by Cliff

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Part One

Kathryn spied her quarry sitting on a park bench a quarter of a mile from the mall where I, Amy, his chauffer had dropped him off.  He was just like I had described him, even down to what he was wearing in his commoner clothes.  He was quite good looking, and she relished the thought of the sex with him that was awaiting her.  But she also relished the blow we were going to enjoy against the aristocracy, which he was a part of.  We had set him up perfectly.  He suspected nothing. 

His wife refused to tie him up, gag him and have sex with him, which he would have enjoyed immensely.  He told me this one-day, and then I got this idea.  Since he liked it so much, why not put it to use?  I wasn't earning much on my meagre salary as a chauffer.  Cliff's wife was loaded.  Why not kidnap him under the guise of the fulfilment of his fantasy.  I'd been a good friend of Kathryn's, and she fitted the bill of what he wanted precisely.  Several inches taller than Cliff's 5'8" frame, she'd also been a female body builder.  She was a perfect match of the Amazon type woman he craved to act out his fantasy. In our matriarchal, aristocratic society where women were as tall as men, it was not unusual for women to be several inches taller than their male counterparts. I was pretty sure she could overpower him easily by her physical strength alone.  But that would not be necessary, since he wanted to be bound and gagged, and thus would willingly allow her to do just that.

It was perfect.  He'd been dropped off at the mall under the guise of wanting to do some shopping at a cheaper area of town.  I was to pick him up at an appointed time, but he wouldn't be there, having been kidnapped by Kathryn.  My alibi was complete, I only had done what I had been told, and even had dropped him off on the outskirts of the mall, lest either of us be seen.  I instructed him to dress in commoner's clothes to prevent drawing attention to himself.  The mall also was in another section across town, where aristocrats normally were not found.  Living in the upscale part of the city, he normally didn't go to this area, so he was very unlikely to be recognized.

Pulling to a stop next to the park bench, the rendezvous was complete.  Kathryn leaned over to the passenger side, and rolled down the window.  "Hi, you must be Cliff", she said.  When he nodded affirmatively, she invited, "Climb in".  Since the back door on the passenger side was unlocked, he opened the door and slid inside.

Once inside, Kathryn leaned forward over the console of the car, letting him have a good view of the cleavage between her full breasts underneath her low-cut blouse.  Since she was not wearing a bra, he must have gotten an eyeful.  Looking him full in the eye, she stated, "Cliff, I want to make something clear.  I don't know you from Adam.  I only note you are wearing commoner's clothes, so I assume you are a commoner.  Amy said this was her day off and she drove you over in her car.  Am I right so far?"  He nodded yes.  "I only agreed to this since Amy said you were willing to pay 100 dollars for it.  But I'm only going to do it on one condition; that is both of us are to remain totally anonymous.  Is that clear?"  He didn't answer, gazing straight at her cleavage, no doubt lost in thought of the pleasure awaiting him.  "We're going to remain totally anonymous, is that clear?” she repeated, louder this time.  "What?” he said.  "Oh, remain anonymous.  Yeah, Yeah, we can remain anonymous", he mumbled.

He was obviously going to be a good sub, doing whatever she asked.  With that, she exited the car and opened the back door and sat next to him.  "Turn away from me, Cliff", she ordered.  He looked the opposite direction, whereupon she untied the scarf tied in back of her neck.  She fastened it over his eyes.  "What are you doing", he asked.  "Cliff, in order for us to stay truly anonymous, you can't see where I live, right?”  "I guess so", he replied.  Now blindfolded, she moved him to where he faced forward, and buckled him in tightly with the shoulder strap and lap belt.
The darkly tinted windows in her car would effectively hide his blindfolded head from prying eyes on this bright sunshiny day, and she knew that there would be slim chance of people in the cars ahead of her seeing him in their rear-view mirror, since he'd be hidden behind the high headrests of her car's front seats.

Having blindfolded him and secured him with the seatbelts, she then pulled out a rope, seized his wrists and bound them together in front of him.  She used the considerable slack left on the rope to wrap it once around his upper knees, binding his hands to them.  They were knotted securely.  "That's to make sure you don't peek.  Consider it a down payment on what you'll be getting when we reach my place.  Do you mind?"  "No, not at all", he replied.  She could tell by the bulge that was now appearing under his pants he was already enjoying this.  "This guy really is into bondage", she thought.  Just for extra measure she gave the bulge in his pants a little squeeze.  He grunted a little pleasure.

When they had pulled back into traffic, he began chattering away about how he had better get his money's worth.  How he wanted the mock capture to be realistic.  How he wanted to be completely naked when it transpired.  How he wanted to be gagged so he couldn't work it loose for realism's sake.  How he wanted to be bound.  How he wanted her to play with her pussy and breasts and then masturbate in front of him.  How he then wanted her to take him in her mouth.  How she was then to undo his gag and sit on his face, so he could lick her clit.  How then he was to be re-gagged in the same fashion and then forced to have intercourse with her.  That if he was willing to do business more with her in the future if she delivered.

As he chattered away, he was telling her nothing new. I had already told her how he wanted her to do him. She thought to herself, "Cliff, you're a true aristocrat.  Always used to getting your way.  Always ordering people around, thinking money is enough to get it".  "Don't worry Cliff, I'll deliver.  I want your business", was her response.

Reaching her home, Kathryn opened up the door to the garage and drove inside.  She opened up the back door of the car and released Cliff from his bonds in the front and also from the seatbelt.  She left the blindfold on.  "No fair peeking, Cliff.  If we're going to be truly anonymous, you only get to see the inside of my bedroom".  "OK", he replied. Pulling him to his feet out the car, she proceeded to lead him into the house and up the stairs, which led to her bedroom.  Once inside, she turned him toward the bed, on which the materials, which would soon render him helpless, lay.  She untied his blindfold so he could again see.  "I hope you are satisfied", she said.  "I am", he replied.  "Then prove it.  Show me the hundred bucks", she demanded.  He reached into his pocket and pulled out five twenties and handed them to me.  "That's good", she said, after counting them and laying them down on the dresser.  "Take off your shoes and socks", she ordered.  While he was complying with that, she stripped off her blouse, revealing her full breasts to his admiring eyes.  "You seemed to want to have a good look at these", she said.  "Here they are".

She then walked close to him.  "You'll probably want to lick and suck them too".  He cupped his hand under her breasts and began to do just that.  Her hands stole down to his button down shirt and began to slowly unbutton it.  When it was unbuttoned fully, she took it off, revealing his hairy chest.  He had a generous amount of chest hair, generous, but not excessive.  She then pulled him away from her breasts and began to french kiss as him as she held him close.  She felt the bulge in his pants press toward the lower part of her abdomen and begin to rub against it.  As they continued French kissing, her hands found their way to his waist, and unbuckled his belt.  Once it was free, she proceeded to unhook and unzip his trousers.  Since his feet were close together, they then fell lifelessly at his feet.  He stepped out of them, and then, almost contemptuously kicked them aside.  He then stood before her, clad only in his underpants.  Already down there while undoing his trousers, her hand stole its way inside his underwear to feel his erection.  She felt wetness as the drops of precome had already begun.  But not bothering with the head of his penis, she combed her fingers through his pubic hair for a few moments and then reached down lower to his scrotum, and stroked that.  I and he had told her that he really liked that.  He'd seemed at full erection before that, but now appeared to tighten up even more.  His breathing grew deeper and deeper as he savoured the moment of intimacy with Kathryn.

With that, her free hand began to strip off his underpants.  She lowered first the right side, then the left, and then the back.  Just for extra measure, she squeezed his butt cheeks, both sides.  She then pulled the front of his underpants down, up and over his full erection.  Moments later, they had too dropped to the floor and he stood before her completely nude and fully aroused.  With that, she said, "It's time, Cliff".

On cue, he turned around and grasped his pubic region in a mock attempt to hide his manhood.  Kathryn clamped her hand over his mouth and pushed him roughly face first on the bed.  "I'm kidnapping you, Gorgeous. I'm gonna gag you and tie you up."  She then sat down on him, straddling him on the lower part of his back. His hands were pinned underneath him and her legs held his arms at bay at his sides.  Seizing the pre-folded rough cloth, she tied it over his mouth, then reinforced the gag with some rope and tied a bandana on top to keep it altogether.  She tied everything securely, as he had said.  It had to be real, to the point where he couldn't work it loose.  He told her he was going to try to in order to test her.

Having effectively gagged him, she grabbed his left wrist and pulled it behind him.  Tying a loop around it with one end of a bathrobe belt, she held the slack end and grabbed the other wrist.  30 seconds later, his hands were bound firmly behind his back.  She then grasped his ankles and secured them cross-legged with a leather belt, and then turned him over so he faced her to expose his fully erect organ.  Taking another leather belt, she used it to bind his knees together. Then, standing next to the bed, she removed her shoes and began to strip off her pants.  His eyes got bigger and bigger.  "Mmmphh, mmmphh", he began to cry softly under his gag, though they got louder the more she revealed her feminity

When she was completely nude just like Cliff, she sat down on the opposite foot of the bed and proceeded to fondle her breasts.  The nipples grew erect; she'd always been turned on by the sight of bound and gagged people on TV and the movies.  Now Cliff's muffled cries and vain struggles against his bonds turned her on as never before.  One hand stole its way down to her pussy lips and began to stroke them.  Her legs were wide open, and it was a simple thing to move her fingers inside her crack and begin to massage her clit in full view of Cliff.  Her stimulation was at a peak now; her pussy juices were really flowing.  It had always been a simple thing for her to masturbate herself to orgasm, and now there was this bound, gagged, completely naked and fully aroused male to further stimulate her by sight.  It only took a few minutes of this for her body to spasm as she climaxed for the first time.

When she had relaxed, she moved over to Cliff.  "What you want, I deliver", she declared as her tongue first licked off the precome running down his fully erect penis.  Then, taking the shaft into her lips, she began to rhythmically move them up and down.  Soon she felt hot semen spurt into her mouth as Cliff climaxed.  She swallowed every drop of it, fully enjoying the taste of it.

When Cliff's body had relaxed, Kathryn began to move up it.  His penis had grown soft, having climaxed already.  But she was determined for him to get it up again rapidly.  And she was also determined to get as much pleasure out of this experience as possible.  Why not?  She was going to get a lot of loot out of this. Might as well get as much of the fringe benefits as possible. Rising up, she pulled the gag off Cliff's mouth. Straddling his mouth between her legs, she lowered her open pussy onto his mouth.  "Lick my clit with all your might", was her order.  He complied.  Moaning through this, his new gag of sorts, her pussy and clit, he massaged them as vigorously as he could.  It felt so good to her, knowing she had dominated this aristocrat.  Her pussy juices must have tasted sweet as honey to him, knowing his wife also didn't like oral sex, as I had said.  He had honestly told me too much about their intimate conflicts.  Soon she writhed over his mouth in her second orgasm.

But she wasn't finished yet.  Glancing down at his male organ, she could see it was erect as ever.  She therefore sat him up and moved behind him and pulled him close to her.  The feel of her bush on his butt cheeks must have been pleasurable to him, as she gagged him just as before.  She then rolled over on her back and proceeded to pull his fully erect, bound and gagged body on top of her.  She remembered that this was the final act that he wanted in their lovemaking.  To have full sexual intercourse with her, to feel his erect cock deep in her vagina while bound and gagged.  That's what he wanted.  She was going to deliver, as she wanted that pleasure for herself.  She wrapped her legs around him and locked them together above his hips.  She reached down and grabbed his butt cheeks, pulling them hard with each forward thrust. He was thrusting just like her, and the head of his penis had found her g-spot.  Several minutes later, they again spasmed in mutual orgasm within moments of each other.

What a rude shock he was in for, if he expected to be released after that.  Instead two phone calls would be made which he totally did not expect.  She lay there, savouring her orgasm, silently looking forward to the moment that would soon come when he would learn he had been kidnapped for real.

Part Two

"Mmmphh, mmmphh", was Cliff's cry from under his gag. Jolted out of savouring of her orgasm, Kathryn looked at the clock.  "What's the matter, Gorgeous?” she asked.  "Oh, I know what you want.  Your rendezvous with Amy is only 45 minutes away.  You're right.  We need to get moving."

She unbuckled the belts that bound his ankles and knees.  Still nude, she sat him up and moved behind him.  He undoubtedly fully expected her to release his bound hands and un-gag him.  Instead, she reached in front of him and began to stroke his cock and scrotum.  "On second thought, Gorgeous, let's not be so hasty. I've enjoyed our time together.  You've made me come. I think I want more.  If you're a little late, it will be OK.  After all, Amy is my friend.” she said softly.  His penis, which had grown semi-hard after climaxing twice, grew more erect, especially after she stroked his erogenous zones.

With that Kathryn abruptly pulled him to his feet. Grabbing the two belts that had bound his legs together, she clutched his left upper arm with her right hand and roughly led him over to a desk chair. "Mmmphh, mmmphh", he protested.  He didn't have much choice.  She was superior to him physically, and he was still fully subdued, with his hands bound behind his back.  "C'mon, Gorgeous.  You wanted your money's worth.  I'm gonna make sure you get it".  When they reached the chair, she dropped the two belts at its side, then reached down and grabbed him by his knees with her left arm, and with her right lifted his bound hands up and over the back of the chair.  "Have a seat, Gorgeous", she said as she deposited his body rather roughly on the seat of the chair.  She then sat down on his lap.

"You like big tits, don't you, Gorgeous", she asked as she cupped both hands under her breasts and leaned close to his face.  She began to move her nipples back and forth against his gag.  "I bet you'd like to lick and suck these like you did before if you had the chance.  But you're gagged now, and I like you better that way".  One hand then stole its way underneath to his manhood.  She began to gently stroke its semi erection, and then found its way down to his scrotum. She felt its loose skin and sparse hair as she gently fondled it.  His penis began to gradually grow more rigid with each passing moment.  "That's better, Gorgeous.  Just relax.  I told you I wanted to give you your money's worth.  I really like you.  You're really quite sexy.  And I like your cock, whether in my mouth or deep inside me".  After 5 minutes or so, when she felt his arousal was complete, she moved her crotch fully forward.  The shaft of his erect penis now rested inside her cleft and up against her clit. She rocked gently back and forth, and felt him do the same.  She then reached down and grabbed one of the belts and proceeded to fasten his upper torso to the chair, all the while rocking back and forth on his manhood.  He moaned, lightly under his gag.

While he was caught up in this ecstasy, Kathryn moved off of him and grasped his ankles.  Grabbing the remaining belt, she used it to fasten both of them to a crossbar attached to the side of one front leg of the chair.  She then walked over and picked up two ropes she still had available.  She used one to tie his knees securely to the opposite leg, and the other to tie his already bound hands to a crossbar at the chair's back.  Though still erect, he cried "Mmmphh, mmmphh" under his gag.  He seemed to know something was up.  Once he was fully bound, she again straddled him, her clit against the shaft of his erect organ. She rocked back and forth some more.  "I like you so much, I'm going to have to keep you here longer", she whispered in his ear.  "I'm even going to call Amy to let her know that you have been delayed".

Spinning the chair around so he faced her, she sat down on the foot of the bed.  She saw a puzzled expression appear on his face as she picked up the phone.  She gave him a perfect beaver shot, playing with her wide-open pussy in full view of him, and fondling her breasts.  Dialling the mansion phone, it was immediately answered by me.  She heard me call to the butler that I had it.  I then made sure that the butler had heard what I said and would not be listening in on our conversation.  This is how it went:

Kathryn: "I got him Amy.  Everything is going according to plan.  He doesn't even know where I live as I kept him tied up and blindfolded the whole trip. Leave as soon as we finish this conversation to pick him up.  Of course he won't be there, because he's been kidnapped and I have him bound and gagged over here."

Kathryn told me later that she would never forget the look of horror on Cliff's face as he realized he'd been made.  Set up.  Betrayed by me.  He'd fallen for the perfect ruse and now was totally helpless to stop it.  He now began to squirm helplessly on the chair, vainly trying to free himself from his bonds and work loose his gag.  It was all empty efforts; she had tied and gagged him too well, just as he wanted.  His moans under his gag were stimulating her again as she began to masturbate deeper.

Kathryn to Cliff: "Oh what's the matter, Gorgeous. You just figured out you've been kidnapped for real? Don't worry.  We won't hurt you.  But we're just going to have to keep you here until Wifey pays up to free you.  And you're gonna be our love slave until she does".
Kathryn into the receiver: "You can't believe how sexy he looks, Amy.  Bound, gagged, totally helpless, and completely nude.  And I like watching him struggling helplessly against his bonds and listening to those muffled cries under his gag.  It just turns me on all the more."
Me: "How was he?"
Kathryn: "Spectacular, Amy.  He made me come three times, the sexy little devil.  You're really going to enjoy him when you get here."
Me: "I've wanted him since the day I laid eyes on him.  He's a real cutie.  Now I'll get my chance.  Just don't use him up before I get there.  As far as I'm concerned his wife can take her time paying up.  She loves him a lot even if she doesn't do what he wants sexually.  She'll come through."
Kathryn: "I'm sure she will.  And I know how much you want him.  I won't do him anymore until you get her. But remember, you have a perfect alibi.  Just stick to the story we have.  He wanted to go to that mall, and you dropped him off.  When you went to pick him up, he wasn't there.  He wore those commoner clothes because he didn't want the commoner stores at the mall to take advantage of him, being an aristocrat.  And counsel his wife against calling the cops.  Tell her she can't do that, or she'll never see him alive again.  That it's best to meet the kidnappers demands.  Now, give me his wife's work number so I can call her and tell her what we want."
Me: "Here it is:"
Kathryn: "One more thing.  She'll probably be calling your car phone in the next few minutes.  It would be good to be on the road, making it look like you're on the way to pick him up.  When he's not there, she'll get the story firsthand from you.  She'll probably want you to hang around for a while just to make sure.  Don't make any more communications to me on your car phone just in case they monitor it.  Get here as soon as you can.  Talk to you later.  Bye.”

Having gotten his wife's work phone number, Kathryn quickly dialled it.  Cliff's muffled cries and struggles were reaching a peak in the background. This was the conversation with his wife:

Kathryn: "Hello, may I speak with Mrs Harris?"
Wife: "Speaking."
Kathryn: "Mrs Harris, I have your husband here."
Wife: "What?"
Kathryn: "You heard me.  I have your husband here. He's been kidnapped by me."
Wife: "I don't understand."
Kathryn: "Sorry to inform you, Mrs Harris, but your husband is my prisoner.  I've kidnapped him, and unless you comply with my demands, you'll never see him again."
Wife: "If you've hurt him..."
Kathryn: "He's quite safe, Mrs Garrison.  He's sitting on a chair right next to me.  In fact, I think he wants to talk to you."
At this point, Kathryn held the receiver close so Cliff's muffled cries and struggles could clearly be heard.
Kathryn: "I'm sorry, Mrs Garrison, but he doesn't seem rather communicative.  Of course that gag I tied over his mouth makes it rather hard for him to talk."
Wife: "You gagged him..."
Me: That's right.  I gagged him.  And I got him trussed up to the chair nice and snug.  He won't be going anywhere and talking to anyone soon, until you pay up."
Wife: "What do you want?"
Me: "You'd better scrape together $2 million cash if you want him back.  You have 24 hours.  On the other hand, maybe you won't.  In that case, I just get to keep him for my own sex toy forever.  He is a real cutie.  I'll be in touch with you later regarding the drop off point for the ransom.  And one more thing. Don't call the cops.  We're monitoring every communication you make.  Just do as you're told and he won't be hurt".

Cliff's moans under his gag were reaching a fever pitch by now.  Kathryn was glad.  It was a perfect ending as she hung up the phone.

With that, Kathryn's still nude body straddled his on the chair.  His penis was still erect, trapped between his bound legs.  She rubbed against his shaft with her clit for a few minutes.  "I told you, Gorgeous. You're going to get your money's worth.  You just didn't know how much it was going to cost you".  She then kissed him on an ungagged portion of his cheek and began to dress.  When she was fully clothed, she checked his bonds.  In particular she was concerned about making his bound hands fully secure and so tied an additional rope on top of that.  She also made sure his reinforced gag was nice and tight.  Having satisfied herself that he was completely helpless, she said, "Don't struggle too much, Gorgeous.  Amy wants you too.  She's told me how much she's always wanted you.  Don't expend too much energy; save some for her.  If you get bored while waiting, think of her nice warm pussy waiting for you".

She then moved his chair in front of a full-length mirror, so he could observe his bound, gagged and nude body struggle.  She figured that might keep him aroused.  Leaving the lights on and the door open so she could listen in, she then descended the stairs. His muffled cries and empty struggles let her know that her prisoner was secure.

Part Three - An Eyeful

A half an hour later, Kathryn decided to pay a visit on her captive, to make sure he was still as secure as when she had left him.  Reaching the foot of the stairs, she again heard his faint muffled cries. Again, that erotic sound.  Pausing there, her hand again found its way inside her panties, and she began to fondle her pussy lips.  Her juices again were beginning to flow.  She started ascending the stairs, but found herself pausing at nearly every step to massage her mound further.

Reaching the top, she entered her bedroom and walked over to the chair where Cliff sat, bound and gagged. He was aroused as ever, and the precome had run over the head of his penis and all the way down the shaft. The light was still on, so she saw everything.  After checking his bonds and gag, she told him, "You've been struggling.  Naughty, naughty, I told you to save your strength for us, especially Amy.  You know, Gorgeous, I've promised not to touch you again, but save you for her.  I'll make an exception for this."  Here she licked the precome off of his cock.  "And, I'm still going to make good use of you before she comes."  With that, she again began to strip.  She tried to make it very sensual, as she had seen in  strip joints, both male and female.  It aroused her as much as him.  She knew he must have liked it, as males are much more aroused by sight than females.  At any rate, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her, even if he wanted to.

When Kathryn was again totally nude, she went over to the dresser and opened up the drawer where her g-spot vibrator was stored away.  She put it down on the bed and got a backrest, which she then laid at the head of the bed.  She then moved his chair in plain view of where she would be propped up, again giving him a perfect view of her stimulating herself.  She then lay on the bed, propped up by the backrest and again began to stimulate herself digitally.  But there was one thing missing.  Cliff had quietened down when she re-entered the room.  "Struggle, Gorgeous, struggle. Let me hear your muffled cries again.  I know you like it just as much as I do.  Get your money's worth." The good sub he was, he began to again writhe on the chair, and moan under his gag.  Her juices were really flowing as her fingers stole their way inside her cleft, and moved deeper and deeper into her femininity.  When she was as aroused as she thought she needed to be, she clutched her gspot vibrator and inserted it inside her vagina.  Turning it on, she felt its stimulation.  She had used it before many times, but now its hum was supplemented by Cliff's muffled cries.  Less than a minute later, she came again.  She turned the vibrator off, but left it in and lay back on the backrest, again savoring the orgasm.

Sometime later, Cliff's muffled cries again brought her back to reality.  With that, she rose up quickly, and removed the vibrator from her vagina.  Cleaning it off, she put it back in her drawer and then sat down on Cliff's lap again.  His penis had grown soft over the minutes since she had stimulated him.  Though naked, and with her bush pressed up against him, he didn't seem to get any harder.  "Amy will be here soon.  She's as good a friend as I have ever had in my life.  And she wants you as much as anyone.  You will give her a good performance.  You will make her come. Is that clear?"  Cliff nodded his head.  She was right from the beginning.  He was a good sub.  "Just relax then, Gorgeous.  Save your strength for her". Reaching around with both her hands, she grasped his buttcheeks.  "Say, you have such a cute butt, Gorgeous.  Maybe I'll have to rename you.  Maybe 'Sweetcheeks' will be a better nickname.  Those nice round cheeks of yours give a horny female so much to grasp on while she's fucking the daylights out of you.

With that, she rose up to leave him alone.  With a laugh, she said, "Sweetcheeks, Amy and I are going to have a lot of fun with you.  How long it lasts, is up to Wifey.  It depends how long she waits to pay up". She dressed and left the room.  Her parting shot before she left was, "It doesn't matter how long she takes to pay up.  Amy and I are going to enjoy this moment to the fullest.  But just relax and wait for her."  She turned out the light as she left.