The New Neighbors

by Jake R

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© Copyright 2013 - Jake R - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; naked; rope; bond; gag; bfold; revenge; tease; climax; cons/reluct; X

Ordinarily, I am a person who is slow to anger--but sometimes, with what I consider just cause, I do lose control of my temper. And after the few times when that has happened, I have a tendency to seek the opportunity for revenge. Nothing extreme really, but just the opportunity for a little humiliation.

I had recently graduated after four years at a university, and accepted a position with a large corporation on the west coast. Moving there involved a two-day drive, then sufficient time to secure living arrangements, but I was fortunate and things came together at a remarkable pace. I found the perfect location about a 45-minute drive from the city center and contracted to live in an apartment complex that surrounded a fairly large courtyard--with a swimming pool, no less. There were two levels to the complex, and I resided in the lower level so that my front door opened into the gated courtyard. The apartment directly above me was accessed by stairs leading up from the courtyard to a walkway balcony. The residents were very friendly and accommodating, and I quickly made friends with most of those living in the surrounding apartment units: some were single like myself, some married, some living together outside of marriage, and a few same gender couples as well.

Several months later, I received a telephone call from a good friend that I had left behind at home. He had a friend, who had a friend, who had a brother that was recently married and was moving to the same area of California where I was living. He had given this young man my address and told him to look me up when he arrived, and I would be more than happy to guide his hand and help him get settled. I don't mind helping out in situations like that and enjoy meeting new people, so I really looked forward to meeting the young newlywed. Besides, I was informed that he was an honest, respectable guy and a great person.

Just a few days earlier, I had helped the gay couple in the apartment above me to move out of their unit necessitated by a change of employment. I knew that the apartment was available, and made a visit to the apartment manager. I informed the landlord that I might have new occupants for the unit above me if she was interested in filling it quickly. She enthusiastically told me to have this young couple visit with her when they arrived.

The next day on a Friday evening after I had returned from work, a knock came at my door. It was the young man who had been given my address and was moving to the area. Derek was his name. He was alone and when I asked, he informed me that he had driven the rental truck containing their meager furniture and household items, and his new wife was driving their car. She would be arriving tomorrow in the late afternoon since she had detoured into a neighboring state to visit with her sister for a time. I invited Derek into my apartment and told him to get comfortable. He was obviously tired from a long drive, and I invited him to join me for supper and spend the night in my apartment--an invitation he readily accepted and seemed very relieved. Derek seemed like a nice guy. I informed him that there was an apartment right above my own, and that if he might be interested, he could visit with the landlord while I prepared a light supper for us. He asked me some questions about rent and the neighbors, then realizing it was a great opportunity, excused himself and headed for the landlord's unit to talk with her.

As I threw a quick supper together, I wondered how he would be as a neighbor. He was definitely friendly and outgoing, and seemed to be quite ambitious. He was about my height, light brown hair, not muscular--but not thin--just a somewhat lanky, average build. He wore glasses most of the time which gave him a studious look (he probably knew a lot about a lot of things). He had shown me a picture of his new wife and she seemed to be a little plump, but with a pretty face and beautiful eyes. They seemed like a nice couple.

Derek soon returned to my apartment and announced that I was to have some new neighbors. They would be signing the rental agreement tomorrow after his wife arrived, and he was anxious to call her and give her the news that he had actually rented an apartment and confirm with her where to come. He handed me the keys to the rental truck and I left the apartment to move it into an appropriate parking stall... and to give him some privacy while he spoke with his wife. (He informed me that this was the first night they had been separated since their marriage.)

The night passed quickly. We ate, visited, and he took a shower while I made up a bed for him on the sofa, I also made a few phone calls to various friends in the area to come and help him move in tomorrow morning. The landlord had given him permission to move his belongings into the unit so he could return the rental truck the same day and avoid additional rental fees. I was able to round up four guys to come and help with the unloading.

Early the following morning, Derek and I ate a fast breakfast and started to move him in. It was a warm day, and carrying boxes and furniture up a flight of stairs even that early was not pleasant. For newlyweds, I was amazed at all the things they had! Derek explained that most of the furniture was given to them by family members because they were moving so far away from the nest. Regardless, I did not realize it would take as long as it did! But part of that was because--as I soon came to realize-- Derek was anything but ambitious. The first item he took upstairs was a television, after which he spent an hour or more hooking it up. It soon became obvious that he was of the opinion that the four guys who had arrived to help and I would do all the carrying and moving while he pointed and directed and rested. Once the large and heavy items were brought up the stairs and into his apartment, the guys that I had recruited to help out disappeared one by one as they came to the same realization. I honestly could not blame them for leaving!

It was soon down to Derek and me making the trips up and down the stairs, then it was just me. I could hear the water running when I carried a large box from the truck into the bedroom, and realized that Derek was taking a shower. I was now more than a little upset, and the opportunity for revenge began to occupy my thoughts. The surge of adrenalin probably kept me going steady until the truck was empty of its contents. I closed the back door of the rental truck, locked it, then carried the last box up the stairs and into the apartment. Derek was still in the shower--and in my present state of mind, I was convinced that he was making the shower last as long as he could to avoid doing his share of the work.

I closed the apartment door, turned the air conditioner to maximum, and dropped into a lounge chair to cool down--both my body and my anger. The shower went on for several more minutes while I sat and wondered how to vent my anger by some sort of revenge. It was now close to noon. Part of his stall tactics had involved unpacking boxes while the other guys and I were carrying them in, and I noticed an open box of towels and washcloths. Opening that box is most likely what prompted him to take a shower to use up time and get out of work. I also noticed for the first time that some of the boxes had been tied shut with thin, but strong rope. An idea formed in my mind at that point, and I gathered up as much of the rope as I could find.

The water eventually stopped running, and Derek soon came out of the bathroom running a comb through his hair, wearing nothing but his glasses and a large bath towel wrapped around his waist. I am not gay, but have to admit that Derek did have a good-looking body, with a cluster of brown hair in the middle of his pecs and spreading out over his upper chest. Two quarter size, light brown nipples peeked out of the chest hair. His body was lanky, and supported by a narrow waist, while his legs were mildly hairy. He came over to the lounge chair, and with a charming smile asked me if I could move so he could sit down. I said nothing, but rose from the chair and moved away, so he could sit and reclined. I stood nearby and fingered the pile of ropes that I had gathered. He looked at me occasionally as he ran the comb through his hair, then asked, "What's with the ropes? Are you planning to tie someone up?"

I held my anger in check, then informed him that the truck was now empty. There was no expression of appreciation for the assistance given to him over the last few hours. He just sat in the lounge chair and massaged his hair with the comb. Then he groaned and maneuvered his face into a frown as he said that he now had to return the truck and get a signature for the return. He looked my direction and innocently asked, "Could you return the truck for me? It's not hard and not too far away, and it will save me so much time! The receipt says that they close at 2:00 p.m. on Saturdays, and I'm rushed now as it is." I again realized that this was one lazy dude!

I swallowed a couple of times, then gave a smile that was anything but sincere. I spoke softly as I said, "Sure, if you will let me do something to you in return."

He stopped combing and gave me a questioning look. "What's that?"

I did not mince any words. "You gave me a great idea just a minute ago when you asked if I was going to tie someone up. I have always wanted to tie another guy up.... you know... just for fun. I found this rope, and wondered if you would let me do that to you. Just a sort of pay-back for helping you out today. If it's okay, I will tie you up now, then untie you when I get back after returning the truck."

Derek gave me a strange look. "Are you a Sadist or something?" he asked.

He did not notice the sarcasm in my voice when I replied, "No. But if the clerk at the truck rental company asks where you are and why you did not return it yourself, I can truthfully say that you are tied up somewhere else."

The strange look dropped from Derek's face, and he actually laughed as though I had made a hysterical joke. "And, " I added, "you can give the same truthful excuse to your wife when she gets here and wonders why you have not finished the unpacking." There was definitely some hidden sarcasm to that comment.

He laughed again, then rose from the chair with a big smile. "I've never really been tied up before," he said. "But I've always wanted to see what it feels like. Okay, go ahead and tie me up. It sounds like fun." He started to walk toward the bedroom and added, "Just let me get some clothes on first."

I called him back. "Derek, there really isn't time for that. The truck rental place closes at 2:00 p.m... remember? I've been in men's locker rooms before."

A happy expression settled on his face as he realized that all he had to do was endure being tied up for a while and I would return the rental truck for him--how easy is that? He came back into the living room and plopped down in the lounge chair once again, still wearing nothing but the towel around his waist. He put the comb down, placed his palms together, and extended his hands toward me.

I took a rope from the pile and wrapped it around his hands once, then stopped and appeared to be in thought for a minute. "Wait," I said slowly, "I think I want to tie you a different way. Can you lay facedown on the floor?" The look on his face was one of mild concern--he was probably more concerned about giving up the comfortable chair than anything else. But the floor had thick carpet, so he did not complain vocally. Derek slid onto the floor so he was laying on his stomach, and reached back to tug the towel down where it had pulled slightly up his legs, then raised his arms and crossed them, resting his head on them like a pillow.

I took a piece of rope and tied his bare feet together, side by side. "Put your hands behind your back now, Derek," I said. He removed his arms from under his head and moved them behind his back so his head was now laying on the carpet with his face was looking away from me. With another rope, I tied his wrists together, and I will admit that I tied them slightly tighter than I ordinarily would have. I took another rope and wrapped it around one arm just below the elbow, then wrapped it around the other elbow and slowly pulled them closer. His lean frame worked in my favor as his elbows finally met and touched behind his back; as I wrapped more coils around his elbows to keep them welded together, he looked back at me.

With a slight alarm in his voice, he asked me again, "Are you sure you aren't a sadist?" He let out a slight groan as I cinched and knotted his elbows. I know that he was not comfortable at all, but the skin coloring on his arms was only slightly darker. I was feeling much better and my anger was beginning to diminish. I took a long and somewhat threadbare towel from the box I had seen earlier and rolled it into a long coil, then pulled it into his mouth and between his teeth before knotting it behind his head. I dug into the box again and found a similar towel that made a perfect blindfold after I had removed his glasses.

Now that he was gagged, it was time for the final touch: I took another rope and cinched it around his ankles, then pulled his feet up and completed a hogtie, attaching the rope to the coils binding his elbows together and completely avoiding the ropes binding his wrists. There was very little slack, and he groaned into his gag as his back arched slightly and his lean body became a tight ball. I felt a little sorry for him, but justified doing this to Derek by remembering that he deserved it!

I grabbed the invoice, told him I would be back soon, and stood up. He groaned even louder and thrashed about on the floor as I moved toward the door. I stopped there and turned back. "Don't worry Derek," I said, "It's not hard and not too far away and I will be saving you so much time." I shut the door on my way out, but left it unlocked.

I did hurry as much as I dared as I drove to the truck rental place, but it was for the wrong reason. I wanted to get back to watch Derek struggle for a while. I knew he would never be able to get free on his own, and since our apartments were on the end of the apartment building, the chance was remote that anyone would find him anytime soon. The fee had been prepaid; there was no additional balance, and I managed to get a ride back to the apartment building with one of the employees who was closing up shop. (I had totally overlooked just how I was to make the return trip after turning in the truck. But fortunately it was not too far out of the way for the employee who gave me the ride back.)

I walked up the stairway from the courtyard, and entered Derek's apartment. He had made no progress in getting himself untied--which made me very happy. His body was damp with sweat and perspiration, and it was obvious that he had made a desperate attempt. But he was still in the same spot that I had left him earlier. I knelt down beside him.

"Hi Derek," I said in a cheerful voice. "Did you miss me? I will untie you in a little while, but first I need to take a shower really bad! right back!" I could hear him trying to shout into the gag as I slipped out the door.

The shower felt so good! I took a little longer than usual enjoying the water, then dressed and climbed the stairs back to Derek's apartment. I opened the door and walked in. It was an interesting sight when I quietly entered. When I had told him that I was needed to take a shower and left, he must have become upset or frustrated or desperate... or all three. I knew that he had to be uncomfortable in such a tight hogtie, but he had obviously struggled and rolled around on the floor. The towel was now laying off to one side, and he was laying on his side completely naked and exposed in another part of the room. The distance he had traveled was amazing! I wondered how he had been able to move at all with his hands tied behind his back and his feet hogtied to the ropes that were welding his elbows together behind his back. I noticed that his cock had swollen to a considerable size and was leaking slightly. There were also a couple of small wet spots on the floor that I was confident had not been created by perspiration.

Despite my attempt to enter as quietly as possible, the door did creak. He raised his head off the floor and looked the direction of the door, but the blindfold blocked any sight. I walked quickly to his side. "I'm back, Derek!" I said in an excited voice. He lay his head back on the floor and breathed heavily for a few minutes. I touched the top and slid my finger up and down his hard cock a few times. It leaked even more at my touch. "Interesting!" I said, "Seems like you have been having a good time without me."

He must have suddenly realized the appearance he was giving, because he gasped into the gag and rolled onto his stomach, then looked up in my direction as he began to make noises into the damp gag. I assumed that he was pleading for me to untie him as he raised his hands up and down as much as the elbow hogtie would allow. I was completely enjoying the moment--especially his humiliation at being exposed and naked in front of me.

"Derek," I finally said. "I am sure your wife will be here any time now. I really need to go outside and watch for her... to let her know which apartment is yours. Do you want me to run a comb through your hair so you look a little better? It's sort of unruly... probably because you have struggled so much."

This started a new barrage of sounds coming from underneath the gag.

"I can't understand you, Derek, but it's okay. She's probably seen you looking a lot worse. Right?" I taunted.

Derek rolled onto his side once more and lay still in abject defeat. I stood, opened the drapes completely, then walked out the door--closing it behind me. I descended the stairs to the courtyard and took a padded chair from the poolside. I carried it up to the balcony outside of his apartment. From there, I had a great view of him through his window as he rested, then struggled and rolled, then returned to a defeated rest again. From this vantage point, I could also keep a vigil for the arrival of his wife.

In the course of Derek's on-again, off-again struggles, he came twice more during the two hour wait for his wife to arrive, and his cock seldom decreased in size. When a car pulled slowly into the lot next to the courtyard, I recognized it as Derek's from the out-of-state license plates, and recognized his wife from the picture Derek had shown me. I took another quick look at Derek--naked and hogtied--through the window, then took the chair back to the pool area.

His wife did not seem overly tired from the long drive; I greeted her, introduced myself, and shook her hand as I pointed to her apartment.

"Your husband has prepared a small surprise for you," I told her with a smile, "and is waiting for you in the living room." I gave her a wink, and continued, "But I do need to warn you that there is a noise ordinance in the apartment complex, and you are not allowed to scream. You must maintain control, when you enter, and not raise your voice except in an extreme emergency." I winked again, and gave a sly smile.

"I will try to remember that," she said in a joking way, looking at me out of the corner of her eye in a "is he serious" manner. Then she laughed and made a rush to the stairway.

I watched as she opened the door to the apartment. She looked down at the floor, and her hands flew to her mouth, but no sound was audible. I saw her drop her hands and start laughing. She turned in the open doorway with a big smile on her face, and shut the door. I watched her through the window for a time, then she disappeared from view as she knelt down near the middle of the living room.

I went into my apartment and prepared an early supper for myself, since I had involuntarily skipped lunch. From the loud, sporatic thumping sounds that came from the apartment above, Derek's wife must have decided not to untie him immediately. But on that, I am not really sure and it was none of my business. Maybe I just have a vivid imagination... but the sporatic thumping did continue for a long time!

Derek must have told his wife what happened, because the next day I passed her as I was taking out some garbage, and she was lifting a shopping bag out of the trunk of their car.

"Thank you for the surprise of my life!" she said to me with a big smile and a long wink.

"Welcome to California!" I replied with a big smile and a long wink.

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