Julie's Surprise 3

by Kermit

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© Copyright 2004 - Kermit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; bondage; kidnap; cons; X

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Julie’s Surprise - Part 3
by Kermit
Julie’s Surprise
Disclaimer: This is a fantasy story. It is for adult readers only, of legal age, and deals graphically with themes of bondage. It is not intended for readers under the age of 18 or 21 in some areas.

Fantasy Part 3
© Kermit 2003

I looked at the display, it said, “Julie”, puzzled I answered the phone. “Hello”, a computerised voice said “If you want to see your Julie again, follow these instructions precisely” “Ok” I said, and listened as the voice, I wrote down the instructions on my hand

“Walk 2000 paces to your right, then turn 45 degrees to your left, walk another 2000 paces, you will find a female, she knows the location of Julie, use your knowledge and skills, with this other woman, her name is Janet Long.” 

The voice hung up, so I set off, still carrying the tranquilizer gun, the ball gag, and my red rucksack. 20 or so minutes later I saw a cabin up ahead, I watched and waited, a female she must have been 25 to 30 years old came out of the door, I decided to act as if I was going for a walk, I crept backwards and hid my bits of kit, but took a map and compass as well as my handcuffs, ballgag and 2 darts full of tranquilizer, I put them in all in pocket

I grabbed a branch and snapped it off the tree, and fashioned a walking stick, I then crept round onto the footpath, and started to walk towards the cabin. I went to the door that by now was closed, and knocked. The door opened, on a chain, “Hello” she said. “Hi” I replied, “I wonder if I could trouble you for a drink of water” she said “ok” and let off the chain and opened the door. She walked off I assume to the kitchen, so I walked inside and shut the door. I locked it and pocketed the key

She was about 5ft 8” she had long black shoulder length hair, blue eyes she was wearing a red skirt, and a black top, very conservatively dressed, indicating she was going out

I looked round and there was not much, to indicate a bdsm lifestyle but I noticed there was a suitcase in the bedroom door.

She came back carrying a glass of water, “Have you just arrived” I commented, looking towards the suitcase. “No, not really I am waiting for a friend.” 
“Ok”, I said finishing the glass of water, “could I trouble you for another one.” 
“Sure” she replied, as she walked away into the kitchen, I went for a better look at the suitcase, the initials JL were inscribed on the case.

I walked into the kitchen with the cuffs at the ready, she was in the kitchen and filling the glass, I grabbed her left wrist and attached the cuff, she spun round and tried to hit me with the glass, “What the hell do you think you are doing!” she screamed, as she dropped the glass, I spun her round and cuffed her right wrist behind her to her left one.

“Are you Janet Long?” I asked, holding onto her arm. “No” she said and started to struggle, “Please let me go, I haven’t done anything wrong, what do you want with me?” I took her into the bedroom, and noticed it was a 4 poster bed, I uncuffed her left wrist and then guided her arm behind the bedpost and locked it back to her wrist, she was secured to the bed

I went over to the suitcase and wheeled it onto the floor in front of her, “Please let me go.” I said, “Look if you don’t shut up I will have to gag you!” She started to cry, I picked out the ballgag and held her jaw open, I pushed the big ball into her mouth and behind her teeth, then did the straps up, behind her head, I released her jaw and she tried to push it out with her tongue “mmm fff” “mmm fff” “mmm fff” she struggled to speak, I slapped her cheek and she sniffled then breathed through her nose

I opened the case and found rope, cuffs, gags, whips, dildo’s as well as some leather / pvc outfits. “Well, well, well, what do we have here Janet?” I asked as I picked out a large rubber dildo, (it must have been 6” long). I put it down then reached round her back, and undid the zip on her skirt, it fell to the floor, she started to struggle again as I removed her underwear. As her pussy was revealed to me, she started to shy away from me again. I looked in the case and found a leather belt, I reached round and she tried to knee me in the head as I bent down to secure her to the post. I was too quick for her and dodged out the way. She hissed through her nose, at me.

There was a knock at the door, Janet heard this and started to struggle, I pulled out one of the darts of tranquilizer and jabbed it into her ass, she screamed into the gag and came over all funny, she started to wobble then dropped to her knees. There was another knock at the door. I looked into her eyes and they were dilated, meaning the drug had got into her bloodstream. I got the leather cuffs and attached them to her wrists then to her ankles, I found some rope and tied her wrists to the bedframe, then her ankles to the bed bottom making her spread eagled.

I went to the door and opened it, there was another female there, she was on her knees and as soon as I opened the door said, “I am sorry that I am late mistress, I am yours to command.”

“Your mistress is busy at this moment, I am your master” she replied without looking up. “master, I am slave janet and I am at your service.” 
“Come in slave”, she stood up and walked inside. I noticed she was carrying a case with her. “What is in the case slave?”
“My clothes and toys that my mistress told me to bring with me”. I said to her “open it” She bent down on the floor, and opened the case. Inside was the same sort of toys and there was a solid divider, she opened this and inside was some costumes.

“What would you like me to wear master?”
“Get undressed first and I’ll inspect you to decide if you are fit to wear clothes in my presence!” To this she replied “yes master”, she got up, it was at this point that I was able to notice her baby blue eyes, a smile that could stop traffic and her hair, blond at the tips but I don’t think it was her natural colour, as I looked closer it had dark roots. 

Her lips were full, the lipstick was carefully applied but not sluttish. As she got undressed she folded the clothes she took off, these were pair of flat heels, that fastened round the ankles, a pair of blue denim jeans, with a white belt, a pair of white socks, and a white silk or cotton blouse. Underneath this she had a white bra, which was supporting a pair of ample sized breasts, the areolas were pink and erect almost begging for attention, she removed her underwear these were white and quite small, considering the size of her cunt. 

She then knelt down in the classic submissive pose, her head down, her pussy and cunt on display and said “master do you approve?”
“So far slave so good.” 
“thank you master.”

I pulled up a chair and sat down then asked her, “Where do you sleep” she replied “downstairs, in the basement if I have been a bad girl, or chained to my mistresses bed if I have been good.” I got up and picked out a set of transport style cuffs (set of leg irons and set of handcuffs joined by chain) “Do you have a safeword when you are playing?”

“My mistress knows my safeword and also my pain threshold, master.” 

In a stern tone I told her “Your mistress is busy at this moment, I am your master, so answer the question.”

“Yes master, your slave apologies for her insolence, my safeword is happy birthday or if I am gagged then I hum the tune of happy birthday.”

“Stand up and put your hands behind your head and interlock your fingers then spread your legs.” I reached down and attached the leg irons to her legs then stood up and went behind her back I grabbed her left wrist and cuffed it behind her back then her right one.

I then said, “Lead the way to the basement.” She was hobbled at the ankles and tried to walk normally without success, she got to the door and I opened it I flicked the light on, inside on the floor was lots of what I assumed was furniture, “lead the way” I said as she went downstairs.

She stopped at one covered item and said, “master, this is a electric chair.” I uncovered it and so it was, all the straps were metal, the head was held in place by a neck harness and forehead strap, the seat bottom had two holes, without asking for details she said, “for the electric dildos” she continued to walk over to the next piece, I uncovered it and it was a set of stocks, for bottom half and top half (ankles and head/wrists)

I spotted the cell that is where she must have slept, it was about 6ft square, and had a horizontal bed and a vertical post inside, there was a small table in one corner. I went to it followed by janet, still hobbled by the transport cuffs I opened it and noticed on the table was a medical straight jacket, as well as 2 dildos, a thick leather blindfold and a ballgag, I picked up the ballgag and asked her, “What is your favourite type of gag, and why?”

“Master, my favourite type of gag would have to be a ‘o’ ring gag, it allows me to serve my master or mistress but prevents me from holding intelligent conversations, which a slave should not do.” 

“Open wide” I said, she tilted her head back and opened her mouth, I pushed the gag behind her teeth and then pushed her head forward, her hair fell over her eyes, and I buckled it in place.

I guided her into the cell, and told her to lay on the bed, she laid face down on the bed, her head to the side, I removed the cuffs and then the leg irons, she laid there and I told her to roll over, she did so and held her wrists above her head, I shackled her wrists with some leather cuffs, these had small padlocks enclosed, I attached them to her wrists and then clipped them closed. I then reached down and shackled her ankles to the bed, using the same sort of leather cuffs, going back to the table I picked up the leather blindfold, it was padded over the eyes, and would attach to itself by a belt-like device I put it over her eyes, then secured it to itself

Happy with the restraints, I picked up one of the two rubber phalluses that was on the table, and started to warm it up, I sat down on the edge of the bed and started to finger her slit, she immediately responded, her hips twitching as I stroked her. Slowly but surely I eased the rubber phallus in and out of her pussy, it became easier as I carried on as her juices started to flow, I left it, just touching her pussy lips, then went upstairs.

I went into the bedroom where “janet” was secured, she had woken up from the drug but was still groggy, I removed the ballgag and asked her name, she said “June”. I removed the ankle restraints and then her wrist cuffs, she sat up on the end of the bed. “Who are you, and why did you drug me?” I explained who I was and what had happened. She was nodding in agreement then said, “I have an idea, would you play along.” I replied, “Yes I suppose so, what would it entail”. She explained to me that she was part submissive, but not as much as Janet, she wanted to be screwed and then disposed of, just like in a film she had seen, she picked up a leather armbinder and showed it to me. I said, “We’ve got to come up with some sort of story.” She asked “why?” I said, “because when you’re locked in the basement, you have got to ask where “Julie” was being held.”

Ok she said, and put down the armbinder…. “I have a idea, I’ll go and play with my friend downstairs and leave her locked in the cage, I hear you upstairs and come to investigate, you wear a mask and be as evil as possible make it like a home break in, the rest is up to you!” She removed her top, and got dressed in a female dominatrix’ “uniform” 

She picked out a set of black leather knee length boots, complete with 2 inch heels the zipper was polished metal she sat on the edge of the bed and zipped them up, at the top of the boot was a little loop, she picked out 2 small padlocks and fastened them to her boots, she next picked up a one piece latex skirt, she got up and then bent down and started to pull it up. “Stop!” I said as I picked up the large rubber dildo, that was about 6” long, I looked in her case but found no lubricant “insert it in your pussy. It might make it a bit more interesting!” She replied, “the skirt has a dildo and a buttplug built in.” I replied, “Ok, we’ll save this for later.” 
I put it down and noticed her positioning the dildo and buttplug, she said “got it” then fastened up her skirt, I gave her the latex top, she put the arms in, and then fastened it up. Her breasts were perfectly on display but encased in latex. I picked out the latex elbow length gloves and gave them her. 

She said, “Ok, I am ready, give me 10 minutes then start making some noises up here, the rest I’ll leave to you, if you want to you can watch on cctv in the living room.”

“Thank you and I’ll see you in 10 minutes,” I said, as she walked past I gave her ass a slap. I walked into the living room and turned on the tv, as she said the cctv was displayed, I turned up the tv and sat down, she went into the basement and went straight across to the cage, she opened it then removed the blindfold. I heard some mmphing and then “June” removed the gag, “mistress, you are back” June said, “What the hell did you think you were doing?”

“Mistress, that man said you was busy and had been given me, to prepare, for your return.” 

“Liar” she said as she undid the wrist cuffs, “I have just come back from a friends and noticed your car was there. The cctv was on so I have come down to release you.” 

“Mistress, that man, didn’t do anything to me, I am still your slave.” She removed the ankle restraints, then pulled the straight jacket off the table. From what I saw, this wasn’t a ordinary straightjacket, it had some “d” rings sewn into the material, “put it on, now!” June picked up the whip from the rack next to the cage and let it fly, it landed just inches from Janet’s legs. “now slave!!!” June said “yes mistress” Janet said.

At this point I thought I’d have a look around, more importantly to have a look for tying points, once I had familiarised myself with the cabin I walked outside and retrieved my bag of equipment. I went into Janet’s case, just to see what other implements I could find, I noticed a set of “crocodile clip” nipple clamps, I put them in my pocket, then I noticed a envelope, which I didn’t see it before I opened it and noticed photo’s of Julie, at work, and in the pub, I also noticed a cashiers cheque, it was for £25,000, written on it was “for services rendered.” I noticed that there was a balaclava in her case I picked it up and put it on, it was a perfect fit.

I decided that she would suffer, and take the place of Julie for now, and I would get the information from her myself.  June however I had not decided what to do with. I looked at the time and 15 minutes had past, I picked up the gun and started to pace through the house. Sure enough June came to see what the noise was about, she came through the basement door and screamed, as she saw the gun levelled at her, “Put your hands up bitch!” She put her hands up and said in her best frightened voice, “Please take whatever you want.” I looked in her eyes and I think she was actually scared, I said whispering without the deep voice, “June its me” she looked at me and her eyes registered that she understood, I told her to walk into the bedroom.

I told her to kneel down, and put her palms out on the bed as I pressed the shotgun into the base of her neck. She did so and so I put down the gun and picked up a length of rope. I crossed her wrists behind her back, and bound them palm-to-palm. I pulled her hair and her head back and kissed her full on the lips, she fought to break my hold but I was too strong. I next picked up another length of rope and bound her elbows together, I then noticed little d rings sewn into the gloves at the elbows and at the wrists. I didn’t say anything but kept this in mind for later…

I told her to get up, as picked up the gun again, she did so, with difficulty then made a run for it… “Come back here you silly bitch” I shouted after her as I heard her open the basement door. 

I heard her clatter down the stairs and so I followed her, with the gun in hand. She had turned off the lights so I left the door open, looking for the switch, I found it and flicked it on. The first thing that I noticed as my eyes adjusted to the light was Janet she was secured in the electric chair, her head was secured as were her arms and legs, she was ballgagged, with a pink ballgag, as I panned round with the gun she started to struggle, but as she was strapped into the chair couldn’t move “What is this place, punishment central?” I asked in the deep voice. “mmph mmphh” replied Janet, I removed her ballgag and out it popped in the deep voice I said “Where is she?” 
“Where is who?” Janet replied.
“Never mind.” I said as I picked out a tranqulizer dart and inserted it into her vein that was clearly raised from her arm

“Urrghh” is the only thing she said as the tranquilizer drug hit her. I picked up the gun and shouted out. “Come back here you silly bitch it will be the worse for you!” I looked round and my eyes were caught by a bag, that was about 6ft long, that was suspended from the roof, I looked closer and it looked like a body, encased in this bag, I looked round for a controller and lowered the bag to the ground. I opened it and noticed a gagged and bound female, that looked almost like Julie, but I was not sure. I removed the ballgag and said in my normal voice. “Julie are you ok” she replied……………

To be continued

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