by Spread Eagle

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© Copyright 2010 - Spread Eagle - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; hood; gag; bdsm; cbt; cd; electroplay; true; cons; XX

Our paths had crossed many times over the years. We hadn't actually communicated for years but there had always been "history" going back longer than we cared to acknowledge.

We had once been lovers. Real lovers. The ones that went beyond where we were often comfortable, to satisfy the other. I easily recall how she had tied me up that first time when I had wanted to experience the feeling of being out of control. She was magnificent!!

The years had rolled by with each of us going in different directions yet, there was always that "history". She knew me better than anyone. She knew what turned me on and what didn't. She was willing to push my limits, and hers, to take me to places where I had never been before. She was magnificent!

So here I was now, totally in her control.

I sat on a high office chair, bolt upright and virtually immobile. My genitals were locked into a miniature stock that held my balls and penis totally. The key to the lock was hanging temptingly out of reach on a ribbon round her neck. My wrists were buckled tightly into a spreader bar that held them ridged behind my back. My ankles were cuffed and pulled up beneath me, no where to go. My ears were plugged, my head was laced tightly into a leather hood with a hard rubber posture collar on over top and a gag harness buckled too tightly in place.

Attached to my tightened ball sack was a blue, elasticised band that was connected to an Estim box, with a second wire leading to another blue band resting just beneath the head of my very erect penis. In her hands rested the control box for the Estim and she was about to take me on a ride that would push the pain pleasure boundary and go way beyond. She was magnificent!

It had started with an email from her and I just had to call her. She had been in a relationship that had been all a front. It was over. There were other men in her life. Other lovers. How exciting!

We met, for lunch, and talked and talked. I had always been into bondage and played whenever I could but always had the spectre of a lack of a safety. She had volunteered. But then it had changed. She offered to do the tying, the whipping, the impaling, the administering of the pain. She was magnificent!

We talked and planned, talked and schemed and talked more. I had suggested things and she had suggested things. We planned and modified and eventually I built, manufactured and bought. Huge black dildo, enema kit, cock and ball stock, Estim kit, cuffs and collars, whips and crops. Everything we felt we would need.

Eventually the time had come. I was alone and prepared for her to take control and she was ready, willing and able to be in control.

The deep enema was followed by another and another until what issued forth from me was clear and would allow a prolonged anal intrusion. My hairless legs, were joined by a hairless ball sack, penis and pubic area. I was hairless from the waist down.

I dressed in what appeared to be "normal" clothes yet underneath, the large butt plug stretched me and the stay up stockings hugged my thighs. When I got to her place, I would have to divest myself of my trousers and be dressed in a very short skirt and high heels. What a joy!

The drive to her place was delicious. The anticipation of what was to come was palpable and I was trembling with the fear and excitement of where the journey would lead.

When I arrived, she lead me to the lounge where we sat and enjoyed the opportunity to talk and a glass of wine or two until I eventually suggested that perhaps I should go and change. She smiled that enigmatic smile and agreed. I returned in a skirt and heels. Delicious!

After a little more wine she said it was time. My heart beat a little harder and the palms of my hands moistened knowing that there was no going back. I was required to undress but leave the plug in place and the stay ups on. I helped lock myself into the stocks on the chair. She had the key. I was going nowhere without her release.

The rest of the bondage was relentless and deliberate. The slow surrender of my freedom was the acquisition of yet a different freedom that only we could recognise. Cuffs were applied a little too tight, the hood laced on tighter than I could ever get it, the collar smoothed hard round my neck and finally the blindfold to complete the total removal of senses. Now only touch and pain remained.

All that was left was for the power to be turned on, the pain to begin.

We had been careful about this. I had used the kit on myself and recorded for her what settings did what to me. She had then used it on herself so she understood the feelings involved and when the pain had started. I had given her total permission to push me beyond where I felt my limits were. She shared that perhaps it was her limits that were going to be pushed rather than mine. She is magnificent!

She started slowly and at low power. The tingles raced back and forth through my penis making it throb and dance. Trapped in my world of darkness and silence, all I could hear was my own breathing and the thumping of my heart.

Noting that I was coping well, she pushed the levels up quickly. Soon the tingle was replaced by a deep seated pain that seemed to emanate from within my own groin. I writhed in my bonds, dribbled from my gag and wondered about what I had done. She pushed the power yet higher and the pain in my groin was added to by the muscle spasms that surged through my entire lower regions. The pleasure began – we had crossed the boundary!!

She held the power there, watching me thrash about and ignored the muted grunts that came from me. This is what I had wanted and here, now, I was receiving what I wanted and I was totally powerless to do anything about it. So different it was from the pain I had exacted on myself. This was not of my making and not of my control. There was no backing out and the pain and pleasure just kept on coming.

But the pain was exquisite!! The pleasure was even better!! Make me squirm more - PLEASE! Push the power higher - PLEASE!! You are Magnificent!!