Long Awaited

by SubKitten73

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bondage; cons; X

Long Awaited
by SubKitten73
A Friend In Need By T.S. FESSELN
Thought this might be worth viewing...  it is a first for me, and if I get response, I will continue the story to let readers know what really happened next!
Long Awaited"  written by SubKitten73

She awoke with a start.  Was that the phone ringing?  No...  it must have been a dream so she rolled back over in the bed and fell back to sleep.  A scant few minutes later, she was jolted by the very real ringing next to the bed.  Who in the world would be calling her tonight?
   “Hello?” she asked timidly, not even sure why she had the urge to answer the phone in the first place. 
   “Good evening.  How are you this evening?”
    She didn’t know quite what to say.  The voice sounded ruggedly familiar.  Could it be?  After such a long time?
    “Hello...  I am fine,” she said, stumbling over her words and trying to wake up more so she could really decide if it was Him on the other end.
    “Hello, what, my dear?  Has it been so long that you don’t remember the proper way to address me?”  That was all she needed and then she knew it for sure.  

Her breath caught in her throat.  “Hello, Sir,” was all she could manage over the beating in her chest.
    “I will be there in about an hour, my pet.  Clear your schedule for the evening and be ready for me.”  With that, she heard a click and sat there a bit dumbfounded.  Her thoughts raced...  so much to do and only an hour?
It was a good thing that she had showered before she laid down for her short nap. In fact, she was still wrapped in the towel and her hair was still pinned up and out of the way.  What time was it?  Oh, it was 7:00.  He would be there by 8.  She could make it, but only if she calmed down and thought things out slowly...  oh, there was so much to do!
She went into the bathroom, and unwound the towel, letting it fall to her feet to the floor.  She took a nice long look in the mirror.  Not too shabby...  but would he still find her attractive after the weeks they had spent apart?  She decided not to dwell on it, and instead hurried to do her makeup.  She applied it quickly, blending it all in so that it looked natural.  He didn’t seem to like her when she wore too much, but that suited her more anyway.  She hated looking overly done, like those divas on some Broadway stage.  She took one last look in the mirror and let down her hair.  Brushing it thoughtfully, she decided to let it remain down and fluffed it here and there with her hands, spraying it gently into shape.  That would have to do.  Already so much time gone so quickly!
She rushed in the bedroom, more out of anticipation than hurry, and opened the bottom drawer to the wooden chest.  There they were.  The two pieces that he had bought her, and the ones that she knew he would be expecting to see.  She eased the thong up her legs, relieved that she had taken the time to shave completely while she was in the shower earlier.  He would check, oh she knew, and if she hadn’t, there would be some type of discipline doled her way.  It had been a long time since she had seen him, and she definitely did not want to disappoint him, so she was glad that that time had been taken.  She took a minute to check herself in the mirror and to readjust the thong so that the string sat between her ass cheeks comfortably, or about as comfortably as was possible.  The bra came next, raising her large chest.  She ran both arms through the straps and adjusted it as well.  

One more look in the mirror told her that she had put on a few pounds since the last time he had seen her, but her curves were still in the right place and she looked cute in the red satin outfit.  She surprised even herself with that thought!  She came out of the reverie...    

She found the nylons that he bought her laying inside the drawer and eased them up her legs, snapping the elastic into place at the top of her thighs.  A trip to the closet found her shoes, a sandal with a heel a lot taller than she would normally wear...  almost finished...  The only other thing to find was her collar.  Where had she put it?  She rummaged through the toy box in the closet, and found it in the bottom...  it had been a long time since she had had it on!  She found a small lock and key, opened the lock and carried it out to the living room and placed it on the end table.  
Ten minutes to go on the clock and she was rushing about between the living room and bedroom, trying to do some last minute things to make the place look more presentable.  She remembered to put the glasses into the freezer to chill, and heard the knock on the door.  Her stomach did flip-flops as she walked to the door.  Peering through the hole, she saw him standing there...  she tried to calm her breathing and hiding her near naked body behind the door she opened it long enough for him to enter, and then turned and closed it, locking both locks and turning back to face him, her eyes downcast.
"Present yourself to me," he said calmly, his voice controlled and smooth.  She knew within a shadow of a doubt what was expected at this point, so she went to the coffee table and took the lock and key in hand.  She stepped to the center of the living room floor and dropped to her knees, the lock and key in her hands behind her back.  She quickly dropped her head, and brushed the hair to the side, waiting...  he didn’t move for several minutes and she wondered...  when she could resist the urge no longer she looked up at him and saw a smile of satisfaction on his lips.
"Did I tell you to raise your head, dear?"  he said coldly.  She dropped her head and waited...  he made her wait a minute more and she closed her eyes.  She heard him take the steps to her and felt his hands take the lock and key and then lock her collar on.  She knew it would be a night to end all others, and her stomach tightened...

 if I get response, I will continue the story to let readers know what really happened next!
so write to SubKitten73 so we can find out what happens!!!