Never Ending Training 2

by Vampirecop

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Never Ending Training
Part Two

Then there the time last winter when I was tricked into filling up a water bottle with my own cum. Mistress Jeannine told me that she wanted to force Jenny to drink the whole thing while being filmed and I get to take the pictures. It took me over 2 months to fill that thing. I was allowed to jerk off anytime I wanted as much as I wanted, but just make sure I saved the cum in that bottle and put it in the freezer after each time. I was having the time of my life, filling that thing 2-4 times a day, just thinking that Jenny will be forced to guzzle it all down. Mistress Jeannine wanted to be updated on the progress each week; I had no problem showing her the bottle. Once that it was filled to the top I was to inform Mistress Jeannine. 

I did as I was instructed - she informed me to be at her house the next night at 7pm. I showed up right on time and was greeted by my Mistress who was wearing a very sexy black leather/lace outfit, high heels and the 9-inch strap on. She looked so dominating. She smiled and invited me in. I handed her the full bottle. Mistress Jeannine smiled and told me that I did a great job. She shut the door behind me and ordered me to strip. I did as she said. "We are going to be in the basement for the rest of the night, Jenny wont be here till 8:30 - I want you to help me get things ready for tonight. You load the cameras and I'll begin setting all the restraints in place, make sure that there is a few packs of extra film handy." She said laughing. I couldn't help but get hard knowing that Jenny will be gulping down months of my cum, there must be well over 500 cum shots in this bottle. And with the 9-inch strap on - I could just picture Mistress Jeannine fucking Jenny while I get to watch or even help. 

I followed Mistress Jeannine downstairs to the "playroom" and as I got the video and Polaroid ready I watched her lay out the straps and rope next to the "kneeling rack" this rack is 2 feet off the ground and once you are locked into place - you are forced to be kneeling on your elbows and knees. You kinda look like a frog all spread out and unable to move. I was so excited to get the night started I rushed as fast as I could to get done. "Mistress, your slave has finished." "Good - I see that you are a little excited - and anxious, but I don't want you to get too excited, Jenny will get suspicious and we don't want that. Lets put you in your chastity till she gets here. I also want you to put on your collar and heels. Hurry and get these on... and I also want you on this." She pointed to the kneeling rack. "But the chastity first." I knew better than to ask questions - so I just kept silent as she waited till I went soft. She then locked my dick and balls up in my all too familiar chastity - It was nice not wearing it for a few months. 

Once it was all in place and pad locked on she pointed to the rack and said, "Hop on up there." I did as she said. I wasn't able to get hard anymore but I sure was getting excited just watching her. "We have some time to waste till she gets here, I don't want her to get suspicious of anything - and I know she would if she sees that you aren't stripped and tied." She locked my hands down then my ankles - then she moved in to my elbows then knees. My collar was then locked to the adjustable pole in front of my face-, which can be adjusted to 4 feet- 5 feet off the ground or down to the floor. It will keep your head forced way up or pull you down to the ground forcing your ass to be well exposed. Then she secured the tummy strap to the lower board - this made you arch your back down and stick your ass and chin up. Kind of the worst of both worlds. 

"Hmmmm - it's not even 8:00 yet, we are way ahead of schedual. Comfy? I didn't think so. Sucks to be you!" She said with a devilish laugh. Next came the blindfold. "Get yourself one last look at me slave, it's time to blindfold you."  She stood in front of me lightly rubbing the 9-inch strap-on on my mouth. "Does this turn you on bitch?" "Yes Mistress." "I bet you wish you could suck it for a while wouldn't you? Huh? Sure you would - you like to be my little bitch don't you?" "Yes Mistress your slave loves that." "GOOD! Ha ha ha ha ha" she leaned in and whispered. "Then you'll love this.  Jenny is going to be wearing the exact same thing as I have on." She then put the blindfold on me. "Open wide my little bitch." She placed the 2-1/2-ring gag in my mouth and buckled it tightly around my head - then she put the pad lock on it. Then adjusted the pole my collar was locked to up about another 8-10 inches. I was now arched as much as possible - my ass and mouth were in perfect position for what they had in mind. "I'll be up stairs waiting for Jenny, I know it's not as big as you'd like, but here you can practice on this till we come back down for you." She shoved a large dildo into my mouth "Don't let this fall out of your mouth." Mistress Jeannine walked away, and back upstairs. 

At that point I knew that Jenny wasn't going to be the one getting fucked tonight; it was going to be me. There I was all strapped down like a fucking arched frog just waiting for Jenny to show up. I did try futilely to get free but as usual my Mistress secured me beyond helpless. I could hear them both talking as they came back down the steps. Jenny busts out laughing the second she saw me. She came towards me giggling. As she removed the blindfold she said, "You really did fall for this- I can't believe it. You are so gullible. What makes you think I wanted to drink a whole bottle of YOUR cum? Whelp - ain't gonna happen sorry to say,"(she laughed) "like my outfit?" she was wearing the exact thing as Mistress Jeannine with only 1 difference, the strap on Jenny had is bright pink. "Shall we get started Jenny?  We have to meet 'you know who' at 10:30" "Ohphh - by all means - this is going to be a blast." 

Mistress Jenny turned to me and said, "I know you have thought about doing this to me for a long time now. You will know first hand on how it feels and what I would have to go through. When we are finished with you - you will never think of dominating me EVER! You fucking little cum slut! You are going to regret this!" Mistress Jeannine said. "He was so anxious to do this to you he even helped get the cameras ready and helped with the restraints." "Ha I'll bet he was...I bet he is sooo disappointed -now that he knows that we are going to do it to him." She gave me a big frown - then bust out laughing again. 

Mistress Jeannine was standing in front of me and preparing the gag, she hooked up my cum filled bottle to the dildo gag (this was just a plain 6 inch long, 2 1/2 wide dildo, (which fits very nice and snug through the ring gag.)  But Mistress Jeannine had me drill a hole thru the center of it and put a 1/8 tube thru the length of it. Then the thing was connected to a 2-inch dog collar- (but it wouldn't be secured around my neck- it would be shoved in my mouth and locked in place.) She just smiled at me as she inserted the rubber cork into the bottle. "It's pretty heavy, but don't worry - once I hang it upside-down - I will make sure it won't fall." I knew better than to speak. I just looked on as she prepared my gag. Mistress Jenny was busy putting nipple clamps on me and unlocking the chastity device. She sprinkled a packet of itching powder into it then shoved my balls and dick back into it and locked it back on me. "You worthless fucking bitch-I hope this drives you insane!" 

As she waited for Mistress Jeannine to finish with the connections - Mistress Jenny was lightly tugging and playing with my locked up dick and balls. The damn powder works very well and fast. It began driving me crazy right away. I started to try and squirm to relieve the itching. This only tipped off Mistress Jenny that I needed to be better restrained. "Keep wiggling around you fucking cum slut (she laughed) you don't mind if I call you that, do you?" she spanked my ass real hard. "Don't worry - I will make these tighter for you. After all you are going to be here a while." She began with my collar, pushing it up an extra inch or two. Then tightening the elbow and knee straps forcing the outward even more. Then the belly strap - she stepped right in the center of my back and dug her heel into my spine. While stepping harder she rebuckled the strap 2 notches tighter.  "Try wiggling now cum slut!" I couldn't move at all. She took a leather strap to my ass and yelled, "WIGGLE BITCH!" I tried but couldn't. Mistress Jeannine said that I was in perfect position and with the both of them wearing strap on's and being in the position I was tied in - I knew they were going to fuck the hell out of me. 

Mistress Jeannine finished the gag and placed it on the little table in front of me. She could see that I was looking at it and she said. "Don't might not think you want this but 2 hours from now you'll be begging for me to shove this in your mouth and lock it on." "This is going to be fun." "Once I start the tape - all you are permitted to say is HARDER or DEEPER, understand?" Jenny smiled as she kept teasing me.  Mistress Jeannine started the video and walked back to the front of me. "Lick!"  She put the strap-on right on my lips. "You might want to get this really wet...because it's the only lubrication you are going to get. Once you stop licking I will assume that you think it's wet enough for me to shove it in your little ass.  Then it will be Jenny's turn - we will switch back and forth for the next few hours, taking turns fucking you and making you lick and suck yourself off our strap-ons."  I stuck out my tongue through the ring gag and licked the 9 inch dick the best I could trying to get it very wet - this was going to be bad enough - but to have it go in dry would be a hell of a lot worse. I didn't want to stop licking because I knew that she would use it on me but I had no choice - she stopped me after just a few minutes. 

Jenny jumped up as Mistress Jeannine walked behind me. She happily stuck her 9-inch dick in my face and grabbed my ears.  "I am not going to be as gentile as she is were going to do this to me! You little fucking bitch! When will you understand that I own you just as much as she does and you are just my little toy?" Not wasting any time she didn't even wait for my tongue to come out - she shoved the dick right in and 1/2 way down my throat. Pulling on my ears as she thrust it in each time. Mistress Jeannine laughed as I choked and gagged on the thing. "Like that bitch? - Huh? - Sure you do!" She continued to fuck my throat as Mistress Jeannine began slowly butt fucking me. After about 10-15 minutes it was time for them to switch. Mistress Jeannine came back in front of me and Mistress Jenny rushed around behind me. "Do you have anything to say before I shove this in your mouth slave?"  I knew the only words that I could say. "Deeper Mistress Jeannine."  "And?" "Harder Mistress Jenny." "Good - I see that you like this - it's a good thing you do because you are going to be here for a few hours." 

They continued to fuck and force me to suck their 'dicks' for the entire length of the videotape. Mistress Jenny got really into it and each time it was her turn to make me suck her 'dick' she just forced it right on in and rode my face just as bad as she did my ass. Even after the 2nd time of her butt fucking me, she decided that it wasn't enough and that it would be better if she tied a rope around my chastity device and use each end of the rope as reins. On every thrust - she'd pull the reins and at times she yanked too hard, but all I could do is ask for it to be harder or faster. She even decided to use the paddle on me. Mistress Jeannine was enjoying the whole thing and just letting her go crazy on me - they would even pass the Polaroid back and forth, snapping picture after picture- Mistress Jeannine even taunted Jenny, telling her that this was all my idea and I wanted to do this to her for a long time now. Mistress Jenny just got rougher each turn. Finally the tape ran to an end and it was time for a break. 

Mistress Jenny replaced the tape as Mistress Jeannine put her strap on very deep in my mouth, "Jenny - once this is all the way in unbuckle it from me and buckle it around his head." Jenny did just that and even pulled it in just to make sure. She then buckled the damn thing on. I couldn't help but watch as she did this with the biggest grin on her face. My eyes were watering from the gag feeling. Mistress Jeannine then got my gag ready. She made sure that everything was at the right height and that I wouldn't be able to spit it out or shake it loose. Mistress Jenny made sure that my restraints were nice and snug. "You are now allowed to beg for us to stop fucking you and leave you alone for the night. If you chose not to beg or do a poor job of it, we will continue this treatment for the rest of the night. Jenny and I do have to meet someone tonight, but all I need to do is call her and tell her that she needs to meet us here... downstairs... right in front of you. So - start begging me for this bottle of cum and I just might give it to you."  She then unbuckled that strap on from my mouth and put it back on around her waist. 

Mistress Jenny turned on the next tape and walked back up to me - she took the riding crop and began to bend it and release it under my balls - over and over she tortured them. As if they didn't ache enough. I began begging like my life depended on it and didn't stop - I promised to swallow every drop and to be the best slave to both of them and to whomever they wanted - I begged for that bottle of cum so bad that I almost convinced myself that I needed it. I was so sore and hurting that I even promised that I'd fill up a larger bottle for them but just stop fucking me and forcing me to suck the strap-ons. "Hhhhmmmm- I don't know - you would do all that just so we would stop? You do know though that if we wanted to continue - we would and that there isn't a fucking thing you could do about it."  "Yes Mistress- your slave would do all that and more just please no more, I beg you, please..." "Jenny what do you think? Should we stop or keep going?" I was surprised by her answer. "I think he's had enough...for tonight. We do need to get dressed and meet her at 10:30, there is a lot to discuss."  "I agree - ok bitch- you get off easy tonight - but you WILL do all those things you promised - and I told you, you'd be begging for this." 

Mistress Jeannine placed the gag in my wide-open mouth and Mistress Jenny pushed it in as far as it would go. Then buckled it behind my head and locked it. Mistress Jeannine then took the bottle and hung it upside down right in front of me so I could see that the cum was slowly draining from the bottle into the tube and down into my mouth. "Now remember - you promised not to spill 1 drop." She said giggling.  "Mmmmm I'll bet it is going to be yummy. For your sake it better be - because the next bottle you fill will be twice the size!" Mistress Jenny moved the camera in front of me and just grinned. "I am not going to blindfold you tonight - you are going to watch some of our favorite movies of you." She placed a TV set in front of me and inserted a tape into the vcr - "These are just a few of my favorites - hope you enjoy.  Can you taste the cum yet?  I tried to nod yes but the collar only let me move my head just a little bit. "Good - don't suck it down too fast - and there better not be 1 drop running down your chin either!"  Mistress Jenny reinserted my butt plug and locked it in also she rearranged the nipple clamps.  Mistress Jenny unstrapped my ankles from the board and pulled them up to my balls- she took the reins and tied one to each ankle forcing my legs to bend. "I hope you get bad leg cramps tonight!" If I relaxed my legs it would be pulling my balls very hard. 

With that they left me there to watch myself on TV getting tied and tortured over and over in various positions. I can't believe that they just left me here like this all night long. I spent the rest of the night watching myself getting used and abused by them. My whole body was aching inside and out.  The next morning they did come back down and check on me to make sure that there wasn't any drips running down my chin. I knew that I had sucked the whole thing dry during the night because I could watch it as it was draining.  I needed to go to the bathroom something fierce- I couldn't wait till they untied me. Mistress Jenny was the first downstairs. She walked in front of me bet then just took a seat behind me and waited for Mistress Jeannine to come down. Mistress Jenny slowly, but very hard, paddled my ass till Mistress Jeannine came down. Mistress Jenny didn't say a word - just sat there- waiting, and paddling. Mistress Jeannine came down about 1/2 an hour later and finally released me, Mistress Jeannine said -"You will go straight home and as soon as you walk in the door - you will give your wife a great big deep kiss. The keys to your chastity locks are under a rock in your back yard next to your shed. Once you have taken your little pee break and nice cold shower you will put it right back on. Only you will sprinkle this into it first."  She handed me a packet of the itching powder. And then just smiled. 

I did as I was instructed - I was very shocked that my wife didn't notice the cum on my breath. I have gotten very lucky so far. She hasn't been questioning me about my late nights or the marks from my restraints - I thought I was being very careful and at times paranoid, but I haven't been caught yet. And -yes- I have fulfilled all those promises that I said while I was begging. Mistress Jenny wasn't lying when she told me that the next bottle I would fill up would be twice the size. It was - and yes it is full. I am not looking forward to sucking and drinking that again. I am sure that this next time will be even worse than the first - I'm sure that they have thought of some new twist or torture to go along with it. Mistress Jeannine has the bottle now, and informed me that I will be emptying it soon. 

 I know it wasn't time for me to be punished yet - I could still feel the sun beating down on me - my best guess is that it was just about 2:00 or 3:00 pm. I felt a soft gentle hand caress my ass. I attempted to move and see who it was but not a chance, I didn't even hear them walk up on me. Whoever it was slowly and lightly rubbed my ass and tickled my sides. It was nice not to feel a whip or paddle for a change. I was just getting used to the gentle treatment when she became very devious, she started to tickle my arms and sides with ice-cubes. One right after the other. Then she would just hold one between my legs right on my itching balls - then my dick. There wasn't anywhere I could go - I couldn't even move away from her, I was the easiest target, anywhere she wanted to tickle me- she did. I tried to moan and groan to let her know that it was driving me crazy but she didn't stop, or care. 

She must have run out, because the tickling stopped. But within a minute I felt a very thick leather strap land fast and hard on my ass. I tried to yell but couldn't. She used that thing on me like she was taking out years of hate or frustration on my ass. Ruthless and showing no mercy she would whip my ass with it.  Everything stopped just as fast as it started. The only thing she did after my severe ass beating was hang some sort of necklace around my neck before she left me there.  She just walked away and left me there. My mind began to wander again.  Going over the rules in my head, one by one trying to remember them all. (To obey every order or suggestion given to me) (No begging, complaining or pleading allowed, if gagged = no whimpering or mumbling) (To have my dick and balls hairless- and no razor stubble - a tweezers must be used to remove each hair) (To be ready for an inspection of dick and balls at any time) (For inspections I must have on the chastity and wear women's silk panties) (While serving my Mistress - I must begin by licking the alphabet each letter 4 times then up -and - down) (While kissing - to never break the kiss -only my Mistress is allowed to stop the kiss) (To answer all questions so that it will cause me more agony=example= "Shall I make it tighter? I must answer yes/ or if being whipped -"Shall I do it harder?" yes/ or "Does this hurt?" no...etc) (to have my pager and phone with me at all times) (to notify my Mistress every day when I am off work) (to return each page immediately and to answer each call no matter where or when) 

Mistress Jenny also makes me obey these rules also. There are severe punishments for any violations to these rules. For example = if during inspection there is a hair that I missed, I have to receive 10 snaps of a rubber band where that hair is along with 25 lashes, which I must count out, thank for each one and ask that the next one be harder. That whenever I am called to meet either one of them - I must be clean shaven and teeth brushed. Also if I am talking to either one - I must address them as Mistress, and myself as your slave. If I say you, I, me or anything like that - my punishment is = that I have to tie myself up on my knees and pleasure myself until I cum - but I must cum on a dildo that is strapped to a chair and once I have finished- to cuff my hands behind me and lick the dildo clean or for the duration of the video tape - whichever comes last. Each video tape must be given to them the following day ..Or else.

I remember the first time I was taken out to the woods; it seemed so easy and playful, like a simple game. Mistress Jeannine had me over at her house to try on a chastity device she got for me. I thought I would just try it on and that would be the end of it. I wasn't yet her slave then, but that changed very quickly. I stripped down to my birthday suit and waited for her to come back in the bedroom with the new toy. She showed me the thing and all the straps and locks that were to be on it. Jokingly she said that I would be wearing it for a week. I didn't believe her (big mistake) she helped me put it on and buckled the straps nice and tight. She then handcuffed my hands above my head and over the door hinge so I was hugging the edge of the door. She showed me the butt plug that would be locked inside me and lubed it up then shoved it right on in. I grunted and complained but she ignored me. 

Next she buckled the center strap holding the plug in place and began to lock small padlocks to the buckles. She mentioned that she did have the keys but wasn't sure where they were. Then seriously said to me again that I will be wearing this for a week. I looked at her and saw that she was serious. I knew I would be in deep shit from then on. She took a few pictures of me standing there and made sure she got my face in most of them. She then informed me that we are going to take a little ride and that if I could guess where we ended up that she would remove the chastity from me, and that I could go free. She uncuffed my hands from the door and then behind my back.  She was enjoying this so much she was acting giddy. She proceeded to collar me and put on a little doggy leash - then my knees were strapped together. With a gentle tug she ordered me to follow her. I wobbled behind her till we got to the garage. She led me up to the car and opened the passenger side "Get in." she said. I did as she said. She walked around the other side and got in. I mentioned that I couldn't be going out like this - all naked and tied. She laughed and told me to shut up. She then blind folded me and said. "Once we stop I will give you 3 guesses to say where we are - if you don't get it right you will do whatever I want for the rest of the night - deal?" I knew the area very well and could be almost certain of where we end up - so I agreed. 

She made sure I couldn't see and then wrapped the leash around the headrest. I was not able to move, duck down or slouch; I had to sit up straight. I tried to pay attention to where we turned and to the sounds around us. She must have drove to a parking lot because the first thing she did is go around in about 100 circles and figure eights. I lost all sense of direction. Then after about 20 - 30 minutes more of stops and turns we finally stopped. She then asked me to guess where we were. I replied that I didn't have a clue and laughed. She asked me if I give up and forfeit. I had no choice. I was lost. She was very happy to hear that and reminded me of the consequences for loosing. I humbly submitted to her. "Ok - I will do what you want for the rest of the night." I figured how bad could it be? She then unwrapped my leash from the headrest and uncuffed my hands from behind me- she told me to look and see where we were. I took off the blindfold and saw that we were in the middle of nowhere - a forest preserve parking lot. It was dark out and nobody else around...yet. 

She ordered me to get out of the car and to walk to her side of the window. I did. "I want you to put these things on just as I say and remember - you made a deal ok?" I played along and since nobody would see me like this I figured what the hell. She reached behind the seat and got a big gym bag full of stuff. She began handing me things from the bag to put on. First was a pair of 6" hot pink high heel shoes. I had a hard time squeezing into them but managed.  I made a sarcastic comment of how comfortable they were. She just grinned at me and kept handing me stuff. Next came some leather straps. "One goes just above your knees and the other 1/2 way up your thighs." I put them on and buckled them. She could see that they were loose (comfortable). "Could you tie them tighter?" so I did a few more notches. 

Next was a pair of hinge cuffs. "Behind your back please." I clicked them on comfortably. "Ok now turn around and give me your hands." I awkwardly stumbled around and lifted my hands through her window. "Stand still." I did just that because if I fell I'd fall right on my face. She clicked the cuffs on tighter and then took 2 leather straps and tied them around my elbows. 1 just above and the other just below. They were tightened very tight and I lost feeling in my hands right away. She then took a roll of dental floss and began tying my fingers together. Once they were in a nice tight fist - she duct taped them as well. "There - try to get free from that...tell ya what, if you get outta this- I will let you tie me up and do what ever you want to me, every night for an entire month ok?" I agreed quickly before she changed her mind. "But you have to let me finish tying you first." I still agreed to the deal. "Turn around and give me a kiss." I turned around and stuck my head in the drivers side window and began kissing her, she just sat there and kissed me back...she took the leash and held it tight - I just thought she wanted me to keep kissing her. But soon I felt the window roll up on my neck I was now stuck there. I stopped kissing and told her that it was choking me. She just replied, "I didn't say you could stop kissing." I just readjusted my body and started to kiss her again. 

After about 5 minutes of deep hot tonguing another car pulled in the lot. Mistress Jeannine then blindfolded me and left me stuck bent in the window. She climbed out the passenger side and walked over to the other car. I tried to unwedge my head from the window - but couldn't. I didn't want to break it, who know how bad that could have been for me? I could hear them talking but couldn't make it out, their laughing was very clear though. Mistress Jeannine then got back in the car and ignored my 1000 questions. She just held my head and began kissing me all over again. I tried to talk between breaths but she wouldn't answer me - the only response I got was "Trust me." Followed by a giggle. She kissed me for a while longer, (until Jenny was done setting up the video) Mistress Jeannine then ordered me to open wide. She shoved in a big ball gag and buckled it behind my head. I could hardly mumble. She then lowered the window and got out of the car. She took my leash and held it up high and said "This is my new slave - this is his first night as my slave and he has a lot to learn in short time, we are off deep into the woods so I can show him what punishment he will get if he ever disobeys me, only tonight I will go easy on him - this will be just half of what he should expect if he disobeys." 

I felt a hard tug on my leash and heard her order me to walk. "Come on little slave - we have a lot to do tonight!" I tried to resist and protest, but all I managed to do is let out a muffled mumbling sound. She led me deep into the woods all tied and helpless. I could hear the other person walking with us -(I know now that it was Jenny, recording everything.) It was very hard to keep up walking in the high heels with my knees tied and not to be able to see. I just blindly followed. I know that I was going too slowly, I just didn't want to fall. Mistress Jeannine took the leash off my collar and attached it to the chastity lock. "You better keep up slave - (she yanked the leash) and if you fall, you better get up real fast or I'll drag you the rest of the way." She now was leading me by the balls and things started to get real serious. I knew that she wasn't kidding around anymore and that she really was going to make me her slave. As she led me deep in the woods - with an occasional yank on my leash - she continued to talk to the camera saying that I now belong to her and that she will use me any way she wants and she listed numerous positions I will be forced in and various punishments that I will receive.  All I could do is follow along and deal with it. 

We finally made it to the spot she picked out, and wasting no time she tied my feet and ankles together.  She then took off my gag and blindfold. "Say hello slave - say hi to the camera." I didn't say a word - just gave her a dirty look.  Bet or no bet, to me this was going too far. I told her that this was enough and to let me go, give me the video and take me home. She asked me if I had any last requests before I began my life as her slave. I told her again to let me go and take me home. As she shoved the gag back in my mouth she said laughing, "REQUEST DENIED!" The gag was buckled around my head very tight and to top it off - she pad-locked the thing on. My feet were roped down to one of those dog leash posts that you screw in the ground. My hands were then tied to a rope hanging over a branch high above me and as she pulled them up higher and higher she said, "Don't want to have your hands in the way as I whip your little ass, just let me know if it gets too uncomfortable ha ha ha ha." Just as my hands were shoulder height she stopped and tied the rope off. "Are we comfy yet?" I just grunted. "No? Well maybe this will help." She took the leash from my chastity lock and tucked it under my ankles then around them, then she started to pull harder and harder till my balls were being pulled down - I had no choice but to bend down and strain my arms even more. 

Once my knees were 1/2 way bent she tied the leash off and made sure it couldn't work loose. "There - now that's gotta feel nice and cozy - or should I pull your balls down more?" All I could do is mumble no the best I could- It didn't matter anyways because she was just toying with me, since my balls were tied low enough - she began tugging the rope to my arms forcing them up higher. She said sarcastically, "Tell me when to stop." I mumbled for her to stop but she just replied. "Oh - not yet - ok - just say when." I mumbled louder because this really hurt. "What's that? You want them up higher? You are going to regret that by morning - but ok - if you say so.(ha ha ha ha)" I could even hear Jenny laughing. My arms were wrenched up very high and then finally tied off. I thought that it couldn't get any worse - but it did. I was whipped, paddled, spanked, tickled and tortured well beyond my limit. Mistress Jeannine was having such a great time, having me so immobile and helpless - she loves this position so much it quickly became her favorite, and I am tied like this more than I care to count. 

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