Plastic Satisfation

by Plastic Woman

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© Copyright 2001 - Plastic Woman - Used by permission

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You come home from a "hard" day at work and are really tense.  You ask if I can possibly give you a shoulder/neck massage.  I tell you that I have a better idea and then ask you to strip.  You go to the bedroom and disrobe, while I am setting up in our dining room.  We have these wonderful wooden chairs, with cutwork backs and very polished oak seats.  (In reality, I have 1930's chairs with handmade needlepoint seat covers, made by my mother).  The lights are dimmed in the room and you stand in the doorway, nervously fidgeting with you feet.  I tell you to come over and get your surprise.  You agree, only to see that I have a number of items on the table, ready to use.

"It is now time to relax, my sweet and let the days' frustration melt away", I whisper into your ear.  I instruct you to come forward and bend over the chair back with your head just above the seat.  I caress your member, which is now starting to get interested. 
"You will be restrained for quite some time, my love.  I want you to enjoy your captivity as much as I will", I murmur at you as I take the role of tape.  "Put your hands behind your back, like a good boy.  Won't you be a wonderful toy to play with later on", I say while laughing.  The tape is wrapped expertly around your wrists as I bind them together with your palms facing.  A large clear plastic bag is on the table and I move towards it.  You start to straighten up from your bent posture over the chair, just in time for the bag to meet your head.

"Oh, no my love.  You mustn't run away.  Mistress will be very displeased.  Now bend over again, so that I can finish the job".  You bend over, squirming as I tighten the bag around your neck.  "I will close off the bag for only a little while, sweetie, and I promise to let you breath again, quite soon".  I giggle with anticipation.  I pick up a large 8" dildo and grease it up.  I then proceed to grease up your manhole and tease you with the end of the prod.  You are breathing quickly and the bag is starting to stick to your face.  You are horny as hell and still bent over the chair.  I finally shove the dildo all the way in and push it just past the sphincter to make sure that it stays in.  You are panting as your air is running out and writhing, trying to break free.  I am leaning against you so that you are pinned to the chair as I then tape the dildo into your butt.

"Now, stand up and walk around the front of the chair.  I will take the bag off as soon as I have you secured, so don't panic and use up the last few breaths of air before I am finished, honey".  I push you down onto the hard chair seat and you groan with pain.  You can't breath at all now and the bag is totally stuck to your face.  I rip a hole in the bag and you suck in the sweet, fresh, cool air that then revives you.  I take some plastic wrap and begin at your feet. 

You are so dizzy from the breath control, that you haven't got the strength to fight me.  I proceed to wrap each leg individually to each front leg of the chair and work my way up to your waist.  Your member is standing at full attention now, just begging for me to help you.  I pull the plastic tightly around your waist, pinning your arms behind you and next to the chair back.  With some tape, I wrap your chest to the chair and then work again with the plastic.  I rip out a long piece, twist it into a rope and wrap it around your neck. 

"Why am I being tied to a chair, Mistress", you ask?  "So that I can have my fun", I reply with a little snicker.  "No more questions, sweetie, or you will have more of the bag treatment, understand?"  You nod, ashamed that you questioned your mistress. 

The plastic rope is around your neck and I then tie the two ends to the back legs of the chair, making it almost impossible for you to move, or squirm.  By this time, the dildo in your ass against the hard chair seat is a constant and painful reminder of who really is in charge.  "Almost done now, hon. just a few more touches and I can play with my new toy".  I let out a squeal of excitement that causes you to smile with lust. 
"Please Mistress, may I be allowed to give you pleasure?  May I be allowed to cum and give you of my life force", you ask?

"I told you before that you were not supposed to ask questions, or to speak.  You sound rather pathetic and I won't let you spoil my mood.  Open your mouth for a nice little gag and don't complain".  I remind you by slapping your member, just how I mean to do business.  I pick up another plastic bag and you move your head away from me.  I grab your head and cover your face with the plastic.  Now you can't breath and are writhing, trying to get some air.  I pull the bag away and you gasp for air.  Now I crumple up the bag and shove it into your mouth, almost choking you with it. 

"Relax and take it all in or I will cut off your air again", I order.  I am still holding your head and am just inches from your face with a nasty, angry look on my face.  You open up your mouth a little more so that I can shove the entire bag in and your gag reflex starts taking over.  I start to stroke your forehead and the back of your neck, getting you to relax and take the bag all the way into your mouth without gagging.  You finally quieten down and I cover your mouth with tape.  You look at me with tears in your eyes from gagging.  I pick up a silk hanky and dry your tears, while kissing you and stroking your face.  You nod your appreciation and beckon me to enjoy your tool.

"Now for the final phase, my sweet".  I take some plastic wrap and beginning at your balls work my way up to the head of your penis.  Just below the tip, I turn around and start to wrap very tightly down in the other direction, back towards your plastic covered eggs.  I wrap a third time, even tighter than before, up to just behind the head and then make my way down with the final and tightest wrap of all.  You are moaning from the pain and the pleasure. 

Just as I ease myself down onto your plastic piece, I grab the final bag from the table and pull it down over your head.  I take a long piece of tape and wrap that around your neck tightly, making it even more difficult for you to breathe.  You are writhing wildly, moaning and trying to move but can't as I have done a wonderful job of restraining you. 

"You said you were tense and now, I will take away all your worries, lovey.  Don't fight, just love", I say while caressing your plastic covered head.  As you buck, I am getting very close to cumming.  Just as you are fighting for your last breath, you unleash a torrent into me and I grind down onto you as I cum with a glorious display of fireworks.  As I am coming back down to earth, I rip the bag open, and tear the tape off your mouth.  You spit out the wet plastic bag and we kiss passionately for a long time.... SWAK

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