The Game 2

by Cai

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© Copyright 2017 - Cai - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/mf; bond; scarves; gag; blindfold; naked; initiation; objectify; hogtie; punish; challenge; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

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The Game Part 2

I woke up in a strange place and in front of me, my wife was now tied up in a brand new attire. A white business suit with a blue blouse underneath finished with a white and blue scarf tied choker style around her neck. She was blindfolded with a scarf and gagged with a blue bandana and another scarf securely wrapped around her wrists while I was simply tied up naked with my wife’s scarves.

It wasn’t long before someone entered the room. It was a bloke with a white opera mask.  He was naked and ripped like the lads from last night. He gagged me with a scarf that was beside my wife and welcome us to a football team initiation party.

And without any further wait, Kylee enter the room dressed in business attire with a scarf around the neck (cowgirl style). She led in 3 blokes all naked with their hands tied behind their back and also blindfolded with scarves. Kylee pulled down my wife’s gag and shove the first guy penis into her mouth. She was forced to work bobbing up and down while Kylee was explaining to me that his was a football initiation with a bondage theme and my wife and I were the team’s mascot for the day for new players.

Kylee explained that any guys able to sustain a blowjob for longer than 5 minutes from my wife are then able to have sex with her and if they are unable to hold for longer than require then they are punished as accordingly as part of their football discipline training which involve me in one way or another. The first guy blew his load quickly. Kylee quickly put him into a hogtied position and gagged him with a bandana as a punishment. The second guy also blew quickly and ended up on the floor hogtied and gagged with a bandana as the first guy.  The third guy also ended up in the same predicament while my wife’s mouth was covered in cums from the three guys she managed to blow before the 5 minutes mark.

However there was one more newbie left. Kylee bought him blindfolded and hands tied behind his back with scarves like the previous guys. However this last one is a mammoth in sizes, both in physics and down below. I call him Goliath. Goliath literally gagged my wife with his penis. She was struggling with it and choking on it at the same. She had no control this time as Goliath was the one in charge and he kept thrusting his penis in and out of my wife’s mouth. My wife tried her hardest to make him come quickly but he wasn’t having any of it. 5 minute passed and he survived the test.

And with that came his reward, the chance to have sex with my wife. Goliath was released from his bond and without wasting any seconds. He put my wife into a hogtied position and gagged her. He lowered himself in front of her head/face and holding onto the scarf that was blindfolding my wife. He forced her to lick his shaft up and down alternating with balls through her gagged mouth using her lips. My wife did her best and lick it like an ice cream with her gagged mouth. Feeling unsatisfied, he pulled her gag down and forced her to take his whole penis while she was still hogtied and blindfolded. He finally blew his load all over my wife’s face and forced her to suck the remaining cum from his penis. He wiped his cum from her face with a scarf and then use it to tightly cleave gag her.

But he wasn’t finish. Still raging hard. Goliath was still good to go. He released her from her hogtied position and bent her over me in a 69 position where my wife was forced to lick my penis through her gagged mouth while Goliath was riding her from behind. All I can see was his balls bouncing off my wife’s pussy. After watching 4 or 5 guys taking pleasure from my wife, I couldn’t could on any longer and blew which my wife was forced to soak it all up by her already soaked cum gag. Goliath came again and by this stage, I have already passed out.

I couldn’t remember much of that day but couple of weeks later, my wife and I received a card that reads “looking forward to the next time” with a picture of my wife and I hogtied, gagged, and blindfolded.


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