heels, not to mention the tight tops and shorts or minis.

One thing she had trouble getting used to though, was her new quarter-inch long bright-red manicured finger nails. They made it hard to do almost everything involving her fingers, except gripping Ty's cock while she was giving him a blow job. Her typing speed was slowed down considerably.

When Ty noticed her having trouble typing, he just told her how much he liked her nails, not to mention the rest of her. Jasmine gushed, and gave him a quick blow job. She had to admit her manicured hands looked good wrapped around his big black cock. She was pretty sure her red lips looked even better wrapped around it too.

Navigating campus was a bit difficult in six-inch heels, even when she wore a pair with chunky heels instead of stilettos, but Jasmine didn't mind. She just had to give herself a little extra time to get from her car to class.

Sure Jasmine had to put up with quite a bit of attention as she strutted around campus in her tight tops, short-shorts and towering heels, but she got used to it. Besides, Ty liked her dressing sexy for him, and that was the most important thing.

Jasmine's friends, professors, and classmates were very surprised by her new style. Several of her friends were very worried, and questioned her at length. Jasmine just explained that she felt like dressing a little sexier, because Ty liked it. A few of her so-called friends weren't so sure, but she didn't care what they thought. As long as Ty liked the way she dressed, she was happy.

For the first time, Jasmine began attending the football games, cheering her man on. Soon all her tops were Panthers shirts with Ty's number two on them, even on non-game days.

As a football star, Ty was extremely popular on campus. Since Jasmine was taking care of his schoolwork, he had more time to go to parties. While Jasmine had to do her own work some nights, she did go to a few parties with him.

The Sunday afternoon post-game parties were the strangest. There were all these old middle-aged men around, and Ty and the rest of the players had to wear sports coats and dress casual pants. Jasmine wore a dress skirt and blouse, and pretty much just hung onto Ty's arm. She still wore her six-inch heels, and a few wide bangle bracelets on each wrist.

Just about every player had an attractive coed on his arm, even the fat linemen. Chad Rogers, the star starting quarterback, was dating the runner-up from last year's Miss State Pageant. Several of the old men had attractive, much younger women on their arms too. Vinnie was there as well, with Kelly nearby. She was wearing a short, stretchy but elegant black dress, and black pumps with towering heels.

The party was strange because it was more like the parties Jasmine's parents had, and nothing at all like the parties the football team threw. Everyone was sort of just walking around and chatting, while drinking and eating little finger foods. If it was quiet around her, Jasmine could hear classical music playing from speakers in the ceiling.

The football team's parties normally involved very loud music, usually rock and roll mixed with R&B. There were also a lot of beer, and couples making out, and sometimes a little more, where ever they happen to be at.

Ty explained to her that the old guys were mostly boosters for the football team and athletic department. Ty would go around and introduce her to as many of them as he could. The boosters would leer at her a few moments, then surreptitiously pass Ty a few folded-up bills, congratulate him on a great game, and move on.

Jasmine had always heard persistent rumors that stuff like this went on, mostly with the Panthers' football and basketball teams. She also knew that the athletic department would be in a major bind they were caught.

“Won't you get into trouble for that?” Jasmine whispered into Ty's ear after she watched him tuck a pair of twenties into his pocket.

Ty chuckled. “Not as long as you don't tell anyone,” he answered, sliding a few bills into her blouse, underneath her bra. “Besides, every school does stuff like this. Trust me.”

Jasmine giggled and squeezed him in close. “Tell who what?” she responded, feigning innocence.

Chapter 2

The day before Ty's forth game, Jasmine went back to the mall. Since it was only a few miles from campus, it had a large store that sold nothing but Panthers stuff. Jasmine headed for that store, and picked out a pair of black spandex hot pants with the word PANTHERS on the ass in large silver letters. Then she found the other item she had come for: a thick spiked leather collar with the word PANTHERS written on it.

Jasmine picked it up, glanced around to make sure no one was looking, and quickly held it up to her neck to see how it would fit. The collar was about two inches wide, and had a row of spikes across the top and bottom. It was a little big, but that didn't bother her. Once she made sure it would fit, Jasmine noticed a matching leather leash. She grabbed it as well.

Jasmine blushed as she laid her purchases on the counter, followed by her credit card. The clerk was a tall, skinny guy in his mid-twenties. He grinned at Jasmine as he rang up the hot pants. Then he picked up the collar, and held it up, horizontally, as if he was imagining her wearing it.

“Did it fit okay?” he asked her with a smile.

“What?” Jasmine asked in embarrassment, and confusion.

“I saw you trying it on on the security camera,” he explained, still grinning at her. “We have some more in the back if this one didn't fit right.”

Jasmine was absolutely mortified. “Um, it was fine,” she replied hastily.

“Well, if you want to try it on, I won't mind,” he said with a leer.

“No thanks,” Jasmine responded firmly. Then she realized something else. She slid her credit card across the counter towards him. “Actually, please ring the shorts up separate.”

The clerk regarded her for a heartbeat, then set the collar down. “No problem,” he said as he ran her card through the scanner.

Jasmine paid for the collar and leash with the forty dollars Ty had given her, along with a little of her own money. There was no way she wanted a collar and leash going on her credit card statement for her parents to see.

Once Jasmine got into her car, she again glanced around to make sure no one was looking at her. Then she lifted the collar to her throat, and wrapped it around her neck. She lifted her mid-back length hair out of the way, and tried to buckle it. After struggling a few moments, she spun the buckle around to the front, and used the mirror in her visor to see. Once it was buckled, she turned the collar back around, so PANTHERS was displayed on the front. The leash ring was on the back, next to the buckle.

Now that it was buckled on, the collar fit better than Jasmine had thought it would. She even had one more hole she could use to tighten it.

Jasmine felt a strange twinge of pleasure as she looked at herself in the small mirror. The collar looked soooo sexy. The kinkiness only added to it. Jasmine admired herself, and the collar, for several long moments. Then she reluctantly unbuckled the collar, put it back in the bag, and drove off.

* * * * * * * * *

Even though he was a top recruit, Ty was still a back-up. He did get some playing time though. Michael Brown, a senior, was the starting running back, and Brad Smith, a junior, was the other back-up. As the weeks went by, Ty got more chances.

In the fourth game of the season the Panthers pulled ahead early. Ty played a lot in the second half. He finished with nearly a hundred yards rushing with two touchdowns, and twenty yards receiving.

At the Sunday afternoon post game party, Vinnie assured Jasmine that she was a big part of Ty's success, and encouraged her to keep doing what she was doing for him, so he could do even better. She wasn't exactly sure how she was doing all that, but if Ty and Vinnie were happy, she was too. Jasmine promised to do what she could. Vinnie also told Jasmine to stop by his office to see him later that night.

All the boosters were happy to congratulate Ty as well. Jasmine wasn't sure how much money he got, but she saw several hundreds wind up in his pockets.

That evening, after Jasmine gave Ty a nice, long blow job, she drove her Toyota to the Athletic Department, and headed for Vinnie's office. She wondered why Mister Black's office was all the way at the back of the building, and so small, considering how much he did for the whole department, and school. Kelly was at her desk, wearing a sexy black pinstriped business suit, complete with a tiny miniskirt, black stockings, and glossy black six-inch heels.

“You work on Sunday?” Jasmine asked her curiously.

“Yeah, I work whenever Vinnie needs me,” Kelly replied cheerfully.

“Well, I hope he pays you enough.”

“Oh, I'm quite satisfied with my compensation package,” she responded with a grin.

Jasmine stared back at her quizzically a moment, then giggled. She had a good idea how Vinnie kept her satisfied. Kelly responded with her own giggle, and waved her into Vinnie's office.

“Jasmine, thanks for stopping by,” Vinnie said with a smile. He paused a moment to check her out. “Ty's been raving about how sexy you look these days, but… wow! You look fantastic!”

Jasmine was wearing a tight black Panthers jersey with Ty's number two on it, and pair of black jean short-shorts with a studded belt around her waist. Her silver sandals with clear platforms and six-inch heels were on her feet. She had a three wide bangle bracelets on each wrist, with silver on the outside, and black in the middle. Large hoop earrings and bright red lipstick completed the look.

“Thanks,” Jasmine replied with a friendly smile, glancing into his piercing gray eyes. Her glance ended up lasting several seconds. Then she turned away from him, and began unbuckling her belt. “Want to see something else?” she asked him flirtatiously.

“Sure,” Vinnie responded with a raised eyebrow.

Jasmine pulled her jean shorts down, and revealed her spandex hot pants with PANTHERS written across the back. “What do you think?” she asked, smiling back at him.

Vinnie stared at her ass in shock a moment. “Amazing,” he answered with a broad smile. “You must tell Kelly where you got those.”

“I will,” Jasmine assured him as she pulled her jean shorts back up and buckled her belt. “So what's up?” she asked as she sat down.

“Ah,” Vinnie said, leaning back in his chair. “Jasmine baby, you've been a great help to Ty, and the team. There's one more thing we need you to help us with though.”

“Sure,” Jasmine said, her bracelets clattering on her wrists as she brushed them against the armrests of the chair.

“Ty wants a car, but we can't put it in his name of course. So I was thinking, we could put it in your name, and you just let him drive it. That way if anyone asks, it's your car, and you just loaned it to him,” Vinnie explained.

Jasmine frowned slightly. While she wanted to help Ty, she wasn't sure about this. “Um, Vinnie, who's going to pay for it? I can't afford a new car,” she pointed out.

Vinnie chuckled. “Don't worry about that, baby,” he told her. “It won't cost you a thing. You just sign the papers for Ty, and give him the keys.”

“Um, okay,” she replied, still worried. She glanced into his piercing gray eyes again. Just like before, the glance ended up lasting several seconds. “If you're sure about it and all.”

“Trust me Jasmine,” he assured her. “The local dealer is a friend of the program. They'll put the car in your name, with financing and everything. You won't have to pay a dime, as long as Ty's driving it. It'll even be insured for him.”

Jasmine still didn't understand how they could accomplish all that, especially without getting caught. “Well, okay Vinnie,” Jasmine answered. “I just don't want Ty or the team to get into trouble or anything.”

Vinnie chuckled a moment. “Jasmine baby, I couldn't ask for a better girl for Ty. But relax. We do stuff like this all the time.”

* * * * * * * * *

That night Ty came over to Jasmine's apartment again. She met him at the door wearing her tiny jersey that showed several inches of her toned tummy, and the spandex hot pants she had gotten. She had replaced her strappy high heeled sandals with her knee-high platform boots with six-inch heels. Her bangles were still on her wrists, and her biggest pair of silver hoop earrings were in her ears.

Ty loved the outfit, especially as she did a slow pirouette, displaying her toned body and showing him the team name on her ass. Then she pulled out the thick leather collar and leash she had gotten, and handed it to him.

Ty stared at it a moment, then flashed her an excited grin. Jasmine turned away from him, and lifted her hair out of the way. She felt his hard-on press against her ass, then felt the cool leather of the collar as he wrapped it around her neck, and buckled it.

Jasmine stretched back against him as he pulled her leash up and towards him. She felt one of his hands squeezing her breast, and the other on her wet pussy, still holding the leash. She tilted her head up and backwards and they shared a long, passionate kiss.

At the same time Jasmine reached behind her with her right hand and fondled his meaty cock. Her bracelets jingled as they slid down her wrist as she reached up and snaked her left hand behind his head, pulling his mouth closer to hers.

Ty didn't even bother taking her to her bedroom. He used her leash to pull her down to the floor. Then he peeled her hot pants down her legs. Underneath those she was wearing a black thong with a silver Panthers clawed paw print on the front. He pulled that off as well.

Ty paused to strip off his own clothes, revealing his muscular, toned body. Then he effortlessly flipped Jasmine over so she was on her hands and knees, and slid his hard cock into her from behind while keeping a firm grip on her leash.

Jasmine gasped in pleasure as his head entered her. Then she moaned as his thick shaft slid deep into her wet pussy. Ty pulled back on her leash as he fucked her. She responded by moaning and gasping with each stroke. She felt amazing!

Suddenly Jasmine felt a hard slap on her ass. She was so into getting fucked from behind by Ty that the slap startled her more than anything else. A second, harder blow quickly followed, as Ty buried his cock to the hilt in her soaking snatch. On the next stroke he spanked her again as he pulled back on her leash.

By the fifth blow the slaps were starting to hurt. Jasmine reached back with her right hand to try to block the next one. Ty responded by grabbing her thin wrist in his big, strong hand, then easily pulling her left arm behind her back as well.

Ty held both her wrists with one hand, and in a flash he had used the leash to tie them together at the small of her back. Then he resumed fucking her, while pulling the end of the leash with his left hand, and spanking her ass with his right. Jasmine responded by practically screaming out in arousal.

Sex with Ty and his big dick was amazing by itself. Sex with Ty while wearing a collar and tied up was absolutely mind-blowing! She had never felt so helpless, or aroused in her life.

A half hour later, Jasmine began helping Ty review for his Algebra test. They had each came once on her living room floor, and again with her over the arm of her couch. After he had untied her, Jasmine had pulled her thong and hot pants back on.

When she went to take off her collar though, Ty stopped her, and asked her to keep wearing it. He even joked about getting a padlock for it. Jasmine had loved wearing the collar during sex. She quickly discovered that she enjoyed it without having sex too. It just made her feel happy, and a little aroused, especially because Ty wanted her to wear it.

They studied for about ninety minutes, then Jasmine decided that Ty was ready for his test on Monday. Instead of leaving though, Ty grabbed her leash and pulled her towards her bedroom. After another orgasm each, they fell asleep on her bed. Jasmine was still wearing her boots, jersey, bangles, and collar.

* * * * * * * * *

The next day Ty made a B on his Algebra test. Jasmine had been a little worried, math had never been her strongest subject. She made A's, but it was always harder for her than her other classes. No one ever believed her either, because everyone assumed that since she was Asian she was a math genius. If only they knew how many hours she had studied to get an A in Calculus II her senior year.

After morning classes Jasmine drove Ty to the local car dealership. She wore a denim mini, Panthers crop top with Ty's number on it, and her silver platform heels. A dozen bangle bracelets, alternating in black and silver, were on each of her wrists. They were greeted by an overweight middle-aged man with a broad smile who introduced himself as the General Manager, Gus McDowell.

“Call me Gus,” he said as he shook Ty's hand.

“Ty,” the running back replied with an excited smile.

Gus turned to shake Jasmine's hand.

“Jasmine,” she said as she shook his hand, her bracelets jingling. She noticed his eyes traveling down her body as they shook hands. She couldn't blame him for that, pretty much every guy did that to her these days.

“Everybody around here knows you,” Gus said to Ty with a broad smile. “I understand you want a Camaro 2SS Convertible,” he added as he eyed Jasmine's expanse of exposed flesh.

“Yeah,” Ty answered, pulling Jasmine close and grabbing her ass possessively.

“Well, let's go take a look at some,” Gus announced, taking his eyes off Jasmine, at least for the moment.

Jasmine's heels tapped on the asphalt as they walked towards the Camaros near the front of the lot. She barely even noticed, she made the noise virtually every where she went these days.

A minute or so later they were standing next to a brand new black Camaro convertible. A pair of wide silver stripes ran from front to back on the hood and trunk. Gus began rattling off it's features, although most of what he said was meaningless to Jasmine.

“Four hundred twenty-six horsepower, six-speed manual transmission, gray and black leather seats, twenty-inch aluminum wheels, performance exhaust upgrade…”

Jasmine sort of tuned him out as she admired the car. She had to admit it was gorgeous. She wondered if they realized it was in the Panthers colors, black and silver. She also wondered how much this was going to cost.

Gus opened the driver's side door, and Ty climbed in. A moment later the black convertible top retracted into the space between the tiny back seat and trunk.

“Want to take it for a spin?” Gus asked Ty with a broad smile.

“Sure,” Ty answered with a grin, admiring the dash and interior.

Gus handed him the key, and pointed out the start button. As Ty turned the powerful V8 engine on, Gus quickly escorted Jasmine to the passenger side, and helped her into the seat with a hand on her hip, and another near her breast. He even buckled her seat belt for her. Ty was oblivious, entranced by the Camaro.

Jasmine couldn't help but admire the car as Ty drove away. The leather seats certainly felt great on her mostly bare legs. She was a little nervous about how fast Ty was driving when they got to the freeway though. Twenty minutes later they arrived safely back at the dealership. Gus was waiting for them.

“So, how'd you like it?” he asked Ty with an ever-present broad smile, from the passenger side. “Drives great, doesn't it?”

Jasmine smiled up at Gus as he opened her door for her, and helped her out. Once again his hands came close to, but didn't touch her breasts or ass.

“Amazing,” Ty replied as he tossed him back the key over the car. “I'll take it.”

“Great!” Gus answered happily. “Let's go inside and Jasmine here can sign the paper work,” he said, leering at her.

His hand was still on her waist, just above her studded belt. Jasmine didn't mind too much, but when Ty came around the car, she stepped away and entwined her arm in Ty's. She gave his massive bicep an affectionate squeeze as they headed inside.

Jasmine's heels echoed inside the large showroom, causing quite a few salesmen and customers to stop and gawk at her. Jasmine was getting used to that sort of attention. She just squeezed Ty's arm a little tighter, and let them stare.

A couple of minutes later they were in Gus's office. Up until now he had been talking almost exclusively to Ty, and mostly just staring at Jasmine. Now he turned his attention to her. Gus produced a contract, with helpful yellow tags telling her where to sign and initial.

Jasmine quickly scanned the paperwork. When she got to the payments, she gasped in surprise. It was over seven hundred dollars a month, for five years.

“Hey, I can't pay that!” Jasmine said incredulously.

Gus just frowned back at her in confusion. “Didn't somebody explain this to you? You don't have to actually pay anything. We just need a signature on the paperwork.”

Jasmine looked down at the contract, then back up to Gus, then over to Ty. She still wasn't sure about this. If she signed the contract, she'd be legally obligated to pay for the car. If she didn't make the payments on time, it would ruin her credit.

“The payment will be made every month, on time, until Ty leaves school,” Gus explained. “Then the balance will be paid, and you—” he paused to glance at Ty—“keep the car.” Gus waited a moment, then added, “This will actually be great for you too, Jasmine. You'll have a forty-four thousand dollar car being paid off on your credit report.”

Jasmine glanced over at Ty, then back to Gus. “Okay,” she replied after a couple of heartbeats.

“Great!” Gus said, his broad smile returning.

Jasmine's bracelets clinked on the table as she signed and initialed the contract. When she finished, Ty asked Gus if someone could deliver Jasmine's Toyota to her apartment, so she could ride with him. Gus cheerfully agreed, and helped Jasmine climb into the passenger seat of Ty's brand new Camaro 2SS convertible.

Ty drove them to Jasmine's apartment, where she put her collar back on. Ty moved her couch so one end was by the window overlooking the parking lot. Then he vigorously fucked her from behind while he pulled back on her leash, and they both looked out at his new Camaro.

* * * * * * * * *

While pretty much everyone noticed Ty's new ride, few questioned it. Quite a few of the top football players were driving high-priced vehicles, so Ty's Camaro wasn't exactly out of place. Vinnie made sure that Jasmine understood that she had to tell anyone that asked that it was her car, and she was just letting Ty borrow it. Vinnie also told her to let him know if anyone was asking about it too much, especially if they said they were an investigator or reporter.

By now Ty was at Jasmine's apartment pretty much all the time, except when he was practicing or in class. She asked him if he wanted to move in with her, but he said he had to stay in the dorm with the rest of the football team during his freshman year. He also had a midnight curfew during the week. It didn't stop him from basically taking over her apartment while he was there, though.

Jasmine had to wear her collar and high heels pretty much all the time while they were in her apartment, not that she minded. Ty even wanted her to wear the collar and heels when he wasn't there, saying that it made him happy knowing that she was dressed and collared for him.

Jasmine had to work extra hard to keep up with her own schoolwork while helping Ty with his. Still, she managed. Her parents became increasingly concerned about her spending though. Jasmine did her best to mollify them, but she wasn't sure how much it helped.

End of Chapter 2

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