Living Our Fantasies Pt2

by subphil3

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© Copyright 2006 - subphil3 - Used by permission

Storycodes: FMM/m; bond; cbt; bdsm; cuckold; D/s; cons/reluct; XX

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Part Two

I made it home and found Alison sunbathing on our deck with two of her favorite things - a book and a beer. We talked for a while and I drifted inside to clean up, my body and the bedroom. The aroma of sex was still intense and I opened the windows to get some fresh air. Just the smell made me hard again and I was extremely horny getting into the shower. I couldn't help but lather up and rub my dick getting hotter and hotter. Just before I was about to explode the water pouring over my body turned ice cold definitely distracting me from my task at hand. Alison looked at my shrinking cock and said, "We need to save that for later." I finished my shower without any more playing.

The rest of the afternoon was a lazy one. We lazed inside and out, talking and giving each other massages. I was sore all over but Alison was mostly sore in her cunt. It hadn't had that much work in a year. Late in the day One called to set up plans for the evening. We were going to have a pizza and beer party, followed by dessert which was actually the main course for the evening. One had called on a couple of friends that were still in high school and more than eager to get their cherries popped. Three couldn't make it but Two was ready to continue the action from the previous night. They would bring everything but the beer. It seems even our friends from the night before were too young to buy. Apparently the Balcony was notorious for letting kids in on fake ID's.

The boys were already in a party mood when they came over around 9:00. There was a steady flow of innuendos and jokes and butt grabbing as everyone ate and drank. The young cherries had saucer eyes watching the action warm up. By the time the pizza was gone you could see hard-ons in every pair of shorts. We pushed the furniture out of the middle of the room and Alison cranked up the music and waltzed out to begin a striptease. Did I mention what a great ass and tits she has? Well the boys all noticed it as she slowly pulled off her blouse and skirt leaving the tiniest leather g-string and open tipped bra you ever saw.

The cherries were going nuts, they had never had a personal strip show before. For that matter the boys were going nuts and so was I. Alison sat on cherry one's lap and put her nipples to his lips to lick. She slowly pulled his t-shirt off, then leaned down to lick and nip his nipples. C-one moaned. I'm surprised his dick didn't lift Alison off his lap he was so hot. One and Two were getting turned on so they got up and pulled off their clothes. That seemed like a good idea so I did the same.

One reached into the duffel bag he had brought and brought out what looked like a bunch of leather straps. He motioned for me to kneel down in front of him so I quickly did. The device turned out to be a wide collar - two and a half or three inches - with a wide strap attached that ran down the back. One fastened the collar around my neck then pulled my wrists up behind me to attach to the back strap. I was completely helpless and could barely move my head. Two reached down and snapped a nasty pair of clamps on my tits, much harsher than the ones we used the night before.

C-two was watching everything wide-eyed but had not made a move. Alison turned her attention to him moving into his lap and rubbing her ass into his cock. C-one got up and stripped off his pants leaving his shorts on with a big tent pole sticking out. Maybe he was a little embarrassed to get naked. Two pulled the chain on my clamps to lead me on my knees over to C-one. "Take those shorts off that poor boy right now." Not having any choice I leaned in to take his briefs in my teeth. His dick had them stretched so tight actually getting hold of them was tough but I eventually got them going. I tugged on one side then the other till I had them to the floor and C-one stepped out of them. I looked up to see one of the biggest dicks I had ever seen and it was just oozing pre-cum.

Alison by now had C-two's shirt off and was playing with his nipples. C-two had his hands on her ass and was straining to rub it over his cock. His eyes rolled back as he shot his load into his pants. She laughed as she climbed off of him, saying "I don't think that actually counts for popping your cherry. We'll have to get you going again and see what we can do." She stepped into C-one's arms and began to slide her body seductively over his naked torso. His cock began to stiffen even harder.

Two again pulled my chain and I made it over to C-two. He stayed collapsed on the chair but lifted his ass so I could pull his shorts down with my teeth. He was wearing lined nylon running shorts with no underwear so they came off fairly easily. Two picked them up rubbing the cum over my face. He shoved the wettest part into my mouth for a gag.

One pulled me back by my hair and pushed me on the floor on my back. He sat on my chest facing my cock which he roughly grasped. I couldn't see but felt him attach something tightly around my cock and balls, then around each ball separately. I also felt his weight directly on the clamps on my tits. They felt like they were on fire and I moaned through the shorts. One laughed and slapped my cock. "Not yet you don't. You're going to scream a lot tonight but only when I want you to."

One and Two lifted me by my arms and walked me over to a footstool. Alison was sitting on a chair with the two C's kneeling on either side of her, sucking on her tits while she played with their cocks. They had me kneel down and bend over the stool. They spread my legs and tied my knees to the legs of the stool. Then Two looped a noose over the head of my cock, pulled it under the stool and tied it to the tit chain. I was stretched in both directions and any movement hurt like hell. They had placed me so I could look up and see my wife. She now had C-two between her legs and C-one working on her tits. She was starting to move and moan herself. Whatever instructions these boys needed Alison was giving them herself so she didn't need my help with this fantasy.

Now Alison's eyes started to roll back as she got into her first orgasm of the evening. As she moaned louder and opened her mouth to scream in ecstasy a line of fire crossed my ass. Two yanked the shorts from my mouth and I joined Alison in her scream. One slashed me again and again to keep up the chorus. When she stopped, he stopped. We had played with some spanking before but Alison had never hit me like this. One walked in front of me and dragged a riding crop over my face. "You'll think this is like a feather before I'm done with you. You'll be begging for the crop."

The C-boys were fit to burst. C-2 had at least relieved some of the pressure in his pants but C-1 was about to explode. Alison didn't make him wait. She sat him on a chair and straddled him, sliding down on his cock in one motion. He came almost instantly. This was his first time after all. Alison has always loved the feel of a hard cock pulsating in her pussy, shooting loads of jism deep inside her so the combination of that and the power she felt making that boy just shoot so quickly made her hotter than ever. She climbed off C-1, grabbed C-2 and pulled him onto the couch. "Fuck me boy, get your cock inside me and feel what that is like instead of inside your pants."

"Looks like your wife is getting hot now. You'd better get this one ready again," One said pulling C-1 over to my stool. One had him pull my head up and slide his slimy cock into my mouth. Needless to say this ripped at both my tits and cock. But I had learned my lessons well the night before and I gently licked and sucked C-1's cock cleaning him and making him hard again. And none too soon. As he swelled to fill my mouth I could hear Alison groaning as C-2 pumped his dick into her pussy. Then I winced as a stroke landed on my ass. One was right! I don't know what he hit me with but it was way worse than the crop.

It's hard to scream with a big cock pushed into your throat but that's what I did. It must have sounded fairly amusing as the boys laughed to hear me. Stroke after stroke bit into my ass and I bucked and yelled and ripped at my own tits and cock. Alison must have cum with C-2 cause One eventually stopped hitting me. I don't know cause I hadn't heard anything for awhile. I bucked and quivered for some time after he stopped. I guess at some point C-1 had pulled his cock out of my mouth and I really screamed.

Alison lay on the couch breathing hard and looking at me with lust as Two led C-2 over to me for his cleanup. As ordered, C-1 was ready and willing and crawled on the couch and slid his cock into my wife. Two reached between my legs to play with my balls as C-2 inserted his cock for refurbishing. Actually play was more accurate from Two's point of view. From my view my tightly stretched balls were being squeezed in a vise. I moaned around C-2's cock. "Ha you wimp. I'm just getting your balls warmed up a little. You'll find out about ball pain later."

C-2 pulled his now hard cock out of my mouth to go suck on Alison's tits as she started moaning, going into her next orgasm. As she screamed in ecstasy Two clamped down hard on my balls and yanked so hard on my cock that the clamps ripped off my tits. This time I screamed louder than my wife. I felt like he tore my tits off. "Don't worry, we'll get back to your little tits soon. For now I think we need to concentrate here," One said as a swat from a leather paddle landed on my ass. I was already sore from the strokes of the crop so this just spread the pain over my whole ass.

By now C-2 had his cock in Alison and she continued on up from the point where C-1 had left her. The paddling got faster and more intense moving from my ass down the backs of my thighs and back up. "Wait for Alison before you say anything," One warned as he hit me harder and harder. "Please Mistress Alison, please cum. You are so hot. Please cum Mistress," I moaned. That seemed to push her over the edge as she yelled "Yes .. yes. yes." I yelled louder again and the paddling stopped.

I looked over at the couch to see Alison and the C-boys lying in a heap, breathing hard. Thankfully even the young C-boys needed a rest after several orgasms. But I had forgotten for the moment about One and Two. "This is fun but we haven't gotten any relief yet. I think you had better help us out." Two's cock suddenly loomed in my face and I sighed as I began to lick and suck it. He was already rock hard from the orgy and he quickly began to pump his cock deep into my throat. I was trying not to choke as I felt something being rubbed on my asshole. Then in my asshole. "I think we have another cherry here Alison but I get this one," One said as he rammed his cock into my ass with one stroke. He was right, my ass was cherry and I would have screamed louder than ever but Two's cock was choking me. Alison had played with a little vibrator in my ass but this felt more like a baseball bat. Tears poured down my face and I groaned when I could breathe. This seemed to make the boys even hotter and they fucked my face and ass faster and harder. They were in sync as they came together and filled me with their jism.

Alison and the C-boys were watching as they pulled their cocks out of me. I was in total agony as I saw both of the young C-cocks standing straight up again. Didn't they ever quit? I hoped they weren't interested in trying my ass when they had Alison ready and willing and I was relieved as they started to stroke and lick her. Unfortunately I had again forgotten about my two tormentors. I yelped as a firery stroke slashed my ass. "This is my little two-tongued viper. You can tell it has a nice bite." He wasn't kidding about this whip. It stung worse than all of the others together.

As the C-boys warmed up Alison, One warmed up my ass and thighs. Then up onto my back and arms. The pain was intense and not even a little like when you are just getting your butt warmed up. Through my tears I saw Alison lay back and C-one slide his cock into her. C-two was sucking her tits in a frenzy. I groaned as Alison began to moan in pleasure. I knew what was coming. The viper moved back down to my aching ass. I couldn't see but I'm sure my ass was a mess of welts. About the third or fourth time you land a hard viper stroke on those welts it really starts to hurt. I was pathetic with my groaning and screaming and begging Alison to cum so my misery would end.

Eventually she did and the whipping stopped. But not the pain. Now I begged One to let me up. Please. I couldn't take any more abuse on my ass. I was sure the welts had turned to cuts and I was bleeding. Unfortunately he seemed to listen to me.

One and Two untied my legs and pulled the noose off my cock. As they pulled me to my feet I groaned from the ache in my muscles. But it wasn't for long. They pushed me onto the stool on my back, really stretching the muscles in my arms. They pulled my knees wide apart and tied them to the legs of the stool, then tied my collar to the other end to securely attach me to the stool. My head was lying just off the stool and my neck quickly began to hurt as much as my arms. Somehow this didn't feel like fun. At least not for me.

Looking upside down from my position on the stool I could see C-one lying next to Alison while C-two took his place between her thighs. As he slipped his cock into her cunt I felt a stroke cut my thigh. I looked up to see Two attacking my legs with the crop. As I opened my mouth to moan C-one pulled my head back over the end of the stool and slipped his cock into my mouth. As I licked the slimy cum off him Two moved up to my stomach. As he started getting harder and harder in my mouth Two moved up to beat my tits.

With my head pulled back over the stool C-one's cock had a straight line down my throat and he started pumping deeper as he lengthened. I said he had a huge dick and now I felt it deep in my throat. His balls bounced off my eyes and he smothered my nose as he drove his cock into me. And all this time Two was whacking my chest and tits. I could hear Alison and C-two moaning on the couch and C-one joined them as he got close to cumming in my mouth. Two switched to the inside of my thighs with the crop and I nearly choked trying to scream and suck at the same time. C-one came so deep in my throat that the cum went straight down to my belly without hitting my mouth. When he stopped pumping he left his cock down my throat and his crotch and balls smothering my nose. My head was upside down, I was being smothered, I was trying to scream and my inner thighs were being cropped. Finally I could hear Alison and C-two moan in pleasure and the beating stopped. C-one pulled out of my mouth and I gasped for air.

This was not exactly going in line with my fantasies. For years I had fantasized about being helpless and abused by a beautiful, strong woman, preferably Alison. She would push me to my limits and beyond and take me higher and higher til finally I would cum in a huge explosion. Instead I could barely see or hear my wife and four men were battering my body inside and out. Before the night before I had never touched another man's cock and now I was trained as an expert cock sucker. I was completely disoriented as I lay in pain.

And yet when I looked down at my body my cock was standing straight up and hard as a rock. The harness that One had strapped on me was tighter than ever and both my cock and balls were a deep red. This scene was turning me on big time.

As if he could read my mind, One came over and removed the harness. "It looks like you are having too much fun. This only makes your cock feel good so we'll try it without it." He picked up the viper.

One started with a few light blows on my stomach and chest. Then he started increasing the force. It seemed every blow bit deeper and deeper into my flesh. When he reached an unbearable intensity he aimed at my right tit and I screamed. Then my left and back to the right. I thought clamps on my tits were bad but this was unbelievably painful.

Suddenly Alison's cunt appeared over my face. "Oh you're making me hot with your crying and squirming" she said as she sat on my chest and pulled my head into her crotch. The aroma of her sex and the C-boys juices was like an incredible aphrodisiac and I eagerly began to lick her lips. The viper bit into my inner thigh. The crop had hurt but the viper was several levels worse as One attacked my tender flesh. I had been spanked before but had never anything like this. If anything One struck my legs harder than he had my chest.

"Oh yes baby, put your tongue deep in me. I love it." Alison was getting hotter and hotter and so was I, in spite of the pain. Or because of it.

I could feel my cock swell even more than ever as I plunged my tongue into Alison's cunt. Then I could feel my cock in a different way as the viper lashed my shaft. It felt like my cock was being held in a fire. Alison pulled my head harder into her crotch as she fucked my face and tongue. The viper struck again and again, getting to every inch of my cock. Then the first blow landed on the very tip of my cock and I thought I would pass out. If my shaft felt like it was in a fire this felt like a blowtorch.

Alison was moaning louder and louder and fucking my face harder and harder. "Oh yes, yes, yes. Scream for me into my cunt." I was doing that and more as the viper mauled the tip of my cock. Alison launched into her strongest and loudest orgasm of the orgy. And the viper landed on my balls. Again and again. The worst pain I could remember was when I was kneed in the balls. This was worse. Way worse.

Alison rode my face as she came and suddenly my cock exploded in ecstasy as I joined her. It was the strongest orgasm I had ever had and I sprayed cum on her back. The viper on my balls had affected me more than any caress on my cock. The pain in my balls had gotten me off.

Alison dropped my head and collapsed on the floor beside my stool. I lay panting and aching and really confused. The C-boys were lying on the couch watching in amazement. Two was slumped in the chair. One chuckled. "I guess we know what really turns you on now don't we? Maybe we should see just how far you can go." The viper bit into my cock, then my balls again.

The turn on was gone, it left with my orgasm. This was just pure pain. And I was especially tender after what I had gone through. I couldn't even scream. I just lay there in agony whimpering and crying. Fortunately One quickly tired of the game. "He's gone. We won't be getting any more out of him tonight. And it looks like everyone is down for the count." He was right on both counts.

"We need to go," said C-two, "we have to get home." They had to get back to their family homes before curfew. Maybe they really were virgins before tonight. One gathered up his troops and they gathered up their clothes and toys and made their way out. There was plenty of hugging and kissing with Alison and plenty of slapping and whacking me with hands and belts.

"You've got my number," One said, "call me when you want to get another evening of play together."

"You bet I will honey," Alison assured him.

I don't know how long I lay strapped to my stool. After a long while Alison untied my legs and collar from the stool and helped me to sit up. "Looks like the boys forgot their collar and arm binding so I guess we'll have to have them back soon."

"Please baby, don't let them do that to me again," I begged. "I fantasize about you abusing me and getting off on the pain, not being turned into a cock-sucking faggot. Please don't let the boys have me another time."

"Well we'll see. It did get me hotter than hell watching you get beat and hearing you scream while I had those big cocks inside me. I sure don't want to stop that. We'll see what we can do next weekend." Alison helped me to my feet and led me upstairs to crawl into our bed. She soothed me and caressed the welts that seemed to cover every inch of my skin. But she didn't take off the arm binders or the collar. "We'll see."