Little White Lie

by Chained in Satin

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© Copyright 2007 - Chained in Satin - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; bond; wrap; enclosed; maid; toys; stuck; cons; X

Sophie strolled into the kitchen in her dressing gown past her husband Tom who was staring at the morning paper whilst slowly devouring a bowl of corn flakes. This was not the usual morning scene for their household at this time of day as Tom would usually be on the train heading to work.
Today was different however as Tom had the day off to use up the remainder of his holiday before the financial new year started.
Flicking the kettle on, Sophie turned towards her husband:

"So wants the plan for the day then?"

Tom looked up, a cornflake still protruding from his lips?


"I don’t want you under my feet all day, so when you have finished your breakfast and have showered I want you in the spare bedroom."

Tom groaned inwardly, he had planned a round of golf if the weather was good, but she obviously had other ideas.

"It’s my day off too and I want us to do something together today." Sophie continued.

Sophie turned back to the now boiling kettle and started pouring the water into her waiting cup.

"OK, but I want to play some golf later on if it’s not a problem."

"I think you are probably going to want to stay here when you see what I have planned."

Ah, so it wasn’t DIY she had in mind, that’s not too bad! Sophie had quite an imagination so it was pretty hard to guess what she was up to when she was as vague as this.

Finishing his cereal, Tom folded his paper up and got up from the table.

"OK, I won’t be long."

"See that you are not." Sophie smiled and headed upstairs towards the bedroom.

Sophie slipped her dressing gown onto the bed and walked round to her wardrobe. Normal everyday clothes filled the majority of the space, but a number of opaque dress bags hung to the left hand side. Pulling one out her laid it onto the bed before retrieving a box from a shelf inside the wardrobe.

Opening the dress bag she pulled the costume out from inside. This was her favourite costume out of those she possessed, a traditional French maid’s outfit in high gloss satin. She undid the zip and slipped it over her shoulders luxuriating in the feel of the slippery fabric. A satin pinny was next around her waist before she pulled the twelve layer net up her legs to give the dress the required fullness.

Moving over to her dresser, she opened the top drawer selecting a pair of ruffled satin knickers, stockings and a suspender belt. She sat on the bed whilst she pulled these up her legs noticing that the shower was now turned off and she could hear Tom drying his hair. Time to hurry. The last part of her ensemble was the stiletto heels which she recovered from under her bed. Quietly Sophie tip toed out of the bedroom and into the adjoining spare room. Time was now of the essence.

Tom walked into the spare room, a towel wrapped around his waist. Sat on the bed, her legs crossed and leaning back was his wife in her favourite outfit.
"Wow, I think I have an idea of what you’ve got planned now!"

"You have no idea, and from now on I am in charge understood?"

Tom nodded, smiling and wondering at the same time what she had planned.
Sophie got off the bed and strode over to her husband, pulling the towel from his waist, his erection became obvious.

"Good, I’m glad to see this is having the desired effect."

Tom reached out to touch his wife, but she slapped his hand down.

"Did I give you permission to touch me?"

"No, sorry" Tom smirked.
Sophie reached forward, grabbed his balls and squeezed.

"What was that?" An arched eyebrow framing the question.

"Ow! No mistress!"

"Good, that’s better... Now I want you to close your eyes and wait."

Sophie opened the drawer on the chest next to where they stood. She selected a set of tens pads which she carefully applied to Toms nipples. Next out of the drawer she removed the leather straightjacket they had purchased a number of years ago.

"Arms out in front of you!"

Tom complied. She pulled the jacket onto him lacing the back up as tight as it would go before securing the arms around his waist. The crotch strap she left for the minute.

Opening another drawer she selected an inflatable gag. This had a small pipe which exited at the front to breathe through if required, as well as detachable bulb for inflation.

"Open up"

Tom complied and in no time at all, the gag was buckled behind his head rendering him speechless. The gag had to go in first for the next bit. Another drawer opened and a leather head harness was secured around the gag, forcing his jaw closed around the still uninflated gag. Retrieving the bulb, Sophie attached it to the gag and gave it a few quick pumps. Sophie grabbed Tom’s balls, and gave then another squeeze, Tom mmphing into the gag. She gave it another few pumps and repeated the process, Tom's mmmphs were much quieter now. Satisfied she detached the bulb and moved across the room. Tom's eyes following her. Grabbing the chair that sat in the corner of the room, she wheeled it over. It had cost quite a lot of money, and to a casual observer looked just like a very high backed chair. Made from stainless steel and with castors on the bottom to make manoeuvring easy, the base could be removed leaving only thigh pads and the genital area of whoever was sat in it, free to access.

Grabbing the front of Toms straightjacket she guided tom onto the chair.

"Now I am going to give you a little treat" Sophie said as she produced a roll of cling film.

"You are going to be sat here for a while so get yourself comfy now."

Tom wriggled on the seat getting his position as comfortable as the chair would allow.
Sophie began wrapping each of Tom’s thighs to the pads on the chair, before lifting each ankle and then wrapping this to his thigh. She moved up to his chest next, wrapping across his body and around the back of the chair. Welding his upper body there.
"Trust me now, you wont be hurt" Sophie pulled a long length of cling film from the roll and wrapped it around his face cutting off his air. As quickly as she had done this she poked a hole with her fingers pulling the breathing pipe from his gag through the cling film. She poked similar holes through for his nose and eyes. Tom could now not move a muscle.
"Hmm, you look pretty secure; let’s see how much time I have left."

Sophie left the room, returning a few seconds later with a roll of duct tape.

"Fifteen minutes, let’s make you really secure!"

Using the tape Sophie moved quickly around the Clingfilm reinforcing it and eliminating even the little movement Tom had. She went very carefully around Tom’s neck making sure not to put any tension on his throat before wrapping several turns around his forehead welding it to the back of the chair.

Stepping back Sophie admired her work.

"Very nice! Now you are probably expecting a little fun now well here is the surprise. Today you get the silver medal; you are going to come last."
Sophie opened the door to the built in cupboard.

"I took a day off whilst you were at work about a week ago to prepare this, so I hope you enjoy it."

Sophie began moving the boxes stacked there into the corner of the room, emptying it completely. Grabbing the chair she rolled it over towards the cupboard.
Tom could now see what Sophie had prepared. A hole about the size of a large sheet of paper had been cut into the wall and through it he could see their bedroom.

"I took the liberty of replacing the mirror on my dresser for this particular piece of glass. It’s a one way mirror which you can see through but no one can see you. I glued it to the wall using plenty of that sealant you used on the bathroom so no sound you make will be heard. Not that it’s very likely that will happen"

Sophie reached down and slowly stroked Toms straining erection.

"I have a guest arriving shortly; I have hired a professional Domme who is going to punish a very naughty French maid. But don’t worry, I wont be having all the fun."

Sophie held up a butt plug for Tom to see."

Tom began mmphing now realising the gravity of his situation, as Sophie went behind him to insert the plug. Using a little Vaseline she slowly pushed the toy into his anus, and then grabbing the crotch straps from his straightjacket, pulled them between his legs forcing the plug in fully before buckling it up. She then plugged the still trailing wires into the tens unit and ran another cable into a socket which trailed from the butt plug.
Sophie then pushed Tom fully into the cupboard, activating the chairs wheel brakes before setting the tens unit to a random program.

"I’ve booked two hours so don’t worry, although I’m sure the time will go slower for you than for me!"

Shutting the door, Tom was enveloped in darkness, the only light coming from the hole directly in front of him.

Sophie locked the cupboard and placed the key on top of the door frame. Grabbing a bag she prepared earlier, Sophie left the spare room and went back to the main bedroom.

Tom saw his wife, still in her costume enter the room just as the tens unit began making its presence felt around his nipples. She placed a bag onto the bed. That was strange; he could still hear her foot steps. He moved his eyes to the left and saw the reason why, a baby monitor was hung from a hook on the wall. Twisted he thought, I can hear her but she can’t hear me!

Sophie strolled into the room again and sat on the bed. Looking directly at him, although unable to see him she addressed him directly.

"I hope you enjoy the show Tom, I know I will!"

Sophie lay back on the bed, her hand underneath her skirt she slowly rubbed herself through her knickers, her other hand inside the French maids outfit squeezing her breast.

Tom strained against his bonds but couldn’t do very much more than tense and untense. All he could do was watch his wife slowly masturbate herself into a frenzy. His own frustration rising.

The sound of the doorbell, amplified through the baby monitor caused his wife to look up from the bed. A smile crossed her face as she looked directly at the mirror.

“Well the shows about to start so I hope you are sitting comfortably”

Sophie swung off the bed and went to answer the door.

Chapter 2 - The Domme

Mistress Jade stood on the doorstep of the neat and tidy house and pushed the doorbell again. She frowned at the thought of being made to wait; she would make a note of that and punish her charge accordingly. She looked around the deserted cul-de-sac, noting that all of its occupants were probably at work, office staff in the city.
Her attire would certainly raise an eyebrow but she didn’t care. Her full length trench coat covered a satin blouse and leather pencil skirt, her hair pulled up tight into a bun, with a pair of narrow glasses perched on her nose for effect. She didn’t need a prescription, her glasses were fashion items and purely for effect.

Finally she heard the latch being undone and the door swung slightly ajar, nervous eyes peeked out at Mistress before quickly scanning the silent street.

“Is this how you treat guests? Open this door at once and let me see who I am addressing?”

The door slowly swung open, a petite brunette stood looking sheepishly at her feet. Her hands were behind her back, her breasts pushing the shiny satin fabric of her maid’s apron out in a most pleasing way.

”That’s better. I am not happy being made to wait like a commoner upon your doorstep, I will make a note of that.”

Mistress jade swept into the room past Sophie examining the rooms adjoining the hallway.
”Not bad, a little more austere than I am used to. But it will do.”

She looked at Sophie over the rim of her glasses.

“You may shut the door now.”

Sophie shut the door, relieved that the street looked empty. She was happy to be an exhibitionist, just not in front of her neighbours.

“Now the small matter of my payment and we can proceed.”

“My purse is in the kitchen if you would just follow me” Sophie spoke.

As Sophie passed by, Mistress Jade lifted the rear of her skirt and planted a firm smack against her cheeks, causing Sophie to yelp in surprise.

“You will address me as ‘Mistress Jade’ at all times, and I never said that you could speak!”

Sophie blushed visibly.

“I am sorry Mistress Jade.” Sophie managed to blush an even deeper red than she did before.

Sophie had contacted Mistress Jade through an internet contact site, and after detailed discussions as to limits and likes/dislikes, agreed on a time and date.
She had not done anything like this before, and although she was flushed with excitement of what was to come, was comfortable with her selection of Mistress. Especially given the detailed questioning she had received. Even as far as the relationship with her husband and his likes and dislikes.
Handing over the agreed upon sum, her mistress quickly counted the money before placing it in her purse.

“Well now, you have been a very naughty maid. This house is filthy and you have made me wait and disrespected me to boot!” Mistress Jade summoned her sternest look.

“What would your master think if he saw you now?”

Sophie looked at her feet.

“I asked you a question child?”

“Sorry Mistress Jade, I would imagine he wouldn’t be very happy.”

“There he is working all day to provide a warm and comfortable house for you and this is the way you repay him.”
”Yes mistress”

“And when will your husband arrive home?”

“Five’ O’clock mistress” Sophie lied, knowing full well that he was bound inescapably to a chair in their spare rooms cupboard, only able to watch the entertainment to come.

“Well I must administer punishment in his absence, Up to your room this instant!”
Sophie looked indecisive for a few moments, before deciding the best course of action would be to do exactly as she was told. Moving as fast as she could in her heels, she headed towards the bedroom.

Mistress Jade followed at a more leisurely pace, watching the skirts of Sophie’s dress bounce as she made her way up the stairs. She slipped the coat from her shoulders and hung it on the stair banister before following today’s submissive up the stairs.

Tom saw Sophie enter the room and sit on the side of the bed. She looked at the mirror on the dresser, at Tom, and winked a conspiratorial wink.

Next into the room walked a statuesque woman, the very image of a dominatrix. She ignored Sophie entirely and walked over to the bag on the bed. Unzipping the bag she began to rifle through the contents, removing various items and placing them on the bed.

“For such a naughty maid I am sure conventional punishments are out of the question. Come here and kneel.”

Sophie got off the bed and trotted round to her Mistress before kneeling at her feet. Pulling a satin blindfold from the bag she pulled it over Sophie's eyes.

“I don’t want you escaping so I will secure those meddlesome hands I think.”

Pulling two shoulder length mitts from the bag, Mistress Jade busied herself with lacing them up Sophie’s arms. A posture collar was next from the bag and buckled tightly around her charges neck. Taking a length of chain from the bag and some padlocks, the tops of the mitts were secured to a ring at the back of the collar preventing Sophie from slipping the mitts off. Another padlock secured the bottoms of the Mitts together behind her back, rendering her completely helpless.

Tom looked on in fascination as a total stranger blindfolded and bound his willing wife. The tens unit attached to his nipples was set to random program in both intensity and duration. At the moment it felt like pins were being jabbed into them.
He watched as the stranger unzipped her skirt letting it fall to the ground before removing her blouse and placing it on the back of the bedroom chair. She stood dressed only in her heels, bra and knickers which she slipped down her ankles and onto the floor.
Grabbing his wife’s hair she sat in the chair and slowly pulled his wife’s face towards her crotch.
”You will lick me clean to start with, and once I am satisfied we will continue with your punishment.”

Sophie resisted but was inexorably pulled closer, unable to use her hands as leverage, she quickly found her face buried in her Mistress’s pussy.

Tom’s watched in amazement as his wife pleasured another woman. Unable to move, he desperately wanted to join or even to just masturbate, but his wife had done too good a job in securing him. After what seemed like an eternity, the strangers head went back and her hips spasmed as what was obviously an orgasm shook her body. Pulling his wife’s head away she stood up and went over to the bag again.

Mistress Jade removed the ball-gag from the bag and placed it on the bed. Rummaging around she found a leather hood which was laid next to it.

“You have redeemed yourself of one of your indiscretions, making me wait. You will now be punished for having a dirty home followed by a further punishment for speaking out of turn.”

Mistress Jade picked up the ball-gag.

“Open your mouth now.”

As Sophie complied, the gag was pushed quickly into her waiting mouth and buckled behind her head. The hood came next. Eyeless and mouth less, it laced from the rear and made sure that Sophie could not expel the gag from her mouth. Helping Sophie to her feet, she pushed her over the edge of the bed onto her front. Mistress Jade hopped onto the bed; straddled Sophie’s back and lifted her skirts exposing the ruffled knickers. With a deft hand she slapped the presented buttocks with a satisfying thwack.

“One, two, three…”

Sophie mewed and kicked her legs but was unable to escape the onslaught.
The spanking continued for almost five minutes. Tom watched in amazement as the tops of his wife’s thighs became red from the abuse. It was this point the vibrator in Toms arse decided to make itself known. Tom squealed in surprise but all that came out was an ineffective grunt.

Sophie’s mistress climbed off of her charge, leaving her breathing heavily through the open nostrils of the leather hood. Fetching several coils rope from the bed, she pulled Sophie into the centre of the bed.

“Well that was your punishment for having a dirty house, now all that remains is your punishment for speaking out of turn.”

Taking each ankle, she tied each to the corner of the bed, before releasing the padlock which bound the mitts. Taking more rope she secured the ends of the mitts to the head of the bed; effectively spread eagling Sophie and leaving her body taut.

Mistress Jade rifled through the bag once more, removing even more rope before removing one last item. A Hitachi massager wand and extension lead. Taking the wand she placed it directly against Sophie’s sex, using the extra rope to bind it to her waist and then to each corner of the bed, making sure it could not be dislodged. Taking one last item from the bag, she bent down to the side of the bed finding a suitable mains outlet. She plugged the timer into the wall and then plugged the flying lead from the wand into the timer.
The timer was the sort that would switch a bedside light or whatever was plugged into it, on or off at random intervals to convince burglars that a house was occupied. Setting the timer for its shortest duration, making sure the power switch on the wand was off; she switched the wall socket on the timer to on and proceeded to retrieve her clothes.

Sophie could hear Mistress Jade moving around, felt her tie something to her crotch and then silence. Whatever was there couldn’t been dislodged no matter how much she wriggled. Not that her mistress had left any slack in the ropes holding her to the bed. She could slide her bum a short distance side to side, the satin of her knickers and dress allowing almost no friction. Wherever she moved, the pressure on her crotch remained steady. Sophie was very turned on now, and would have begged for release had the gag and hood not rendered her silent. She wondered what form the next part of her punishment would be, she expected she would shortly find out.

Fully dressed again, Mistress Jade walked round to the dresser, and sitting in the chair checked her makeup. Tom grunted as loudly as he could, but the stranger simply spun in the chair and addressed his wife.
”For your final part of your punishment I have decided to make an example of you.”

“You will remain tied to this bed at the mercy of the device I have attached to your sex for the duration until your husband, sorry, master arrives home from work. It’s up to him then to decide what he wants to do with you.”

Sophie froze, Tom wouldn’t be coming home from work, and he was tied to a chair in the adjoining room! Tom’s reaction at this moment was almost the same. A cold dread chilled his heart as he heard these words.
Mistress Jade leaned over to the bed and flicked the power switch on the wand to on. The timer must be in its off cycle right now as it remained inert.

“I wish you adieu and goodnight. Don’t worry, I will see myself out.”

And with that Mistress Jade got up and left the room. A job well done she retrieved her coat from the end of the stairs and as she opened the door noticed with some satisfaction the sound of the Hitachi switching on. Closing the door to the house and walking down the driveway Mistress Jade wondered if she would be likely to see this particular client again soon…

Tom struggled uselessly in his bonds as he watched his wife thrash on the bed. Her body arched as the wand switched on and her hips spasmed as an orgasm hit her. Tom would have no such release, the tens unit had started another more powerful cycle and the butt plug was ramping its vibrations up. He could hear her moaning into the gag and watched as her body shook violently as another orgasm hit her again.