Laura and Maggie 5: Stalk Like An Egyptian

by Donny Writer

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© Copyright 2009 - Donny Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; stocks; stuck; caught; F/f; bdsm; chastity; toys; cons; X

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Story posted with author's permission. Authors note: This story is obviously a fantasy and includes some practices which should not be imitated. Play safe!

Laura and Maggie 5: Stalk Like An Egyptian

Part 1: Scratching An Annoying Itch.

Laura’s nose had started to itch about ten minutes ago.  She grimaced as the annoying sensation continued across the top of her nostrils.  She tried once more to blow upwards to soothe the annoying sensation but as previously the effect was minimal if at all.  She rolled her eyes and swore – or at least tried to, but all that happened was a new consignment of drool slid slowly from her wide-apart lips and joined the spider web of spittle linking her head to breasts, thighs and ultimately the floor. 


Ninety minutes earlier this had all seemed so much more like fun.  Laura had been confined to the house for the best part of a week suffering from what begun as a head cold but then developed into a full blown bout of flu.  While she had been feeling poorly and generally miserable she had not considered playing any bondage games with or without Maggie – mucous and tight ropes not being an ideal pairing – and had spent most of the period wrapped up in her duvet being waited upon by Maggie.

Maggie meanwhile had been getting to know Helen a lot better, and from the noises which Laura had noted coming through her bedroom wall the act of exploration had been mutual, intimate and very stimulating.  Laura found this new development a little depressing, not least because her embryonic pairing with Geoff from work looked like it was going to be still-born as he seemed to have lost any urge he might have had to take the relationship forward.    

So on this Thursday afternoon Laura, well on the way to getting over her bug, was feeling bored and, for the first time in a week, a little bit randy.  Maggie was at work and she had the house to herself for several hours.  Rolling off her bed she decided a little self-bondage was what was needed to perk things up.

She slipped into Maggie’s room and went straight to the larger of the two wardrobes, the home of much of their latex and PVC clothing.  She selected a black full rubber cat suit, with front and back rubber sleeves built into the crotch and wormed inside it with a generous amount of talc.  Once she had her legs installed and the suit pulled up to her waist she took a remote-controlled vibrating egg and forced it up the front sleeve, until the egg was positioned well inside her.  Two strips of duct tape in an X formation closed off the sleeve to prevent any possible expulsion – frankly the egg was large enough that was going to be unlikely without a great deal of effort on Laura’s part.

She forced her arms into the sleeves of the suit and wriggled her hands into the built-in gloves.  Pulling up the front zip Laura settled into the suit’s comfortable if a little unforgiving embrace.  Her feet felt cold now she was out of bed so she replaced her slippers and headed downstairs, pausing only to pick up the remote control for the egg.  Downstairs she unlatched the cellar door and started down the stone steps.

Halfway down she realised she needed more light and found the hanging pull-switch.  The single light bulb was not too bright (it would have been a shame to spoil the dungeon-like ambience) but a definite improvement.  Laura wandered around various pieces of home-made apparatus until she came to the pillory.  Excellent she thought, just what the doctor ordered.  Not that she knew any bondage doctors, she corrected herself, but if she had done then no doubt they would have agreed with her.

Laura only wanted the illusion of complete restraint, plus some stimulation, so she was very careful with her preparations. She quickly realised that the neck hole on the pillory arm was a little high for her, and if she wasn’t careful it could impede her breathing.  Almost instantaneously she discovered the reason why – she was still wearing her Scooby-doo dog-head slippers. Reluctantly she conceded that these comfortable slippers did not go with the image of a hard-assed bondage disciple so she looked around for something more suitable to replace them.

Luckily she spied a pair of stilt-like gold stilettos standing in the corner.  Torn between chiding Maggie/Helen for being untidy but thankful she would not have to trail back upstairs, Laura stepped out of her slippers and into the stilettos.  The sudden five inch increase in height made her head swim for a second and she felt more than a little unstable.  She bent over carefully and tightened the ankle straps until they were properly buckled up which improved her balance a little. 

Laura decided, given her cold, not to go for her usual ball gag as she was still feeling heady and wasn’t stupid. Instead she inserted a small padded ring gag behind her teeth, which was not uncomfortable at first but would be tiring after a while. Turning to the pillory she opened it and put her wrists into the appropriate holes, at the same time grasping the egg remote control in left hand.  Using her right hand, Laura lowered the upper arm of pillory being careful not to engage the locking mechanism, which could hold the pillory together without recourse to the usual padlock and hasp.

For thirty seconds there was silence in the cellar.  Then Laura began squirming in her new found restraint, starting to get excited.  Absence from self bondage had created a yearning which was as unexpected as it was intense.   Her well-conditioned internal muscles began squeezing and pumping on her plastic intruder.   Looking out of the corner of her left eye at she adjusted her grip on the egg remote in order to press the on button and adjust the power level to something suitable.  She fancied a gentle work-out to get her back into the swing of things but perhaps a mind-blowing climax would be what the recently imagined bondage doctor would recommend. 

After turning the egg on, her pelvic squiring became more agitated before she settled down to a period of quite serious rhythmic thrusting.  Lost in the moment, her eyes started to close as she felt a raging desire to sneeze coming upon her like an on-rushing train. Realising the inevitability of the sneeze Laura tried to gently push up on the pillory arm but was overtaken by a whole body spasm, shaking her from the tips of her stilettos to the ring gag buried behind her teeth.

As will always happen, trying to hold back from sneezing merely causes the overall effect to be more marked.  Laura reared backwards and then slumped forwards, down and (crucially) up.  The last movement flicked the upper arm of the pillory up two inches – immediately after which it crashed down, trapping Laura’s wrists and neck with an ominous click as the closing mechanism engaged.

Realising what had happened Laura swore, somewhat incomprehensibly due to the ring gag, and twisted her body in an attempt to get free, but to no avail.  In fact the situation got marginally worse as her gyrations caused her to drop the egg remote-control with the plastic invader turned to three-quarter power, leaving Laura with no ability to control the growing excitement inside her well-lubricated loins.  Stamping her feet, Laura swore again. 


That had all happened some forty five minutes and four orgasms ago.  Her feet were now aching, her thighs and calves tiring and, despite her clear lack of desire to continue with this “game”, her libido was continuing to accelerate.  And worst of all the end of her nose was itching to an extent that demanded a good scratch.  But her nose was several inches from her waggling rubberised fingers.  Laura groaned and then moaned like a wounded animal as the egg trembled vigorously against her g-spot.


Dimly she was aware of the distant thump of the front door closing upstairs, then the sound of her housemate calling out for her.   Then there was a long silence which she presumed meant Maggie had discovered Laura’s looting of the rubber wardrobe and the realisation that Laura was probably playing alone in the basement. Laura shuddered slightly as she realised Maggie would be annoyed at her “going solo” without a safety back-up.  She didn’t think her plea of enforced absence from her favourite pastime due to illness would cut any ice.  She sighed and mentally shrugged her shoulders. She might as well get it over with she thought and made as much noise as she could, which was a sort of seal-barking roar. 

The silence continued for a couple of minutes and Laura began to wonder if she had dreamt the noise upstairs.  What if it wasn’t Maggie?  Then she heard a precise clatter on the basement stairs, which sounded like Maggie’s stilettos. Laura tried wiggling her buttocks in a friendly manner to forestall the scolding she knew was coming her way.  She instantly regretted that action as the egg, still buzzing away, twisted in her channel and sent her loins into another paroxysm of arousal.  Laura moaned again and squeezed her eyes tight shut as the fire grew inside her again...

“Well might you moan young lady” said Maggie, striding into the basement dungeon.  “What on earth do you think you were doing coming down here on your own?  For all you knew I could have been out with Helen or gone over to Paul’s for the night.  Then where would you have been?  Well here, obviously, but for how long?  And what if you had slipped off those heels and choked, never mind the poor person who would have found your body …”

Maggie continued in this vein for some time, concluding with a reminder of what she and Laura had done to Helen only a few weeks previously to reinforce the safety messages, never leaving gagged bottoms, safe-words etc.  Helen had quickly agreed she would do nothing dangerous again provided they stopped removing her pubic hairs one by one with a pair of eyebrow tweezers.

Behind her gag, Laura tried to look a mixture of apologetic and remorseful, but mainly she was very glad she had shaved her mons that morning so Maggie’s unusual learning reinforcement technique could not be applied to her, well not just at present anyway.  Outwardly she attempted to say that she was sorry and would not do it again.  Interpreting the garbled words Maggie leant forward and kissed Laura on the end of her (still itching) nose.

“I know you are sorry poppet, but I think you need a bit of physical reinforcement anyway”.

Laura moaned in vague apprehension – “physical reinforcement” in Maggie’s mind could mean anything.  She changed the moan into a groan as that thought sank in.

Maggie bent down and picked up the egg remote control.  Turning it off, she popped open the cover and replaced the batteries.  Walking behind Laura she selected a thin riding crop and took up position to the left of the pillory.  “Lets see how you cope with a little pain and pleasure” she said before thumbing the remote onto high and, as Laura reacted, swinging the crop to impact just below the curve of Laura’s left buttock. She switched targets all the time, putting some effort into the whipping as she knew the body suit would absorb a lot of the blows. She continued to alternate between egg and crop until Laura’s moans and squeals became almost continuous.

Putting the crop down and switching the vibrating egg off, Maggie walked back in front of the pillory and sat down on an old packing case.  Laura watched her through bleary eyes and noticed that Maggie sat down very carefully.  She was dressed in one of her best jackets and, unusually for Maggie, a long skirt.  Laura mewed to be released but one glance from Maggie stilled the sound in her throat instantly, she was evidently not in a good mood and Laura realised she had got off lightly so far.

Maggie sat and stared at Laura, watching the drool slip out of her lips and hang in long chains until splashing on the flag-stoned floor.

“While I have your attention Laura, I have a favour to ask you regarding this coming weekend”
Laura arched her eyebrows questioningly.

“We have been invited to a sort of party at Paul’s uncle’s place in the country, quite a select guest list, some good food and wine and maybe some games …” continued Maggie.

Laura groaned behind her gag.  She saw no pleasure in spending the weekend watching Maggie and her new beau groping one another like teenagers, and even worse, potentially listening to their coital gymnastics.  She started to shake her head.

“… which will be of an Egyptian flavour and will centre on your mummification” finished Maggie.

Laura would have stood in the pillory open-mouthed anyway even without the padded ring jammed behind her teeth.  Her favourite fantasy, and a chance to realise it!

Maggie smiled at Laura’s abrupt change in attitude.  “I thought you might be interested when you heard the full story.  Also you do not have to think you will be a spare part with me and Paul, because Helen is also invited as is a bloke who Paul met through some online forum, plus a girl he used to work with. She apparently is into bondage too and, oddly enough, is a herbalist who specialises in aphrodisia. So can I assume you are interested?”

Laura’s mind was still silently shouting an ecstatic “yes” at regular intervals but she came back to earth enough to nod enthusiastically at Maggie.

 “I am pleased you said that, I was a little concerned I might have to kidnap you on Saturday morning to get you to come along because you see getting you to Paul’s earns me a quite valuable prize” 

As Laura stared at her, Maggie grasped the hem of her skirt and pulled it up toward her waist. As her skirt rose higher Laura began to giggle, which the ring gag could neither disguise nor muffle.  Maggie was wearing what appeared to be a very serious, heavy duty chastity belt.  The bible black metal shield between her thighs looked like it would repel even a seriously violent assault and there was no sign of any fastening or lock which might be tampered with.  Thick chains ran from the sides of the shield and headed towards Maggie’s hipbones.  Laura could not help laughing out loud - the libido capable of taking on most of West London had been tamed!  She cocked an enquiring eyebrow in Maggie’s direction.

Maggie muttered through gritted teeth “How did I get conned into this? Talk to the ego because the brain ain't listening, basically.  He told me some stupid story about winning it in an online auction and then making regretful noises that “it was too small for my full figure” – which of course was like a red rag to me.  So I snatched it up, pulled it on (not really noticing it could have been made for me) and clicked it shut.  At which point he told me he hadn’t got the keys yet”. 

Laura was nearly crying with laughter by this point, but on seeing the scowl on Maggie’s face, tried to make a supportive gesture which was not particularly successful in her circumstances.  She tried instead to look concerned and gag-asked “Is it comfortable?

Maggie’s long fingernails rattled a slow tattoo on the chastity shield. She was trying to look serene but was doing a passable impression of a bulldog chewing a wasp. She guessed the question Laura was posing.  “Yes, but very inconvenient! There is sort of a squishy gel pad inside the cover that completely dampens any pressure or vibration.  My pussy is in limbo!” She sighed. “So if you are willing to come along and join in then Paul will release me from this monstrosity.  And in answer to your next question I have been wearing it since last Sunday night.  And, just so there is no confusion I am NOT happy!”    

Laura guessed that the noises she had heard earlier in the week were the joint and fruitless efforts of Maggie and Helen to break into the device.   Laura grinned in a yawning sort of way.

“I am glad to see it amuses you little one because that means I have no scruples about punishing you a little more.  I am going to clean myself up, not a quick process I can assure you, and while I am gone you ought to have a little more entertainment” said Maggie, ignoring Laura’s look of injured innocence and instead picking up a two foot wooden spreader bar.  She walked behind her helpless housemate.  Quickly she fastened the spreader’s straps around Laura’s thighs just above the knees.  The effect was to make Laura’s stance somewhat more awkward and put more pressure on her toes in the high heeled shoes.  Laura had forgotten how much her feet and ankles were aching but the bar brought a sharp reminder.  Maggie retrieved the egg remote control and dialled the power down and set it to random mode.  “That should keep you simmering nicely” she commented before giving Laura two hard slaps on her rubber clad buttocks.  Laura yelped. 

“Not giggling now are we?” said Maggie softly by Laura’s left ear.  “See you in a little while”.

Maggie wandered off up the stairs leaving Laura shifting uneasily under the annoyingly gentle ministrations of the vibrating egg.  Despite the aches, pains and (very slowly) heightening arousal one thought kept running through her head – “I’m going to be a mummy!”