Laura and Maggie

by Donny Writer

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© Copyright 2006 - Donny Writer - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bond; toys; ether; nc; X


Laura and Maggie: Overture and beginners.


Laura Wilson got off the bus which stopped at the end of her road and, swinging a large gym bag, turned into Anderson Drive. It was a warm spring evening and she was looking forward to collapsing in front of some mindless TV with her house mate Maggie Harrison, which would also probably involve a bottle of wine. 

She had known Maggie for about 6 years when they were dancers, working a number of gigs together and usually pairing up when they were on tour.  Now they had moved in together, renting a house about 12 months ago. Their comradeship had embraced a new line of work after dancing, when Laura got Maggie a job at the theatrical agency where she had found work when the dance opportunities started to fade away.

Considering they had spent a great part of their lives together and continued to do so, everyone remarked how they were so very different.  Maggie was a fairly brash, noisy and striking 5’ 10” leggy woman who always gave the air of being in control.  Laura on the other hand was a little shorter, more diffident and with her long red pre-Raphaelite hair, freckles and button nose could pass for 5 years younger than Maggie – though in fact she was 2 years older.

Maggie also had a boyfriend - Jake – who was talk, dark & creepy.  Laura thought he was a little geeky and self-involved but something about him seemed to appeal to Maggie.  He was very good at DIY and Maggie and Laura were both grateful for the work he had done for them in the house. They had been going out for about 10 months, but it had not been without its occasional spats of irrational argument and spectacular door-slamming. Maggie and Jake had a very active sex life (which Laura regularly had to listen to through the adjoining bedroom wall). Laura however was currently single and, if she had any, took out her frustrations with her current best friend Mr Rabbit.

Laura was also a part time yoga teacher and in fact it was a post-work private teaching session that she was returning from this evening.  She had intended going to the cinema with a guy she had met through the office, Peter, but her potential new boyfriend had stood her up at last minute and she didn't fancy going to the cinema on her own.

She turned her key in the lock at 7.30pm, and stumbling through the front door she was surprised to find Jake apparently alone in their house and acting rather oddly.  He was pacing up and down with a very pre-occupied look on his face and seemed startled to see Laura.  She dumped her bag, containing her yoga mat and gear and decided she ought to find out what was going on.

"Hi Jake, where's Maggie? I thought you were hooking up tonight?"

"Yeah, we were, but I just had a call from her, saying she was tied up at work and won’t be home for at least a couple of hours. Weren't you supposed to be going to the multiplex with that new guy Pete?"

"He blew me out because something urgent came up, so I just came home" said Laura.

Laura suspected Jake was not telling her the whole truth as Maggie had left the agency an hour before she went to her yoga session! But she thought I am not Maggie's keeper so keep out of it - if Maggie was winding Jake up, it was not her problem was it? Little did she realise how both prophetic and ironic that thought was.

Laura started tidying the house and loading the dishwasher, which included searching for mugs and plates lying around the flat.  She quickly cleared up downstairs and them realised there were some cups and plates missing, neither in the dishwasher nor in the kitchen cupboard. She knew only too well that Maggie had the deplorable habit of growing alien life forms in coffee cup dregs under her bed.  “That’s where they’ll be” she thought, going upstairs onto the half-landing which led into Maggie's bedroom.

As she gripped the door knob, she heard a strange noise from within the bedroom – which surprised her because she knew Jake was downstairs in the lounge. Laura decided to investigate.

When the door creaked open she could barely believe her eyes. She was shocked to the core by the sight of Maggie tied over the bed in a semi-hanging strappado. Her hips were balanced on Laura’s large yoga exercise ball, her head fastened to the foot rail by rope through a d-ring on a wide black collar which tightly circled her neck. Thin elastic nooses ran tautly from the bed posts to her nipples. Maggie's feet were crossed, with her knees drawn to the sides of the bed by smooth black rope. Her arms were bound together at elbows and wrists, with the wrist rope connected to a large hook screwed into the central ceiling beam athwart the bed.

Maggie's shoulders were pulled harshly back and the angle she was forced to maintain by the rest of her bondage was putting increased stress on her 36D breasts which through her captured nipples were yanked sideways into painfully elongated cone shapes.

It all looked very painful, but there was more. Any movement caused added stress for Maggie, but she was finding it very hard to keep still. She was receiving mains-powered stimulation via a cable from the wall socket and a transformer lying between her widespread knees. Laura could hear a familiar low buzz from between Maggie's thighs. A ball gag and blindfold completed her bondage attire and she was naked but for black thigh highs. Sweat pooled on her lower back and drool dripped down one of the bars at the foot of the bed, a spider's web of saliva linking the ball gag to the rope around the bed frame. Juices were running down her thighs, dripping onto the bed, her hips wriggling as the vibrator maintained its relentless onslaught on Maggie's senses.

Laura stared horrified at the sight in front of her and did not make a sound for about 10 seconds – though she had tried a little love bondage with a previous boyfriend they had not got anywhere near this extreme. Even so she was a little turned on by the sight of her closest friend in sexual torment. So absorbed was she that Laura did not hear Jake coming up the stairs behind her.

Hearing the door open Maggie raised sightless eyes toward the source of the sounds and muttered a deep felt groan - the movement seemed to tip her over the edge into another painful orgasm which was revealed by a sudden stiffening of her limbs, her hands clutching at air and a high pitched nasal squeal fighting past her heavily gagged mouth.

"She is learning a lesson" said Jake, making Laura jump as he mouthed the words into her ear.

"What ... look we have to untie her, whatever she has done, Maggie doesn't deserve this - she is obviously hurting, you are torturing her" shouted Laura

"Typical women, always sticking together - I guess you don't really care how I feel about being cheated on ..."

Laura half-turned and stared at him. "Cheating on you? She is doing no such thing ... we are very close and she would have told me if there had been someone else. I do not think she has looked at another bloke since she has been seeing you."  She turned away from him and made as if to enter the bedroom and rescue her friend.

At this piece of information Jake's eyes narrowed and a strange look came over his face. Unseen by Laura he unravelled a white cotton bag he had been carrying behind his back.

"Look, even if you are not going to help, I am going to let her down" continued Laura determinedly. "Do you know where the sci...mmmph!"

Jake used the cloth bag which was soaked in sickly ether to subdue Laura, exactly the same procedure he had used to catch Maggie off guard a couple of hours earlier.  Laura struggled in Jake’s tight grasp but could find no purchase to force him to remove the bag.  Her wriggling gradually subsided and after a minute or so Laura became a dead weight in Jake's arms. He then lowered her none too gently to the bedroom floor. "So you and Maggie are close eh? Perhaps you are the reason she wanted to dump me - I think I can get the truth out of both of you with a little persuasion."

Jake began to pull off Laura's Capri pants and t-shirt. On the bed Maggie groaned again though whether this was due to aching muscles, the fire burning in her loins or hearing that Laura had been falsely accused and captured was impossible to tell

--    --

Laura came to slowly with what felt like her head stuffed with cotton wool, a dry  mouth and the sort of aches and pains one would normally associate with a heavy dose of flu. Slowly the dark clouds receded and she began to recall Maggie's predicament and Jake's violent behaviour. She realised that the cotton wool in her head was mainly due to a wad of material packing her mouth and the muscle aches were because she was tied up very tightly.  She tried forcing the packing from her mouth but it was held in by something wrapped around her face. An exploration of the rest of her complete lack of freedom of movement told her that Jake had placed her in a severe hogtie.

Her elbows were lashed together, each wrist then tied to an ankle with a rope pulling upward through the elbow tie which put a lot of strain on her shoulders.  Her calves and ankles were frog-tied very tight so that her heels were rubbing into the curve of her buttocks.  Already she could barely feel her feet, and she dreaded the thought of how painful the return of proper circulation would be. Some more rope was tied in a sort of open bra harness which squeezed her breasts. She could feel a crotch rope rubbing roughly on her clitoris and separate strands separating her labia.  The rough rope Jake had used was causing an awkward itch in the most intimate of areas. Tight clamps on her labial lips, connected by some sort of elastic around her buttocks, held her nether lips open.  Oh, and she was naked.

Laura could hear Maggie behind her and out of her sight, still groaning in counterpoint to the low buzzing of the vibrator which continued to torment her.

She pulled at her bonds, hoping to find some give somewhere in the web Jake had woven.  There was not the slightest weakness no matter how hard she wriggled and strained. “Trust Maggie to go out with a sea cadet” thought Laura.   To be honest the effect of the rough crotch-rope when she tried to move was quite distracting and after a short effort she tried to calm down and think about how she could get herself, and Maggie, out of this predicament.  Her thoughts were disturbed by the return of Jake who was carrying a small leather bag.

“Good. You are awake Laura” said Jake.  I just had to nip home to get a few more toys for you to play with.  Or rather for me to play with on you”.  He laughed; Laura grimaced – though whether at the poor pun or the thought of what was in the bag was hard to tell.

First he produced a pair of small silver tweezer clamps joined by a short chain.  He knelt in front of Laura and started twiddling with her nipples.  Though she had smaller breasts than Maggie she did possess large nipples and they were pretty sensitive, particularly after the attention her breasts were already receiving from the tight rope harness.  When her nipples were suitable aroused, he attached the clamps. He slipped the movable tightening rings toward the nipples and Laura squeaked as the clamps tightened down on her already sore nubs. The connecting chain was quite short, too short for Laura to feel comfortable as her nipples were pulled toward each other. 

“You appear to be going cross-eyed” laughed Jake.  Laura glared at him and swore she would get revenge if it was the last thing she did.

Jake rummaged in the bag again and came up with a small vibrator.  Laura groaned.  “You didn’t think that bitch Maggie was going to get all the fun, did you?” asked Jake, reaching between Laura’s thighs.  The small vibrator was unceremoniously jammed under the tight crotch-rope and turned on at a low setting.  As soon as it began Laura gave a might groan and rolled her eyes.  She wasn’t sure if this was enough stimulation to get her off, but it would certainly start her marching up the hill to a pre-orgasmic plateau.

“Finally, I think you could do with some privacy” said Jake, opening out what appeared to be a piece of soft black leather.  Through half-closed eyes Laura assumed it was some sort of blindfold, until Jake held it up in front of her face and the head-shape became apparent.  Laura started once again to fight the ropes that bound her, but to no avail.  Jake opened the hood at the neck end and pulled it over her head, blocking out her angrily flashing eyes and covering the duct tape which held the remnants of her t-shirt and knickers in her mouth.  The hood was eyeless and the only opening in the face was a round slit from which the end of her nose protruded. 

Laura forced herself to be calm and not panic.  She tried to breathe as deeply and slowly as the hood, and the vibrator, allowed.  She tried to ignore the pain in her shoulders and the cramp in her legs.  Most of all she tried to ignore the fire in her loins which was being steadily stoked by the pocket rocket between the top of her thighs.

“Nearly there Laura, and then I just have an errand to run”.  Jake’s muffled words jerked Laura back to the here and now.  She felt him fumbling with the top of the hood and then her head was pulled up and back.  He had attached another rope to a d-ring on the crown of the leather hood and she moaned as he tied the new rope off tightly to the rope which was holding her elbows up.  This added a new area of pain to Laura as her back arched further and her neck began to ache.

She felt Jake fumble between her thighs, briefly stroke her engorged clitoris and labia and then the vibrator was turned up a notch. Laura moaned as Jake wiped his fingers across Laura’s nose, giving her ample evidence of her own arousal.

“Looks like you are enjoying this already” laughed Jake “Well, let’s have a party!”   

He reached back between her legs and turned the vibrator on to maximum. Almost immediately Laura began to pant through her nose as the stimulation increased exponentially.  What had been a modest brush fire was now an out of control inferno.  She quickly orgasmed despite the pain she was feeling all over her body.  Which was when the true nature of her predicament hit home – this was not going to stop – rather her body had merely taken a brief jog down the mountain of pleasure to a high base camp and was even now charging back to the summit.  Her last coherent thought before she entered a vividly coloured multi-orgasmic state was “I am going to kill him when I get out of this”

After about 20 minutes (or several hours in Laura-land) and a dozen orgasms, which toward the end became a seemingly endless orgasmic explosion, Laura fell into a merciful black void.

--    --

Laura slowly rose from the inky depths of her subconscious and tried to work out where she was.  Her back, mouth, loins, breast and nipple were still sore but she could not feel the constraints she had been suffering when oblivion had overtaken her. She seemed to be kneeling on something soft and comfortable – no, make that astride something soft and warm – and there was a strong smell of feminine arousal in the air.  She tried to open her eyes but she was blindfolded, something sticky was plastered over her mouth and on moving her arms to try to remove it discovered her wrists were tied to … someone else!

“Looks like you are coming back to us Laura” said a voice by her ear. 

Well at least Jake was still around thought Laura - “Lucky me”. 

“Perhaps I should make some changes now and then we can move to our next stage” said Jake. 

Laura winced as he pulled the duct tape off her mouth and then inserted a padded ring behind her teeth.  She was so pre-occupied with trying to manipulate her jaw and tongue in her dry mouth she missed the opportunity to bite his fingers. A low groan was all she could manage through her stretched lips before Jake squirted water into her mouth.  She gulped down as much as she could but some ran out of her mouth and fell below her.  Immediately whatever she was sitting astride wriggled and twisted and she heard a complaining groan from behind her.  What was Jake up to?

Jake seemed to decide now was the time to reveal all and he untied the rag (once part of Laura’s t-shirt) from across her eyes.  Laura stared open-mouthed at … herself.  She realised Jake had placed Maggie’s full length mirror next to her so she could see what was going on.

Laura was sitting on Maggie’s upper chest.  Her wrists were pulled back behind her and tied to Maggie’s upper arms, whose wrists in turn were tied wide to the bed posts.   Laura was kneeling, with her calves also tied to Maggie’s arms with her feet wedged under Maggie’s shoulders for good effect.  Maggie was bent at the waist with her ankles tied together and crossed behind Laura’s back and a thin line connecting her big toes to each other and the ring on her collar.  The position of Maggie’s legs forced Laura to lean forwards where she had her first close view of her flatmate’s pudenda and precisely shaved triangular pubic hair. Maggie was wearing a ring gag identical to the one Laura had.  Both women were naked.

Laura mentally shook her head, silently cursed Jake and tested her/their bonds for any weakness or looseness which might indicate a way out of this latest humiliation.  She was quickly disappointed and slumped down on Maggie, the inside of her thighs squishing Maggie’s firm breasts, causing an exclamatory groan from her flatmate.  She looked at the mirror again and glared at Jake’s grinning face.

“Now that you are back with us Laura we can play a little game.  Or rather you two can.  You both seemed to be suffering a little from your opening positions – all that wailing and blacking out nonsense – so I thought you would each appreciate a little TLC and who better to administer it than your best friend and housemate?  Now the game is very simple.  I know from personal experience that you both have tongues that never seem to stop wagging - you could both create a new form of legless donkeys – so I would like to see you put them to good use.  On each other.  Hence the ring gags which with a bit of stretching and straining mean you should both be able to drink from the furry cup of the other and share a little happiness. Just to encourage you, once both of you have had what I consider to be enough stimulation  - and  I will be setting the bar for that quite high  - then you will be fed and watered.  On the downside if you do not want to play, then this will happen …”

Laura leapt as much as her constraints allowed as Jake gave her a quick flick across her buttocks with a thin whippy piece of plastic – at the same time Maggie squealed in dismay and wriggled violently as Jake tickled her feet.   “I know you are both very ticklish and you know I have a strong right arm.  I trust you will see these are two very good reasons to pleasure each other”. 

Two more flicks with the plastic whip caused more distorted squeals from the girls. 

“Ladies, start your engines” laughed Jake.

Laura shook her head - what was she expected to do?  She got a strong hint as she felt first Maggie’s breath then a small wet tongue begin to explore her labia.  Maggie had obviously done this before and she shuddered as the slippery tongue began to slip within her inner lips, Maggie’s nose gently grazing Laura’s clitoral hood.  Despite how sore she felt down there, Laura began to feel the first tingles of a familiar feeling deep in the pit of her stomach.  She uttered a long drawn out moan.  She was brought back to reality by Jake’s fingers scrabbling at the sole of her left foot. Which caused her body to twitch and a loud snort.

“Come on Laura, or I will go to town on that lovely arse of yours” threatened Jake.

Laura stretched her neck forward and down and began to lap at Maggie’s loins, imitating her housemate’s actions, especially those she recognised as having the best effect on her own libido.  As her tongue strokes became stronger and more animated, she felt Maggie begin to react to her ministrations and before long the pair of them were moving and moaning in rhythm as the slow climb to orgasm began.

Laura found it hard to concentrate on what she was doing as Maggie was very skilful in arousing her - but each time she slackened off or was distracted by her housemate’s technique then Jake’s dexterity with his flogger quickly restored her to the task in hand. The writhing bodies on the bed continued to moan and groan, lick and stroke in unison.   

Jake stepped back from the bed and took in the scene.  “Well that was easy, I wonder what else Laura will learn to like?” he thought to himself.




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