Naughty Boy

by Studbound

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© Copyright 2002 - Studbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bondage; cons; X

Naughty Boy
by Studbound

Carter Phelps finished dictating the last of eight letters while his secretary sat and listened. Moving the small recording device from in front of his mouth, he looked over at her and asked if she had any questions. She indicated that she had none.

"Can you have those typed and ready to mail by Noon?" he asked.

"No problem," she smiled. Slowly she stood, and walked over to his chair. Standing behind him, she took the recorder from his hand and placed it on the desk. Then she slowly caressed his neck, reaching around to his face, then fondling his right ear. 
"You've been naughty," she whispered.

Carter Phelps looked straight up at her and smiled. "How do you know?" he asked. Her comment surprised Mr. Phelps. Usually it was he who brought up the subject, admitting his "transgressions," indicating that she needed to do something about it. He was amazed that his secretary had for once taken the initiative.

Candy Kazwalaski had been his secretary for almost three months now. A striking blond with amazingly wonderful breasts and a figure to die for, Carter had hired her for two reasons. First, she proved to be a very competent secretary. Nothing stupid about her, he had noted to himself at the time. Second, she looked like a vision right out of an X-rated movie. Clearly she had teased him during the interview - provoked him - displayed herself to considerable advantage. Carter liked that. He couldn't believe that her name was really Candy, but she proved that it was. Kazwalaski had been her second husband – Jones was her maiden name. 

Candy had fulfilled Carter Philps' fondest wishes. She performed admirably as both a secretary and as his latest mistress. They had already taken half a dozen afternoons at a local seedy motel where Candy displayed her charms and satisfied Carter's animal lust with considerable enthusiasm. And she seemed to like her boss - unusual at the firm where the "Chief," as everyone called him to his face, or the "Animal," as they called him behind his back, was generally disliked. Carter Phelps had fended off about a dozen sexual harassment suits over the last ten years, and always seemed headed for another. The sad part was that he was desirable. Despite his years, now in his middle forties, Carter Phelps had maintained his boy-ish looks and charm, a nearly flat stomach and a way of dressing that showed off his body. All agreed, if nothing else, Carter Phelps was handsome.

So the "Chief" was flattered when his busty secretary indicated that he had been "naughty." It was on overture that he immediately intended to pursue. He was clear that afternoon. Why not?

"How do you know I've been naughty?" Carter repeated still looking up at the sensuous face, the thick red lips, the dark eyes of his secretary.

"Because today I looked at your computer and found some naughty pictures hidden deep inside. You should be ashamed."

Carter blushed just a bit, but also smiled. "What do you do to naughty boys?"

"Well," she said putting her finger to her lips displaying her elegant long red finger nails, "When I was younger I used to baby sit for the neighbors. When their boys were naughty I punished them."

"What kind of punishment?"

"Usually I got out some rope and I tied them up real tight, and then I would spank them."

"Didn't their parents object?" asked Carter with a smile, feeling a familiar stirring at his groin.

"No," she said thoughtfully. "Sometimes the mother or father would tell me to start right off by tying up their naughty boys. Sometimes I kept them tied up all night," she said.

"And what do you intend to do to me?" Carter said finally cutting to the chase.

"Well," she said very slowly. "I do think you should be punished. Do you agree?"

Carter had a quick flashback that took him to the motel where twice Candy had tied his hands, bent him over and spanked him before joining him in bed where he attempted to hump her brains out. He felt his erection rapidly growing. "Yes, I agree," he managed.

"Now, I have to type these letters," she said. "Suppose I come here right after lunch and deal with the naughty boy?"

"Will we need to go out?" he said suspecting the answer.

"Oh, no," she said. "I think we can do it right here."

This caught Carter by surprise. "Here in the office!!?"

"Why not?" She smiled while running her hand down over his shirt, bending down and reaching beyond his stomach, tickling his skin just below his belt.

"Well," he said startled, "wouldn't it be better if we went to the usual place?"

"No," she said. "I think a naughty boy should be punished right where he was naughty."

"If that's what you want," said Carter giving in and reasoning that nobody would bother them in his office so it would be safe enough. "We'll meet here right after lunch."

Candy stood up, picked up the recorder off the desk, and gracefully walked toward the door, coyly looking back at her boss, making sure to seductively undulate her posterior as she moved away. "I'll be ready," she said - then she went out closing the door behind her.

Carter Phelps only had one martini at lunch that day, and he left sooner than usual, making excuses to his friends that he had considerable work waiting for him that needed his immediate attention.

Nobody was more surprised than Carter Phelps when he walked into his office and saw Candy sitting in his chair. She held a small whip, but that wasn't what surprised him. She was wearing two tiny pasties on her otherwise bare breasts, and beyond that she was naked except for a tiny black g-string. As he walked in, she stood, slapped the whip on the desk, and said, 
"Are you ready to be punished, you naughty boy?"

"Oh, yes I am," said a now somewhat breathless Carter Phelps.

"Well," she said, "we can hardly punish you if you're wearing all those clothes. I think you should take them off - all of them."

"Yes Mam," said Carter. Hurriedly, efficiently, Carter undressed putting his clothes on a couch that sat along one side of the office. When he was nude, he stood looking at Candy who stood returning the stare. Her focus was on his erect penis which jutted out from his body obscenely at attention.

"You are naughty," she said walking over to him and dangling the whip over the erection, playing with it by swirling the whip around so that its ends danced and glanced over the firm phallus. "Please put your hands behind your back," she said almost whispering. 

Carter Phelps moved toward his desk where he pressed a button on his intercom. "No messages or interruptions," he told the receptionist. Then he went to the door, and locked it. Finally he returned to his position in front of Candy and there he turned his back toward her, putting his hands together behind his back. 

With a length of rope that she took from a bag beside the desk, Candy bound Carter's wrists. She did a thorough job, seeing to it that no knots were within reach of his fingers. Then she guided him over to his swivel chair and told him to sit. As he sat, she held out his arms in back so that they fell in place behind the chair - his elbows stretching around the sides of the chair.

"Won't it be hard to punish me?" asked Carter. "I mean, if I'm sitting, can you do a good job of punishment?"

"Don't you worry," said Candy with a big smile. "You'll be punished - I promise it."

With more rope that she took out of the bag, Candy tied one of Carter's ankles and then drew his leg up beside the chair so that his foot was above the ground, his leg almost horizontal to the floor. She tied off the ankle so that the leg hung there. She did the same on the other side. Next she put a rope around Carter's waist and around the chair and drew it tight so that he was held firmly to the chair. 

"Really," Carter said. "You're doing a great job. I doubt that I could free myself," he observed. "But do I need to be tied up so tight to be punished?"

"Be quiet," she said. "We're not done yet."

Candy used rope to tie Carter's knees to the sides of the chair keeping his legs spread. While there, she toyed with his erection and a few times fondled his balls. 

"I like that," he said. "You don't need to stop."

She smiled up at him, then stood and went into his private bathroom which was part of the office. When she returned she had three or four handkerchiefs which she had dampened. "Open your mouth," she said.

"What for?"

"So that I can put this gag in your mouth," she said calmly.

"No just a minute," Carter said firmly. "I won't be gagged. Forget that."

"When I punish you," cooed Candy, "we don't want any sounds that might upset people in the outer office do we? I'm sure you wouldn't want that. So I think a gag is an insurance policy. Now open wide like a good naughty boy."

Carter resisted for a few seconds, then opened his mouth and let Candy pack it full of the damp handkerchiefs. She then had him close his mouth, seeing to it that there was just enough inside that he could still get his lips together. That done, she brought out a roll of duct tape and began wrapping it around Carter's face about six times. He protested, but by then it was way too late. His mouth was gagged and sealed.

Now Candy really went to work. She wrapped tape around Carter's wrists, hands and fingers enclosing the rope that bound his wrists and making sure that his fingers could not help release him. She wrapped tape around his chest and the chair further securing him to the furniture. Tape went over his upper legs and down under the chair and under his bent lower legs. When she was finished. Carter Phelps looked almost like he was part of the chair. He attempted to voice his objections to all of this, but Candy ignored him.

Candy stood back and looked at her boss, now silent, bound, gagged, trussed up in his own chair, looking back clearly confused about what was happening to him. Candy took a long red ribbon out of her bag, knelt down in front of her boss, and began binding his cock and balls. She tied the ribbon so that each testicle stood out separately, then wrapped the ribbon around his erection, and around the connection where his genitals met his body. The ribbon served rather like a cockring, and Candy looked up at Carter's face and said, "We don't want this fellow to get soft do we?" Finally, she did a second wrap on his penis ending with a large bow.

"There," she said full of satisfaction. "Now you're ready."

Ready for what? Carter Phelps thought. He said nothing - he didn't even try to speak into the gag any more realizing fully how effective it was.

Candy went over to the side of the room and returned with a large white bed sheet which she unfolded. She spread it over her bound boss letting it drop toward the floor on all sides. Now he could see nothing of what was going on in his office. But he did hear her say, "Sit tight Sir. I'll be back." He thought he heard her leave the office.

Actually, Candy went into the private bathroom and changed back into her regular work clothes. Quietly she tip-toed out and through the office and into the outer office. There she went about her work for the next couple of hours.

Carter Phelps quickly became tired of being tied up, and he vowed to himself that he would reprimand Candy when she released him. This wasn't fun. It clearly wasn't what he had expected. Unless she thought that just leaving him bound up and gagged was punishment - and if that was the case, he would certainly set her straight on that point.

When he heard Candy return, he made muffled noises into his gag. He wanted to be untied, and he wanted it NOW! All Candy heard was grunting and mumbling and incoherent noises which she ignored. 

"I talked to your wife a week or so ago," Candy said.

Carter flinched in his chair. What was coming next.

"You aren't getting a divorce at all according to her and you aren't estranged or living apart. She was quite surprised to hear that. I think surprise is the right word. Well, that means you were really naughty because you lied to me. So your wife and I arranged a surprise party for you. It is your birthday, you know."

He had forgotten. Birthdays were more or less ignored in his family. But she was right. It was his birthday. Okay, what was the surprise?

"We have arranged a party for you. Are you ready to go?

"No," Carter shouted into the gag, but all that came out was "Mmmmmm."

"I thought so. You're all dressed up and ready for the party. Let's go!"

Candy stood behind the chair and began to wheel it toward the door. Of course, with the sheet over him, Carter didn't know for sure what was happening but he had his suspicions and he was terrified. Candy opened the door, and Carter heard voices. Many many voices.  As Candy pushed the chair again, the voices quieted until there was silence. Then Carter heard the familiar voice of his wife.

"Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today is Carter's birthday. And here he is - the guest of honor at this party."

With that, Candy and Carter's wife pulled off the sheet revealing the bound and gagged and naked Carter Phelps to his entire staff - all of whom stood there in amazed silence.

"Let's hear it for my husband," said Mrs. Phelps and she led the group in a rousing rendering of 'For He's a Jolly Good Fellow,' followed by "Happy Birthday To You," and then considerable applause.

"Thank you," said Mrs. Phelps. "And I am sure I speak for Carter when I say that he appreciates your birthday wishes. So, there's cake, drinks, food, and even caviar. Enjoy the party. I know Carter will."

As if it was an every day occurrence to have a naked, bound and gagged man sitting in the center of the room, all the employees went about eating, talking, drinking, and generally having a very good time. Many had the brass to walk by their boss and say, "Great party, Chief," or "I hope you're enjoying yourself as much as we are." Carter Phelps just sat and glared at them - not really able to do much else.

As party guests began to leave, some helped clean up finally leaving the office looking more or less its normal business-like self. Only the presence of the boss, still sitting bound to his chair, seemed somewhat out of place. 

"You will help me with him?" asked Mrs. Phelps when she and Candy were alone. 

"Of course."

The two women wheeled Carter, chair and all, out of the office to the elevator. Down they went to the basement, and there into the garage where they wheeled the chair to the Phelps' van, up a ramp, and into the back. Candy waved to her boss, who sat looking out the back window of the van as Mrs. Phelps drove off.

The next day a cryptic note appeared on the office bulletin board. "Mr. Phelps has gotten himself involved in some things at home that he cannot get out of. Until further notice Ms. Kazwalaski will be relaying instructions from Mrs. Phelps as to day to day operations. We hope everyone will continue on as usual. Thanks. Lillian Phelps, CEO."

Nobody much missed Mr. Phelps. And everyone smiled each time he or she remembered the look on Mr. Phelps' face when the two women pulled the sheet off of him revealing him to the guests at his birthday party. Everyone who was fortunate enough to be there had to admit, it was the best party he or she had ever attended.