Lesbians and Unicorns

by Christine

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© Copyright 2010 - Christine - Used by permission

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Saturday - The Next Day

This is the sequel to “Bound On The Town” and what happened the next day. However, it is a separate story unto itself. Briefly, I want to recount the events that got Lisa and me into the predicament we found ourselves in on that Saturday morning. In “Bound On The Town,” my girlfriends and I were out shopping together, when the subject of some sort of public bondage adventure came up. Beth and Ashley dared Lisa and I to go to a lesbian bar, with our hands cuffed behind our backs, as their love slaves, to see what would happen. Lisa and I rejected that dare for several reasons, but we eventually came up with another plan for a public bondage outing.

However, the 4 of us decided to go to a local sports bar on a Friday night, to meet guys and give out phone numbers, with one of us having her hands cuffed behind her back. I drew the short straw, and when it was time to leave, I willingly let them cuff my wrists behind my back. As soon as I was secured, things started to go wrong. They forced me to wear a remote controlled vibrator, to torment me throughout the evening. Instead of going to our local sports bar, they drove me to one in another town. I did find 3 cute guys, who I thought Lisa had given my phone number to. When we left that sports bar, they didn’t take me home. Instead, they took me to a nearby hotel, where the girls had previously gotten a suite-type room. I was shocked to see my 3 cute guys, from the sports bar, there. Lisa took control and stripped me and let the 3 guys play with me. She forced me to give each of them blowjobs, and let them screw me doggie-style, right there in front of everyone in the living room. After that, Lisa tied me naked and spread-eagle in the bedroom, so that the guys could fuck me some more.

When Lisa tried to leave, to hookup with someone she met at the sports bar, the 3 guys turned the tables on her. They stripped her, tied her up, used and abused her, for the rest of the night, while they repeatedly fucked me. However, they never let Lisa come at all. Around 9:00 AM Saturday morning, Beth and Ashley returned to the hotel room to find Lisa and me bound and gagged, and Lisa had a vibrator buzzing slowly in her pussy. The girls decided to keep us tied-up. They got us into the backseat of Beth’s car, re-tied and gagged us, and started out on our 30-40 minute ride home. Beth turned back to Lisa and me and said, “We’re going to keep you two for the rest of the weekend, and take you to that lesbian bar tonight!!!

As soon as we pulled out of that hotel parking lot, Ashley turned Lisa’s vibe on high. Lisa almost jumped out of her seat. Within 5 minutes, she had her 1st convulsive orgasm. Lisa squirmed and screamed and came with orgasm after orgasm, until she eventually passed out. I repeatedly grunted 3 times into my gag, which was our “safety word” for when we were gagged, and Ashley looked around and turned off the vibrator. Lisa quickly settled down and slept the rest of the way home. While Lisa was screaming and coming in the backseat, next to me, I heard Ashley on her cell, talking to someone about going to a lesbian bar that night. We got back to Beth’s house by 10:00 AM, and they untied Lisa and me, and helped us into the kitchen. I took a quick bathroom break, while Beth made breakfast for all of us. During breakfast, Ashley informed us that we wouldn’t be getting much sleep that night. Lisa and I hadn’t gotten any sleep the previous night. We each swallowed 2 Nytol caplets that Beth provided. I crashed on Beth’s bed and was out soon after my head hit the pillow.

Ashley woke me up at 6:00 PM. I felt refreshed, after getting over 7 hours of dreamless sleep. A quick stop in the bathroom and I was down in the kitchen for dinner. I was still in the clothes I wore the night before. There was pizza and fresh fruit. That was the type of food I needed. Along with 3 slices of pizza, I ate a banana and drank 3 cups of coffee. We talked about the previous night. I learned that Lisa did indeed give my phone number to the 3 guys I liked at the sports bar, but she secretly invited them to the hotel room to hookup with me. That was why Ashley and Lisa personally escorted the guys we liked away from our booth, so that I didn’t know what was going on. Ashley and Beth had gotten another room, across the hall, where they spent the night with the guys they hooked up with. Lisa had planned to join them, after tying me naked to the bed and turning me over to my guys, to hookup with the guy she invited. It was just as well that my guys ambushed her, because her guy never showed up. Lisa spent about 5 hours naked and tied, kneeling at the foot of my bed, while my 3 guys teased and tormented her body. I had no sympathy for Lisa. She set the whole thing up.

After dinner, Beth and Ashley took us out into the living room. They stripped Lisa and me, and said they would take care of our clothes. My blouse and underwear were washable. My skirt was fine, but just needed a little ironing. They tied our hands behind our backs. Beth said, “You girls need a little practice eating pussy.” She was actually right, though isn’t it like swimming or riding a bicycle? You never forget how!. It had been nearly 3 months since we had a bondage sex Girl’s Night. Over that time, I had plenty of sex with guys; both bound and unbound, but hadn’t licked any pussy in all that time. I got on a chair, leaned back and hooked my legs over the arms of the chair. Lisa knelt in front of me and gave me a thorough pussy licking. She really got me going by teasing my love hole and clit with her wicked tongue. I didn’t beg, but she made me moan and whimper a lot, before I came.

When it was my turn to do Lisa, they had her lie on the floor, with her knees up and spread. They made me kneel between her legs and bend down to Lisa’s pussy, with my ass and pussy sticking up in the air. Ashley shoved her big 8” vibrator into my pussy and turned it on. This was the only motivation I needed. I tried to start slowly on Lisa’s pussy, gradually working her into a frenzy, but Beth and Ashley kept telling me to go faster. When I didn’t lick fast enough for them, Ashley grabbed the end of her buzzing vibrator, that was sticking out of my pussy, and began fucking me with it. I attacked Lisa’s clit with my tongue, and licked it as fast as I could. Lisa quickly came with a wrenching groan and shudder. Ashley pulled her vibrator out of my pussy, helped me up and dragged me into Beth’s guest bedroom. She said that it was time to get me ready.

As Ashley got undressed, she told me that she was going to turn me into a lesbian for the night. I was going to be a naughty confused bi-sexual, who needed a real lesbian experience. Ashley would try to hook me up (whore me out?) with some hot lesbians, for a night of fun. My wrists were still tied behind my back. I hadn’t had time to digest all of this, when Ashley took me into the large shower in the guest bathroom. She shampooed and rinsed our hair. Using a lightly floral scented shower gel, Ashley soaped our bodies. Before rinsing us, she sensually ran her hands all over the most sensitive parts of my soapy body. When we were rinsed clean, she turned the shower to a light mist.

As we stood there toe to toe in the steamy mist, Ashley began lightly touching and caressing me. It was as if she was getting newly acquainted with me. As she looked me in the eyes, her fingers sensually stroked my face, neck and shoulders. Her intimate touches were very arousing. Ashley followed with feather light kisses over the same areas, and moved lower, down my breasts towards my nipples. She moved closer, until our breasts touched, and warmly kissed me on the mouth. This was not at all like the beginnings of the female-female sexual encounters that I had experienced, in bondage, for years. I was heterosexual. Previously, I had been in tight bondage, whether I was giving or getting, as part of our Girl’s Night bondage sex games. This was different. I was sexually aroused by the sheer intimacy. Ashley had put her arms around my neck and crushed our bodies together. We were kissing passionately. My mind flashed back to all the times Ashley and I had eaten each other’s pussies. I had always thought of it as pleasuring each other, while bound, either making the other come quickly or teasing the other’s pussy, with our tongues, to the point of having to beg to come. I was overwhelmed and drawn to my long time friend. Strong feelings flooded my mind.

Without a word being spoken, Ashley forced me down to my knees onto the tile floor of the large shower. I raised my head, as Ashley spread her legs wide apart and positioned herself over my mouth. Though I was bound, I made love to my friend, Ashley. I had never felt this intimacy before, with my best friend, Lisa, or any other woman, while eating pussy at Girl’s Night. Although my wrists were still bound behind my back, I didn’t feel like a submissive. I wasn’t going to rush it, but also didn’t want to tease her too long. I wanted it to be pure pleasure for Ashley. In the warm shower mist, rivulets of water streamed from our bodies. Before my mouth found her pussy, I could smell her arousal. When my mouth contacted her pussy, her labia lips were swollen and open for me. She was fully aroused and her pussy juices were flowing freely. I kissed and sucked her pussy and experienced the sweet taste of her.

I plunged my tongue as far as I could into her open and waiting love hole. After a few strokes and preliminary exploring, I withdrew my tongue and thoroughly licked her outer and inner pussy lips again, working my way back to her love hole. Ashley’s breathing grew heavy, as I again slipped my tongue inside her. While my tongue roamed over Ashley’s sensitive vaginal walls, she started moaning. She moaned louder, while I tongue fucked her. I felt that Ashley was nearly ready to come. I concentrated on her now swollen and elongated nub. I didn’t want to tease her too long, and alternately licked and sucked her clit. Finally, I captured her clit, with my lips, and sucked as hard as I could, while flicking it with the tip of my tongue. Ashley’s body began to shudder as her orgasm overtook her. I gently sucked her clit throughout her orgasm and her knees slumped a little. When Ashley had regained her composure, she helped me stand up. She untied my wrists, stared intently into my eyes and kissed me passionately. That kiss had intense meaning. Something passed between Ashley and me. Just what our relationship now was would have to be explored, but there wasn’t time now.

Ashley said that we had to get ready. We silently toweled our bodies and hair. Ashley wrapped a towel around her hair and another around her body. As she left the bathroom, she told me that I had 30 minutes to finish up in the bathroom, but DON’T put on any makeup. The necessary lotions and creams were sitting on the countertop. Ashley re-appeared in the bathroom as I was finishing up. Her hair was done and she was in her panties. She brought a fat 3” remote controlled egg vibrator and a pair of black silk panties with cotton liner. I knew my wrists were going to be cuffed behind my back for several hours, and I fully expected that I would also have a vibe in my pussy to torment and frustrate me that night. I had worn remote controlled vibrators for probably 5 years, and could wear them for long periods of time. I found out early that my pussy was easily aroused and free flowing. With a vibrator set on random, and wearing a panty with a cotton liner, my pussy juices would be running down my leg within a couple hours. I would routinely wear a small Kotex sanitary pad in my slit, when I had a RC vibe in me. Ashley let me insert the egg in my pussy. I positioned the pad and pulled up my panties.

We walked out into the bedroom, where there was a dressing table. I sat down and finished my hair. Ashley then did my makeup. I rarely wear much makeup, even when going out at night. Ashley used a lipstick on me that was several shades darker than my usual red lipstick, and she applied much more than I would ever use. She did my eyes, with a few strokes of the applicator to my already naturally thick and long eyelashes, a little eye liner and 2 shades of eye shadow. Finally, she sprayed a sexy flirty lightly floral scented perfume, with a hint of spice, onto a Q-tip. She dabbed some between my breasts and behind my ear lobes. I donned a pair of dangly earrings and was ready for my dress. Ashley had chosen a sweetheart strapless bra top mini dress of Modal and Spandex. It was an eye catching fiesta red. I stepped into the dress and Ashley zipped me up. I slipped into conservative 4” heels and was ready to go. The soft stretchy fabric of my dress revealed every curve of my body and a lot of leg, with its length well above mid-thigh. Ashley wore a sexy classic one shoulder belted cocktail mini dress in yellow with platform pumps. Oh yes, I forgot the cuffs. Ashley used 2” padded leather wrist cuffs to secure my hands behind my back. The vibrator inside my pussy had not yet been turned on.

We went out into Beth’s living room and the others were waiting for us. Lisa was standing with her arms cuffed behind her back. I assumed she was wearing a vibrator like mine. She wore a black sleeveless choker style mini dress that was quite short, with platform sandals. With her blue eyes and blonde hair, she looked stunning. Beth wore a sexy purple mini dress with 3/4 length slit sleeves. There was a keyhole back and button detail down the front. Only the 3 top buttons were able to be unfastened, which revealed some nice cleavage. I thought we all looked elegant and hot! It was nearly 9:00 PM and time to go. Lisa and I were placed in the back seat of Beth’s older Cadillac sedan. Ashley asked us if we were going to behave, or did we need to be gagged and have our legs tied. I think it was a bluff, because they wouldn’t have wanted us to show rope marks and smear our lipstick, but I said that I would be good. After all, I was a naughty confused bi-sexual.

We were off to a lesbian bar. As soon as we started moving, Ashley turned the vibrator in my pussy on the random setting. Beth headed north and got on Interstate 10, heading west. When we turned onto Highway 2, that angled northwest, I figured we were going to WeHo, a mainstay of overpriced drinks and attitude. There was more traffic on Highway 2 than we expected. I was a little relieved when we, instead, headed into North Hollywood. It was nearly 10:00 PM when we arrived. Beth pulled into their parking lot and there were still a number of places available. Nothing ever gets going until after 11:00 PM on a Saturday night.

I was fairly quiet, during the 1 hour drive to the lesbian bar. I had a chance to think about what might happen tonight and how I might fit in. I thought I could easily pass myself off as a bi-sexual in the bedroom, but I knew nothing about lesbian language, protocol, or how they hooked up. My only serious girl-girl sexual experiences had occurred during bondage sex games. I had been eating pussy for 7-8 years and enjoyed it just as much as sucking cock. I didn’t think we were overdressed. Ashley and Beth had been to this bar before, and they chose our clothes. None of our dresses would have cost over $100. We were all dressed in fashionable Clubwear, more like femmes or lipstick lesbians, rather than butch lesbians.

I seriously thought about it on the way to the bar. If Beth and Ashley were going to hook me up with some lesbian girls for the rest of the night, I would rather they be femmes. There was this stereotypical belief that femmes were attracted to butch lesbians, and vice versa, but I knew it wasn’t always true. I think it was widely believed that butch lesbians or dykes, being more masculine, were also always dominant in a relationship, whether bondage was involved or not. When we got together on Girl’s Nights, to play bondage sex games, I played both dominant and submissive roles. I prefer to be a sub, but all the girls that play are pretty hot and would be considered femmes, if they were lesbians. Outside a lesbian bar in any social situation, a hot femme lesbian would be indistinguishable from a hot sexy heterosexual woman. I was apprehensive, as we pulled into the bar’s parking lot. I didn’t want to be hooked up with a butch lesbian, who at least from her appearance, didn’t enjoy being feminine. Ashley knew I was nervous about all this.

Lesbians and Unicorns

Ashley helped me out of the back seat of Beth’s car. There was a short line. Beth paid the $5.00/head cover to a somewhat chunky dyke manning the door (I use the term dyke, perhaps incorrectly, to distinguish in my own mind the more masculine aggressive lesbians, as they appear and act, from butch lesbians). She checked all of our IDs and we were allowed in. She didn’t even bat an eye over Lisa’s and my bound wrists. We split up when we got inside, and Ashley took me around to tour the place. In one area there were 2 pool tables, a dart board on the wall and some arcade games. A number of tables were there for seating. A nice size dance floor had a few people on it, while the female DJ spun tunes. An outdoor enclosed patio was provided for smoking, and that was where a lot of action took place. There was a neat circular bar and Unicorns painted on the walls.

The bar wasn’t too crowded and we stopped by the bar to get a drink. Ashley got me a rum-‘n- Coke, which I could drink with a straw, and she got a margarita. She snagged a table, and we sat down to people watch and checkout the scene. This was definitely a dive bar, and some might say it was a bit seedy. By now, people were pouring in. I saw some male/female couples, gay couples and a few trolling gay men. There were a number of obvious butch lesbians, but most of the crowd seemed to be women together in various sized groups. I assumed, because this place was known as a lesbian bar, that virtually all of these women were femmes or lipstick lesbians. BUT, who could know. They used makeup, dressed in a feminine way, but could just as easily be heterosexual.  Most of them were dressed in outfits similar to ours, for a night on the town. But a good number of the hot looking women were dressed down casual.

As Ashley and I were talking and looking around, I felt a warm hand on my bare shoulder giving me a gentle squeeze. I turned around and gave a little smile. I wasn’t used to strangers touching me that way. What I saw, were 2 tall thin butch lesbians, with no makeup and short shaggy hair. One wore old jeans and a tank top, while the other looked like she shopped out of the L.L. Bean catalogue. After I said “hey”, I turned to Ashley, sitting across the table from me, to handle this. Ashley was polite and talked a little with them, but as she talked, she stared that hand off my shoulder. The L.L. Bean girl removed her hand with another squeeze and a sigh. They soon moved away. Ashley started telling me how things might work. We could cruise the room and approach girls, or sit still and let people come to us. We would do the latter. She told me to be friendly to everyone and always smile, at least a little. As Ashley started telling me about approaches and touching, 3 attractive women stopped by our table. Ashley gave me the shut up sign. After a few moments, the women introduced themselves. I smiled as Sharon, Camille (Cami) and Claire smiled warmly and said “hey.” Camille was a gorgeous woman, who would stand out in any crowd. After a few more minutes of conversation, Ashley invited them to pull up chairs and join us. All 5 of us sat around our small table, with Camille on my left, and Claire on my right.

Sharon was short, maybe 5’2”-5’3”, with short black curly hair and deep dark eyes. She had a perpetual smile on her cute rounded face. She wore tight black designer jeans and a white silk blouse, with a multi-colored silk scarf. She probably weighed about 140 pounds, but had a nice curvy figure and large breasts. I thought that perhaps she had a bit of Hispanic heritage. Claire was tall and willowy, probably 6’0”, but her body language oozed sexuality. She had blonde hair, going way down her back, and blue eyes, prominent cheekbones and a wide smile. She wore a navy bra top, which she wore off her left shoulder, and a tight white mini skirt. She had small breasts and narrow hips. Claire’s long sexy legs, supported by platform sandals, went on forever. When I saw Camille, I immediately thought of a beautiful hot European movie actress. Her olive toned skin was flawless. She had large bright brown eyes and long dark brown hair similar to mine. GOD, what a body! Camille’s breasts had to be perfect 38Ds. She was probably 5’10”, tiny narrow waist that flared out to curvy hips and cute ass. Her slinky shimmering gold halter top mini dress showed off her beautiful figure and long shapely legs.

As the music played, we talked about ourselves, where we were from and what we did. It turned out that we were all single (not with anyone in particular), working and generally in our mid 20s. The subject of my bound wrists wasn’t initially mentioned, but I felt it hung there in the air. Everyone seemed to hit it off. We did eventually start talking about bondage, and shared our experiences and preferences. That is when Cami put her hand on my thigh, under the table. Our eyes met and I gave her a little welcoming smile, which prompted her to gently caress me. After a couple minutes, the vibrator in my pussy cycled on. Cami felt it and looked at me again, smiling knowingly. Eventually Ashley told the story of my previous night’s bondage experience at the hotel. By then, Claire had put her arm around my neck and snuggled against me from my right side. The 3 women seemed fascinated by the friendly double-crossing and what happened to Lisa. Finally, Ashley spun her story about me being a naughty confused bi-sexual and my current cuffed situation. With that, Sharon asked Ashley if she could dance with me. Ashley gave me a big smile and nodded yes to Sharon. As Sharon took my arm and led me off to the dance floor, I saw Ashley reach into her purse. She pointed the vibe’s RC at me, and the egg in my pussy buzzed to life on a continuous low setting.

Sharon took me to the far corner of the dance floor, away from the DJ and largest crowds of dancers. The DJ had been playing a mix of Top-40 and Hip-Hop music, with a slow dance or salsa number every once in awhile. I tried to dance a little at first, by bending my knees and thrusting my hips to the beat of the music. I drew a little attention from a few nearby girls, when I bounced up and down on my toes during a hip-hop song. With my wrists cuffed behind my back, serious dancing was out. Sharon reached one arm around my neck and the other around my waist, and drew me close. No matter what type of song was being played, we just slowly swayed a little back and forth. We talked very little. Sharon was about 6” shorter than me, and her face was even with my neck. She started getting a little intimate by nibbling and softly kissing me along my jaw, on my neck and along my bare shoulder and collar bone. I was responding to Sharon and enjoying it. We were very briefly interrupted by a butch and a dyke lesbian, who wanted to cut in. Sharon waved them off and pointed over to Ashley. Sharon got up on tip-toes to sensually lick my ear and suck my earlobe. She drew me down, with her arm around my neck, to share some warm wonderful kisses.

Sharon and I were probably on the dance floor for 20-30 minutes, when an attractive woman cut in. I realized that my back was to Ashley all this time, and Sharon had probably gotten a signal from her to let this woman cut in. Actually, 5 women in a row came to dance with me for 1 or 2 tunes. There was no pretense to dance. Each of them came on to me in their own way, as we slowly swayed to our own beat. There was a lot of tender touching and caressing. They kissed me softly and warmly on the lips and around my face and neck. I was enjoying the sensations and attention. I sensually kissed them back, as the vibe in my pussy continued to steadily buzz away. It was clear that Ashley was managing me, and anyone wanting access to me had to go through her. I thought that these women were, perhaps, auditioning for Ashley in a type of speed dating game. Someone came from behind me and tapped on my shoulder, breaking up a kiss with a hot young blonde girl. It was Cami, from our table.

Cami wasted no time. She pushed her thigh between my legs and wrapped both arms around my neck. We shared a long warm moist kiss. She felt so good against my body. I was strongly attracted to her. I would love to tie her up and play with that hot body of hers. When Cami broke the kiss, she boldly declared, “I WANT YOU!” I felt myself blush a little, but did not say anymore. For maybe the next 10 minutes, I swayed back and forth on Cami’s thigh, between my legs, and paid no attention to the music. Cami’s mouth and tongue did magical things to my throat, neck and ears. As we “danced”, I was taking tiny steps to my left, so that I had pivoted more toward the dance floor. I saw Lisa dancing with the young blonde, who briefly danced with me. Ashley, Sharon and Claire were out in the center of the dance floor, wildly hip-hopping to the beat. The next tune was a slow song, and Cami put both her arms around my back and pulled me tightly to her. We actually slow danced, while we continued to kiss.

The next tune, from the DJ, was a Top-40 hit with a strong beat. Cami continued to hold me tight and whispered in my ear, “Brace yourself.” I was confused by what she meant, until the vibrator in my pussy was remotely turned on high. I got a quick glimpse of a smiling Ashley out of the corner of my eye, before realizing what that vibe was doing to me, and what might happen. While I was on the dance floor, that vibrator had been steadily buzzing in my pussy for over an hour. Almost immediately, I felt those warm wonderful tingly sensations that signaled a building orgasm. OH MY GOD! I was going to come right there on the dance floor! My hips began to thrust involuntarily. Cami held me tight and thrust her thigh right up against my pussy. I was moaning low in my throat, which probably could only be heard by Cami, because of the loud music. As the vibrator brought me closer to orgasm, I started humping Cami’s thigh in time with the music. Another song came on with a faster beat, and I kept time by humping faster. Cami kissed me, smothering my involuntary moans, as they grew louder. During the 3rd song, a few loud groans escaped from my mouth. When I finally went over the edge, I shuddered and spasmed with my orgasm. Cami muffled my loud groan of release, with a hard deep kiss. She held me tight through my orgasm, but my knees didn’t give way at all. The vibrator in me was turned back to random, the music stopped, the DJ was taking her break, and everyone was applauding and cheering. Except, a few people around Cami and me were looking at us and clapping and smiling. They must have known what happened.

Cami took me out to the smoking patio. It was crowded and loud out there. She found a spot near a back corner and backed me against a wall. Everything imaginable was probably going on out there. As I looked around, I saw a drug sale. Many couples were kissing and making out, including some gay men. Across from us, along the adjacent wall, a guy and girl were kissing, while he had his hand up her skirt. Cami loved my orgasm, and told me how she felt sharing it with me. We had to get together again sometime soon! I explained about the egg vibe in me, which she first discovered back at our table. She was amazed that I could wear the cuffs and a vibe for up to 8 hours. We got into more details of our bondage preferences. I told Cami more about my previous night’s experiences, including how I taunted the men to play rough with me, and how the men used Lisa, without letting her come for hours. We kissed on and off, while we talked. Cami slipped a hand up between us and played with my nipples through my dress. I groaned and closed my eyes, when she pinched them. This brought another knowing smile to her face. I WANTED CAMI! While we were kissing, Claire found us.

Cami excused herself and turned me over to Claire. Out in the center of the patio, I briefly saw Lisa with the young blonde she danced with, plus the L.L. Bean butch lesbian, who stopped by our table earlier. Claire moved in on me and backed me flat against the wall. As she pressed her body against mine, Claire slipped both hands between us and found my hard nipples with her fingers. She asked me if Cami had been playing with them. Before I could answer, she captured my lips with hers, and gave me a warm soft open mouth kiss. She told me not to speak and close my eyes. Claire used her long fingers to tenderly caress every inch of my bare skin above my waist. It was so intimate and arousing that, at times, chills ran down my spine. I became aware that the music had started up again, and that people were headed back to the dance floor. Her tongue explored the swirls of my ears, her lips sucked my earlobes, and her hands ran over my waist, hips and ass. With her long arms, Claire ran her hands up and down the sides and backs of my thighs. I thought about licking and kissing her long legs all the way up to her pussy. Her sensuous lips kissed all the sensitive areas of my face, neck and throat. I became more aroused and breathed heavily. I wanted Claire to kiss me silly. Finally, Claire wrapped both of her arms around my back, forcing my bound arms out and up. As she crushed our bodies together, I felt her small hard breasts against mine. My head was bent back and my mouth consumed by Claire. I was so turned on! I wanted to come again! I’m sure we kissed passionately for about 10 minutes, without coming up for air, while exploring each other’s mouths, with our tongues. And then I heard Sharon’s voice telling us to break it up.

Our chests were heaving and we gasped for air, as Sharon told us it was time to go. I was both stunned and confused, as they led me through the club to the front door. I noticed that it was a little after 1:00 AM, and commented that the club was open until 2:00 AM. Sharon said that we were leaving to have some fun. I asked about stopping to use the bathrooms, but Claire said that they were dirty and smelly. There was no sign of Ashley or Beth or Lisa anywhere.


Cami was waiting for us at the front door. She led us out of the club, while Claire and Sharon held my arms firmly. I think the woman at the door thought I probably had a little too much to drink. I resisted a little, as they took me out into the parking lot. Beth’s Cadillac was gone! They took me to a Toyota sedan and helped me get comfortable in the back seat. As we drove away, Cami was all over me. She kissed me and pinched my nipples for perhaps 10 minutes, until we arrived at our destination. I had no idea where we were.

We pulled into a numbered space in a lot next to a large 3 story apartment building. Cami helped me out of the back seat of the car and we walked into the building. Claire and Cami helped me climb the 2 flights of stairs up to the 3rd floor, while Sharon went ahead. We entered what appeared to be a spacious apartment. I was standing in an entry hall, with a long corridor leading ahead. There were a number of doors, probably for bedrooms and bathrooms. Through an open archway, I could see into the living room. I had forgotten about the randomly vibrating egg in my pussy. Claire took a remote out of her purse, pointed it at me, and the vibe in my pussy was turned off. She had gotten it somehow from Ashley. I didn’t know what to think.

Cami opened the 1st door and we entered a small bathroom, while Claire and Sharon went past us down the hall. I guess it was bathroom break for everyone. Cami undid my dress in the back and it slipped down to the floor. She helped me step out of it. She pulled down my wet panties and removed the soaked Kotex napkin from my slit. I sat down on the toilet to pee, while Cami took my dress away. When she came back, Cami gently washed my pussy, with a washcloth and warm water. She patted me dry, with tissues, and pulled my panties back up, leaving the vibrator still inside me. She combed my hair and re-did my lipstick, which had mostly been kissed off at the lesbian bar. I was escorted back into the living room and told to stand there in the middle of the floor. It was a large long open room, with living area and entertainment equipment at one end, a nice size kitchen at the far end, separated by an eating area. The remote to my vibe was sitting on a table. Cami picked it up and turned it on a low continuous setting. I stood in the middle of the floor, with my wrists still cuffed behind my back, wearing only my heels and panties. I wondered what these 3 lesbians had in store for me.

After maybe 10 minutes, all 3 women walked into the living room naked, except for their panties and heels. They stood in front of me and fingered their pussies, through their panties, for about 5 minutes, while they giggled and teased each other about how wet they were getting. I could smell their feminine arousal from where I stood. Each of them ceremoniously stripped off their wet panties and approached me. Claire grabbed my ponytail, pulled my head back and said, “Open wide.” They stuffed all 3 of their panties into my mouth. A pair of nylon panties went into my left cheek, and 2 thongs were packed into my right cheek. Sharon produced some kind of ballgag that I had never seen before. It was stuffed into my mouth and buckled behind my head. There was a smaller ball, probably 1-1/2” in diameter that went entirely into my mouth. The ball was attached to a short post that came out of a curved rubber mouth plate. My teeth bit onto the post, and the rubber mouth plate was buckled against my lips. The leather buckling straps were attached to the rubber mouth plate, and there was some kind of ring attached to the front of the mouth plate. My mouth was really stuffed full and any sounds I made were almost completely muffled. The tastes of all 3 of their pussies mingled in my mouth.

When they finished gagging me, Sharon removed my wrist cuffs. Claire quickly seized my forearms and held them tightly behind my back, with my hands palm-to-palm. Sharon wound bondage tape tightly around my wrists. Then, while Claire pushed my arms together, until my elbows touched, Sharon tightly wound bondage tape above my elbows. Cami was rubbing her tits against mine and feeling me up. My breasts were pushed out and my back was arched. This was one of my favorite arm bondage positions for 1-2 hours, before my shoulders would start to get sore. They took turns teasing and playing with my tits. They squeezed my breasts and pleasured my nipples with their tongues and mouths, while alternately pinching, pulling and twisting my aroused buds. Each of them slipped a finger inside my panties and rubbed my clit, until I moaned or sighed. The vibe in my pussy continued to buzz steadily, keeping me in a constant state of arousal. I loved what they were doing to me. I was getting really turned on and moaning more and more. I was so engrossed in what they were doing to me that I was startled, when Sharon came from behind me holding a pair of clover clamps and attached chain. With great fanfare, she clamped the 1st one onto my aroused left nipple, while Claire held me tight from behind. I screamed into my gag from the intense pain, but very little sound came out of my stuffed mouth. When the 2nd clamp was attached to my right nipple, I screamed again and tears came to my eyes. These clover clamps were adjusted much tighter than I was used to.

Sharon took me over by a chair and made me kneel at her feet. She held my chin up. I quickly found out what the ring was for on my gag. She locked a dildo into the ring. The ring was some kind of universal locking “O” ring that would hold many different dildos. Sharon said that this was her personal 8” flexible dildo. She sat on the chair and spread her legs, beckoning me to her. I had to crawl a little ways on my knees, without toppling over, to get in position. She guided the dildo into her pussy and told me to fuck her. This was new to me, but the technique appeared to be similar to bobbing on a cock during a blowjob.

I kept my head stiff, and ended up rocking my head and neck, as I plunged the dildo in and out of Sharon’s pussy. There were times when she told me to go deeper or faster. I was able to judge what I was doing to Sharon and how she was responding, as I got used to the gag/dildo device. My tits were bouncing and swaying as I plunged the dildo in and out of Sharon’s pussy. Pain from the clover clamps was building in my nipples. Sharon’s head was flung back. She moaned constantly. I used long slow strokes or short fast strokes. She was panting heavily and gulping air. I pushed it all the way inside her, smelling her arousal, and held it there. I knew she was close. With the 8” dildo embedded all the way in her pussy, I rapidly fucked her love hole, with short 1”-2” plunges. She groaned loudly and shuddered as her orgasm coursed through her body. I tried to continue fucking her through her orgasm, but she waved me off. I pulled the dildo out of Sharon’s pussy and knelt there watching her tremble and come down. From what I learned about Sharon, I figured it would be trial and error if I was forced to do the other 2 women this way.

Claire took Sharon’s dildo out of my gag and handed it to her. She got me up on my feet and led me to the center of the room, where I was told to kneel. Claire locked her dildo onto my gag. It was a huge thick veined penis head jelly dildo (10”?). Claire had me bend my head way back and crouch down, so that the dildo was sticking almost straight up in the air. She fingered her pussy, until she had worked 3 fingers deep inside herself, and wiped her fingers off across my nose. Her pussy juices smelled wonderfully sweet. She straddled me and started working the flexible dildo into her love hole. With her long legs and heels, the dildo was only embedded about 4”-5”, when Claire stood up on straight spread legs. Her pussy juices were already flowing down the dildo. She told me to hold still and enjoy the ride. Claire began bending her knees and thrusting her hips up and down, fucking herself on the dildo that protruded from my face. She had her own pace and rhythm. I stared in amazement as the huge dildo repeatedly disappeared in Claire’s cunt

Someone knelt behind me and started squeezing my burning tits. She pinched my burning nipples and pulled on the clover clamp chain. The pain in my nipples radiated throughout my breasts. As the vibe in my pussy continued to buzz away, the other woman got in front of me and inserted her finger in my panties and teased my clit. I had to deal with the pain in my breasts and the pleasures from my pussy, while holding still for Claire to fuck herself over my face. I stared up at Claire’s pussy, watching the dildo plunge in and out of her love hole. One of her hands came down right in front of my eyes, and Claire rapidly rubbed her clit. The dildo was loudly sloshing in and out of her pussy, pumping her pussy juices right out of her. They were flowing down the dildo and running down my chin and onto my breasts. After a lot of clit rubbing, Claire made a little satisfying scream as she came. I plunged the dildo all the way into her pussy, holding it there while she came. The dildo that connected my face to Claire’s body allowed me to feel every shudder and spasm of her orgasm. Her long legs trembled, but her knees did not buckle. I waited patiently for Claire to come down and extricate herself from her dildo. The experience was fascinating. In some way, I felt that I had shared that orgasm with Claire. I was aroused from my buzzing vibe and the additional stimulation of my clit. The pain from my breasts had become exquisitely delightful.

Claire’s face was flushed with satisfaction, when she removed her dildo from my gag. Claire and Sharon walked out of the living room, leaving me there with Cami, while I knelt in the center of the floor. I was really aroused, from my experiences with Sharon and Claire. I could feel my pussy juices between my legs escaping from my panties. Cami approached me with her own dildo and locked it into the ring attached to the front of my gag. It was a stiff curved g-spot dildo. Just the sight of Cami’s gorgeous naked body, with those perfect pendulous breasts, gave me chills. I didn’t want to be bound and gagged as I was. I yearned to be free and dominate her. Cami sat demurely on a sofa about 10’ away. Our eyes met and we stared at each other for a few moments. I was drawn to her. I crawled on my knees towards Cami, as she spread her legs and leaned back. I positioned myself in-between her legs and put the dildo against the opening to her love hole. Her cleanly shaved pussy glistened from her arousal. As I pushed, the dildo easily slid all the way inside her. I was uncertain as to what approach to take. Sharon had gotten off by my simply fucking her with her own dildo, and Claire used clitoral stimulation in addition to her huge dildo. I decided to use Cami’s dildo to fuck her as if her dildo was a man’s cock, at least initially, until I could get a feel for what I was doing to her.

I plunged the curved g-spot dildo in and out of Cami’s pussy rhythmically, at a steady speed, at first. From Cami’s moans, I could tell that she was responding to what I was doing to her. I varied the speed and depth of my thrusts into her pussy. Cami was moaning louder, and shouted to me to go “DEEPER, DEEPER!” I buried Cami’s dildo deep into her pussy and slowly moved it around, in and out, no more than 1” in any direction. Cami gasped and held her breath, as an orgasm overtook her, and made her whole body quiver. Instead of collapsing and enjoying her orgasm, Cami shouted, “DON’T STOP, DON’T STOP, FUCK ME, FUCK ME AGAIN!” Immediately, I began thrusting Cami’s dildo in and out of her pussy, as if it was a cock frantically fucking her. I went as fast as I could and didn’t stop. Cami was panting, gulping air, and moaning continuously. She finally stiffened and held her breath, allowing her body to succumb to another orgasm. I had thrust Cami’s dildo into her pussy and moved it around, searching for her g-spot. There was no way for me to know where Cami’s g-spot was, or if the g-spot dildo in her pussy was anywhere near that magical area. However, with a loud groan, Cami squirted her pussy juices all over the face plate of my gag. Some dribbled down between my breasts. I withdrew the g-spot dildo from Cami’s pussy and marveled watching her experience her 2nd orgasm.

Cami unbuckled and removed my gag, along with the panty and thongs stuffed in my cheeks. She also undid the bondage tape holding my elbows together, behind my back. I’m sure my arms had been bound tightly for over an hour. Yet, I felt no discomfort from the bondage tape holding my elbows together. Cami left me kneeling on the floor, with my wrists still bound behind my back, and that vibrator still annoyingly tormenting my pussy. Before leaving, she kissed me sweetly on the lips, and told me that before I could come, I would have to eat all their pussies. I thought I would be starting with Sharon, but it was Claire who walked out of the hallway and stood naked in front of me. As I looked up at her, she actually asked, “Do you want to eat my pussy, Christine?” I doubted that I had a choice, but I eagerly nodded my head, yes, and smiled up at her. God, I couldn’t wait to get at her beautiful long legs. Claire sat down on the edge of the sofa, leaned back and spread her long legs along the front edges of the cushions. I couldn’t believe how flexible she was! Her legs were spread wide in almost a straight line, along the front edge of the sofa, just like she was doing the splits. What an inviting place to play! Her pussy was cleanly shaved, except for a small tuft of blonde hair just above the hood protecting her clit.

I crept forward on my knees and leaned over her stomach. Her small rounded breasts had large rosy red areolas and her nipples were taut little peaks. I softly licked Claire’s left nipple and she gasped at the touch of my tongue. Her nipples were super sensitive. I carefully licked and sucked Claire’s nipples, teasing them into hard swollen buds, and getting Claire a little worked up too. I backed away, leaving her moaning, and got in position to lick her pussy. She was already aroused. I recognized her sweet scent from when she wiped her wet fingers across my nose earlier. I almost couldn’t wait to taste her, but I had to get at her legs first. I started at her right knee and slowly licked and kissed my way right up her inner thigh to the edge of her pussy lips. Then, I lazily trailed my hot wet tongue from her pussy down to her right ankle. I repeated all of this on Claire’s left leg, which brought gasps and moans from her throat. Next, I gave her entire slit 3 or 4 long wet licks, being sure that I woke up her clit. She tasted wonderful. Claire was so sweet and sexy that I knew I would greatly enjoy making her come.

I worked my way towards Claire’s love hole by first thoroughly licking her dark pink outer pussy lips, followed by equal treatment to her inner bright pink pussy lips. I swirled my tongue around the entrance to her love hole several times, before plunging in. I tongue fucked Claire, and she excitedly thrust her hips back at every thrust I made. Claire was getting a bit frantic in her movements and sounds, and I sensed that I could have gotten her off by continuing my tongue fucking, but I wanted to get to her clit. Claire actually pleaded with me, when I withdrew my tongue from her cunt. Quickly, I placed my lips over her clit, and began swirling my tongue around her now swollen essence. I was aware of some movement behind me, but I had no time to stop and look at who it was. My lips captured Claire’s clit and I began to suck it. As I sucked, my tongue flicked the tip of Claire’s now inflamed clit. Claire’s primeval scream signaled the onset of her orgasm. I mercilessly sucked and flicked her clit with my tongue, until she had a 2nd massive orgasm. The spasms from her 2 orgasms completely consumed her. She could do little more than whimper and tremble, until she calmed down.

I sensed movement behind me again. I turned around to see Sharon lying on the floor. Clair had recovered and was walking out of the living room. Sharon was naked and resting on her elbows, with her knees bent up and spread apart. She told me to get my face down between her legs and eat her pussy. Leaning back on her elbows, made her huge breasts push out invitingly. Her nipples were hard and swollen, and protruded prominently from her large dark areolas. Her pussy was cleanly shaved. Sharon wore a neatly trimmed landing strip on her mons. It was about 1” wide. with her pubic hair cut to about 3/4” long. The hair of her landing strip was curly and black, matching the hair on her head. Sharon was totally aroused. Her pussy lips were puckered and swollen. Her landing strip and pussy glistened from her arousal. As I bent way over, with my ass and pussy sticking up in the air, I smelled Sharon’s heavy musky scent, but there was another odor. Strawberry! Sharon had applied some kind of strawberry pussy gel along her slit..

I did a few slow dog licks along her entire slit. The strawberry pussy gel did not taste medicinal, but mixed with Sharon’s own pussy juices, it was OK. I would never use such a product. I licked her labia lips slowly and thoroughly, until I thought I had removed and swallowed all the pussy gel. My tongue zeroed in on her love hole. I teased her by swirling my tongue tantalizingly around and around the entrance to her vagina for a long time. Sharon had lain back flat on the floor, and was pinching and playing with her nipples. When she started moaning, I plunged my tongue into her. As I tongued fucked Sharon, she responded with gasps and little whimpers. I thought she was already close to coming. I withdrew and switched my attention to her clit. When I licked her clit, I found it to be a small hard nub. I swirled my tongue around it, and licked it, but got no reaction. I couldn’t get her clit to come alive. Sharon had stopped moaning and responding. Apparently, she was a woman who could not get off with clitoral stimulation. After realizing this, I immediately moved my tongue back to her vagina. I plunged in and resumed tongue fucking her cunt. After a few plunges, Sharon was back, moaning and grunting, as she moved her hips in sync with my tongue. I tongue fucked her pussy as fast as I could, while she pinched and played with her nipples. It took about 5 more minutes of intense tongue fucking, until Sharon groaned and quivered. She pulled away from me, lying on the carpeted floor, whining and mewing through her orgasm.

The experience was  unusual for me. I was the bound sub, and could only kneel upright and watch Sharon orgasm and come down. I felt no connection with her. After several minutes Sharon got up and left the room. As if on cue, Cami briskly walked into the living room and came to me. She helped me stand up and offered me some bottled water. As Cami held the bottle, I took several gulps and a final few sips. She told me that she wanted me to cleanse my mouth, because she wanted me to know the true taste of her pussy. She led me to a sofa and helped me kneel. Cami sat on the edge of the sofa, leaned back, and raised and spread her legs so that her knees were way back towards her head. What a beautiful inviting pussy, but first I had to sample her tits. As we were standing together, I thought she was very near my size and probably had 36D tits. They were definitely bigger than mine. I bent over Cami, with my torso on her pussy, and marveled at her perfect orbs. Her taught bright pink nipples stood out against her flawless olive skin. I took a few minutes to feast on Cami’s nipples.

When I got in position to lick her, I noticed her cleanly shaved pussy and total arousal. I thought that the women had been playing with each other, back in one of their bedrooms. I captured Cami’s bright pink pussy lips, with my mouth, and kissed and sucked for several minutes. I licked around her outer labia lips, before moving to the inner ones, getting closer and closer to her precious love hole. She tasted so sweet and fresh. I had no trouble slipping my tongue deep into her vagina. I explored her inner walls languidly. When I started tongue fucking Cami’s cunt, she brought her legs down and captured my head between her thighs. She was panting and whimpering by now. I switched from her love hole to teasing her clit. I just slowly twirled my tongue around it and gave it a few licks. Her swollen clit was so sensitive that I thought she would come when she gasped and held her breath. It was too soon for Cami to come.

I moved my tongue back to her love hole and slowly fucked her, making her gasp and softly cry. I buried my tongue inside her, and probed around. I was rewarded by a huge groan and sigh from Cami, as she came and squirted her pussy juices into my mouth. I swallowed her delicious nectar and lapped up everything dribbling from her cunt. I wasn’t finished with that beautiful pussy. My tongue was back swirling around Cami’s clit, while she rode out her 1st orgasm. As soon as I thought she had calmed down a little, I seized her long swollen clit with my lips. I sucked and sucked and sucked on that wonderful sensitive organ, until Cami screamed, overcome by a 2nd massive orgasm. I licked her clit all the while she came, bringing her to new heights of pleasure. Cami panted and softly sobbed, seemingly overwhelmed by the intensity of her orgasms. Her thighs had gone limp and fell away, and I kissed her tender inner thighs and mons, while she came back to her senses. Cami stood up and helped me stand. She pushed herself against me, and gave me a deep passionate kiss, saying, “I have a little surprise for you, Christine.”

Cami sat me on the sofa and moved to the far center of the living room, adjacent to the eating area and kitchen. She started moving furniture. As she moved a couple chairs and a small table out of the way, a detail was revealed that I hadn’t noticed before. The long expansive open room had a floor to ceiling pole halfway between the outer and inner room walls. Of course, this pole had to support a beam that held up the ceiling. The pole was about 4” in diameter and was painted a dark red, to match the draperies in the room. This reminded me of an old fantasy of mine. I wanted to be kidnapped by pirates, lashed to the ship’s mast, have my clothes ripped off and be ravished by the pirate crew. Over the years, none of my girlfriends or lovers had a pole in their home so that I could experience my fantasy, and I had forgotten all about it until that moment.

When the furniture was arranged out of the way, Cami came for me. She looked deep into my eyes and said, “If you want to come, you won’t resist.” I noticed all sorts of bondage equipment and toys on the dining table behind the pole. Cami undid the bondage tape around my wrists and backed me against the pole, facing the living room. She had me raise my arms and place my wrists behind the pole. She rebound my wrists with the bondage tape. Next, she had me push my arms all the way up, and bound my elbows to the pole with more bondage tape. Cami retrieved 2 large coils of rope from the table behind me. She used the 1st rope to lash me around my waist tightly to the pole. I moaned in agony, for several moments, when the clover clamps were suddenly removed from my nipples, but normal blood flow eventually returned. With the 2nd rope, Cami wrapped the coils over and under my breasts, pinching them up and out, while binding my upper body securely to the pole. Cami pulled down my panties and removed them. The pesky vibrator, that had tormented my pussy for hours, was turned off and removed. She told me to spread my legs wide apart, which put more strain on the ropes around my breasts and waist. She buckled my ankles into a 3’ spreader bar. Cami came up to me and grasped the pole behind my back. She crushed her body into mine and kissed me passionately. She took a step back and played with my breasts, and fingered my tender pussy for a few moments. GOD, IT FELT SO GOOD! I WANTED TO COME NOW! Cami stepped away and I noticed someone entering the living room.



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