The Heir

by Studbound

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© Copyright 2009 - Studbound - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; gag; x-frame; D/s; bagged; cons; X

The sudden deaths of fifty-five year old Walter and fifty-four year old Sylvia Bridgestone in a plane crash came as a shock to their friends and associates. As the founder of the law firm Bridgestone, Curtis and Wang, Walter was clearly a leading figure in the community. His wife belonged to numerous organizations – many of which conducted formidable charitable activities. The dual funeral was attended by almost two thousand people. Without a doubt the loss of the Bridgestones had impacted many.

It also impacted Walter and Sylvia’s son, Jason. Recently married, Jason had attended law school, following in his father’s footsteps. On graduation and passing the bar, Jason found a place in his father’s firm, working with a few others, under the tutelage of both his father, Richard and Ronald Curtis – twins, and Chester Wang. Jason always assumed that he would take his father’s place some day in the distant future, and on his father’s unexpected death, he would move up immediately. But since the accident, the remaining members of the firm made no mention of such a possibility. To his frustration, the Curtis brothers, executors of the estate, seemed to be taking a long time to settle affairs. Jason also expected to inherit his parents’ estate - a very large home located in the center of a fifteen-acre plot in a suburb near the city. In fact, Jason had not even been allowed to visit the property until all of the legalities were finalized.

Finally, Jason and his bride drove through the gates of heavily fenced estate, along the drive through a wooded area, and up to the house. As he and Judy stood at the front door, she said, “This place must hold so many memories for you.”

“Not so,” he said. “My parents bought the land when I was about three years old. It took a couple of years to get everything in order and start construction. By the time it was done, the fence, everything else, I was in school and they always sent me off to boarding school. Summers I was in sports camp or something. So I was here only a few days for holidays. I’m really not all that familiar with the place.”

They looked out from the porch, then opened the door, and entered. Together they walked through the place, examined each of the six bedrooms, the kitchen, formal dining room, and many bathrooms. On the back of the house, they looked out on the tennis court and the large swimming pool. There were no quarters for servants – the Bridgestones had hired in help on a daily basis, but only they lived in the place at night. The fence and woods that surrounded the house kept out intruders.

Judy and Jason continued to explore the house. The master bedroom was huge with an oversized bed. They discovered that there were two large walk-in closets – his and hers.

“Her clothes don’t fit me,” sighed Judy.

“We’ll give away most of the clothes to a charity,” said Jason.

They continued to explore.

After a while, Jason called his wife – “Look here.”

She joined him in his father’s closet. “There are three large chests of drawers here. One has sox and undershirts in it. But the other two are filled with jockstraps. Hundreds and hundreds of jockstraps. I’ve never seen so many, and they all seem to be different. Nicely rolled up and stored neatly. My father seems to have had a jockstrap fetish!”

The young Bridgestones went on exploring their new house, finding everything in order. Except for the two odd chests filled with jocks, the rest of the house appeared just as one would expect in the home of a middle-aged couple. On the main floor were the six bedrooms. Down a flight of steps, the basement housed a large party room with wet bar, entertainment center, comfortable chairs and tables – a place to have guests on less formal occasions. On one side of the room were changing and shower facilities and a door that led out to the yard and the pool or tennis court.

Jason and Judy moved in, closed out their apartment, gave away the clothes they could not use, and settled into live in their new home. At work, Jason’s position remained unchanged. When he approached either Ronald or Richard Curtis about his future in the firm, they were evasive which was frustrating at best. But life went on, and Jason waited to see what would happen.

Jason and Judy had been in their new home just over six months when it happened. He arrived at the house on Friday after work and found Judy waiting for him with dinner cooking, and everything in order. She had been wonderful moving into the role of housewife, cook, and looking after him.

After they ate, Judy began, “Jason, do you trust me?”

“Or course,” he said with a questioning look.

“Then I want you to do something that may seem odd. I want you to take off all of your clothes, and put on this jockstrap.”

“You’re kidding,” he said looking at the minimal garment that she held out toward him.

“I’m not kidding,” she said. “A great deal hangs on how you respond tonight. More than you might imagine.”

“Very mysterious,” he said. But he went to the bedroom, stripped and put on the jock. She watched and smiled.

“You look good in a jockstrap,” she said. “Should wear them more often.”

“Right,” he said. “You want me to acquire a jock fetish like my father?”

“Sort of,” she said. “Now, turn around and put your hands behind your back.”

“You’re kidding.”

“No and do it. This is important. You’ll find out, just trust me.”

So Jason turned, and Judy approached him with a length of rope in her hands.

“What are you doing?” Jason protested.

“I’m tying you up,” she said mater-of-factly. “Hold still.”

“Why are you tying me up?” He asked. “This is kinky.”

“You don’t know the half of it,” she said while binding his wrists securely. “Now open your mouth.”

“Why?” he said again.

“Because I said so,” she said flatly.

Jason complied, and was more than startled when she pulled a ball gag into his mouth securing it behind his head. He tried to protest again, but by then, it was too late. Jason turned and faced his wife, his hands bound behind his back, nude except for the jock, and now gagged. The sounds he made through the gag indicated that he was demanding to know what was going on.

“This should bring back memories,” she began, making him sit on the bed while they talked. “You and your father belonged to the same fraternity at the University – right?”

He nodded and grunted – yes.

“Do you remember the introductory dance – when you met the girls from the sorority that was affiliated with your fraternity?
Again he grunted and nodded, yes.

“Weren’t you similarly bound, wearing only a jockstrap, and gagged at that dance?”

A third time he grunted and nodded, yes.

“It was at that dance that your mother and father met. She fell in love with him then and there – seeing him bound, gagged, jocked – really affected her. You are now wearing that same jock that he wore on that night. Now, come with me. You have a big surprise ahead of you.”

Together they walked from the bedroom through the house to the stairway the led to the party room. Down the stairs, and into the large well-lighted area she had him stand near the center of the space and wait.

“Look around” she said. “If you think about it, the room isn’t big enough. It should be as large as the upstairs, but it isn’t. There are windows around the edge, except for that wall.” She pointed to the wall which held bookcases and paneling. “But on the outside, there are windows all the way around. It took me a while to figure out that this room is just too small. So, I investigated. It took some time, but eventually I found the release.”

Judy moved to the bookcase, reached up into one of the spaces, and pulled a hidden lever. That section of bookcase swung out into the party room revealing a door into another room. She went inside and turned on the lights. Then she returned, took Jason’s arm, and led him into the next room. What he saw astounded him.

The wall on the left was lined with shelves which held albums and some kind of books. The back wall held row after row of leather things he could not identify. Clothes, jackets, straps, hoods, all sorts of odd things. The wall to the right had four large things that stretched from floor to ceiling and looked like huge Xs or some sort. Scattered around the room were odd heavy chairs, two beds and a few large cages. Jason had no idea what to make of the equipment and with the ball gag in his mouth, he was in no position to ask Judy what was going on.

“Come with me,” she said. “We need to get you ready.” She led him to one of the X-shaped crosses and had him stand up against it with his legs spread apart. There were straps all along the X and she used those at the bottom to secure his ankles and his legs to the cross – another around his waist and another over his chest. She reached behind him and untied his arms and raised the left one up the left side of the X and used straps there to secure him. Next his right arm and he was secured to the X firmly and still gagged. He looked at her pleading for some information, but nothing came.

“Good timing,” she said, “I hear them coming.”

Now Jason was frantic – people coming – people who would see him naked except for the jockstrap, with a gag in his mouth, and strapped to this huge cross thing? But there was nothing he could do. Judy went to greet whoever it was that was coming.

He heard people talking – laughing – mostly women’s voices. Then a group came into the hidden room. Following Judy he saw Stephanie Wang, Chester’s wife. Following her came Mary and Marge Curtis – the wives of Richard and Ronald. The Curtis twins had surprised everyone by marrying twins. With them were oddly dressed figures with heads hooded. They moved across the room to look at Jason.

“He looks good Judy,” said Mary Curtis. “Any problems?”

“No, he cooperated. But I’m sure he’s really confused just now.”

“Probably,” said Marge Curtis.

Marge then pulled the hood off of one of the men, and Jason saw that it was her husband, Ronald. And he was gagged with some sort of leather strap over his mouth. The odd clothing was a straitjacket which looked to be secured very tightly. Marge moved Ronald up against one of the crosses and strapped his lower body to it, leaving him in the straitjacket. Mary Curtis removed the long hood from the man next to her. It was Richard, also gagged with a ball like Jason and tied with ropes. She pushed him against a cross and strapped him to it in the same manner that Jason was secured. Finally, Stephanie pulled the large shroud off of her man and it was, of course, Chester. He too was bound and gagged. She took him to a chair, and used straps she took off of the wall to secure him to it. When all of the men were tightly bound, Janice and the other three turned their attention to Jason.

“Okay,” Judy began. “It took me a while to meet the other women and find out what was what with this room. On the far wall there are picture albums – many of them. The first set holds pictures of your father modeling each of the jockstraps in his collection. Actually, in your mother’s collection. It wasn’t your father who had a jockstrap fetish. It was your mother. She picked out what supporter he wore each day, and he was allowed to wear only jockstraps for underwear.”

“The next set of albums contains pictures of your father in bondage. There are hundreds and hundreds of shots of him tied up and gagged in about every way you can imagine and a good many that you would never think of. He apparently loved being tied up, and your mother enjoyed indulging his kink – sometimes much more than he might have wanted.”

“Can you remember times when you were home when your father didn’t seem to be around?”

Jason grunted into his gag and nodded.

“Well, he was probably in this room trussed up some way, gagged, and unable to move around freely. The third set of books over there is your mother’s diary. She kept a detailed record of every activity. I’ve read a good deal of it – what they did when you were here – how often she tied up your father and how long he was bound and how he responded. She’s very descriptive.”

“Your mother found the Curtis twins at some group she joined in the city – a club of dominant women. Fortunately their husbands were lawyers – good lawyers – and so they became part of the firm. The Wangs came along a bit later. Now, here’s the interesting part. Your father and these men ( she pointed to the three bound and gagged lawyers ) don’t own the firm. Your mother and these wives owned the famous firm of Bridgestone, Curtis and Wang. As for the men, they are slaves who work for the firm. Your mother owned your father – owned his body and could do anything with it she wished. Same with the two Curtis wives and Stephanie Wang. The penalty if they disobey is formidable and would reduce them to being paupers with nothing. Being lawyers, the men have drawn up the documents and they are iron-clad.”

“So what happened when your parents died? They, of course, didn’t expect such to happen, but there were provisions in their will. I inherit your mother’s share of the firm making me an owner. In short, I’ll be your boss – and a bit more too. You will become a partner along with Curtis, Curtis and Wang. But there is a provision. The Curtis brothers have drawn up this document. By signing it, you give me your body and agree to be my slave. I can do whatever I wish with you including tying you up as much as I wish whenever I wish for as long as I wish. You agree to do whatever I tell you to do.”

“If you decline and refuse to sign the document, you leave the firm with nothing. I will be paid a small fee to compensate me for my part – nothing close to what it is worth. The document is binding, so these lawyers tell me. Think it over. You must sign now, or never. That’s the choice.”

“As for this room – well, it’s a dungeon. Eight people used it frequently – your mother more than the others. These three men have spent a good many hours in bondage here. They were quite relieved when I found the room and approached them. Things seem to be working out nicely – depending on what you do next.”

Judy turned to the three women who stood watching. “Did I cover everything correctly?”

“Yes,” said Stephanie Wang. The others nodded in agreement.

“So, Jason, are you going to sign?”

There was a long silence. The four women stood and waited. Finally, Jason moaned into his gag and nodded agreement.

Judy released Jason’s right arm from the cross, and brought up a clipboard with the document. She put a pen in Jason’s hand and held up the clipboard, pointing to three places for him to sign. He did so slowly, but clearly. When he was done, Judy put down the clipboard and re-strapped Jason’s arm to the cross.

“That’s done,” she signed. “Jason, get used to being bound and gagged. We women have some things to discuss. We’ll be back when we’re read.”

With that the four women left the dungeon room, turning off the lights and closing the door leaving the four bound and gagged men where they had secured them. Jason, his head spinning with what had happened, stood and waited to see what would happen next.

It was a year later. In the party room in the basement of the Bridgestone estate four women sat at a small table playing bridge. They had been involved with the game for hours, and evening was rapidly coming.

“Where shall we go out to eat?” asked Marge Curtis.

“There’s a nice place not too far – recently opened. I’ve heard good things about it,” said Judy.

“Then let’s go,” said Mary Curtis.

The game ended, the four women stood and moved toward the stairway. Briefly Judy moved toward the bookcase and opened the secret door. She stepped inside and turned on the lights. Four figures lay on the two beds. Each was tightly strapped into a leather sleep sack. Inside each man was bound and gagged. The leather covered all of them except the nose area.

“You guys be good,” she said. “We’ll be back in a while.”

She turned off the lights and shut the door, joining the women going up the stairs.

Back in the dungeon room, Jason Bridgestone squirmed a little in his sleep sack. Since it was Friday, he wondered if he would be free any of the weekend, or would he, as was becoming more common, remain bound in some way until Monday morning. And he wondered with amazement how quickly his seemingly demure wife had become a significant dominatrix. Jason had a lot of time to wonder on such things and it appeared that he would have a lot of time to continue wondering in the future.