Late Night Library Fantasy

by Miss Trussed

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© Copyright 2013 - Miss Trussed - Used by permission

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It all started with my late-night visits to Liverpool Central Library. I use the place at least once a week as I’m studying as a mature student. My preferred time is late, usually after midnight. It’s the best time to go as it’s pretty quiet & you be sure that the only other users are serious geeks who, like myself try to avoid being disturbed.

Anyway, back to my fantasy…..

One evening, I’d dropped into the library & chosen my preferred corner, the older part with it’s vaulted ceilings, stone alcoves & rows of musty old books on wooden shelving. It’s never ceased to amaze me, how easy it is to find the darkest most private corners in such a vast place. This particular night was different, I could hear footsteps somewhere amongst the rows of shelves & an unfamiliar sound; the occasional scrape of metal on wood followed by the sound of feet on ladder-rungs. Partly annoyed at the intrusion, partly curious I wandered over toward the sounds.

As I rounded the corner I was confronted with a rather unsavoury sight. There were two guys by some shelving & at this moment one was at the top of a ladder working on some of the mahogany panels, the other, sitting against the base of the ladder opening a chocolate bar. Both of them were overweight, rather unkempt & heavily tattooed. I guessed they were both mid-forties. It was the tattooes of one of the guys that really caught my eye. On his left bicep, the image of a girl heavily bound an iconic picture that I had seen before by the artist Dave Annis.

My gaze lingered on it too long, he noticed & a grin appeared across his mouth. I whispered to them, “Excuse me, could you keep the noise down please, I’m trying to study”.

They looked at me standing there in a pair of old, tight black leggings, a t-shirt, I’d had since I was 16 & no make-up (let’s face it, I wasn’t expecting to meet a hunk at this time if night) the one on the ladder said: “Not our problem, we do the night shift to keep out of people’s way”.

How rude! I wasn’t expecting the response, I found myself turning & tiptoeing back to my books. As I turned, I heard one of them, I don’t know which mumble.

“Stuck up little bitch” I flashed a look of distain & returned to my desk.

As a study-night, it was a failure, as a study of human nature, it was a gold-mine. Following our brief encounter I had decided to teach these two gorillas a lesson, in the way only a girl knows how. I had lost my train of concentration shortly after their comments which left me with two choices; leave & give them the satisfaction of “winning” or staying under the guise of studying whilst teasing the hell out of the pair. In hind-sight, probably the most stupid thing I’ve done.. ever!

After a few minutes, the pair had worked along the shelving & we were now in each other’s line of sight. It was at this point I made my fateful decision.

With a deep sigh, I put my arms behind my back, linked my fingers & stretched, my elbows actually touching behind my back. As I did so my breasts forced forward tight against the fabric of my rather old & definitely out-grown t-shirt.

The sigh had got their attention & I could feel them leering at me. I resisted looking in their direction, I stood up & with my back to them I crossed my ankles before pivoting forward over the desk to reach a magazine on the far side, giving the pair a view of my bum as I did so. I slowly walked back to my chair but instead of sitting, I twisted the chair to one side & kneeled, my bum pushed out, my elbows on the table, thumbing through the book in front of me.

It was silent behind me, it was obvious I had their attention. I continued with my teasing for a few minutes, sighing, flicking my hair, stretching, adjusting my top & plucking at the fabric of my leggings, before my finale… walking confidently over to the pair I asked, “Will I have the pleasure of you two tomorrow night or will I have some peace & quiet”?

They flashed nervous smiles at each other before telling me almost simultaneously, “Here all week, every night”.

I turned on my heels & with a flick of my hair said, “So I guess we’re stuck with each other”.

I had plans for these two beyond this evening. I had always been a tease but normally in my work as a part-time bargirl I would wear my tightest jeans, my tiniest tops & flirt with the best-looking hopefuls at the bar. It was all great fun but this was different. I had these two over-weight idiots all to myself & I definitely had caught their eyes. I was also planning on playing up to one guy in particular, the one with the tattoo of the bound girl. Who in their right mind would publish the fact in permanent ink that they were a kinky, dominant, woman-hating thug. I would have fun with this one.

Midnight, day 2

I was going to see just how long I could keep these two going. I knew I had at least four nights to work with so I decided to make the most of my time. Each night of the week I would have a theme so that by the end of the week, they would be expecting everything but getting nothing! This was going to be fun. My choice of clothing was important. I didn’t want to come across as a complete slut, I was trying to maintain my character as an aloof, over opinionated little pain in the arse but an edge of “slutty” should work well then tonight.

To my delight, the library was empty apart from one guy, sitting alone with a coffee, surfing the web. I made my way to the old section I guessed they would be working in.

There they were, hanging a door to the store room right at the back of the old section. I was going to take my time with the tease & opted for a t-shirt & my tightest jeans finished off with my New Rock boots! Tonight they would witness a little bit of the rebel in me!

They were grinning at me, I gave them a look of loathing, raised my eyebrows & with my sexiest wiggle, made my way past them to me desk. Maybe it was my paranoia but I couldn’t help but notice that most the evening, the pair spent most of the time with a clear view of my denim-clad rear. Maybe it was because I chose to stand the majority of the time leaning over my desk.

I had bought along my Ipod & as I listened to my selection of rock, I swayed seductively for their entertainment. On occasion I would turn & more often than not they were leering at me, I would flash them a look of total disapproval. One thing was obvious, there looks were getting more frequent & there expressions more resentful.


It was getting late, my time to leave. As I did I removed my earphones & gave the pair one last shot across their bows.

With my most patronising tone I said, “Thank you for your time, it’s been a pleasure” sucking air through my teeth, head held high I strode for the door.

“Fucking cheeky little bitch” was the last thing I heard.

A broad smile broke out across my face, “Men are so weak”!

Midnight day 3

I figured I had two nights of fun left, time to take it up another notch.

The truth was, I had had a boring sex life. A string of boyfriends who’s idea of fore-play was to rub my thigh before going for the big one! As a result I had toyed with the idea of on-line dating sites. To this point I hadn’t gone through with it but had built myself a small collection of pictures some of which even showing my attempts at tying myself up & even an attempt at photo-manipulation showing me bound in the hope of attracting a suitable playmate. Although I had absolutely no intention of going any further with these two idiots, the teasing was intense! My collection of pictures, left “by mistake” for them to see was the highlight of my plan.

I slipped an album into my bag & headed for the library.


If my hunch was correct, these should get them more than interested! & if the dimwits STILL didn’t get the message, I threw in a couple of extras from my favourite artist…. Just to be sure.

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It was gone 1am before I arrived. The library was empty.

They were in the same place they had been the nights before. I’d chosen another outfit tonight to catch their eyes a thigh-hugging, satin pencil skirt & fitted blouse. They heard me before they saw me, my high heels clicking on the wooden floor as I approached. I teetered past them, putting on my sexiest wiggle & flashed them a smile.

“Fuck me, look at the body on that!” the tattooed lout muttered.

I turned to face them, “I’m sorry, did you say something?” I asked indignantly.

“Take it as a compliment & get over yourself!

“Aw, bless you… don’t you get to see many girls stuck up here all night with your big ugly friend. How do you normally keep a girl in your company? Your charm & good looks or a bundle of ropes & some duct tape!”

The tattooed one glared & stepped towards me, “You cocky little bitch, why don’t you fuck off to your books like a good little girl”.

“Hmmm, just as I thought, rope & duct –tape”. I turned & sauntered away before they had time to reply.

They worked around me in virtual silence most of the evening, casting occasional looks of distaste as they past by. I sat in the silence flicking aimlessly through my books smiling to myself. This had been a cruel tease of two ignorant but innocent guys but it was hugely entertaining. I had a captive audience. They had been play-things to me safe in the knowledge I was safe in such a public place even though it was deserted these idiots must know better than to do anything but take the teasing.

They were back. I turned them & grinned tauntingly. It was time to put my plan into action. I slipped my album from my bag, opened it to the picture I had chosen earlier & laid it on the floor under my bag.

I had selected pictures that obscured my face just in case they fell into the wrong hands, the one I chose to leave on top was the outfit I wore that night, making it obvious it was me.

I stood, noisily, scraping the chair across the wooden floor as I did so. One final stretch, hopefully long enough to hold their gaze before scooping up my bag before strutting quickly out of the door, the album left open on the floor.

The following day I pondered my weeks work with glee. I’d always loved to tease guys but this was different.

The slight element of danger had been utterly delightful.

Midnight day 4

That evening I decided o keep the sexy secretary theme.

The skin-tight, shiny skirt seemed to work.

Maybe just a change of blouse.

White would be good to show off my sexy lingerie visible underneath.

The tattoo on his arm suggested he like the “look” & I intended to make him suffer in his frustration to the limit.

It was midnight when I arrived. It was deserted as ever. I headed for my usual desk but there was no sign of my quarry. I sat & listened… nothing.

An hour past, still not a sound… Frustration set in as the minutes past as it dawned on me that they’d finished their work & last night was their last night.

“Dammit”! I mumbled to myself. They had the last laugh & a pile of porn to remember me by!

Another hour passed… still nothing…

Until, without warning I heard footsteps, moving fast behind me, as I turned in my seat they were on me!

Before I had time to resist, a pair of hands grabbed my shoulders & a hood was pulled down over my head.


“Shut up you little bitch & hold still”!

A hand clamped tight over my mouth as I heard the sound of tape peeling from its reel. My mouth was gagged before I was hauled from my seat. An arm grabbed my arms, hauling them behind my back as more hands clamped around my knees. As I struggled I was carried from my desk, along a corridor & as the sound of their footsteps changed from taping on wood to sort of carpet, I was aware they’d taken me to the storeroom. The door clicked shut behind them.

I was dumped into a chair, I tried to stand, a hand grabbed my throat & I was pushed down as more hands pulled my arms behind me. I felt the straps cut into my wrists as they were pulled tight. As an arm held me around my shoulders more hands grabbed my ankles as they were strapped together.

My mind was spinning, this wasn’t what I had planned! I tried to fight but it was hopeless. More straps wrapped around my waist & thighs, pinning me firmly into my seat.

An arm coiled around my neck.

“Fancied a bit of a tease did you? It’s time little prick-teasers like you learned, if you fuck about & act like a slut, there’s a price to pay”!

Another voice entered the room.

“Fuck off Kenny, you saw her pictures, she’s gagging for it. I bet she’s cum in her knickers already, look at her squirming around in her damp patch!”

“Shut up John & pass me the belts”.

He started with my elbows. A broad leather belt was slipped around them & as I struggled, he slowly pulled them together until they touched behind my back.

“Fuck, she’s a bendy little thing, she’s going to be fun”!

The belt was fastened off. I had never felt so utterly vulnerable as I did at this moment. More belts were wrapped around my body, above & below my breasts. I could feel them swell as the straps were pulled tight, squeezing them from above & below.

“Look as her tits, all pushed up & pumped up! They feel like fakes, hard as fuck!! HAHAHA”!!

My blouse was pulled apart, exposing my lingerie…

“Nice undies! All lacy & sexy. I hope we aren’t keeping you from a date…!”

He pulled my top down, exposing my bare breasts before pinching my erect nipples, teasing at first then harder & harder until I squealed in pain.

Although I was scared, it was obvious to my captors that I was as horny as hell! I don’t think I remember the point at which my body language had changed but instead of my initial efforts to struggle free I was aware that I was moaning rhythmically, my breast heaving against the belts, my body slowly & rhythmically gyrating in my seat from my shoulders to my toes in a regular snake-like motion. They were right, I was grinding against an increasingly damp patch!


“I fucking knew it! This kinky little bitch is loving this. Look at her wriggle, she’s not trying to get free, she’s trying to rub herself off…”HAHAHAHAH!!!

I shook my head furiously, whimpering through my gag. Hands were on me again.

“Fuck off you little tease, we might look stupid to you with your fucking books & shit but we’re old enough to know when a girls getting a wet pussy!”

I felt hands on the backs of my calves, sliding up & down over the sheer fabric of my stockings, plucking them with their rough, over-worked surface. They travelled up to my thighs, squeezing in circular motion, sliding up & down their length, teasingly close to my pussy. Until…

His thumb burrowed hard against me pushing the shiny, stretchy fabric deeper & deeper between my bound thighs.

“Gnnnhhhhh”! My body was in spasm, he had found my spot. I arched against my bonds, my buttocks squeezed & every bond around me doubled in pressure as I sucked in air through my gag.

“She’s as kinky as fuck. I bet I can make her cum in her knickers.”

His thumb was pressing harder now, grinding my clit in small circular motions. My breathing grew harder & harder.

The observer joined in. “Look at those tits, She’s gonna bust her belts in a minute. Pass me another one!”

The grinding stop, what now?

I could feel a belt across my nipples, brushing back & forth for a moment, teasing them further until I heard the “clink” of the belt being looped together then slowly pulled tight.

“HAHAHA, pull it tighter Kenny”.

Now I was scared, I was gulping as much air as I could but every time I exhaled the belt was pulled tighter, three breaths & every time he pulled before fastening it off. I moaned, managing only swallow shallow breaths of air before the leather pressed hard into my breasts like a steel cage.

I had to think; small, slow, shallow breaths. I had to relax & keep calm. I genuinely thought I was going to suffocate. I began to relax my body, staying as still as possible. I concentrated hard to maintain myself but then they were both on me. One rubbing his hands up & down the length of my satin-covered thighs, thumbs, two this time teasing my hips at every stroke. My other captor until now had been an observer but now he was behind me leaning against my bound arms, grinding his shaft against them, I could feel it harden. His fingers pinched & squeezed the bare flesh of my breasts between the heavy leather strapping. He was moaning now & hard as rock as he rubbed against the length of my arms.

For a moment, he back away, one arm around my neck as he sunk lower behind me. He was stumbling slightly now as he dropped down. Soon I realised why.

He grabbed one of my bound hands & wrapped my fingers around his denim-covered penis. He made efforts to rub against me, hoping I would respond but my reaction was to squeeze. At first he found pleasure but as he slid his man-hood through my fingers to its swollen tip I pinched HARD! As it “pinged” though my grasp, he let out a shriek. A hand grabbed my throat.

“You fucking little bitch, try sucking on some air now”!

A hand clamped over my mouth & pulled my head back hard against his gut as his thumb & finger pinched my nostrils….

I grunted & struggled frantically, gulping for air. The chair creaked as I strained against my bonds.

Gulping noises from my throat and my convulsive actions did nothing to stop him.

“Bet you wish you hadn’t teased us now you fucking little bitch”.

Throughout my ordeal the thumb worked vigorously at my now swollen clit. Then as suddenly as it began it stopped. Simultaneously the pair backed away. My head fell back as filled my lungs as best I could with sweet air. My whole body shuddered. I could never have imagined that this gross pair could have brought me come so close to orgasm.

I felt hot breath on the side of my neck.

“We’re going for a brew. You’ve got 30 minutes so if you don’t want to get fucked up some more you’d better start struggling”.

I heard the door open then close behind them. The footsteps faded.

I was exhausted. My body ached from painfully tight bondage, my head spun from the lack of air & my mind raced with what had happened to me. With my limited strength I tested my bonds moving my body in slow twisting movements.

Far from concentrating on getting free I couldn’t escape the utter pleasure I felt as the straps held me. With every movement the pressure of every bond travelled around my body.

Once again it overwhelmed me, distracting me from my task. My confused mind convinced me to climax as quickly as possible so I could focus on escape!

I began my rhythmic grinding focusing on how the bonds felt, I could feel my soaking lips slide against one another. I pushed my hips forward pushing my bone against the strap across my lap. I was close not close enough. I desperately tried to clear my mind but it no good, every time I came within a breath of orgasm my mind failed me.

It was excruciating!

I whimpered… exhausted. I had failed. I made one last effort to loosen my bonds but it was hopeless. I slumped in my chair, bound, weak & beaten…..

An age past I sat there alone in darkness & silence until the footsteps returned. The door opened.

“I think we’ve broken her in John. That’s a pity, I like a fighter!

“Fucking hell Kenny, she’s dripping wet! Quick get the straps off her, I’ll fetch the ropes”.

To be continued……..

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